Make People Happy

When we feel vulnerable and unequipped to make things better both in our own lives and in those around us, there’s a small place where we can begin. 

To all those in Oklahoma and to those affected by yesterday’s devastation, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Someone sent me this video today.  Zach Sobiech, the amazing young man featured in this short film, passed away yesterday.  His enthusiasm and kindness will be remembered.  This video was twenty-two minutes well spent.

I love what Zach concludes at the end:  It’s simple.  Just make people happy.

That, I can do.  When I don’t exactly know what to do, I can begin by brightening someone’s day. 

And to do a little more today for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes, consider donating to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 or see a list of organizations helping in relief efforts here.

I am remembering tonight that so much is out of our control.  And that thought can paralyze us or fuel us to value and make the very best of what we can control. 

Sending love and sharing our hearts with those whose hearts are broken tonight.


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  1. thank you!

  2. I *just* watched this video with tears streaming down my face. Incredible story. I hope I can touch just a few lives the way he did with so.many.

  3. So thankful you shared this video. We have been following his story for some time and continue to pray over his family.

  4. This video found me early in the day. Despite the many tragedies Zach’s simple message rings through. Although my little angel was not able to speak to us in words, his actions conveyed the same message during his last 16 months here on Earth. Thank you for sharing, Kelle…just another reminder from you to “enjoy the small things”.

  5. I bawled my eyes out watching this video, then continued to cry by watching several of the other “My Last Days” videos on the youtube channel. Such simple outlooks on life. Just make people smile.

  6. Wow I literally just shared this video on Facebook before I came to blogger and saw your post! Amazing story.

  7. I started sharing this video with my school advisory last week. We haven’t finished it as a group yet… I think we will next week. He’s from a town that every Minnesotan is familiar with, so the school shots were familiar. It’s crazy when you see things about people that are close to home. It makes reality smack you in the face. I love his closing line and can’t wait for people to emulate that in honor of him!

  8. So powerful…many thanks for sharing.

  9. A few others way to give so you can designate your donation goes to the tornado victims:

    Direct Relief,

    Or the Oklahoma City United Way

    I know there are others as well….keeping them in thoughts and prayers

  10. Watched this video earlier today, too – so powerful.

  11. Thanks for posting this, Kelle. I work in peds heme/onc at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital and there are many heavy hearts in the division this week.

  12. “You don’t have to find out you’re dying…to start living.” Thoughts and love going out to so many tonight. Special warm wishes to Zach’s family and friends. Clearly, he was a special soul. By passing on his message, may we all take his parting words to heart.

  13. Thank you for sharing. This is a great reminder of putting things in perspective and focusing on what really matters.

  14. You spoke my words exactly. Praying for OK! :)

  15. I just watched that video a few minutes and wrote about it in my blog before I wandered over here and saw that you had mentioned it too. It is such a touching and inspiring video.

  16. Thank you for sharing this video. What an inspiring story. I watched with tears streaming down my face, but also with a smile.

  17. His last words just did me in.

    I don’t think I’ve cried that much watching a youtube vid.

  18. that was beautiful! I sobbed through it all but his message was worth every tear! thank you for sharing!

  19. Thanks for sharing.
    Life should be happy.
    No matter how long we are here.
    He, and his family, are an inspiration.

  20. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I live in Oklahoma City and sat in awe around a conference room table watching the tornado on TV do catastrophic damage just 20 minutes from us. The outpouring of love and support from around the US and world have been incredible. I hope that everyone around the world is able to see what we know as the Oklahoma Standard. The pride, love and dedication for our people and state oozes out of fellow Okies.We are a people ready to help out and love on our fellow neighbors. I’m proud to be born and raised here and as we have many times in the past, Oklahoma will rebuild even stronger.Thank you for your love and thoughts for the state we love so dearly.

  22. The video is inspiring. I ran across it a few weeks ago and downloaded his song, ‘Clouds,’ on iTunes. What a lovely young man.

  23. I’ve never sobbed so hard over a video in my life and i’m still crying. That was amazing.

  24. Speechless with tears streaming down my face! What an AMAZING young man & an incredible family! Thank you for sharing this Kelle.

  25. It really is the best way to live, isn’t it?

  26. I watched this video yesterday and just sobbed!!!!!!!!! Beautiful in every way!!!!

  27. I am on the other side of the world and cannot believe the terrible devastation in Oklahoma. My thoughts are with those poor people. So very sad.

    Thank you for the video of Zac – wow, what a guy! I cried all throughout it. God bless him and his family and I am sure he will rest in peace knowing the love his family have for him and each other. A very special family indeed.

    Joolz xx

  28. Been such a huge fan of Zach’s for several months now. Thanks for recognizing the incredible kid that he was.

  29. Kelle….
    “I am remembering that so much is out of our control. And that thought can paralyze us or fuel us to value and make the very best of what we can control.”.

  30. Oh I really loved this story, too. I cried all through the movie. Incredible.

  31. I thank you for sharing this. I would love to share this with everyone because it makes you want to appreciate every moment – whether you are healthy or sick, have experienced a tragedy or not. God bless this family, bless all families in need.

  32. Oklahoma tornadoes: Red Cross text donations not designated for Oklahoma
    Donations to local Red Cross Chapter likely will be used for relief related to recent tornadoes. The American Red Cross estimates “several million” dollars has been donated via text messages this week, but the money is not designated to relief efforts in Oklahoma.

    You can see the full article here:

  33. I love Zach’s song “Clouds” and have been listening to and singing it for several weeks now. My mom passed away and that song makes me feel good, not sad.

  34. Zach Sobiech – an amazing individual and inspiration!

  35. privledge and honor to watch this…

  36. Such a beautiful and powerful message from a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  37. I am a fmaily friend of the Sobiech’s. I am in awe of how many people his story has touched. Zach was an amazing person with an amazing family. Thank you for posting this.

  38. I made what I thought was a mistake, by watching Zach’s video on the train on my way home. It reduced me to sad, smiling but feeling the pain, bit ol’ lump in the throat tears.
    I thought I’d disguised it but I felt a hand in my arm, and discovered the lady next to me ha tears in her eyes too. She said ‘I watched that video at work today and your face mirrored just how I felt’.
    What a truly inspirational young man, he even managed to bring two complete strangers together (I ended up borrowing her hanky to dry my face) throught the sadness of his story.
    We’ve had a horrible week in the news over here in the UK too and I feel like the world deserves a big hug right now x

  39. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing with us.

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