The Solution to Pleasing People: Don’t Breathe

I had intended to write something different for today’s post, but then I ate a bag of sour Skittles, read through comments and replied to something that many would say didn’t deserve a reply.  But I had sugar.  And Sugar says I think it did deserve a reply. It’s not really intended for the one who left the comment. In fact, I removed it to save the drama of reader comebacks. 

I wrote this for myself.
And I wrote it for my kids.
And I wrote it for you.

(art from up inside my head by my friend Abernathy)

 photo best2_zpsc550fa2f.jpg

Comment goes something like this:

your blog is supposed to be about enjoying the little things. Little things like showing off your kids chalk drawings and not your own.
Enjoying the little things doesn’t mean wearing aubergine tights to pumpkin patch in Florida!!
I would have preferred to see Nella and Lainey’s chalk drawings instead of your ‘doodles’.

Well thank you, I guess.  I’m glad you have my blog figured out for me.

Listen, I had candy.
So a response.  For me and for you and for anyone out there who needs a little HELLYEAH in the Be Yourself, Try Your Best category.

Here’s a little something I’ve learned the past few years. It holds true to the non-blogging world even more so, but I’ll keep it to blogging because–well, when in Rome.


It goes something like this:

If you post pictures of your kids’ art, they’ll say you exploit your kids.
If you post pictures of your own art, they’ll say you’re promoting yourself.

So, don’t post pictures of art. Ever.

If you wear gym shorts to the store, they’ll say you look like shit.
If you wear cute tights to the store, they’ll say you care too much (but thank you for noticing they were aubergine. Hate when people call them purple.).

So don’t wear clothes to the store. Go naked.

If you write about Down syndrome, they’ll say you’re using your child’s disability to get hits.
If you don’t write about Down syndrome, they’ll say you’re in denial and don’t represent the community.

So just stop writing. Completely.

If you smile, they’ll say you’re fake.
If you don’t smile, they’ll say you hate your life.

So, get Botox and call it a day.

I’ve received e-mails that I suck because obviously Lainey is my favorite child. And I suck because Nella is my favorite child. And good God, those poor girls, obviously Dash is my favorite child! I’ve gained weight! I’m too skinny! Too much writing/not enough pictures. Too many pictures/not enough writing! I can’t believe your friends are okay with you writing about them–way to exploit them! You don’t write about your friends anymore, you must not have any!

Here’s the awesome thing I’ve learned about ill-constructed and poorly given criticism: They all cancel each other out! 

The lesson in all of this would be: don’t look right, don’t look left, don’t create, don’t share, don’t write, don’t talk, don’t breathe.

Well, that’s kind of bullshit.

I do believe in being yourself.
Make mistakes.
Maybe look like an ass sometimes.
Have fun.
Make things.
Take risks.
Find good people who make you want to be better.
Listen to them.
Learn from them.
Read books.
Write journals.
Weed out the crap. You’ll know it when you see it.
But always.
Be true to yourself.
Be your best.
Be grateful.
Love others.

Here’s the other funny thing I learned. If the same people keep coming back to tell you they don’t support you anymore, they don’t really mean it because they keep coming back to tell you they don’t support you anymore.

Oh, I’m a picture girl, and there are no pictures in this post. Okay. Picture a giant field of daisies. And I’m running through it. And I’m wearing aubergine tights.

Wait. My friend Abernathy is an artist and she has a great way of transforming thoughts into pictures.  So here.  Applicable.  I called her to see if I could use her art in a post and she said “I’m on a date, I don’t care, take what you want, I love you.”

See.  My amazing friend who’s all up in my brain. 

 photo best_zps195d33fd.jpg

 photo best4_zps6e5e00f4.jpg
 photo best1_zpsbd733868.jpg
The real pictures intended for this post?  Coming soon.  And more on Down syndrome and more on fall and more on this giant list of brain explosions that says “October! I love you!  People, I love you!”

The end. 
Be amazing.


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  1. Love it!

    I think you might like Emily Freeman’s new book, A Million Little Ways. It’s about creating art (in whatever form art comes) with your life, and also about how we were made to do this. Your little manifesto at the end made me think of it.

  2. Love!

  3. Good for you Kelle! I’ve been following since Nella and it just keeps getting better. I hate the hate and the hate that it generates. You keep writing, enjoying, and smiling. I’ll keep reading.

  4. I just adore you so— keep on doing what you do! (:

  5. adore it.

    maybe you should wear your tights and gym shorts together..just to throw people for a loop.

    they cancel eachother out..right?

    keep rockin’ on sista! xo

  6. Love this :)
    *virtual high five!*

  7. Nicely said! The drawings from your friend are delightful.

  8. Preach! You’re brave for putting yourself out there, and the haters gonna hate. You inspire me in so many ways. You make me think, you make me dream, you make me want to create, imagine, challenge myself to think outside the box. Thank you. And thank you for standing up to the haters and continuing on for those of us that appreciate you and all you stand for. Your children are learning from you and so are we. Carry on!

  9. Well then I’m moving my comment up here too, but shouting joyously this time.

    TASTE THE RAINBOW! somethingsomethingsomething

  10. Damned if ya do damned if ya don’t! I had a blog (small compared to yours) years ago about adoption and quite honestly got tired of the bullshit everyday that came in rude comments. Why do people continue to read things if all they are going to do is bitch!?! Apparently these people have more time on their hands then you and I. Keep up the great work. You inspire me daily!

  11. Well said, and let the haters just, well hate!

  12. I love this! It blows my mind when I read a comment on here or your Instagram that just isn’t, well, nice. REALLY people?! Get a life. I feel bad for them. Keep on rockin’ those tights, no matter how hot it is!

  13. Yes. thank you. I love when people feel the need to return over and over again to criticize someone. Um, thanks for the added comments and blog love? To use a turn of phrase common these days, “haters are gonna hate.” Be yourself. Be true. And always, always, be amazing. Thanks for this post, Kelle. Sending you some fall weather thoughts from the Northeast!!!

  14. Best. Response. Ever. Well done, you! That is all.

  15. You inspire me to find the good in everyone. It is very sad that people can read your posts and still be critical and hurtful. Thank you for inspiring so many women to stop being judgy and start enjoying life. You keep it just like it is. Don’t change a thing!

  16. Yes! This is wonderful. It’s so nice to hear a response to hatefulness that isn’t.

  17. this. is. AWESOME.
    I truly can’t believe anyone could find anything negative to say about you, your blog, or your amazing family. But then again, people like to hide behind their computer and be mean. But just so you know, you inspire me to be a more imaginative, kicka$$ mama to my children. I have nothing but admiration for the way you mother, your ability to write and take amazing photos while doing it and all so that at the end of the day in 20 years- you’re kids will have an amazing journey to look back on~ in color. with aubergine tights. :) Keep on sister! Keep on!! :) thank you for sharing your life with us! :) ♥Kristy

  18. jajajjajajajajjajajajajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajjajaja Brilliant!

  19. i’ve been reading your blog for years. through my own blogging, then lack of blogging, and lack of reading anyone else’s blog. but yours i stay with because it’s my daily dose of reality. and i love it. you show us how to be us. be yourself, be strong (or not on the days when you just need ice cream and need to relax), and how to enjoy the small things. that’s what life’s all about. to those who feel the need to send you such ridiculous emails? sad, but i guess maybe they have sad things going on too. this world is crazy but i appreciate you always being straight up, yourself, and a great role model for many who you have never even met. keep it up, or don’t, but whatever you do – just continue to be you and the most important people in the world to you – your family – will learn from the greatest role model they could ever have.

  20. Taste the rainbow. Dig, i love you. Kelle, i love this and you for being who you are– an aubergine tight wearing, unicorn loving mama and friend who sees the good in everything and everyone. X

  21. I get so mad when I see people post mean things. You are awesome and your post ALWAYS make me smile….and sometimes cry. Keep being you!!

  22. Amen! Keep on eating Skittles – you’re preaching good stuff. :)

  23. This is EXACTLY what I needed tonight. Exactly. I just started a blog a little while ago, and am sharing more on Instagram and trying to “be myself”- and it gets harder the more you put yourself out these! Huh? Insecurities come out, questioning yourself, wanting to please everyone while simultaneously trying to remain true & honest. I just loved this post, I’ve never commented in 3 years but felt like it tonight. Thank you.

  24. I think you are awesome.
    and it’s your blog (& your life) & you can do what you want :)

  25. I raise my salsa bowl to you!
    I like you all the time.

  26. Your talent for expressing yourself through words is astounding. That’s why I keep coming back. That, and the plethora of pictures. :) Loved this post!

  27. Preach. Love this. Love you and your chalk drawings and your aubergine tights. You are amazeballs. #theend

  28. Preach. Love this. Love you and your chalk drawings and your aubergine tights. You are amazeballs. #theend

  29. ☆♡♥★ Ignore the haters and rock on Mama! ☆♡♥★

  30. You’re awesome:)

  31. In my opinion, people aren’t happy with their own lives. So instead of doing something about it, they take it out on you. People feel a need to tear others down to make themselves feel a little better. I don’t even read comments anymore on here or insta because I got tired of all the meanness. Be happy or get happy people.

  32. Wow people are brave (or maybe just negative?!) when there’s a keyboard in front of them. I’d love to know if the haters are so hatey in real life.

    You are a champ. Your kids are champs.

    Boo to the haters.

    Love to you! Thank you for not letting them bring you down.

  33. Fist pump!! I loved this so very much!!!

  34. I am so glad you have addressed this! I hate when I see rude comments about you. I love your blog and have been following for over a year.

    Just do you!

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  37. When I started reading this post, I felt a wrinkle growing between my eyebrows along with a serious frown taking over my face. So I kept reading and started smiling a little. I went on reading and my smile grew until it was the biggest one I’ve had all week.

    Whenever I have a headache, I pop over to your blog for a quick dose of unicorns and southern sunshine, and my headache goes away.

    You’re doing something right. They’re doing something wrong.

    It does cancel out. (And makes me think of kid’s rhyming games … sticks and stones…. mirrors… what you said bounces off me and sticks to you… and mama’s favorite “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”)

    So, whenever you get the snarky e-mails think: I know I am (awesome) to feel/do/write/say/be this… what are you to feel/do/write/say/be this. I feel sorry for them. They need more unicorns; peace, love, and rainbows; and skittles in their life.

  38. we all needed this today, mama friend. Everyone always has something to say. but if it isn’t helpful or nice then I let it go. Life’s too short.

  39. I am right there with you Kelle! In fact, I have taken on a new Motto these past few months . . . feel free to use it if you want (lol).

    “It is NOT my responsibility to make everyone happy. If you aren’t happy with me . . . I guess you will get over it!”

    Life is absolutely too short and too precious to let people discourage you. Be yourself and don’t give them a second thought!

  40. You just made my day, Kelle. I love it when someone puts into words what has been crumpled up in my head. Love it and you are a true inspiration to me. Yeah!!

  41. Girl, I gotta get me some of dem SKITTLES! Yes!

  42. Awesome! Well said! And good for you. :)

  43. You are awesome and my inspiration. Keep rocking out who you are! I can’t believe how much hate there is out there, but thank you for shining LOVE and for just being fabulous!

  44. Rock it and BE!


  45. Well said – just – well said!
    J x

  46. I stinkin’ love you! You have been such a huge inspiration to me.
    Ps. You probably owe me money for marketing your book like I do. I tell everyone about it:)

    Thanks for being you. Xoxo

  47. Amen!

  48. Thank you! Such a good reminder to move forward and do without fear. It makes me so sad to know that people say mean things. That they think mean things. If my mom taught me (and my whopping 10 siblings) anything, it was — be kind. Think kind. I think that is why I like it here. You teach that. You certainly don’t always get it in return, but I hope you know (well, I think you clearly do) that for every mean email or judging comment, there are likely hundreds of us thinking nice things and happy things your way! I love that you also have helped me want to (at least try) to not think mean things back to those who give them out.

  49. I see so much good come out of you, Kelle. I guess I will never understand the motives of the “haters”. What the hell is wrong with being fun loving, open to life, happy? You’re a talented writer. You’ve grown, you’ve matured,you’ve changed but “you’re” still there. You can’t change who you are & why would you want to? There’s more of us out here who admire you than those who don’t. Keep on keepin’ on, sista!

  50. Good lord! You make me smile… And it takes a lot these days. Anyone who feels like being critical can suck it! You’re fabulous and everyone else just wears purple!! Yay sugar!

  51. where’s the like button? πŸ˜‰

  52. LOVE YOU…and sour skittles! xoxoxox

  53. Best. Post. Ever.

  54. Always be true to yourself, say what you feel, what you mean, share what you want and inspire others daily. I have never seen you be unkind on here and kindness is contagious but there are always people who do not know how to be kind, maybe their own hurt is too deep and they have had to harden their hearts, anyway I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty, kindness and for sharing your beautiful family and life with the world, it inspires people. your light shines bright please continue to shine and not let others dim it

  55. Love you Kelle, you have no idea how your words gave me strength and continue to give me strength! Just keep swimming!

  56. The online world has given rise to more “haters” than ever before. They feel brave to leave their snide put downs of others out into public.

    Your response was very true: haters will critique from both sides of every issue. Wile it hurts to be slammed, it’s not a reason to stop being herself. A lot of us enjoy your life and find all your ways charming: your self deprecating as well as your cheering for your own! You do have a joie de vivre that is infectious: your good days can inspire us. On your bad days we sympathies.

    The more popular someone is online for whatever reason, the more the haters come out. Know that the rest of us have your back.

  57. SOME people need to get off the computer and go do something nice for someone else. SOME people need to try drawing with chalk themselves. And then photograph it. SOME people need to go purchase Aubergine tights. And maybe wear them wrapped around their hands so they can’t write mean comments. Just say’in.

  58. You are such an inspiration.

  59. The online world has given rise to more “haters” than ever before. They feel brave to leave their snide put downs of others out into public.

    Your response was very true: haters will critique from both sides of every issue. Wile it hurts to be slammed, it’s not a reason to stop being herself. A lot of us enjoy your life and find all your ways charming: your self deprecating as well as your cheering for your own! You do have a joie de vivre that is infectious: your good days can inspire us. On your bad days we sympathies.

    The more popular someone is online for whatever reason, the more the haters come out. Know that the rest of us have your back.

  60. WORD.

  61. It takes guts and a thick skin to be in the spotlight. I think it’s so easy to listen to the negative few even when there are thousands cheering and appreciating your writing in the same comment section. One of the things I really liked about you when we met was that you really are the same person in real life as in the blog. You’re real AND you DO enjoy the small things! Love you sister! Xoxo

  62. It’s so easy to be mean, nasty and rude on the Internet. No one can see you, no one can find you and you don’t have to own it. It’s cowardly. And, almost always comes from an unhappy soul. Glad to see you so gracefully rise above it and carry on with doing what you do so very well. The old adage “If you have nothing nice to say; say nothing at all” still holds true…Wish more people would think about that before they type. Have an amazing week!

  63. Glad you had some sour Skittles!! AMEN sista!! Absolutely LOVED this!! And ya that is kind of bullshit…the lesson from all the don’t don’t don’ts. The number one thing I have learned from you is “believing in being yourself”. And that looks different to every individual out there…of course!! Wether you wear aubergine tights to the pumpkin patch or not!! haters will be haters & that sucks BUT you keep doing what you do…because you truly do inspire so many of us out in cyber space and beyond…Your blog is just simply GRAND!!
    PS thanks for introducing me to Abernathy…another incredible spirit to admire!!!

  64. Sour Skittles are the best..I’m glad someone else eats them by the bag πŸ˜€ Keep on truckin!

  65. Anyone who criticized your blog the way you describe missed the very first lesson I got from reading your posts – accept people for who they are, don’t judge, embrace the differences.
    Keep breathing, Kelle, we love your blog, stay true to yourself, you’re an inspiration.

  66. Let the girl continue to preach on skittles whenever the need requires. Amen to that post. Loved it and true to crtics everywhere, love wins always.

