Enjoying Fishstick

After a summer away, Heidi returned yesterday and it took until two in the morning to catch up. Keeping with past post-summer-catch-up traditions, there was a self timer and a lot of laughing involved.

Ooooo, so serious.

 photo IMG_4526_zps0ffab198.jpg

Also, we made valiant efforts to return a tiny turtle to a lake, but then Heidi hit a possum on the way home, so the animal rescue scoreboard is back to zero.

I’ve promised the girls we will do “something fun” today, so this will be quick.


This sweet morning moment from the other day.

 photo print14_zps24dbc46c.jpg

The lizard whisperer.
After a long uneasiness with little reptiles, Lainey is over it. She’s been chasing lizards with nets all week and has caught (and released) at least six.

 photo print5_zps05323b6d.jpg

 photo print6_zpsc21cd4a6.jpg

The mover.
We put him down on one spot on the floor, turn our heads and suddenly he’s in another corner of the living room. He keeps his motion methods a secret because he is sneaky and stealthlike.

 photo print7_zps960a8a40.jpg

Dash’s new nickname.
A conversation from the other day:
Lainey: “Mom, can his nickname be Fishstick?”
Mom: “Why, yes. Of course.” Brillz.
Fishstick joins Scuba Steve and Stealth.

 photo print17_zps806eacb4.jpg

Spontaneous sister makeover.

 photo print15_zpsd28ed73d.jpg

 photo print16_zps118b5217.jpg

What. the. heck.
He’s huge.

 photo print19_zpsa8a3ee45.jpg

Baby Cobra.

 photo print20_zps02c49473.jpg

Her cornsilk hair.

 photo print22_zps393287c5.jpg

This messy bun.

 photo print21_zps8a46288f.jpg

Another blanket lover.

 photo print25_zpsadd2b7f6.jpg

Her dancing smile.
It’s Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” this week. All day, every day.

 photo print26_zps042c7b10.jpg
I ordered this shirt from Passive Juice Motel and am now in love with everything in their shop.

Fave Instagrams this week:

 photo blog2_zps044fb882.jpg

…and I’m over at All Parenting this week talking about dramatic meltdowns after boo-boos and how we’re dealing: The Boo-boo Cry.

That post just felt like espresso.
Calming down and chilling out now.

Happy day, friends!


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  1. LOVE the reunion between you and Heidi….you two are Awesome and just so fun!!!

  2. Love your writing, Kelle. I just started a book club and our first book is Bloom! Can’t wait to chat about it with everyone next week! xo

  3. I love these details; coming here always inspires me to look at my own life more closely, and to be more open to all the beauty it contains. Thank you. xox

  4. I am in Florida…every time I visit here I LOVEthe lizards but I’ve never been able to catch one. I need “the lizard whisperer”

  5. Love Love Love these photos. Enjoy your day with your babies.


  6. Hi! Love the cornsilk hair. He is getting big. Welcome home Heidi, and I once hit a possum in west virginia and somehow its skull ended up on the floor of my house in north carolina a few weeks later, and I’ve been cursed ever since, so be careful. I wish I was kidding.



  7. Lainey looks just like you in the lizard pic! My (second) baby is a few days older than Dash, and it’s always funny to see where she ends up when we lay her on the floor. :)

  8. Love the john lennon t shirt!! great photos btw

    Wedding Photographer from Swansea

  9. love this. love your friendship with Heidi. but SUPER DUPER love your little blanket lover’s hand dimples. swoon.

  10. Guess what song is playing as I read this post? I’m dancin’ along with Nella :)

  11. Oh my gosh! They grow way to fast. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Get Lucky has been my jam all summer. Love the cornsilk hair :) :)
    She will never forget catching lizards during her childhood!!

  13. Love his new nickname! :)

    Can you tell me what the diaper cover is that Fishstick is wearing in his cobra photo? Thanks!!

  14. Your family is so beautiful. I love all of the photos!

  15. Sisters makeover was a funny photo. what a beautiful family you have!

    Maria @ Bloom

  16. Kelle….
    Awesome pictures, as always!! 😉
    Thanks for reminding us to “Enjoy the Small Things”!! We all need that!! I know I do!! ;-D

  17. I love your blog Kelle!!! The photo of Dash by himself on the chevron blanket- just gorgeous and he looks so much like you in that photo :) I just read your article on Boo boos and it made me giggle. My hubby sometimes rolls his eyes as i get all dramatic and vent but he knows i need it, and then a cuddle hehe. And my 6 year old is much the same in the dramatic department and he’s even said to me that he doesn’t know how to stop crying. Some quiet time on his bed while he gets it all out without dirupting the whole house is what works best for us here too. Hi from South Australia

  18. your posts make me smile. thank you. :)

  19. I know I am going to get blasted…I’ve been a reader since nella was born, but lately some of your posts seem more like advertisements for your sponsors. (August 6 for instance) I miss the old posts, but know you have your hands full with three littles….I’ve always loved your blog, but not so much now. :(

  20. This post feels like a Friday post. :) I love it.


  21. I love your stories, your passion, your outlook on life, your inspiring words, and your glass-half-full perspective. I have been reading your blog for about 3 years and I’m posting today because I just finished pg 156 of bloom! Love, love, love, is all I can think to say.

