ETST Sponsor: North American Bear Co.

Welcome to our new sponsor, North American Bear Co., a classic toy company and creator of a whole line of plush dolls, bears, accessories and more.  An oldie (created in 1978 by a new mama) but a goodie, North American Bear Co. is run by a diverse staff (over 10 languages spoken) made up of mostly moms and features new collections every season. 

We love their sweet and simple plush baby dolls
 photo print58_zps6afc582e.jpg
Lainey loves the little nursery ID bracelet on the baby’s wrist
…and their adorable boy version plush baby–not always easy to find in the baby doll world.

 photo nab1_zpsaf630d24.jpg
Left: We named ours Dashy, Right: Plush Goody Bags

Lainey loves their pocket dolls.

 photo print55_zps623c66d0.jpg
Wizard of Oz

 photo print56_zps0e9b1625.jpg

North American Bear Co. offers beautiful nesting puppets, classic bears, dress-up clothes. plush activity sets for the go, and many other quality toys that foster imaginative play and make sweet keepsake gifts.

Use Code ETST for free Shipping with a purchase of $50 or more.

A cozy welcome to North American Bear Co.

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