  67. Always be yourself. Everyone else is taken!
    Go you!

  68. this is not to promote myself, but i thought of something similar a few days ago, and i posted this:

    “I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” Ed Sheeran

    maybe that lady just needed to vent that day – that’s alright, i sometimes need to vent, too. you do, too =)

    and either way, just keep on doing your thing. even when i don’t comment or sometimes even agree with you, what you’re doing is important, and so just keep doing it.

  69. You go girl! I have b=never figured out why people complain/criticize etc .. just don’t read the blog then! Ofcourse people are entitled to their opinion.. and so are you! You make the world a better place for a lot of people and that is what matters..

  70. Thank You

  71. Well said. Keep being brave and true. I think your writing and pictures are lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and putting something positive out there. I don’t know why people want to “tear” something positive down??? That is a reflection of them, not you. I have been reading your blog since Nella’s birth and I love it. Thank you!

  72. I know you will get hundreds of comments about this, but I can’t help myself. I am a Mama to a 20 and 15 year old amazing boys and I brag on them ALL the time! I LOVE my husband and I brag on him ALL the time! I am 100% positive that I drive every human within earshot insane, but I don’t really care!! I teach parenting classes and you know what I’ve learned over the past 20+ years of teaching?? MANY PEOPLE believe that they are RIGHT and that EVERYONE else is WRONG!! IT DRIVES ME INSANE!! I hear how breastfeeding is best and people who bottle feed should be incarcerated!! Then, the next moment, ALL bottle feeding Mothers should jump off of a cliff…a really high cliff!! Same for home schooling versus public versus private versus NON-schooling!! The NON thing was new to me!! Anyway, my point is…if it takes a village…why are we shooting our fellow villagers in the eyes?? Wouldn’t it make more sense to HELP each other and see the BEAUTY in diversity, just like we teach our children to do in preschool?? ALL children are different, all parents are different (um…duh…)so what works with one child will NOT work with another. What works today may not work tomorrow…may not even work this afternoon, right?? My BOYS are awesome and I love them with every breath that I take. I was a lot like YOU when they were little. I was blessed to spend a ton of time with them and I cherished them, even when they cried and threw tantrums and wanted to play with toy guns even though I hated the thought that my “babies” would want to play with toys guns! So…PLEASE my friend Kellie, parent from your heart and KNOW that what you are doing is right for YOUR children!! Seek out a village that won’t shoot you in the eye and be a village to other Mamas!! WE all need help, as parenting is a HARD job, I truly believe it is the hardest job in the World. We hold the lives of these little people in our hands…talk about pressure! I invite you to my parenting class if you are ever in So Cal, it is an amazing class if I do say so myself. I would be honored to be your teacher, your friend, and/or your village!!

  73. Brilliant post! Very well said.

  74. You know you’re great right?

    Blog about you? yay! women get to be inspired by your creative & lovely outlook on life.

    Blog about your babies? yay! more cuteness for the world to see!

    Blog about your doodles? Babies doodles? Etc? yay for all of it!

    You are fab and thank you for being YOU

  75. Love the word aubergine.
    Love your heart.
    Love that you ate sugar.
    Love your words and your photos.
    Love you.

  76. Yes! I don’t comment often, but this freakin rocked, so I comment :)


  77. I don’t usually comment on your blog, but I totally LOVE this post! TOTALLY! You rock!

  78. THANK YOU! Best post I have read in YEARS!!!

  79. Haha great post! I personally thought you rocked the tights πŸ˜‰

  80. Ditto over here in NZ. You rock lady. I am a writer and a blogger and I cringe with major criticism, wilt, question myself and well…I might not sleep well that night. But, I am getting better at it. Which is good, because I sure can’t please y’all all the time. I am too busy being me. I hope my blog reflects that too. Big love to you.

  81. I really hate it when this happens to you!

    You and your blog has inspired me so much. I never see anything to criticize and even if I did why would I take the time to email and hurt your feelings? I worry that one day you’ll think ‘to hell with this’ and stop blogging. I hope you don’t because so many of us get so much from you. The loss would be great to the blogging world.

    Just be yourself is the biggest lesson I’m still trying to learn. And maybe its the most important lesson we all should learn.

    Love to you and your lovely family

  82. I love you. And totally go to the store naked. A1

  83. You crack me up!
    Gee, why are people such haters?
    Hmmm …. jealousy? have nothing better to do with your time except be rude and a hater?
    You are above that girly girl. You inspire me skittles or not!!
    Rock on!!
    Can’t wait for what’s next!
    your cyber friend :)

  84. Kelle I love you! Spot on babe. Spot ON! Thanx for singing this song loudly for us all!

  85. Thanks for this post! You are awesome! This post was awesome! And we’re all awesome!
    Thanks for the reminder. πŸ˜‰

  86. Read your blog all the time, but I never comment. This time I ust have to say it: Amen, Kelle, Amen! Hugs from Norway :-)

  87. Why, why, why, do women (generally) bring others down???
    Keep on keeping on girlfriend!!

  88. That is seriously the most eloquent middle finger salute EVER! Love it. Keep rocking on hun xx

  89. This was one of the best posts evaaaa. I like your spunkiness. Made me smile…
    Also, I like your tights! I am a little jealous of your doodles thouggh, just cause I can’t doodle very well (but I do have a doggie doodle – GOLDENDOODLE!!). Keep on rockin and talking about unicorns a lot – it makes me happy.

  90. I’d like to add that the “A1″ at the bottom of my post came from Ellie. At 4 am.

    She says hi. And rock on. And that we want to come back, maybe for Christmas-ish time?

  91. As a fellow blogger I have to comment.
    This made me laugh.

    Thanks, I needed that.

    Rock those aubergine tights. Good thing she set us straight on that, I probably would have called them purple-ish.

    Love well today, my friend. (I love calling blog people “friends)

  92. thank you for this post!

  93. Love you.

  94. Love you.

  95. I love your blog the way it is, Kelle. It’s like getting newsy letters from a friend. It’s your stuff & you write about all the aspects of your stuff the way you like.
    Keep on being you, writing your Stuff, telling your story. We’ll keep on reading.

  96. well done!

  97. OMG I laughed out loud reading this. Love. And a great reminder.
    I keep trying to blog. I want to blog. I have things to say…but the haters scare me. Ugh. Here’s to hoping I can get over that.
    Love you and your perfectly timed words. Oh . And love your fam, your drawings, your kids drawings, your tights and your cute shoes (actually, the cute shoes may be some of my faves)

  98. I love your blog! It always brings me joy. I love that there’s always something different.

    And those tights… Awesome!

  99. Sorry people feel the need to be so critical. Hope you don’t let it deflate you. I enjoy reading your blog, seeing your beautiful kids, and even looking at your chalk doodles. Screw ’em! You go girl!

  100. And here I was impressed by your chalk drawings with the inserted pumpkins. Silly me!
    Oh, and I thought the tights were purple…so glad that person pointed out they were aubergine.
    (why can’t you wear aubergine tights to a pumpkin patch?)

  101. Yes!!

  102. Wow!!! I’m always amazed that anyone even has the time or care to criticize another. Keep on keeping on and don’t let the negativity get to you. Get on with your fall lovin’ routine!!

  103. Huh? Why can’t you wear aubergine tights in a pumpkin patch in Florida?

  104. Hmmm. There is a solution for those who don’t like what you post……they don’t have to read it. Blogging is just like life. There’s always someone who wants to spread negativity. Focus on the positive. I thoroughly enjoy all of your small things!

  105. Why does people have to be so mean… I dont like your aubergine tights, but hey i dont need to wear them! And i think you are kinda cool for wearing them! But i wouldnt sau anything… You can wear whatever you like!

    And i think all of your children is your favorite! Each in his/her own way…

    Keep the smiles and rainbows coming… Me like them!

  106. I love you, Kelle!

  107. “So get botox and call it a day” is my new motto. I so needed this today, Kelle!! You are awesome, & your kids are awesome. Shine on you crazy diamond!

  108. Amen!!!

  109. Rock star Mama :)

  110. Hell yeah!

  111. Holla! You nailed it! Lovers: 1 Haters: 0

  112. Holla! You nailed it! Lovers: 1 Haters: 0

  113. LOL that someone would email you about your weight! Don’t stop the blogging it’s a gift.

  114. I’ll admit it, there are days when you are a little too sunshine and roses for me. But do you have the right to be that way? Absolutely! And do I love your blog? You bet I do! You really have to be some poor excuse for a human being or have a pretty pathetic life to come on here and criticize you. Ignore them Kelle. Jealousy is a ugly thing.

  115. I love your blog…thanks for sharing. Don’t understand why those who don’t enjoy it just not read it- that makes sense to me. Haters just gotta hate I guess.

  116. LOVE IT!!! Simple as that!!

  117. Four years reading, first time commenting. It doesn’t matter what I think, but for its worth… You’re beautiful. Your ongoing family story is thoughtfully compelling, because of the skill and poetry of your storytelling, your insight and vulnerability, and of course the entrancing aesthetic of your photo journalling art.

    You inspired me a long time back to start my own (private – not as open as you) family blog back in 2010. 136 posts up to date, and it’s something I am proud to have produced to gift to my children.

    Your family story has also movingly informed me about Down syndrome. It changed my personal view on prenatal screening, it’s changed my responsiveness to people I cross paths, it’s broadened my boundaries of mainstream.

    From a usually anonymous follower, all your courage and skill and insight is very much admired. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is a virtual treat. I will your family the best.

    – Kerry

  118. What a great post. I adore you all the way from little old Perth, Australia. I get excited when your posts come up in my Blog Feed. You have an amazing family, keep typing sista!! πŸ˜‰

  119. I have read your blog for several years, but have never commented…. until now. Thank you! Thank you for putting your family and yourself out there for all to see. I am the mom of an AWESOME 27 year old red headed daughter with Down Syndrome and and her equally AWESOME 23 year old red headed sister. I love reading about Nella, Lainey and now Dash. Rarely do I read your blog and not go away with a smile…. from your stories, your photographs, or the memories that bubble up from years gone by with my two daughters. You keep doing what you do so well… enjoying the small things. Blessings to you and your beautiful family… and those aubergine tights. :)

  120. How in the world could you find the hate among all this love? Wow! Your blog is the highlight of my day most days and anyone who would say hurtful, hateful things? Well, they can just suck it!

  121. Love your blog and appreciate you for sharing your life. I’m going to store this one away in my mind and pull it out when I need it. My job doesn’t always make me popular, but for every hater, I have 10 supporters. The haters are just louder. So next time, my mantra in my mind will be “rock the aubergine tights”, and I’ll smile and be nice. Keep loving those 3 favorite kids, rocking the tights, and posting whatever the heck you want. We love it all.

  122. Kelle, I think you should eat sour skittles at least once a month! It would be good for ALL of us to hear what they make you say.
    I really needed to read that post today. Loved it.
    Love your work.
    Keep doing it, for as long as you want to (tights or no tights).
    Love: a fan xx

  123. Yes!!!!

  124. Just Be Kelle!!! Love it! I love your blog for all the good things listed above. Keep up the good work.

  125. Love your post, love you, love your family, love your words, love your pictures, don’t always love your clothes but love that you wear them! LOL The world is full of all kinds of people. I love your kind!

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. I’m also compelled to comment: PREACH.

    Aside from the usual “how can someone else tell you what your blog should be about” argument, I feel like the backlash against what you have going here is SO negative and so catty and so ridiculous. And I don’t mean online, but just in life. There’s a weird trend where parents are supposed to loathe or resent their kids. I work in an office with a shared breakroom, and if I go into the breakroom anytime from 12-2 there will inevitably be a gaggle of women complaining about their kids. Without fail.


    I can’t speak for you, but this blog, THIS feels more real. Not perfect, but good. Somehow in their avoidance of perfect and out of fear of feeling threatened, people have thrown out good. I also can’t speak for your children, but when I read your blog, I’m reminded of my own childhood. The way you love your children and create with them and for them is a reminder of the way my own mom raised me. It was very real. It was very good.

    Keep being you, Kelle, because the world needs you, and if that’s too good or not good enough for some people, then the problem is theirs.

  128. This might be one of my favorite posts ever. Simply because you did what everyone else feels like doing all the time: noting the ridiculousness in people. You’re a regular Jon Stewart. πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad you wrote this because I remember some of the earlier posts just after Nella’s birth story in which you struggled with the hurtful comments of others. And maybe you still do, but taking it in strides with humor and fun little graphics is a good way to go.

  129. Kelly,

    You are a brave, defiantly joyful woman and you have brought encouragement to my life. Kudos to you for feeling the negativity and boldly rejecting it! Keep going, girl!!

  130. sending lots of love and hugs.
    I love all your posts and photos and drawings!

    thank you for your lovely blog

    lots of love


  131. It’s YOUR blog. Enough said.

  132. LOVE this post! Keep on keepin’ on, sister/friend…you got this!

  133. Amen.

    I hope you don’t waste any time kindly responding to those people but forward the emails/comments to the other side of the universe (where they will return to haunt the senders).

  134. You Rock !

  135. Kelle – YOU GO GIRRRRLLLL!!!!

    Ignore the haters! I read your blog daily(if there is a post) and have never once thought anything negative about what you choose to post. I just enjoy what you decide to share with us. I love you and I love your kids…ALL of them! Keep it coming sister! You inspire me to enjoy the little things!

  136. And to quote Miss Miley Cyrus..”forget the haters cause somebody loves ya.”

    Keep on being amazing, Kelle. Thank you for your blog. It’s sometimes how I get through my day.

  137. Stop reading GOMI, girl. That is all.

  138. Reading that felt like being in the car with the windows down and your favorite song comes on and you turn it up, way up. And then you feel your heart growing larger and larger and then you just smile, smile, smile. LOVE.

  139. Love the answer! You rock girl!
    let them talk….

  140. Thank you for blogging about your kids. I LOVE reading about them. But, also, thank you for blogging about all the other small things that you enjoy: fashion, the occasional sidewalk chalk doodle, photography, travel, building relationships, figuring out where you stand with God, etc. Truly, it’s those posts that touch me the most. Are you a mom? Of course! Probably first and foremost. But you are so many other things too. Thanks for not letting ugly comments deter you from writing (another small thing that you seem to enjoy).

  141. Kelle… Haters are gonna hate…. Most of the time, it isn’t even about you…They are so unhappy with themselves, they need to take it out on someone else. Keep doing what you are doing!! Your blog is great!

  142. I’m gobsmacked that someone can voluntarily read someone else’s blog that claims to be nothing other than their own musings, interests, takes on life etc and feel that they can judge it, slag it off, criticize it etc. Well done for hitting back – sometimes it’s necessary! If they don’t like it, they don’t need to read it. The many of us who do – we’ll be back for more pictures of favourite boy and girls, festive tights, swanky chalk drawings and tales of real life lived by real people… x

  143. These sorts of emails are the one thing that scares me most about this new world of blogging that I’m slowly wading into.
    Your beautifully written and photographed blog was my inspiration to start sharing and celebrating my world in the first place.
    And, now…
    Your incredible resilience and determination to just be yourself will inspire me if and when I’m ever in a similar situation.
    Thank you.

  144. Moments before I was defending my thesis in college. My then boyfriend asked what was wrong. I explained I was afraid of letting my (intimidating) advisor down, and pointed in her direction. He turned and looked at her, and said, “that turd in a pantsuit?” I laughed so hard and did fine after that.

    Don’t let these turds in yoga pants bring you down. There’s no pleasing ’em.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Eleanor Roosevelt


  145. Once again, you are my hero!! This is YOUR blog, YOUR space and you can do whatever you darn well please here. I just love that because I stumbled across a post in a completely different blog that I read I found you. Your honesty. Your beauty. Your kindness and your totally unique Mama-ness.

    And, oh my word, Poppa must be all kinds of fired up! Bullshit, ass, and crap all in one post!!! :)

  146. Omg, eat candy more often Kelle! No, in all seriousness I’m all for turning the other cheek and picking your battles blah blah blah…. But sometimes you just have to gracefully call the meanies out. And say “thanks but no thanks.” And you did that, so good on you.

