Mackinac Island Sneak Peek through Disney Story App

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.

Still a bit overwhelmed by the past thirty-six hours and the beauty of Mackinac Island, I made a quick summary story of our trip there using the new Disney Story app which easily transforms the photos locked up in phones into sharable stories. 

I’ll share our Mackinac adventures later (oh ma Lord, the colors, the scenes!) in a post, but I loved being able to quickly piece together our phone photos and videos and adding some text to make a virtual photo album.  Rather than sending photo after photo through texts to Brett, this has been a great way to share our adventures with him.

Disney Story app allows you to customize your story layout, captions and photos and makes it easy with drag-and-drop maneuvering.  Once finished, you can share stories through e-mail and social media networks.

Haven’t been to Mackinac Island?  Put it on your bucket list. 

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