    I grew up next door to one of my closest, dearest friends, Eric. He is funny, awesome at sports, and loves country music. He also has Down Syndrome. He was so special to me growing up and he brought so much joy to my life. Because of his heart and his unconditional love I became a special educator. I have daughter of my own now and I don’t get to see him much, but I will never ever forget what he taught me… Compassion, acceptance, and pure love.

    Thank you for your blog and for sharing your story! I have a friend who just had a little boy with DS and I shared with her your blog… She smiled and said, “yes, I know about Kelle Hampton, I read her blog!”

    Ps- love your sponsors, I am addicted to buying my 16 mo old Tea stuff!!

  22. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…that Dash is intoxicating. What a little noodle, as my mother-in-law always says. 😀

    Hope your day was blessed, and beautiful.

  23. Well, it might have felt like espresso to you, but it was calming and centering for me =). Love your kids and oh my gosh thanks for the intro to Passive juice Motel. holy fabulous, Batman.

  24. oh wow I am LOVING Passive Juice Motel. Tried to purchase the Dreamer shirt but it’s sold out (for now) so I got the Started From the Bottom shirt. LOVE. IT.

    Awesome post. :) Have a great weekend!

  25. I miss all of your nursing pictures and stories with Nella – those were some of my very favorites!

    Just curious whether you are nursing less with Dash, or whether you are being more private about those moments now?

    On one hand, I know this is a nosy question – sorry. On the other hand, you were always so open about nursing, so I hope it’s OK to ask. Love your work!

  26. Lovely!

  27. Love that Nella loves Daft Punk, that song is a favorite here as well.

  28. I heart you & Heidi. And I love fishstick!!! xo SarahLICMom

  29. Here’s to shy little girls getting over their fears…My almost 5 year old has gotten so much braver in the last few months. She’s truly blossoming, and I love it. :)

  30. Oh I love your sweet photos. I really am not getting the hang of this camera thing like I thought I would this summer. Slow learner I guess. Your pictures always are so bittersweet to look at. On one hand, they are beautiful and on the other, it reminds me that my baby is 4 and these moments aren’t as easy to capture as they used to. I’m learning that my moments will definitely look different than yours because my oldest is now a month shy of 10 (tear), but I’m finding them nonetheless. Happy weekend Hamptons. :)


  31. I’ve been a HUGE Beatles fan since I was 15. I have an impressive collection from over the years of albums, tees, and other priceless knick-knacks. I have bought my girls Beatles onesies and shirts every time I come across one. So, I’m in love with Nella’s new threads. Also, I have that same Moroccan – Trellis blue and white rug. How do you keep you’s so clean? Mine looks like a dog has shed all over it… and I don’t own a dog…

  32. Kelle, I’ve been reading your blog for years now. Since before Nella was born. And now with the birth of your precious Dash, its all just so exciting. Sending you hugs all the way from SoCal. You’re one talented super momma! (P.s. Bloom is one of my fave books on my Nook Color…and I learned quickly not to read it in public unless I was prepared to sob like a crazy woman. xoxo)

  33. awesome. thanks for share.

    Ubon. T.
    author, Pregnancy Weblogs

  34. Your photos just radiate LIFE. I want to jump in them myself. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  35. I know what you mean about your littlest becoming “huge”. I feel like I blinked and my baby girl is almost one. Where does the time go?!!

  36. you inspire me! you should totally do a blog post on all your favorite places to shop including etsy! i love how you find quirky fun inspirational items outside of target or kohls or jcpenney!

  37. Kelly, why is it that when I read your post I always have so many new thought s for the day.? Thank you!!!

  38. children pics beautiful as ever – you + Heidi = priceless! xx

  39. I’ve been admiring your navy blue rug for a few posts now…where did it come from?

  40. Great post, as usual! Thanks for sharing your joy <3

  41. I have been following you on IG but I’m a new follower to your blog. What a beautiful family! Also your photography is amazing! Love it.


  42. Funny. Our three kids have “swim” names: Fishstick, Salmon and Guppie! :)

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. I wondered as well why dash was having a bottle when you were quite public about nursing nella (for a long time as well).

    Anyway. Gorgeous pics as always

  45. haha! That picture of Nella dancing with your iPhone is just too much! Looks like she’s having so much fun!

  46. I am in love with your pictures! -that is my comment for now.
    Thank you ever so much for being You!


  47. What a beautiful post…and the fun of “realizing” nicknames that little ones have earned or deserve!

    Sending hugs,

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