    I know (and you know) that people who feel inclined to tear another person down have their own issues going on. DUH, obvious, of course! But it doesn’t mean that getting hit with tomatoes is any less…. Exhausting. Right? I mean, sometimes your shield gets heavy. And your helmet itches. Anywho, you deserved a high five so… High five!

  147. You can never please everyone-keep on enjoying your life!

  148. Amen, Kelle.

  149. A-to-the-men, Sister! Some people are lost, broken and lonely. That can translate into a sour brain and a confused heart; I pray for those people daily. I asked their their souls be awakened and they see what love and beauty is around them – that we are all different and weird in our own way and that’s okay! I also pray for the joy-finders like you, Kelle! I pray that you continue to find the joy and love and happiness in the small yet great things. Thanks for remaining vulnerable and doing what you do – your blog is a breath of fresh air!

  150. Yay Kelle! I’ve seen the venom and vile in your comments section before and it was exactly as you said, there was no winning. Trolls gonna be trolls!

  151. Wow Kelle. It just goes to show you someone is always going to have a problem with you no matter what you do. I hope you never let the haters burn you out! I’ve been following you since right after my first child was born who just turned 4. My second child was born 4 days after Dash. Because of this I’ve always felt like I could really relate to your writing and you inspire me! You’ve inspired me in ways that have truly made me a better mother. I see the world a little differently because of your joy. I guess you could say its rubbed off on me πŸ˜‰ Thank you for what you do! Bring on the unicorns and rainbows!

  152. Love you Kelle! Keep on keeping on….and keep buying those skittles :-)

  153. Wow I have never commented before but I have been an avid reader for a long time. I don’t understand people who need to attack other people. It’s your blog, why shouldn’t you share what ever is in your head space at any given time. What the f*ck does this reader care if it’s your kids, your drawings, or your clothes. My God people need to get over themselves and so much extra drama. I have two kids of my own but that doesn’t mean I no longer have a life or passions of my own I don’t want to talk about and share with others. Once we are Mom’s should everything else about us cease to exist? Your blog isn’t called Enjoying My’s about the small things (any and in all ways they come).

  154. Love you so much Kelle. You inspire me.

  155. thank you, for pointing out all those things. you are wonderful. my aunt has ds and turned 51 this summer and what a wonderful woman. all of her is so wonderful and my daughter (who is 20 months) just thinks the world of her. i’m certain you will, but just a reminder to keep your chin up. keep smiling. keep doing what you are doing and writing and enjoying life and finding beauty in everything. with love, lauren

  156. love love this! way to go. you are beautiful and wonderful and awesome…keep taking pictures of you chalk drawings πŸ˜‰

  157. Well said!! I for one love when you talk about any of those things,including your chalk drawings. As someone who is not a mom yet, I love seeing the activities you do with your children, and I store a little mental bookmark in my head of things to do when I’m a mom.

  158. I just discovered your blog…What a great first post to read. Love!

  159. It should be very obvious to anyone that you are doing a lovely job raising your family. I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep comments from getting under your skin. Seriously your choice of tights? Some people need more things to do and a little perspective. Keep your chin up Kelle.

  160. omg, i LOVE you. Big pink puffy heart love.
    That’s it.
    You’re the best with come backs. Booyah… and hellz yeah. don’t let them get you down. that stuff says WAY more about them than about you.

    LOVE you… did i say that already? Seriously. :)

  161. Spot on.

  162. Brava! Well said- much support and love to you and your family

  163. BRAVO!!

    There is a huge community of people here, including me, who derive all sorts of goodness from what you do. The nonsense thrown your way sometimes…I’m so glad you are still doing your thing in spite of all that.

    P.S. Your reply was a little cheeky and I like that a lot :)

    P.S.S. Where’d that black ‘think happy thoughts’ T-shirt come from? I’d like to spread the message! Yep. I’m one of those readers who ask stuff like that.

  164. You go girl! I think you and I are wired VERY similar. I think the person posting that comment is just unhappy and jealous and that is how they deal. Sucks to Sucks.

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. Thank you so much for writing this! I have a small, personal blog that only my friends and family read and I was attacked over a post I wrote regarding my youngest son’s birth story. The person said I was attention-seeking and overly dramatic. It stung so bad and for a few months, I let it silence me. My intention behind the blog was to inspire and empower others to take control of their births like I did and it grossly misinterpreted. And it hurt.

    After a huge pep talk from my mom, I decided this honey badger doesn’t give a ****, and I am just going to be me, critics can move on. I am ME, without apology.

  167. And I love you. And I love reading your blog because you are you. Hell Yeah and keep on truckin’ <3

  168. OK. I literally just spit my coffee out—get Botox!? LMAO. Yet again, another reason why I love you, your blog, and everything about your little family. Thank you for sharing your honesty and calling people out. I’ll work on the not breathing part, because you’re absolutely correct, someone will be mad about that too. I thought I knew a lot of vocabulary words, but I now must google that shade of your tights. Thanks for a great start to my day mama!! Hope yours is beautiful.

  169. hahaha I so loved this post! And I had this “silver linings” kind of thought. I know it must have been hell to get those First Bad Comments a long time ago. You could tell your brain logically that it didn’t mean anything, etc, but it had to hurt because you put yourself out there and you really honestly didn’t know people could be that way. But then time went on and now I want to propose a thought – and that is, that being able to have waded through years of occasional warped comments has given you a Context or a Big Picture View that most of us never get. Most of us wade through life and we get these occasional barbs thrown at us that knock us off our feet and lay us low and make us question ourselves…and they’re just bigger than life because we don’t have a big picture for them – they shouldn’t even be IN our picture, so they’re huge to us. Now you have this ability to look at them with wiser eyes. It’s not that you’re getting a thick skin at all, it’s that you see them in context. The idea that they cancel each other out is so eye-opening. And yes, you’re the one who gets to line them up physically next to each other and laugh see how they add up to zero, but by reading this post, the rest of us, who may not have had the opportunity to receive the sheer number of “comments”, good and bad, that you have, can still say, “yeah – when that criticism reaches my ears, I can’t let my inside self falsely succumb to the idea that it’s true when it is not. And one person does not have the power to disable my positive, earnest thinking.” I hope that made sense. Thanks for sharing this – it’s just so good to know that most criticism is malarkey.

  170. To the people who live to hate, grow up, the rest of us are busy enjoying each other and our lives. Have a great day!

  171. I love this.
    And now I want some aubergine tights.
    I didn’t even know what that meant until today. : ) Thank you!

  172. I love this.
    And now I want some aubergine tights.
    I didn’t even know what that meant until today. : ) Thank you!

  173. Rock on, sister! I just chewed out a class full of seniors, came here, read your blog and now I’m on the war path (in a good way). Screw the naysayers.

  174. Excellent!!

  175. Kelle – I have never commented here before but I check your blog daily, almost religiously you could say. It’s my little slice of the day where I feel I can breathe, connect, be inspired, see beauty, life as it happens, and watch another family (not that different from my own) grow, change and share love! PS I loved the tights and when I saw those pics of you at the pumpkin patch thought – “way to go girl!” I also like to put on something a little fall/fun for pumpkin patching! It feels like a holiday, right?
    Keep writing. Keep sharing. Thank you.

  176. I never comment…ever! But feel like I need to let you know that for every hurtful comment there are so many more people that support you. Through their comments or just through their thoughts and happy energy. Don’t worry mama, you’re doing great things. xo

  177. Kelle, you’re wonderful! Honestly, I live in FL as well, and I sweat….alot! If I had seen the post with the tights I would have thought, she’s freakin’ nuts! But it would have been because I was jealous. I find that most judgement comes from jealousy. What amazes me is that we all try to teach our kids that age old lesson, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Yet, people hide behind their computers and judge, and say rude things, maybe because they’re miserable or jealous. Who knows? Bravo to you for saying what’s on your mind.

  178. I’ve never thought to comment before but I read your blog often. One of the reasons I continue to read is how authentic and real you seem. Therefore, I thought this post warranted a comment. Thank you. Thank you for responding to the original comment and posting this for everyone to see. Thank you for not being afraid to be you and for encouraging your kids to be themselves. I work with so many teens who are afraid to be themselves and I can’t help but appreciate what you are doing in your own kids lives. Not only talking the talk but also walking the walk. Keep being you regardless of what others say or write!!

  179. Holding my breath right now…. feeling faint…. hope this works…. I’ll blame you if it doesn’t…..

  180. YES! i saw that comment yesterday…i think it was the one above mine actually. People think i’m over the top with my mom-style and the way i gush about my son. i’m ok with that. I’m not mom-ing for them. πŸ˜‰ Do you thing, Kelle. SO, so many of us appreciate you for being you.

  181. I am impressed you read all your comments. I hate you get negative reactions to things you say and do on your blog. Loved the post today b/c it does transition into life not just blogging. I think you are doing great and even in the not so great times (of your life that is) – you write to eloquently about it. I think your children are going to be blessed by the words on this blog. Keep it up!!!

  182. Seriously…you rock! I think the ones who comment negatively may have a hint of jealousy toward you. At least that’s what I conclude. I think I have only commented a couple times, but I look for updates to your blog on the daily :) Love, love, LOVE to see a new post from you! Keep on keeping on!

  183. I freaking love this post! I have read almost every post you have done since Nella was born and I’ve laughed and cried at so many of them. I’ve always respected that this was YOUR space to write about YOUR life. It just amazes me that someone would think it was anything other than that!

  184. you are badazzzzzz

  185. mean people suck.



  186. Whenever I read your blog, there is nothing that makes me want to write something negative…so I never understand why other women or men do it! If you don’t like someone’s blog/instagram/facebook/twitter……..yada yada…then why the hell are you still reading it? jeesh! & I would totes wear tights to a pumpkin patch! and good for you for standing up for yourself!!!!!! xoxoxo

  187. Kelle..there are always haters… miserable, jealous people out there who just cannot stand other people being happy or impacting others. They can’t stand to hear about joy, love, interesting lives because theirs are so lacking. So they nit pick…always try to find something they can bitch about..makes them feel important when they are invisible people in the world. I loved your response…it is perfect and it is so true. Keep doing what you do…don’t change a thing and know that you bring so much light, and warmth and smiles to everyone (except the jerks, of course lol). We’ve truly learned to enjoy the simple things…thanks!

  188. I’ve never left a comment but I’ve read a lot of the negativity about you online. And honestly? You’re spot on with this. You will NEVER make people happy.

    You do you Kelle. I love this honesty.

  189. I just wanted to give you a virtual hug. I have followed your blog since a little after Nella’s birth and I am so amazed at what you manage to create. I strive to be as great of a momma as you are <3 I look forward to each post and read every word and see every picture. Your kids are too cute! Nella somehow always reminds me of my daughter.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs from Kristin in Norway

  190. Seriously? More sour skittles for you. This is too funny. One of my favorite posts ever and I’ve been reading for a while! Thank you for being able to put haters in their place without actually being like them. Rise above, girlie!

    Sounds like this person was just chartreuse with envy, anyway. πŸ˜‰

  191. You go Kelle!!!!!! Keep being true to your beautiful self because the rest is all noise. I mean, if I listened to all of the people who said I’m ruining my image by looking like a cat lady, well, I would never listen to those people ;). But seriously. I love you. I love this post. xx Meg

  192. Amen!! I keep coming back to your blog because it is a slice of real life….and that is so wonderful!

  193. AWESOME!! Some people aren’t happy unless they’re complaining about something. Keep writing and posting pictures just like you always have . . . I for one enjoy what you do!!

  194. Bitches be crazy.


  195. Amen!!! I’m not a writer, I don’t have a child with special needs, I don’t have cute aubergine tights, but I feel like I can always relate to you. Thanks for sharing the good, the bad and the in between, and although you didn’t need to respond to the haters, I enjoyed the result of your little sugar buzz. :-)

  196. The best response to naysayers ever! Don’t let them get you down. Everyone is fighting uphill in life, and those who pull you down rather than lift you up are those who are merely trying to spread their unhappiness.

    Keep rockin’ it Kelle! xo

  197. I haven’t commented before but I just wanted you to know that I LOVE EVERYTHING about your blog. Keep on doing what you’re doing :)

  198. Here Here!!!

    Ignore the haters and keep on keeping on! I adore your blog, love your style and would miss it all terribly if it went away! Thanks for sharing even a little piece of your sweet life with us! It brightens my day to read your posts, enjoy your great photos and hear your beautiful outlook on life! Go on with your bad self!


  199. I haven’t commented before but I just wanted you to know that I LOVE EVERYTHING about your blog. Keep on doing what you’re doing :)

  200. I think you are incredible and I absolutely adore your blog.

    Hater’s gonna hate.
    Potatoes gonna potate.
    Alligators gonna alligate. LOL

    Keep enjoying all things, big or small!! xx :)

  201. I have been reading your blog for several months, you are an inspiration as a mother and a photographer and really just a kick ass person! The commenter should take the advice of if you don’t like what you are reading, watching, listening to, quit reading, watching and listening to it. Simple. keep doing what you’re doing Kellie!

  202. You seriously rock, Kelle! You’re an inspiration to me. I actually almost responded to that post you refer to. I was going to tell her that wearing aubergine tights to the pumpkin patch and making chalk drawings is EXACTLY what “enjoying the small things” means. You are awesome and I adore your posts.

  203. Hi Kelle,

    I read that comment yesterday and wondered how I would feel if it had been directed at me.

    I love your response and your work, writing, photos are just beautiful. I work to improve healthcare for people with learning disabilities and when I feel a bit jaded about the world, I pop over for a nella and ETST boost.

    You are like a green smoothie for my soul.

    Keep going.

  204. Wow! I don’t usually comment because I figure you have a gazillion to go through if you’re going to read them all, but, wow! I can’t believe people say things like that! I love your writing, and all the little and big things you share about. You’ve sparked alot of moments when I’ve had to take a deeper look at my life, and just helped me to enjoy the little things too. So thankful that you are strong and won’t bend to petty people!

  205. I have been an anonymous blog reader for about a year now. I absolutely adore your creative posts! Life can sometimes be a bowl of cherries and sausages and you have to make sense of the sausages that appeared in your bowl of cherries :) you do a great job at that! Thank you for helping me think outside my mommy box to create rainbow and unicorn moments for my own kiddos.

  206. I loved the chalk drawing! It inspired me! And I had no idea aubergine was purple, so I learned something today. Thank you, Kelle! But… how do you pronounce aubergine?!

  207. Too often people just let destructive criticism go unacknowledged. I know, it’s all about being the bigger person, not engaging negativity, yada yada. But I for one am glad that today you stood up for yourself! Skittles do you GOOD! Thank you for putting a little umph in my morning.

  208. I love you. Never met you, but you are the most amazing, insightful, loving, caring, person! NEVER stop what you do…..

  209. Haters are gonna hate ~~

    Please write anyways!!

  210. …”but thank you for noticing they were aubergine. Hate when people call them purple.” …Busted me up, in fact had to spit the coffee out I was drinking when reading your post so I didn’t choke!! πŸ˜‰

    Keep breathing!!!

    Reid’s mom xo

  211. Oh dear God in heaven, people…what can we say. Yea I have run across ugly comments about your blog, ect. on other blogs..but you know what touches my heart….a few weeks ago on a facebook page about bio med…a part of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, a mom posted her baby was going to be born DS and she wanted to know if we knew any good things to read..and you know what she got over and over and over…go read Kelle’s blog, Go read her book, Go read Nella’s birth story…so WHATEVER to the nay sayers…you are here for us who care, love all your kids, wish ours was little again (me) and get ideas from you on cool craft ideas, ect. and for this old bag..I had to go google this word. aubergine Thanks for the education!! HUGS honey and hang in there.

  212. I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog, but I do read it every time you put something new here! Just for the record — after reading/enjoying yesterday’s blog (aubergine tights and all), I smiled to myself and said, “I really enjoyed today’s blog!”

