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Our Monday’s not looking so hot.  Brett and Lainey are sick, and my brood needs a lot of me right now, so I’ll be back on Wednesday. 

But (and I do love a good but)…

Bringing you a little love today from creativeLIVE–not a sponsor, just an organization doing some awesome work in educating people interested in expanding their creative interests and expertise.  CreativeLIVE gives you the opportunity to be part of live, interactive classes with the world’s best professionals in photography, business, productivity, design, film, and more.  And for FREE.  Free, I said.  I know there’s a nice handful of mamarazzi out there, so I thought I’d let you know about an upcoming free class for newborn posing with Australian Creative Photographer of the Year, Kelly Brown.

Kelly Brown’s creativeLIVE course is FREE to watch online from anywhere in the world – enroll on the course page HERE.

Ever see pictures like this and wonder how on God’s green earth a photographer got this baby to lie so perfectly?

 photo kellybrown2_zpscefb6b42.jpg

You will have the opportunity to watch Kelly do what she does live while teaching you all her tips. 

A little more about creativeLIVE and Kelly Brown’s work:

I’ve seen some of your phenomenal baby images and can’t help but think “How in the world did that baby stay sleeping?” How much of these images is luck and a sleepy baby and how much is photographer skill and experience?

Thank you. It’s so amazing how different every baby is so it really depends on the baby at the time of the session. You can’t make a baby go to sleep but we can encourage them by creating the perfect environment for the session to so get those beautiful curly sleepy images. Understanding them and their needs and  making sure the parents are nice and comfortable is also very important for a newborn session.

How long does it take to create the scene to get one of these beautiful shots and describe a little bit behind what goes into it.

I have my studio set up and nice and warm before my clients arrive.  Then when I start, it usually takes around 5 – 10 mins for each pose, and generally my sessions last for 2 – 3 hours which includes time for feeding and cuddling when needed. I move the baby slowly so I don’t startle them into the positions that they are most comfortable with. If they are not comfortable with any pose/position, I move on. Being able to read them is really important in having a nice flowing session.

 photo kellybrown3_zps00c42606.jpg

Tell me about creativeLIVE and your involvement with it.

Being asked to teach a live course on CreativeLIVE is really a dream come true! I love everything it stands for with education and how accessible the wealth of knowledge is from amazing artists worldwide. I can’t wait to be there on set and to share as much as possible about newborn photography.

 photo kellybrown1_zpsfbcad025.jpg

5.) Your favorite thing about being a newborn photographer?

I feel so honored being asked to photograph someone’s brand new baby. It is such a special and exciting time for parents, they want to remember every little detail about the little person they have just welcomed into the world. Being able to capture all of these precious babies so new and fresh really is so rewarding as I know the images will be cherished forever.

 photo kellybrown5_zps58ab1a09.jpg

If you’re interested in being part of Kelly’s free online posing class and learning the secrets of the biz, enroll HERE.

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