  213. I never read peoples comments on Blogs for the reasons you just listed. People are going to hate because they don’t live in a world with reality, color and love. You do, so keep up with what your doing, I will keep reading, smiling and loving everything writing. It is real, honest, full of love and laughter. Isn’t that what life is about? Thanks for all you write and post you are truly an amazing person.

  214. You’re beautiful, thanks for being real & letting your light shine. Love wins!

  215. …& more chalk doodles. (yours or your kids:)). oh, & defffinitely more aubergine. xo

  216. HURRAH!

  217. Ignore the haters! I love that you are honest in your posts and true to yourself! We only have one wild and precious life, right? Best keep it real!

  218. HA! I’m allergic to bullshit too!!
    Love ya…mean it!

  219. jealous people can be rotten, love people like you that just keep on trucking!!

  220. Quite frankly I love your honesty, and I love how you celebrate your life. You’re an inspiration. Thank you, I always look forward to one of your posts, it’s like a delicious hot mug of tea! Xo

  221. Not just yes, but HELL YES!

  222. People are ridiculous and catty and critical and mean. The invention of social media has promoted a sense of ‘I don’t have to be nice because that person can’t see me or touch me or even live in my same state.’ I love you (though we have never met) and love your kids (though I’ve never met them) and think your blog (which by the way is my most favorite one of all) is amazing and interesting to read ALWAYS. I love your photos, your tights, the color of your tights, your motherly abilities and the way you love your kids. Foey on everyone negative. It’s kinda like my tattoos. No, society may not like them and may judge me on them, but they are mine and on MY body and last time I checked, I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to put something on my body. It’s YOUR blog, you do it how you see best and those of us that love you and see how genuine you are will always follow you happily!! ((hugs)) Can you tell this blog post ruffled my feathers? I am standing on a soapbox in your honor, dear! – Karen

  223. I never comment either, but I have to just this once. I like you when you’re irritated and irreverent. I get so annoyed by the Hampton Haters and I’m glad you talked back. I say this not as a sycophant, but as someone who likes you even though I don’t wear aubergine tights and have picnics in the woods – ever!

  224. I haven’t commented before, but I love this post! Keep doing you!

  225. Heart you! (((BIG HUG)))

    Now I want skittles…

  226. I found your blog when I was pregnant with my 2nd child 2 years ago because I was preparing myself for all possibilities at birth given I was nearly 40. Needless to say, I’ve been reading ever since. I have visited many other blogs but yours is the ONLY one I visit weekly. You are uplifting and inspiring and I wish I did half of what you do with your children. My daughter was born healthy and I called her…Nella. I loved it from the first time I stumbled on your blog. Please don’t pay any attention to the minority of losers who post negative things. 99.9% of your readers love you & your blog and, like me, don’t comment but gain a lot from your writing. The people who post that crap are lonely, miserable people who can’t bear it when other people are happy. Just focus on the good because there will always be those comments and they are trying to get a rise out of you and they don’t deserve your attention or words. You can’t please all the people all of the time :)

  227. I don’t have a blog… but read lots of them. It always amazes me how someone reading a blog dictates to the blogger how THEIR own blog should be written. Geez!! If the reader wants negativity, then they should start their own blog and call it: Negative Blogger Here ~ I Hate Happy People and Life!! HA!!

    Love your blog Kelle and your family and your photos.

    Thx for keepin’ it real.


  228. People who hide behind their internet lashings are nothing but cowards. Keep on keeping on, momma.


  230. I have been moved to tears or laughter by many of your posts, but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to comment, and what I have to say is this: Rock on, beautiful girl. Haters gonna hate, which is why I don’t blog about life with my miraculous, mysterious son and autism. (I modestly share the fact that I’ve been asked to blog, many times, by friends and strangers, but never by family.) If I could tell you how to make other people’s opinions carry less weight, if I could tell you how to dump the approval issues (takes one to know one), I would, but I think that’s part of your allure as a blogger – you really do care what those of us out in cyber land think, and those inexplicable mean folk cut you more deeply than they should be allowed to. I’ve come to realize this: There are people out there I will never be able to understand or protect myself from, because they are twisted, broken and mean. I think you just encountered one. Shields up, sister, and blog on!

  231. Kelle, I have been a reader since before Nella, but rarely comment. Well, today I have something to say:
    you are awesome. in a world where there is so much negativity and darkness, you bring light and happiness, positivity, rainbows and, sometimes, unicorns :)
    I love your posts, and even the ones that arent full of rainbows and unicorns are inspiring and meaningful. You inspire me every day to be more mindful of the world around me and to take the time every day to point out the little things in life to my two littles. There are plenty of people out there who think you rock and the ones who post hurtful and negative things just dont get it. Keep doing what you are doing… those of us who “get it” will all be here cheering you on and supporting you. Hugs to you and your sweet family :)

  232. I normally just lurk, but wanted to say great post!

    Also, I wanted to say, “Would you call that grape or aubergine?” Because I cannot see “aubergine” without hearing that line. πŸ˜‰

  233. Bookmarking this one for when I’m on the receiving end of criticism. I like to think I’m getting better at considering the source, but sometimes I still get all wound up in my head about it (that’s both wound as in tangled and wound as in hurt).

    I had a long drive yesterday, so I spent a while carefully unpacking my jealousies, of which there have been many lately. I looked at how I had been feeling further away from friends just because they were doing lovely, amazing things with their lives. It’s a good practice, because then I can see what’s really going on inside me, which is that I don’t feel satisfied with what I am doing, so I project outward.


  234. I pretty much never comment but have to today. Your blog is amazing and you have nothing to apologize for. You’re exactly right- no matter what you do, SOMEONE will always criticize it. Therefore- you live your life how you want and forget about the people who want to try to change you. I’ll never understand internet bullies and why people feel the need or think it’s ok to get on here and say rude comments. I feel sorry for them almost, that they are so unhappy with their own lives that the only thing the only thing that makes them feel better is to tear other people down.

    I love your doodles and Lainey’s doodles equally. Who cares who doodled it? It’s cute and happy and makes people smile! You’re not promoting yourself or taking advantage of your kids, you’re keeping an amazing record of your life that your kids are going to LOVE to have some day so who cares what everyone else thinks. :)

  235. It’s your blog – people are always going to complain – you overshare – you undershare. What you chose to write about/complain about/be happy about is what makes it your blog. I personally love that you are a holiday freak (said in the nicest way) – I too get excited about about the next 3 months and want to enjoy every minute. Going through your archives always makes me smile and gets back in the holiday spirit. There is so much nonsense about your personal life – I don’t care if you are only sharing the happy moments – let the unicorns fly – its the little joys in life that sometimes can adjust our outlook and everyday happiness – its what I like to focus on too. Thats not to say we aren’t addressing our problems or don’t care about them – we CHOSE to make our happiness.

  236. Jealousy is a disease. I love skittles.

  237. LOVE !!

  238. I really love your blog! When I see beautiful photos of you and your children and what you’re doing and where you’re going, I know you’re making the best of your day — and that you have real struggles. Just like me. That’s why I love your blog. :) Keep on keepin’ on! I’ll do the same.

  239. If it hasn’t been said before I’ll quote your friend Glennon from over on Momastery:
    “Never let the good go to your head. Never let the bad go to your heart.”

    Thank you for all your posts. You are the *only* blogger that I don’t miss a post. If I’m on vacation and offline for a week, I scroll back and read everything I missed.

    And I’m not nearly as cool as you. I would’ve just said “purple”. Much love to you and your family.

  240. Don’t let the haters get you down, Kelle. I love your blog; your pictures are always so full of light and happiness, and I enjoy reading your point of view on things. Keep on being yourself because you’re awesome!

  241. I love your blog because you are living your truth. I respect truth. There will always be naysayers, negative nancies, & nonsense. Because (unfortunately) these things disguise themselves as truths within so many. But a wise blogger once said something like…”You cannot change them. You can only affect them.” It sounds like someone was affected so much that they felt the need to comment with criticism. :-) You can’t predict or gauge the level of the effect when you publish your post….nor should you have to. It’s your blog. Keep owning it!

  242. Preach it sister! Ignore the haters and keep doing what you do!
    Lots of Love from Kansas!

  243. I think it’s great, when people are negative, they’re either jealous or just haters. And you’re right, to heck with them!!! Keep on doing what you do!!! Most of us LOVE it!!!

  244. You go Girl! AWESOME!

  245. I so enjoy reading your posts! They make me smile.

  246. Kelle, You have no idea how unbelievably well timed your post was. I loved it and I enjoyed it. Also, I kind of needed a laugh today and you provided it…I am sending this to a friend who is feeling exactly the way you are today!

  247. I’ll comment today, since I’ve had caffeine (my version of sugar). I SUPPORT YOU! Although we’re very different in many ways, when it comes down to it, you’re a mom. And I’m a mom. Which is a tough enough gig to take on privately – never mind trying to do it publicly! So I applaud you. Keep it up. You’ve got a beautiful thing going here.

  248. I’m going to agree with pretty much every commenter….you are fabulous, your aubergine tights are fabulous, pumpkin patches in Florida are fabulous, your kids are fabulous… some people just need to get a life and stop trying to critique everyone else’s because that is not the real problem.
    Keep doing the awesome job that you are doing! Love your friend’s pictures also:)

  249. Love ya Kelle! Love who you are! Screw the ney-sayers!

  250. I love this. I love you. I love your posts. I love your outlook on life. I love the realness. I love the honesty. you rock. haters don’t. :) have a fabulous day!

  251. I always read and rarely comment, but I wanted to tell you that you rocked this post today. Haters gotta hate – as always, you rise above.


  252. Unicorn power! Keep on rockin’ it!

  253. Good for you! Just be. <3

  254. I do like your blog. I like your pictures. And your children are very cute. Somehow, this post rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t because you responded to a nasty message. I totally get that. Responding made you feel good, deleting it and the original nasty message made you feel even better. But why go and write about it again? Why bring attention to the negative comment? Was it for validation that you did the right thing? Anybody who has spent time on the computer realizes that there are people who will just write mean stuff just because. Glorifying it in this post just gives fuel to that type of mentality. “Look I got Kelle to write a whole post about me and not even post any pictures. Wow! I do have power”. Deleting the original comment and your response and then NOT commenting about said comment/response, is truly rising above the fray.

  255. 3

  256. Haters gonna hate! I haven’t commented in forever but just wanted to say this: Keep doing you! You can’t please everyone so just please yourself, screw the haters. Love reading your blog, following you on Instagram, and obviously the haters do too! Lol

  257. So I’ve been trying out for the longest time to figure out why the “haters” pick you on you so much. Dedicate pages and pages to you. And I’ve come to the conclusion that they eat, breathe, and sleep Kelle. They are obssessed with you. So pathetically sad.

    Good for you!

  258. Please don’t change a thing!

  259. I rarely comment, but I’ve been a huge fan for years. This post just blows my mind and I JUST. HAVE. TO. COMMENT. You are my best friend and soul sister despite the fact that we’ve never met, and your family is MY family. I don’t care if that sounds creepy. I love you, so PLEASE don’t ever EVER change a thing about your blog or yourself, Kelle. You keep on chugging along and inspiring people like me to your lil heart’s content!! <3

  260. In response to Wendy:

    Maybe I’m reading into this too much. But there isn’t just “one” comment. There is an entire forum dedicated to ripping Kelle a new one. It’s active on an hourly basis. I can’t help but think that this is in response to them as well…

  261. I love this post. I love you. I love people. I love life. I’m happy. So there.

  262. well stated response. I hate that there’s hate. but it will always be there in life. we rise above and do what’s right for us! I always say the best thing about life is that we get to choose what’s right for us, for our families, etc. that’s the beauty of life…we get to choose.

  263. YOU ARE AMAZING! Don’t ever forget it! You love life and life loves you! And you’re children are learning the goodness of the world from you!! KEEP BEING YOU!!

  264. Love this! You amaze me and make me want to better myself!

  265. Your blog often takes my breath away. Authenticity is what keeps me so engaged with you, your kids and your perspective. And if I could go back in time I would have been more creative in dressing my kids. And trust me my little grandson is going to benefit from Mr. Dash’s “dashing” style. k

  266. I LOVE skittles! Thank you for posting!!

  267. Aubergine. Great word.

    YAY, YOU!

  268. Amen! (me giving you a standing ovation!)

  269. You ara amazing and pls don’t let cranky, narrow-minded pessimist make u feel less special than u r. The comment that this person left sounded to me: “I am jealous and insecure because I do not have to courage to…”

    Enjoy your day and your little ones, they are worth all your energy! And don’t allow anyone to take your son away..those who have a cloud above their head always seek those with a sun…

    Much love,


  270. I think you have an amazing ability to convey amazement in the simplest of forms… You keep on keeping on, because you really inspire digging deep and most importantly love for the babies!!!! Amazing mom AND writer!

  271. I love you even more for this.

    And I’m going to start clicking links, but I really hope some of those drawings are on tshirts or something. ‘Cause I SO want that first one on a soft, white v-neck.

  272. just wanted to say i like this post. live your life as you. There is no pleasing everyone is what i have learned…took me a long time. The people that matter will always be there for you. You just gotta shake your head sometimes. Isn’t it your blog after all ?? πŸ˜‰

  273. Ah! I got so excited to see Abby’s artwork! She’s a friend of mine and I recognized it as soon as I saw it. She is as beautiful a person as anyone could hope to be and that totally shows in her art. Thank you, Kelle, for showcasing her pieces :) She is super awesome. (and so are you and your little family!)

  274. So, I was reading this post, and my first thought (right AFTER feeling a mixture of rage/indignation/”How dare they!!!”) was “Kelle doodled? And wore Aubergine tights? How did I miss this!!!” (answer, by the way: because I was in a mad rush reading last night and all the pictures didn’t load before I had to leave) and I immediately had to go back and check out your art and fashion. Loved them both! I am constantly inspired by the way you live your life, and if doodling around your kids’ pumpkins on the driveway isn’t enjoying a small thing, somebody’s life is way, way too small already. :)

  275. HELLYEAH! And shall I follow up my expletive with a Bible verse? John 5:44

  276. For real? I loved your doodle. Life is short people…move the hell on if tights and chalk drawings anger you..

  277. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE this – but I am sure I will get knocked for saying ‘love this’ ….oh wait, I won’t get knocked because I ‘called it’ first. Who the hell cares, I – LOVE – THIS!!!
    You are awesome – love ya right back :)
    Tejas hugs,
    (Such a favorite post, cannot even pick the best line…maybe ‘the supporters who don’t come back but do’ :] And, I think if I had eaten sugar I would’ve gone on a long-winded rant. This is SO spot on, perfect, & to the point.

  278. I’m hearing Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” playing with Abraham Lincoln throwing down some background lyrics……”you can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself.” “You’ll never please all of the people all of the time.”

    Be yourself. You’re the best version of yourself! That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it is!

  279. i lOVE your blog. and all your kiddos. and whatever color tights you may wear. do your thang, girl!

  280. I’m cheering for you for sharing your happiness for others, having your own style and working to overcome negativity. It’s utterly silly to think someone criticized those little things that make your life a good one, and sad to think how miserable they might be to pick on someone who’s trying to do their best to spread the love. Keep on doing what you do, for there cannot be enough people in this world who try to make others smile.

  281. Thank you for this post I am so feeling this today! I dislike when people make me feel like I am not doing something enough or something to much EH make up your mind. Thanks so much I LOVE OCTOBER 2 many reasons but main reason my oldest son was born today the 9th 13 years ago. Again thanks!!

  282. Amen, sister. I’ve felt this exact way on several occassions lately. Even with my teeny tiny blog that was meant to be a journal for my family and keep our extened family updated, I’ve come across “critics.” They are everywhere;)I’m not a writer, nor do I claim to be, but thanks for putting this thought into words much more eloquently than I ever could.You wrote this post for me, right?;)I love YOUR blog! And if I did decide one day that I didn’t, I would simply quit reading it. A friend told me something recently that I found funny, but it is oh so true…Haters gonna’ hate! And, that’s okay.

  283. A-tothe-MEN, lady friend.

  284. Love you! Thank you for giving me so many reasons to smile.

  285. Amen Sister! Write what you want – it’s your blog, isn’t it?! I love reading and think you and your family are adorable :)

  286. I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I’ve never commented before. This was a great post.

  287. Kelle:
    I have been following you since the beginning. You inspire me, you help me to see the beauty in many things that I normally wouldn’t see. You are not perfect, and I don’t see you that way. If you were, thought you were or acted as such-I wouldn’t have followed you & your journey for these past few years. I emailed you my story one day, no response- which I was fine with, I’ve commented many of times on your posts, no response- which I have no problem with! I just wanted you to know the types of people that follow you. You have far too many readers that follow & comment to respond to. If you responded to everything, your kids wouldn’t ever see you! People get upset when bloggers don’t respond. These people that make the nasty comments or are a part or the GOMI bully crew are jealous. They obviously take the time to read your blog. They obviously see the life that you have and love so much. A true follower of you knows your heart, because you have expressed it in many happy, sad, determined & defeated posts. I thank you for being you, for being real and for not caring what these people say…Candy or no candy.

  288. I enjoyed this post so much I left you a “thank you” on my blog today :)

  289. Way to exploit Abernathy Bland!! lol lol I kid, I kid!!!

    Great post!!!

  290. The best thing about your blog is that you always write in an open, honest way. Please never change to appease the haters! It’s obvious from all of the comments that most of us love you because you’re YOU!

  291. You inspire me, and I don’t say that lightly. Thanks for keeping me entertained day after day with the reality of your life. Keep enjoying skittles and loving on whichever one of your “favorite” kids is around you. XOXO.

  292. AMEN!!

  293. This is probably one of my top 10 favorite posts by you. You kick butt. And for the record, if my pumpkin chalk drawing came out half as good as yours did, I’d be sending those pictures across the country amen.

  294. Glad you had those sour skittles. Maybe I’ll go pick up a pack.:) Keep it up. I have loved the blog for 3 years and have cried and laughed and smiled. Thank you for having the courage to share your life and your heart.

  295. Could you record your voice reading this post? I think I need it on speed dial. :-)

  296. This is lovely; I agree entirely. People’s comments are less about you than about them, and they should be taken as such. The Pollyanna side of me feels sorry for people who feel the need to vent spite all over the Internet. The non-Pollyanna side tries hard to shrug it off. At any rate, bravo to you; I really enjoy your stories, no matter the subject or artist.

  297. Haven’t commented in a long time but always reading. I LOVE this post!

  298. The most inspirational thing I learned from my sweet Mother (and I learned so much): If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. If they don’t enjoy reading your blog, they should stop. I, for one, LOVE reading your blog. I’m also inspired by you and the things you write. And the way you handle negative comments. Hurray for sugar!

  299. I just have to comment today. Because I am a HUGE FAN of you and your family. You are so inspiring to me. Your love of life is exceptional. I see nothing wrong with what you post and when you post it. I read for my pleasure. I don’t understand those who comment negatively about someone else’s life. No one is perfect. We should all be accepting of others flaws, because after all, we ALL have them. Thank you for sharing your life. I hope you continue to do it with same enthusiam (sp? one of my flaws lol) you do now.

  300. Kelle, Just do you. You’re good at it! It’s what we (your readers) come here for. Thanks for putting this out there. Keep on enjoying the small things and we will keep coming back for more.

    PS-Aubergine tights are awesome!

  301. I don’t think I’ve commented before, have I commented before? Either way, this was too funny to let slide… too funny… and too honest. Reminds of a bumper sticker I saw recently that still has me in awe and laughing at the same time:

    “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn. Then always be a Unicorn.”

    Go get ’em… and if you need a friend with a mean right hook, I’m right here.

  302. Well I just love your blog! You take amazing pictures – I wish I took so many pictures. One day you will have to turn your blog in to a book (I read somewhere where you could do this) a book in order to preserve all of your wonderful pictures.

    I also love how you keep it real! Ignore those awful commentors and enjoy the good ones.

  303. I too have never commented before today but have been following and loving your blog for a few years now. Keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to so many. I am a better mother, friend, wife because of you.

  304. dude, doesn’t this just make you hate people in general? : ) juuuuust kidding, we don’t have everyone. but sometimes I want to just cause i’m mad.

    i hate two things: 1) the way people treat people in writing in contrast to the way people treat people in front of their face. they say so many things in writing that they wouldn’t dream of saying to their face.
    and 2) how our online personna is so much different than how our real life personna is. We try our best to paint a realistic picture of ourselves but it just never conveys our true selves or what our life is actually like. so people see what they want to see and make generalizations and assumptions. and that’s just not cool….or accurate.

    I love your candor. I love your writing. Any percieved flaws on your blog are just miscommunications. they’re silly, and people shouldn’t get caught up in them. we all have them on our blogs, cause, like you said, you can’t please everyone.

    just this morning on facebook I saw a comment on one of my mom’s photos that said “wow, you look so much younger than your girls!” obviously it was supposed to be a compliment and it was very well meaning, but then it hurt MY self esteem. moral of the story: you just can’t win. no matter what you say. this dang world of social media where nothing is kept private, you can read everyone’s business, and everything is misinterpretted. ugh.

    anyway. you go girl. love you.

  305. Love this! Are you sure those skittles weren’t soaked in vodka? :)

  306. Kelle, this spoke to me so loudly on so many levels. I truly believe that people like that are so jealous and frustrated with their own lives that they don’t know how to channel it correctly. Believe me, I have family who act like this and it makes me crazy. And it’s truly sad. I say you’re doing a great job with this blog and with your family, and it’s nobody’s business passing judgement on you or anyone on how they live their lives. We live our lives the way WE want and do the things WE want to do because this is OUR life not theirs. HUGE hugs to you and the kids for owning these truths!

  307. Hmmm, it seems to me that everything in the post about October was about enjoying small things-pumpkins, babies, chalk drawings, tea parties, walks,big girls, little girls, little boy… Sorry that some people are so unhappy that they have to rain on other people’s happy!

  308. Thank you.

    I get comments.

    You eat too many calories. You eat too few calories. Eat more. Eat less. Rest your injured leg. Stop using your injury as an excuse; exercise anyway. Eat lots of beans and whole grains. Whole grains and beans are poison. The only way to lose weight is to go Paleo. Stop following every fad and just eat what you want in moderation. You can never have cake again. Eat a few cookies, you need to be balanced. You are such a failure for regaining 25 pounds. You are such an inspiration for keeping off 70 pounds.

    Yeah, it’s your blog, you will never please the world, but you can please some and you can definitely please yourself!

  309. Okay. Let’s say I don’t like something I read on the internet (which happens pretty much every day of my life). If I hated it so much, why on earth would I continue to give this despised thing so much of my energy by pounding out some diatribe on my keyboard? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Hate it? Cool. Turn around and walk away. Don’t fuel its fire. Internet trolls are some ass-backward cowards. Keep on rocking with your rad self, Kelle. You got this!

  310. I will never comprehend why people would take the time to write and criticize you. I’m pretty sure you’re the one who decides what your blog should be about, since you’re the author of it and everything. If you’re enjoying the small thing of your own chalk doodle, which I thought was way too adorable, then that’s what you’re enjoying. We should all just be happy that you shared it. And from what I understand, you were writing about enjoying finding Fall in Florida. And there isn’t a whole of Fall in Florida, so you doodled a little Fall scene in sidewalk chalk. What the hell is wrong with that? And why are people reading and taking the time to criticize it if they find something wrong with that?

    That’s how I thought these things work, but I’m probably wrong in someone’s eyes. So, okay.

    And I thought your aubergine tights at the pumpkin patch were beautiful. I looked at those pictures and I thought, “Look how cute she is, in those tights holding her pretty little girl. What a happy picture. And how smart of her to wear those kind of tights because obviously the thick kind would be way too hot for her and I should probably go buy some aubergine tights now.” Okay, purple. I thought purple.

  311. Love you blog!

  312. Wow Kelle-you are inspiring. I have read your blog since you started writing about Nella, and I also read your book. You, and your family are beautiful inside and out. I love reading your words, and seeing ALL of your pictures. Keep on posting, inspiring, and being you!!!

  313. YOU ROCK!!! As I tell my boys all the time “Be yourself & NEVER allow anyone’s words or opinions change WHO you are!!!!!”.

  314. I needed this today. Sometimes when we think we are good, you know…making a difference, sharing pictures and stories, and simply “enjoying”…someone has to try and mess it all up. Well, guess what! I just heard a little “take that,” “wachow,” and “hayah” in your post. LOVE IT!! Virtual Karate Kelle to the rescue! Own it!

  315. HUGS!

    I love your blog and rarely comment on any of the blogs I read and follow, but just know I am one more reader who completely loves and appreciates your blog and all that you share. Love is stronger than hate. xo xo

  316. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Its inspiring and I look forward to it whenever I see a new post :)
    Thanks for all you do-I find it extremely interesting, heart warming, and FUN!

  317. I have been following you since Nella was born, and I say the blog is for YOU and for your fans and readers that get YOU and your family it’s not for people who don’t get you. SO know your style, your photos you writing is what makes so many followers gain, insight, creativity, respect, understanding and ideas for their life and their children. SO…. TURN UP the radio… and dance and ignore those comments GIRL.

  318. I have been falling your blog for some time now. As a stay at home momma of two, it is always a “breath of fresh air”!!
    I always look forward to your posts. Keep doing what you are doing!!

  319. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

    That’s all I got.

  320. On the days where you find those pesky negative comments, come back to this blog post and reread all the love from your readers. You are an inspiration! I’m writing down your list, adding to it with my own “rules” and posting it at my desk. It’s a great set of “rules” to live by. THANK YOU!

  321. I am fist pumping to “Roar” by Katy Perry at my desk right now after reading this blog post. I mean….there is no actual music playing but I can hear it in my head….

    Haters gona hate so do you sister….

    But you already know that!

  322. I don’t comment often enough, but I’m an avid reader. Have been for over 3 years now! I tell anyone that cares to listen that you are my blogger idol. I love you and your rock star family! Wish we were neighbors :)

  323. Amen! You can’t please everyone so do what you do best as always!

  324. I’ve been reading your blog for a quite a while now and I just want to say I love it just the way it is. You can post anything you like on your blog, after all that’s what it is, your blog!

  325. I hope the sweetness of your blog changes a few hearts! I am always sad for people who think that way! Chalk art rocks!!

  326. I am a new follower and I just want to say that you are a breath of fresh air! Every post touches my heart. Many make me tear up. Your words resonate in my mind and come out of my mouth (“Baby, mommy is helping big brother right now. I’ll be there in a minute.”). Thank you for being the sunshine in my reader!

  327. I love your response and I love your blog. Good for you!!!

  328. Unfortunately, I am a people pleaser and as a result, my oldest is following in my footsteps. It is hard and you get your feelings hurt a lot. I love that you wrote this! I always find it comical when people decide to complain about someone’s blog…the answer is simple, they can stop reading them!

  329. Thank you for speaking your mind and for being yourself and for loving life (and for eating some sugar…hey, whatever gives a girl courage!).
    You inspire me to be me, to celebrate life and to love what I have.
    Thanks for being you! You are awesome :)

  330. Wow, you know you are doing something right when you are being attacked. I love that you are you and I really enjoy your blog. You do a fabulous job of sharing your beautiful family with us along with your life stories. Dress up, have fun,enjoy your kiddos.

  331. Haters gonna hate no matter what you do! Be true to you and yours & let life pass the haters by because they are way to worried about what you are doing and apparently what color of tights you wear!!!!

  332. Amen sistah! As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at ALL! Love your blog, love your pictures, and love your chalk drawings :)

  333. Good for you – the moment you put yourself out there you have friends and foes but as my wise papa says, you wanna hate it? Grab a ticket and stand in line cause you can’t please everyone. I love you. Your girls. Your boys. Your candy. Your blog. Keep up the good work.

  334. “Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have and not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open” By Natalie Goldberg. I think you’re doing that and are doing pretty well for yourself because of it. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kelle. Your bravery is contagious.

  335. I love your hair!
    I love your tights!
    I love that Dash is so cute that he almost makes me want to have another baby!
    I love your girls style!
    I love that your house looks like chaos sometimes and it reminds me of the quote “Don’t mind the mess…my kids are busy making memories”
    I love the birthday parties you throw for your kids!
    I love your blog!
    That women is just jealous!

    Just saying!

  336. Your writing is good. And I think you’re very brave for putting your life out there.

  337. love your blog just the way it is!!!

  338. Love your sence of humor! Very much aplied to real life! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep it real!

  339. Loved this! Loved it!

  340. This was great! keep eating them skittles. And throw in some sour keys for good measure. Because sour keys are awesome, just like you.

  341. And yet that reader keeps reading. HUH?? Just please do the rest of us a favor and keep being YOU!

  342. What ever happened to being kind? What ever happened to not saying anything, unless it was nice? Why are we like this now? I am beginning to not like us anymore. That’s all.

  343. Oh my, that sucks, I’m sorry there are frustrated people out there taking it out on anyone that will lend them some writting space. You’re strong and your blog is awesome! Happy day :)

  344. You keep posting whatever you want to post! It’s your blog. I love your blog just the way it is! You clearly love your kids, your husband and the amazing life you have created. Keep sharing!

  345. Ugh what makes me crazy about this post is that you even had to write it! I loved the sarcasm but man it’s so frustrating that people are so up in your business. I’m so
    glad that you blog the way YOU want to, you should!

  346. I love your blog. period. I might not always agree with what you say, but I respect your opinions. Your blog makes me happy. Keep doing what you’re doing (which is your whole point anyways, right? :P) because for every negative reader, there are 200 more who you made smile. =)

    Thank you for all you do!


  347. Hi Kelle, I love your blog. It doesn’t really matter if others do or don’t like what you write/photograph/draw, etc. What matters is if you like it. It’s your blog, do with it what you want. There will always be someone to complain about something. Here’s a life lesson people, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have to comment on it. If you don’t like something, write about it on your own blog. Thanks Kelle for sharing your life with us. Keep on keeping on.

  348. This made me laugh. I love it. Some people are just …. no words to describe. They need to make others feel bad to make themselves feel good. Haters will always be haters. Lovers will always be lovers. You rock. x

  349. Can’t believe people (assholes) have nothing better to do than email you negative comments! completely ridiculous. They must be so unhappy.

  350. Great post. Seriously, great post. You rock.

  351. There are always haters, negative nancy’s,and just plain miserable people. No good deed goes unpunished is the way I feel. Just feel a little pitty for those, give a little giggle, and hug those little Peeps of yours!

  352. I think that feedback is a natural part of putting yourself out there, people absolutely are more candid in an anonymous forum but that is the nature of ability to “publish’ with out an editor.

    Where I think a lot of the push back is in that you have monetized your blog, which – kudos. Getting paid for something you love to do is the ultimate dream. BUT – there is sort of an icky feeling that comes with *literally* making money off photos and personal stories of your kids. It goes along with the naked photo of Nella in the tub – where is the line between her autonomy and yours? Do you have the “right” to publish that because it’s your daughter or is that a choice that she should have for herself?

    I wonder if we’re not going to see a rash of “children of bloggers” in 15 years time who feel betrayed that their images were used to pay the mortgage?

  353. Oh my LORD it is YOUR BLOG so therefore it is up to you what you include and if readers don’t like it they can suck it up. Sorry but I just find it annoying how critical people can be. Don’t like it, go away. As for you, keep being yourself, sharing your thoughts, your stories and whatever else you want. That is why we are here. In the end it is something about you and for you, the rest of us don’t matter.

  354. This post reminds me of a song I love called “What Light” by Wilco. Take a listen- it heals :-)

  355. I love reading your blog…I would kill myself if you stopped writing…I’m kidding!…I adore you! I wish I lived next door to you so I could have coffee with you every morning:)
    From Wisconsin

  356. Oh my work Kelle, this has got to be one of my favorite posts in the history of blogging.

    Your blog, your life – if they don’t like it then STOP coming back people!!!!

    The rest of us (adults) will continue to follow, laugh and cry with you, oooh and aaah at the pictures of your cutie pies, and share in the joy that is life and being true to oneself.

    Thanks for sharing the adventure with us…

  357. I love everything about your blog.

  358. LOVE this!!

  359. Think your blog is awesome. Always going to be random people just shooting down whatever people they can find as a target. Your photos are awesome, your children are awesome and so is your sense of humor. You do not take yourself too seriously which makes you easy to relate to, more so to us moms who have common ground. Keep doing what you are doing and delete, delete, delete the haters!!!!!

  360. I would much rather a world filled with people showing off their art work, their kids art work, photography, writing, their tights, their sweat pants, their hearts, souls, and minds than a world filled with people criticizing others for showing off those things.

    My dad told me recently it took him over 50 years to realize that the thing that makes life worth living is loving being exactly who you are.

    Thank you for reminding us all not to dim our lights just because other’s can’t handle the light.

  361. You go girl! This is AWESOME!! LOVE. P.S-love the purple tights comment:-)

  362. Kelle,
    I enjoy your blog. I admire your honesty and transparency through this blog. I do have a question for you, though…How do you feel about your personal life being subject to public approval? I have a very public job and at the end of the day, I very much value my privacy and really don’t give a damn what the rest of the world has to say! So how is this working for ya?

  363. If I could wear aubergine tights and look as lovely as you I would totally wear them – to a pumpkin patch, the grocery store, fixing dinner, checking the mail . . . Don’t ever let anyone rain on your parade.

  364. Kelle,

    As a fellow Capricorn, new mom and lover of light, I’m in your corner.

    Keep being you – whether it’s in the public’s eye or not. I’ve loved the window into your life that you’ve constructed for all of us.

    Many thanks, much love and respect,

  365. Love you Kelly and you write whatever the hell you want. I love it all.You go girl!

  366. This is perfect! Thank you!

  367. First timer I’ve commented… People can be so darn insecure. Be who you are. I’ve just started reading your bog and LOVE IT!!!!

  368. bravo!
    amen sista!
    whoomp whoomp!
    and a little bit of hallelujah thrown in too!
    you go girl! (i can’t help myself now.)

  369. Why would grumpy folks take the time to respond? I guess simply in order to bring you down. What I love about your blog (really too numerous to state) is that through your writing and photographs, you float as if tethered to balloons and bring joy to those to come to your blog thirsty for creativity, joy, happiness, calmness, get the picture? Don’t even read past the first negative word in a comment. Train your eye to just stop. Lift those bright eyes and move on to the next comment. Bullying remarks are bullying remarks. Spoken or written. PREACH!

  370. People who take the time to write out the negative things swirling in their head… are truly dreadful people.

    Chin up buttercup.
    Those who mine don’t matter and those who don’t matter-mind. Did I say that right? :)

  371. Tights!?! I LOVE your green dress! Which looks amazing with those aubergine tights!

  372. Tights!?! I LOVE your green dress! Which looks amazing with those aubergine tights!

  373. You rock.
    And stay so true to yourself.
    And I love that about you.
    And how you seek the good. 14,000 ways.
    I commend you for eating that bag of sugar.
    And standing up to the negativity.
    And for expressing just who you are,
    Aubergine and all.
    Thank you for writing, and sharing.

    As GM would say, carry on Warrior!

  374. Been reading for a year, and this is my first time commenting. Kelle- I appreciate how honest, inspiring, and organic your writing is. Please don’t stop.

  375. DONT LET THE HATERS GET TO YOU. Keep this post as the last one where you defend who you are. Just keep being who you are with no apologies, because anything less and they win.

    And personally, I loved the tights and think they were a fuck spunky way to liven up pumpkin picking. And why not make things more fun!

  376. ooo I meant funky

  377. Amen, beautiful mama, A-freakin’-men.

  378. Hear, hear! You can’t please everyone, and that can be a hard lesson to learn. I LOVE your honesty and creativity on this blog. Keep shining, I know you will!

  379. I kind of like the sour skittles version of Kelle. Just Sayin

  380. The part about the Aubergine not purple tights actually made me laugh out loud! Some people are never happy! Its your blog and given the numbers that read/follow it, many many many people love it! xxx

  381. Debbie Downers are so annoying, and it’s a reflection of their own lives and their discontent to point out perceived faults of others. They’re never happy, whether the glass is half empty or half full. There’s no pleasing them.

  382. Go YOU! Loved this post, and actually I loved your doodle and thought of copying it myself…not exactly, but the idea. Way to make a stand! Screw the haters. I love your blog. I love your photos. I love your story. I am thankful that I came across your blog a few years ago!

  383. I love your stories,! They make me feel good, inspire me, and provide entertainment when I’m holding a fussyn baby late at night and everyone else is sleeping. I admire you! I teach 4th grade and am currently reading a book to my students called Writing Magic by gail levine that teaches kids how to be better writers. Chapter 3 is called shut up and talks all about criticism. Check it out if you have time. Good luck and please keep writing!

  384. I think your blog is fantastic and it makes me feel wonderful and joyous and hopeful to read it. Doing that for just one person (and I’ve no doubt you do it for many, many more than that) is worth a bazillion times all that negative crap. Keep up the AMAZING work.

  385. Q music:

    I love you just the way you areeeeee!

    :-) Diane

  386. LOve. Keep on keepin’ on! :)

  387. You Rock…skittles and all!

  388. Amen!!!

    You go, girl! :) ♥♥♥

  389. Love your purple nylons in the pumpkin patch or are those aubergine? LOL! I’ve never been much into fashion, but I think it amazing you keep you chin up! Don’t feel alone; we all get picked on for being pretty, cute, smart, deep, different, dorky, happy, or whatever else it is that piss other people off about your seemingly perfect life; which everybody should know is not always perfect! No one’s life is always perfect but we all try our best in making the best of it. People should support each other rather than judge, but alas, there will always be those that judge and break down others!

  390. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Kelle!!

  391. I love what you write, Kelle! I read your blog a lot but I hardly ever comment. But if people don’t like what you post, then they don’t have to read it- if I stop liking someone’s blog I just quit reading it. No reason for them to criticize. I’m sorry that there are people who trample on you when you put yourself out there- I love that your blog is such a variety of things- it feels like you really let your readers into your life. All that to say keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about them. And I know what you mean that sugar talks. :)

  392. I’m all set to move from the Orlando area and become your best friend. So. Hope that works for you!

    Love this post. You are fantastic. And lovely.

  393. lol – this is my favorite post of yours… EVER! I love it!!!! Way to go, girl! Keep it coming. :)

  394. Love it. So real, so true.

  395. Love it. So real, so true.

  396. amen! :)

  397. Wow. Can’t imagine a human so empty inside as to have to send you negative comments. I am 62, a grandmother of 6 + 2 on the way grandchildren. I have 4 adult daughters. so with that many of my own family members to focus on, I still LOVE seeing and reading about your family. You express it all so well and I love it. Your girls and boy are absolutely adorable. I love what you write and I love the pictures. You are having fun and you sometimes aren’t having fun and you tell us all about it. I love it. I wish I was as thin and cute as you, but I’m not. Sad face. But that’s okay. Bummer that someone has to send you dislike comments. What’s the point? It’s a blog. Who made them read it? I think they secretly love your world and just wish they were in it. I think they must have a hole in their heart. Aww. Sad.
    so – you wrote a good rebuttal. :-)

  398. Kelle, I love you when you speak so true. When you confront these difficult issues I get this glimpse of the amazing person that you truly are. Dont stop – EVER – always remain true to yourself and I dont think you will ever go wrong.

    Gosh I wish I was your neighbour….!

  399. This post helped me realize two things:
    1) to always tell people the positive things that I feel and think about them. I love your blog and yet I don’t comment…I sure wish right now I would have been filling your comment space with all the love that I have for who you are and what you share! You are an exemplary woman – keep sharing who you are!
    2) I will never understand people that need to share their negative feelings in what I assume is an effort to bring other people down – because I’m guessing they are feeling low themselves. I have become so saddened by all the critical, mean, nasty, negative, and just downright rude comments that are left on everything from blogs, news articles, FB posts, and any other online source it seems. Did we not all learn, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?’ Thankfully you and others that spread glitter among the world, don’t take these comments to heart…if anything it just seems to help you realize how much more love, rainbows, unicorns, glitter and acceptance we all need.

    Keep going. You are uniquely you and we wouldn’t all come to this blog over and over if we didn’t just adore you!

  400. You rock! You are an inspiration to many. Keep on being you :)

  401. I have been a silent reader. Just want to say you have been doing a great job so keep going! Can’t please everyone in the world. Those idiots are simply being jealous of you and your family. The best way to treat them is to ignore them!

  402. This comment has been removed by the author.

  403. Are you f***ing kidding me?! People actually make comments about everything you just mentioned? There are some sad people out there. You sure are the better person in all their drama. You go girl! By the way, you rocked those purple thighs. Work it sista!

    I love this “Here’s the other funny thing I learned. If the same people keep coming back to tell you they don’t support you anymore, they don’t really mean it because they keep coming back to tell you they don’t support you anymore.”

    Love your blog, keep doing what you’re doing.

  404. Ok, I haven’t read all the comments, there’s too freaking many!!! But, with the field of daisies & the Aubergine tights, are you wearing anything else?? Coz, you know, it can be uncomfortable to run with no bra on!!!!

    Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m sure you have more supporters than detractors!!

  405. all i know is what my mama taught me, some people in life— are just crazy.

    its sad that people FOLLOW YOU, yet criticize you. ridiculous. get a life folks.

    i love your blog. your posts. your friends. your kids. truth be told— sometimes i forget we aren’t real friends. me & my bestie talk about “oh did you see what kelle made the other day?” or “heidi cooked up some deliciousness.” …i love the community you have created. i love it all!

  406. all i know is what my mama taught me, some people in life— are just crazy.

    its sad that people FOLLOW YOU, yet criticize you. ridiculous. get a life folks.

    i love your blog. your posts. your friends. your kids. truth be told— sometimes i forget we aren’t real friends. me & my bestie talk about “oh did you see what kelle made the other day?” or “heidi cooked up some deliciousness.” …i love the community you have created. i love it all!

  407. I have my own small blog but so far haven’t had any horrible comments, but I know they will come :-/
    Thank you for this, I will have to save the link for when I do get my first nasty comment.

  408. I love your blog
    just as many, many others do!
    And those tights are lush!
    Love them too!

  409. baaaahaaahaaaa!!! i am cracking up OUTLOUD right now. hilarious. and soooo true! Thanks so much. Way to rock it out. :)))

  410. This comment has been removed by the author.

  411. (sent it again -fixed a couple of typo’s)
    Dearest Kelle
    Your words are like wings of hope
    That take flight across the globe
    Giving a dose of freedom and flight
    Elevating throughout the night

    Some people are just blind to see
    The little Beautiful Kelle birdy

    Your pictures are like flowers in full “BLOOM”
    Like a little butterfly leaving its cacoon
    You teach your kids to grow and soar
    And we all learn so much more
    The seeds you sprout the love and time
    Planting and weeding till harvest time
    And although some roses have thorns and pain
    You only see the rose ,the Beauty ,the gain

    Some people are just blind to see
    The Kelle Hampton greenery

    Your words are like a sunny day
    Bringing sunshine ,laughter ,happiness ,and play
    Air that’s clear with a cool breeze
    Putting folks all over at ease
    Showing us That life is bright
    Seeing light throughout the night
    Happiness is enjoying the small things
    Like sunshine,smiles, slides,and swings

    Some people are just blind to see
    The sun that is shining at you and me

    Your lessons are like a peaceful beach
    So much to learn from what you teach
    You make the world a better place
    You put a smile on our face
    Helping us think positive each day
    No matter what comes our way
    So wave your flag – we see the shore
    Kelley’s blog — we want more and more !!

    Some people are just blind to see
    The waves that flow so peacefully

    Your story is like a mountain top
    You keep on climbing you do not stop
    And even when life has bumps and goes DOWN ( syndrome )
    You climb up higher till the top is found
    So we all learn that when we fall
    Stand back up proud and tall
    Keep on climbing do not stop
    Until you reach the very top

    Some people are just blind to see
    That Kelle’s at the mountains peak

    Your videos are a piece of art
    That touch our lives our souls our hearts
    The music reaches deep inside
    And puts a smile on our face that’s hard to hide
    Your so real you share and give
    Of your life- laugh , love, and live
    Your family is a happy song
    We all sing and dance and clap along !!!!

    Some people are just deaf to hear
    The song you sing so loud and clear

    Kelle ,not us !!!!!we see you and hear you and love you!!!!!

    ! Attention all readers !!
    Join me in adding positive to the world by posting your three best things about
    Kelle and three things u have in common with kelle
    In appreciation to Kelle Hampton for sharing her happiness and making the world a happy better place !
    3 things I love about Kelle
    Pictures of
    Lainy Nella Dash
    Your awesome blog
    Your honest feelings
    3 things I have in common
    I love photography
    I love creativity
    I love ALL KIDS
    Best wishes I’ve been following this blog for a while
    Never commented and just had to today !!

  412. I love you. The end. That may seem weird. But seriously. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve ever written. The more honest the better. Never change. Unless you change to become even more awesome. Then do that. Ok. That’s the real end.

  413. I’ll be honest- when I first started reading your blog I thought you WERE exploiting the fact you had a child with Downs Syndrome in order to get ‘more hits’. The funny thing is though, something in your writing and photos kept drawing me back again and again to your blog and now, 3 or more years later, I can see how you have grown as a person and a writer and photographer. You actually inspire me to do more and be more and feel more and for that alone, I am eternally grateful. I love your blog and although I’d love to see less sponsored and guest posts, I get that you are crazybusy with everyday life. I respect you dude- don’t change, especially not for the haters.

  414. I usually do not leave comments , but this time I just have to….
    I love your blog!
    I love your style!
    I love new haircut!

    Thank you for sharing your story and your family here…
    It helped me on so many different levels…
    This is what I think:
    If someone is willing to spend their time on writing nasty comments, that probably is only because they life is so miserable/ empty that they have nothing better to do…
    Please keep doing what you doing….

  415. Are people for real?!?! That’s what I always think when I see negative and mean comments. Why?!? What is wrong with people!?! My mind is boggled! … Anywho, I so adore you and your blog – every single word, every single picture, every single doodle, every single little thing! Thank you for sharing and for addressing this issue! Keep on keepin’ on, girlfriend. I hope all the positive comments keep you going and reassure you how much you make a positive difference in the lives of so many. Personally, you have changed my outlook on life, the way I approach motherhood, my drive to be a budding photographer and how to make the most of every little thing. Happy Thursday! Lots of love!

  416. You go girl! I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs! If we fret over what other’s think about how we feel, look, think, we would have to stop being ourselves & actually some of us might have to stop living. Because we all know we aren’t perfect & that we can’t always please everyone! Trust me, I am an expert on not being perfect! I am a 60 year old grandmother who was just blessed w/ the most perfect little granddaughter w/Downs in May. Your blogs are inspirational to say the least. If every blog was only about the positive things that are in our lives, no one would read them because since no one is perfect, no one could relate to them. Keep on “keepin’on”.

  417. Opinions are like ass holes.. Everyone has one! Tell them all to kick rocks your blog is amazing and guess what? Its your blog ….. Do what you want exploit your kids haha

  418. Can you say JEALOUS!?! I would bet good money that 99.9% of your negative comments are written out of jealousy. Girl, you are beautiful, you love life, you’re uber talented, and people just get pissed about stuff like that. I would never let the negativity bother because I doubt they really even mean it…just jealous biznatches. Keep on doing your thang, because you rock at life and don’t let the haters drag you down. I look up to you so much. Thank you for the daily inspiration.


  419. Go you! You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. And you can’t please everyone, so your goal is to have a good time and love the ones your with. Yeah!

    Happy Thursday to you and yours!

    Beth in CT

  420. we love you – $uck the people who bring you down for they will always be miserable in some way. I had a customer last night email me two very long horrible emails about of all things – my hair flower clips I make not being 100% silk because she had a professional look at them.. um ok If they were 100% silk which I never claim then they wouldn’t cost a bargain $5 each would they! Rant over. Back to enjoying the small things :) Like my 5 yr old singing Sofia the First or my 9m olds toothy grin xx chin up!

  421. Yes, Kelle, oh yes! Hear! Hear! In honour of this most awesome post, I’ve made a small tribute:

  422. This comment has been removed by the author.

  423. Hahahaha, my favorite post of yours. Ever.

  424. I totally agree and thank you.

  425. Clearly the BEST post you have done yet. Said well, worded well, rock it well. We all have our opinions, and even on the best of days, we question our own judgments, but that’s normal, that’s life, that what’s keep the world going round. I love the sass in this post. I think you went just went up a notch in my favorites category for showing this sass. LOVE.

  426. I think it all boils down to being happy in your life with what you are, who you are, what you do. I read your blog because it makes me happy. I love that you live your life the way you want to and feel that you can share that with others so THANK YOU!!

  427. I love everything about your blog! You are real, fresh, inspiring, and warm my heart with your pictures and tales of your kids. I look forward to my mornings where I get to linger over a cup of coffee and read your blog:)

  428. But….those horrific people keep coming back to read what you write, which i soooo enjoy every single post !! I admire your honesty, and adore your musings of yourself, so keep on doing what you do best…..SHARING !! (TOO BAD YOU CAN’T BLOCK THOSE PEOPLE!!)

  429. Why would someone keep reading your blog if they didn’t like the content? These people need to get a life. Keep plugging away! :)

  430. All I have to say is YOU GO GIRL!! I love everything you just said. That’s the cool thing about a blog. Its your words, your the boss and you decide. If people do not like what you post they need to just quit reading it. I have grown so tired of having to watch every little thought, every little word I say or thing I do because “oh no, it may be politically incorrect so I need to just not say or do anything”. I love your blog because you speak your mind, you share things that some may be thinking but wouldn’t dare say and darn it…your family is precious!

  431. I just have to thank you and this dear (former?) reader. To think I nearly wore aubergine tights to a pumpkin patch right here in the Tampa Bay area! Oh the horror! And since I am unclear on whether fall foliage/gourds/pumpkins and/or patches are considered acceptable in the sunshine state, I’ve cancelled the trip and replaced all of ours with sand dollars and palm trees, just to be safe. Imagine the embarrassment I’d have suffered!

    I do have to say screw it on not taking photos of your drawings, though. I cherish every rabbit, turtle, and horse my mom ever doodled. I’d know them anywhere and plan to photograph the very next one she makes for my littles.


  432. This comment has been removed by the author.

  433. You go, girl!

  434. read your blog daily! would never thought anything about the cute tights….except for, “how cute…why can’t I look like that when strolling through the pumpkins!” ha! keep on rolling my friend, haters will always be haters! πŸ˜‰

  435. I love it when you tell it EXACTLY as it is – sugar overload or not! πŸ˜€

  436. This was great! I will never understand people who like to criticize. If you don’t like this blog, why would you read it? I, on the other hand, love your blog. So keep on keeping on, girlfriend!

  437. Love this! Go Kelle Go!

  438. Love your answers – it’s real! Nobody is making these people read your blog! Do you ever wonder why they keep coming back? LOL

  439. I love your photos, I love your writing, and I love your tights. :)

  440. I love it that you wrote “bullshit”. And made it bold. Best way to start my Thursday! πŸ˜‰

  441. You just keep on putting it out there. We love it and you and your entire clan. Becky

  442. You rocked it! As always.

  443. Kelle…..
    You had me at this. “For me and for you and for anyone out there who needs a little HELLYEAH in the Be Yourself, Try Your Best category.”. I am reading intently!! ;-D
    There is nothing wrong with posting your own art. I do it all the time…. In the form of writing!! And posting your children’s art? It is a testament of how proud you are of Lainey, Nella and Dash!! πŸ˜‰
    Do not worry about what you wear in public. {As I know you don’t!!} So long as it is modest!! πŸ˜‰
    Keep writing. You are so very gifted in this area of life!! And keep raising awareness for Down syndrome. I love those posts!! πŸ˜‰
    You do not have a “favorite” child. Period. I think that with Nella’s “special needs”, it can be so easy to consider her your favorite child. {Not that Mom ever did!!} but you do not. Because, frankly? If you did have a “favorite” child, I would not like you. I’d abandon this Blog. {As perhaps they should!!} And I would not have read “Bloom”. Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰
    I love, love, loved this post!! Well written. ;-D

  444. YOU inspire me. Thank you Kelly. *love*

  445. Amazing!

  446. I love you and everything about your blog and instagram. I have loved it for (almost) four years now since I bawled to Nella’s birth story and will continue to love it as long you keep it up which I hope is forever. Keep on drawing and taking beautiful photos and writing and looking fabulous. You’re inspring. I’ve learned so much about life from you. Thank you.


  447. Amen sister!

  448. What a shame that unhappy people hate on happy people. And in return happy people give sympathy to the unhappy.

  449. Go you! Seriously, continue being yourself! xo

  450. I adore you and so do SO many others! Rock on, Kelle!

  451. I love your blog no matter what, because you create it. And if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t come back. It should be simple, right? Sorry others don’t feel that way and you have to deal with all that negativity, but I commend you for sticking it out! I am loving your celebrations as I have the same love of fall, holidays, my three children and doing fun things with them! Your are an inspiration to get the most out of these years with our kids. Happy Pumpkin Latte Season!!

  452. As a (recently turned) 50-year old mother of 3 grown children and the 28-year spouse of a retired active duty soldier, I have an abundance of life experience, good and bad. People like you Kelle, who absolutely exude positivity, are without a doubt my favorite kind of people. There is not a “single” word to describe your blog. It makes me smile, it makes me chuckle, it makes tears stream down my face some days, and it is always, always thought provoking. I have no doubt that someday, long from now, your kids will look at your blog and know how much you love and adore them and their dad, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

  453. You go girl!! Keep being exactly who you are and doing what you do…it’s why I come back time after time. You are transparent and real. You approach the good and the bad and show us both sides…and all with a pretty darn good attitude about it all…coming here reminds me that I may not have it all, but it’s more about all you have!!

  454. You’re totally rocking it, Kelle. Also, I had a dream I was babysitting Dash last night. Sigh.

  455. I was going to write something profound, but actually I’m not good at profound stuff so instead I just wanted you to know that when I read your blog one or more (or all) of the following things happen: I laugh, cry, sigh, giggle, belly-laugh, ponder, feel better, feel resolved, relax, go hug my boy. The critics may look at that list and go so? For me, your blog is a gift, that adds joy to my life. Thank you.

  456. some people just suck the air out of a room.
    you don’t. she did.

    off now, in all my nakedness, to the grocery store so nobody can say anything about me :)


  457. I have NEVER EVER commented on a blog before. I love reading yours. I’m a MI girl and live elsewhere now too. For ANYONE to suggest that you don’t have your priorities straight…well, simply, they are on crack. Your blog makes me remember to slow down and appreciate each day. It is a gift and you celebrate it! Thanks for putting yourself out there in a way most people don’t have the guts to do. Stay strong and carry on!

  458. There are a small percentage of people that choose what is wrong over what is right. Negative comments are wrong. They don’t know you. The people in your life are the ones to set you back on track if you are knocked out of alignment. Not some nameless, faceless link back to their own blog. Even if they are right, even if they have a point (which I don’t think they do). It is still not their place.
    Just keep this in mind, most horrid commenters are usually like 14, and we can all forgive 14-year-olds. There is a chance they will grow out of it. To the rest of them- Scat. Shoo. Go away. I know you don’t need to be told this, I just wanted to throw in my support to a blog I love to read.

  459. Please keep writing! The world is better for ir.
    Happy Fall!

  460. Three things I love about Kelle:
    -her humility
    -her ability to laugh at herself
    -the knack she has for using the word “bullshit” so appropriately!!
    Peace and love.

  461. You go, Lady! You inspire me on the daily. This post makes you even more adorable.

  462. I almost never comment, but I read your blog religiously.

    I have three children too. And as the tides ebb and flow we focus our extra energies and attention on the one who needs it the most at that time.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you focus too much on Nella or Lainey or Dash. You represent each equally over time.

    And to be honest I don’t get those comments. If they don’t like how you represent your life, they’re free to not come to the site.

    Write On, Sister.

  463. holy skittles, sister!

    you said it!

    no snark intended: do all the compliments cancel eachother out the same, i wonder? i don’t think so.

    i have to believe that the positive energy someone spends for that moment they send into the universe feelings of love for you is not only beneficial for you and yours, but it’s a positive for them as well!

    it irritates me when i read crap about your ‘fan girls’ and how belittling it is to assume that just because someone is sending you a 4 second love-comment/text/email/note, that they are somehow a small ridiculous person who thinks you are a Goddess among women, that your humanity is not seen. That you are somehow wanting everyone to envy and feel jealous of your life. it’s quite toxic and not at all what i have ever picked up from your online presence. that is what is so strange.

    The fact that you have a wide audience who will lift you up and some that try to drag you down doesn’t make those who are sending love your way sheeple. (does that make sense?)

    it actually is more harmful to the person being critical and shitty than will effect their target. the physiological process of hating is more costly on the person projecting the hate than their target. being a shithead actually is physically more costly than being loving and caring. it’s just science.

    not sure this conveys my thoughts on the matter. i love you. that is all.

  464. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” ~quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that helps me stay focused. Keep being yourself!

  465. Kelle, I often recall reading a newspaper article back in the 80’s of a woman who lived in a remote forested area of southern Australia. She lived entirely without electricity or piped water and described her life as joyous. Her days were busy chopping wood, gathering food, receiving occasional visitors and other myriad tasks. The Reporter asked what was the secret to her happiness. The elderly woman responded “enthusiasm – the spirit within”. Kelle, 30 years on living in Melbourne, Australia, when I read your blog – the same joyousness for living emanates from a very very WONDERFUL you!

  466. gah, shut up, stupid people, and Kelle, just keep on keeping on. please and thank you.

  467. I say — it is YOUR blog!! Write what you want, post the pictures you want, show off your kids, your friends and family…I love it!
    Haters gonna hate — let ’em!!!

  468. ❤You Kelle!

  469. Awesome – incredible – real!
    Thank you!

  470. Your rant is spot on and well said. Loved the brain pics and will tune in soon to see and hear more of everything you take pictures of and all the awesomeness of your blog.

  471. Amen! Keep living and loving life exactly how YOU want, not based on other’s expectations! Too many people live accordingly to what other’s expectations are of and for them. Love your writing and photos and always look forward to reading. Thanks for keeping it real.

  472. That was BRILLIANTLY written! I don’t usually leave comments…mostly just stalk lol but I could not resist this time. I love your stories, I love that you keep it real, and I think that you are one of the best photographers I have ever seen. Your blog had me when you photographed that birthday party (fairy’s I think) beautiful photography! Keep on Doing you and let the haters do themselves:) I love what you do!

  473. Ahh, THANK YOU! I just clicked an imaginary “like” button about 50 times.

    This week life has been dishing up a steaming dish of “YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY PLEASE EVERYONE.” So I’m just realizing that if I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t, then I should just do what’s best for ME and MY family.

    Sour skittles’ll get ya every time.

  474. Every time I read a disrespectful or negative comment on your IG feed, I have to try really hard not to be personally offended… I mean, really? Who are these people to judge and attack you, or any of us? Do they really think they are so morally or intellectually superior? And then I realize that they are just insanely jealous of the inspiration and motivation that you give to others to live life through the things that make us happy… So, I just think to myself, “Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon, Bs!” It must really suck to live your life with a bad attitude.

    You rock! Don’t ever forget that…

  475. Go, Kelle, Go!

  476. amen.

  477. Ha…I read your original comment before it was deleted and it made me smile. I simply will never understand if you don’t enjoy the blog your reading, why you keep reading? The delete button is an amazing tool πŸ˜‰ I enjoy your blog.

  478. Thank you, Kelle! Was having a bad day because I heard something bad that was said about my husband, who is running for office. Brought me to tears. Your words tonight really helped! I’m so happy you confronted that person in a light-hearted and funny way. Good for you. And good for me that I have our blog!

  479. I love your blog. My sis is 29 and has Down Syndrome. You are fun and inspiring, and I would never have the self-esteem to pull off purple tights at the pumpkin patch girl! Own it!

  480. I love the sunshine and roses and unicorns. I’ll never understand why some people purposely go out of their way to talk crap to someone else. If you don’t like it, move along.

    So keep it up, however the mood strikes you :) Yours is the ONLY blog I follow.

  481. p.s.
    yours is the only blog I follow too!!!
    and follow it I do-
    it brings sunshine to my day
    thanks for being such an amazing doer of good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  482. I really can’t believe people write those things… So sad. Your friend is seriously talented just like you! :)

  483. It certainly is bullshit! You’re beautiful and wonderful and awesome and don’t ever stop what you’re doing! Your kids are so lucky to have you!

  484. I never say this but you absolutely deserve it, YOU GO GIRL! Keep living, loving, and being who you are. As we all know, “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” Happy October!

  485. bravo!

  486. Okay, I loved this so much, as I do everything you write, but have never commented. Mostly I feel anything would be inconsequential next to anything else anyone would write. yeah, I have low self-esteem. But, … your book, love your blog, love you (whom I have never met). Just one thing…most people are a little crazy!!

  487. HI Kelle,
    I have been a silent reader of your blog since long. Today I want to nominate you for Liebster Award. You so much deserve it. Keep writing and enjoy.
    Link –

  488. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

    Thanks for sharing your Light.

    “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

    Thanks for always Dancing.

    “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

    Thanks for being an inspiration! Keep doing you!

    Quotes by Rumi

  489. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

    Thanks for sharing your Light.

    “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

    Thanks for always Dancing.

    “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

    Thanks for being an inspiration! Keep doing you!

    Quotes by Rumi

  490. Love the artwork. Boo to the nay-sayers.

  491. Virtual High Five! I can totally relate to the dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t mentality. So keep doing it with your sassy self!! I love it and keep coming back for more!

  492. Frikkin LURRRRVED this post!
    I was busy high fiving you through cyber space with a huge grin on my face…you go girl!

    Awesome how you can take it with a pinch of salt….I’ve been fortunate enough not have had horrid comments on my blog (barring one from my cousin) prob cos I’ve only been doing it for a year and dont have many followers, but I will have to come to you for advice when it does happen!

    Stay the way you, write the way you are….its awesome and its YOU!! which we love!!

  493. you don’t post enough pictures. lol. just kidding. but i love pictures. and your doodles… and … and…

  494. you have no idea how much I needed to read this right now.

    thank you sweet mama.

  495. LOVE!!!!!!

  496. HELLYEAH! I want to shout from the mountain tops for you! In an earlier post, you had mentioned the book “Daring Greatly,” well girl, that is what you’re doing. Good for you!

  497. So well said.

    Haters gonna hate. Pickers gonna pick. (But not like the cool show)

    We would live in complete confinement if we gauged our behavior on the reaction of others.

    Keep being your beautiful self.
    Which I believe is the message of your blog everyday.

    Thank you,

    Another human fumbling through life, who appreciates your realness.

  498. YOU are amazing. So much truth in this. Thank you for affirming what I’ve only recently begun to know myself.

  499. You are amazing when you are high on Skittles! Own it! Love your blog!

  500. You are more amazing than you will EVER know. <3

  501. I LOVE THIS RESPONSE. I didn’t read the comment that prompted it and have stopped reading comments for this very reason. People love to be miserable and spew their misery on others. I won’t subject myself and I know you don’t really have a choice because you put yourself out there. I think it would be hysterical if Poppa responded and fussed at you for your language. HA. I love your perspective about the whole thing. Keep on keeping on!

  502. You are awesome! Thank you & The End!

  503. Heya Kelle

    Just to let you know. I LOVE your blog. All of it, and we have absolutely nothing in our lives in common.I live on the other side of the world, I dont have kids, I work full time and Im doing law at night school. Im single, I dont own a house… You get the picture. But I like your positivity. I like how you see the world. Its not my world, but I like to see how other people live. I love that you open your life to me. Its quite lovely really. So thank you. The one thing studying law has taught me, is there are a lot of strange people out here in the world. LOTS. So, you need to be aware of them, but you cant let them bring you down, and you need to prevent from them having an impact. Treat them like you would treat a zombie invasion. They exist and you need keep them out of your damn house. Delete those posts and block the haters. I think I may have snitched this quote from you, but its appropriate for now.
    “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than you found it” (Wilfred Peterson)
    You do a good thing Kelle. Keep doing what you’re doing. There will always be someone who wants to drag you down, so remember to keep the ones that lift you up close.

  504. Another lover of your blog here :)

    People that feel the need to hurt others are hurting inside themselves. They haven’t learned how to better their lives and are jealous that you have it all figured out.

    Your blog inspires me. I don’t have children yet but I already know that I’ll be an even more awesome mother after getting ideas and inspiration from your posts.

    I have recently started up a ‘summer bucket list’ for all the amazing things I’d like to do this summer (in Australia)… and this idea was due, in part, to you.

  505. Don’t be discouraged by the negative comments – it is a sport with some people – I don’t get the appeal myself but maybe because we have lives that we live and even when faced with challenges we look to enjoy the small things when we can

  506. I loved this post, this was awesome!! You rock, girl! Keep doing what your doing…you are awesome!!

  507. I love you just the way you are! That’s all.

  508. This comment has been removed by the author.

  509. rats big type o in the previous comment! ….re-writing, giggle- I wrote a blog post a little while ago with the title ” its not all rainbows and unicorns”. It fits this well. Lets hold hands and dance in the flowers. I’ll wear purple, it’s my favorite color!
    Big hugs! xoxoxoxo

  510. i don’t comment much but had to give a little cheer from my section of the stands! you keep right on skipping girlfriend.. aubergine tights an all!!


  511. oh, and you should eat skittles more often!

    : )

  512. I say this – IT’s YOUR BLOG and you write what you want, and for those that don’t like what you wrote or posted, DON’T READ IT and DON’T COME BACK !
    God Bless You, and Your Family :)

  513. I have never NEVER left you a comment though you did sign my book in Michigan! I love your blog. I love the things you say. I love the pictures. I love the positiveness of it all. Why people have to be mean, is beyond me. The world is filled with mean – from the newspapers I try not to read, the facebook things that pop up and I accidentally read, the television news stories that devastate me. When I read your blog I can feel happiness. You are doing a great job – with your writing, your living and with your family. I work in mental health and I know. I should have written a long time ago and told you. Thank you for being my time away from the things of the world. Thank you.

  514. Yesssssssssss! You’ve maintained diplomacy for long enough to have an infallible stance on criticism. This post carries so much weight because of the fact that you don’t respond to this jab or that. Strong right hook to the haters! Love wins!

  515. I enjoy your drawings. And your heart. And your tights. And how beautiful you look in your tights. Jealousy is a vicious evil…that’s all it is.

  516. The key here is this is YOUR blog and nobody else’s. If people don’t like it, don’t look at it. I blogged for a short time and hardly anyone read it but it was still fun for ME. Bottom line: a lot of people are jealous, greedy, hate to see anyone else succeed. Do what you want with YOUR blog, if it starts offending me I just won’t read it!

  517. I think you are fabulous and your courage is inspiring and I am proud of you for turning the other cheek. You rocked those aubergine tights and mean people totally suck! Happy Weekend, mama.

  518. Seriously- what’s the deal with people feeling the need to be mean all the time?

    I think you’re great =) Such an inspiration- constantly!

    Keep doing what you’re doing! =)

  519. it’s sad really that people feel so low about themselves they they feel they need to bring you down! don’t waste your time on them! Love your attitude just sorry i didn’t get to see your response to them LOL! love it. love your blog, have been reading for about 3 years now and love all your stories. I love the when i’m in a great mood, and even more when i’m in a bad mood, because they always bring me up! You have an amazing family and your love for your children inspires me. I love every word! Thank you for sharing with all the rest of us that appreciate you!

  520. You are truly amazing! Every time i read your blog it makes me want to be a better mom to my girls. You are truly talented in being a an awesome mom! By the way have been following your blog since Lainey’s 2nd ladybug birthday. Love your whole family!!!

  521. I think some weird glitch action is going on here. Seems like many single comments are on here multiple times. Comments are being doubled and tripled…weird.

  522. Amen…Well said…

  523. I read your posts first before any other blogger’s post. Why? You’re a stranger to me but you boost me personally with your writing. Nella’s birth story might be the single best thing I’ve ever read. Don’t let the mean girls get you down!

  524. :)))) YES love it.

  525. It cracks me up that people think they should tell you what your blog should be like. It is your blog. Write about what you want. They do not have to read it. Wear your tights, write about your friends, and write about whichever child you want. If you do not feel like writing about Down Syndrome then don’t. I have a child with Down Syndrome and it is not the focus of our lives 24/7. The haters will hate no matter what. Rant over.

  526. As my teenagers would say, ‘haters gonna hate’

    It is impossible to please every body all of the time, so just worry about having fun and eating skittles :) you won’t be disappointed :)

    from an avid reader :)


  527. You always inspire me to love and live life. Thank you!!

  528. I love your blog and your aubergine tights. In the words of that great philosopher, Billy Joel, Don’t go changing to try and please me.

  529. Hi Kelle:

    I have read your blog for quite some time but have never commented.

    When it comes to blogs and reading others’ writings, I have noticed that I don’t agree with everything that is written. That is normal life and people have to agree to diagree; even in marriage and everyday relationships. If there’s something that bugs me or I dislike, I just move on.

    Why others need to criticise and make judgments is beyond me. I am sorry you have had to deal with it.

    When you keep a blog like this, it’s going to happen. Keep your head up and keep blogging because there’s more of us who love it than hate it.

    Much love,


  530. I never comment on your blog, but I just wanted to come and let you know that reading your blog inspires me to be a better Mother, wife, friend and human being. I’m not saying I think you have everything figured out, because no one does, but they way you live your life is beautiful and that is inspiring. Keep on keeping on Kelle!

  531. I don’t say a lot of great things very often but I’ve learned too many great things to mention here. I was slightly jealous that my man was saying something about a rock star girl and not something wonderful about me (yes I can be self centered)I thought about it for a second and passed on a snide comment that came to mind but instead blurted out that I’m going to stop worrying about whether you think I’m great and just concentrate on being great! You are different, rejoice in that!

  532. I think people who criticize others are just insecure with their own selves and lives. Be you, keep doing what you are doing. I love your blog and you have inspired me in more ways than one. To be a better mother, to take more time, to be more involved, to embrace differences, and thats just a few. I think you are blessed in life with so many wonderful things, but I dont think that you portray your life as being perfect. You have a good life because you are a good person. Life isnt about the cards you are given but how you play them πŸ˜‰ Corny, I know, but oh so true!


  533. Good for you Kelle. Tastefully standing up for yourself. Never let haters get you down. You are so right someone is going to complain no matter what you do, please keep breathing, what you put out in this little space is honest and awesome. Much Love…

  534. Whenever I receive undeserved negativity from someone, I remember this rule….

    Hurt people hurt….

    When I think of this, I immediately pity the person who felt it necessary to send their hopelessness my way.

    Also, it seems to take away my desire to throat punch them. Just kidding. :)

    If someone doesn’t like your post/blog/life, then they should kindly excuse themselves from your little niche on the web. Case closed.

    Hugs and Kisses from ATL. :)

  535. I have only just found your blog through a friend, but love what I have read here today. Will read back further too. :) Keep up the great work.
    And go the purpl….. ooops Aubergine tights. πŸ˜‰

  536. Well. Stink’n. Said. You keep doing what you are doing.

  537. In my opinion, you should not swear in your blog. I love it that you swear in your blog.

  538. This comment has been removed by the author.

  539. This comment has been removed by the author.

  540. I love you just the way you are…the blog, the chalk, the tights, the pictures of happy children, of your happy life…it’s my time to sit and enjoy the moments you are having with your children. Reflect on the similar moments I have had with mine, who are now in their teens. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  541. I think you and your family are beautiful. I love your freeness (which is totally a word) with sharing your house when it’s messy and your kids when they are being kids. It makes me feel connected somehow to this other world, this person I have never met and probably will never meet, and I love it. You are an inspiration, and you are beautiful and strong and your family is perfect in its humanity. :-)

  542. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Why oh why do people waste their time reading a blog they don’t “support” or even better yet, take the time to post a comment.

  543. Life takes us for a spin sometimes.
    I just came home from the hospital where my grandma is having a blood transfusion. She will get out just in time to go to her husband’s funeral.
    Reading this post, especially your words of wisdom have given me strength for the past, for today, and for the future.
    I truly love you. Thank you.

  544. I LOVE YOU, KELLE!!!

  545. Love Love this post!! There’s no pleasing everyone or anyone for that matter and I love that you do and write about what’s in your heart! I’ve been reading your blog since your lovely Nella was born. Your words and or pics just show that we are all in this together as humans, women and mothers! This life is too short not to drink in every moment! Hugs from a stay at home mama of three girls in Calgary, Alberta!

  546. So good, you and the post. Phyl

  547. Haters are going to hate! Don’t let them get you down. I keep coming back, reading, seeing pictures, finding reasons to smile and feeling inspired by your blog. For some odd reason, the world wide web lets people say things they would never have the guts to say in person. Their meanness and judgment comes from a place of pain. Remember the song you surely sang as a kid–hide it under a bush, oh no! I’m going to let it shine! Thanks for being a very constant reminder of how great living is a choice we make in our own way each and every day. In appreciation, Megssj

  548. To say that you can’t love someone without meeting is a lie. Why you ask ? Well because I love you. I love your words, your family, your creativity, your way of making each little thing just a bit more special. I needed to read this today. Keep on being you, because all those that love you will always love you and the ones that hate well they’re just the ones that wish they could … ive been reading your blog for a bit over a year. You make me happy and u make me enjoy the small things and for that i love you .. kisses to those beautiful girls n that sweet sweet Dash!

  549. AMEN Sister!!!Best thing I’ve read in awhile. You can’t please everyone so always be yourself and be happy!

  550. It just shocks me! If someone has something negative or bad to say WHY would they read the blog?!?!!?

    Love this post and your precious kids :)

  551. I have been reading your blog for 3 years and I have never left a comment but I just have to tell you that you inspire me and when I need a laugh or inspiration I read your blog..I am not a blogger myself and quite honestly don’t follow any other blogs ( ok now I sound like a creepy stalker lol ) anyway I am a mother of a wonderful girl who is 14 months old and reading your post about the dance class made me laugh out loud and the thing I love about your blog is how you share not only your kids things but your own also! I am truly inspired by you!! Happy Fall :)

  552. All I need to say is that I freaking love this. Thank you, Kelle. Keep it up. Sending my love from South Carolina –Anna

  553. your friends are cool, u are cool, stay cool!! lurveeee your blog!

  554. I love everything about this post. You’re a genius and so is Abernathy. :)

  555. You’re fantastic at being you. Keep it up! :)

  556. Life is delicious! Keep enjoying every crumb :)

  557. BRAVO! note how the nastiest comments always come to you via email because the authors know they can dish out the criticism but can’t take it themselves. even though the comments they would get back would no doubt be much more respectful than theirs was.

  558. Your bravery with this post will show other girls that not only is it ok to stand up for yourself but it is necessary sometimes to feel empowered!! I feel proud of you. I saw you take your power back and I bet it felt good. Ignoring can work from time to time but I love how you are also teaching others, especially teen girls, that they can fight back with assertiveness and humor! This post makes me happy. :)

  559. #1 Move to WordPress and block the IP addresses of those who leave all the hate. And then, moderate the hate comments and don’t approve them. I get so sick of seeing them, personally!

    #2 Have you ever heard of Kacey Musgraves? I think you would LOVE her! You have to listen to her song Follow Your Arrow. It’s all about being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. She is super fun to follow on Instagram too!

    Here is the video on YouTube to the song:

    ” Cause you just get so many trips around the sun
    Yeah, you only, only live once”

  560. I’m behind in reading blogs, darn you -googlereader.

    I just wanted to say, don’t worry about the haters. Just keep doing your thing. You are beautiful, inside and out. Reading anything you write lifts me up, so please keep on writing and sharing exactly the way you do. And thanks for that. I appreciate the happy hit I get when I come here. :)

  561. I say it’s your blog and you have the right to put whatever you want on it. Keep doing what you’re doing…don’t change it for anyone. For those who have a problem I say they need to keep their negativity to themselves. If they don’t like what they see or read they shouldn’t be on your blog. For all the haters I ask “where’s wrong with Kelly exercising her right to be who she is, do what she does, and allow her to do it her way without being judged. Where’s your acceptance? Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?”

  562. Thank you for this. I have saved it. It was EXACTLY what I needed tonight.

  563. Thank you for this. I have saved it. It was EXACTLY what I needed tonight.

  564. I had my first HATE email from someone about our adoption… Of course is was ANONYMOUS….
    I called my sister and said, “I HAVE ARRIVED IN THE BLOG WORLD!!!! Just call me Miss Hampton! I am about to go ride my unicorn!”

    HUGS. Rock them tights & doodles.

  565. Thank you! Needed this!

  566. I love your artistic vision. I love your stories. You inspire me to try harder. To appreciate more, to see the beauty that is already there, to create more beauty. I am seeking my own form of expression so that I can be more than “just” a mom. Thank you for sharing and for being yourself…because that person has it together a little more than some of us and has a little better natural style than some of us…and instead of being jealous or intimidated, I choose to love that the world has all different people and I try harder to find those things in my own world and to be a friend to those that have it because I am envious and can appreciate it!

  567. Love your blog, love the things you write, and if I find something I don’t love I just keep scrolling because there is a 100% chance I’ll find something I do love just below it.

    Once upon the time there was a game that I played that had a user forum. Mean commenters were called Trolls (a pretty common term for them). The established members of the forum community had three ways of dealing with trolls.

    One way was called “Bump the troll.” Forums display the posts(threads) with the most recent replies at the top, so threads that do not get replies move down the page and eventually go to the second page and then on into obscurity. If someone posted a troll thread, the established memebers would usually go all out posting comments to useful threads, like tutorials and whatnot, in order to “bump” the troll onto the second page where no one would see and repliy to it.

    The second way was to “derail the troll.” One person would post a mature and well thought-out reply to the troll, but include some random element. Established members would recognize this tactic, pick up on the random element, and then post a reply about it, thus derailing the thread. Other people would then try to derail the derailer onto some other random topics and hilarity would ensue. Best way to quickly derail a thread: include a Monty Python reference in your reply.

    The third was for truly persistent trolls who were so full of rage and hate that it was just ruining everyone’s forum experience. Those got the simple reply “Don’t feed the trolls” and the thread was reported to the mods so it could be assessed and locked if the content was inappropriate.

    In general, the trick was to never reply directly to whatever the troll was trolling about, thus denying them… I am blanking on the term… justification? Credence? Attention? Treat the issue as you would any crud, something to be neatly sidestepped and quickly forgotten. Or call the mod, who wuld come along with the little plastic bag and get rid of it.

    Dealing with trolls was such a community event that I still feel a brief spurt of joy when I see a troll comment, before I realize blog comments don’t work like forums and the best policy is to just ignore the commenter and move on. But ah, how I miss tormenting trolls.

  568. This comment has been removed by the author.

  569. I love this. I cited it once, and just read it again, and love it still.

    This is classic, and perfect, and maybe the only thing we really need to remember: “Weed out the crap. You’ll know it when you see it.”

    Please keep writing

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