Friday Faves: Gone Camping Ornaments D.I.Y.

We just returned from our annual family Christmas date with my favorite scene from the evening–these two flying through Costco aisles in their dynamic duo cart because Nella wanted to GO FAST.  Psst…Costco is really a playground; they just call it a store to keep the fun factor on the lowdown.

 photo craft39_zpsb964f5f3.jpg

Friday Faves is really just a craft post today.  Because I had a dream last night about an imaginary campfire ornament, and I remembered what it looked while I was in the shower.  You can’t ignore dreams.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I think the dream was triggered by these foam marshmallows Lainey found in Joann’s a few weeks ago.  I’ve been obsessed with thinking of something to make with them ever since.

So….with no further ado.


A Campfire:

 photo craft19_zpsa1524e92.jpg

…and a S’more:

 photo craft23_zpsddfcffe5.jpg

Want to make them?

Here’s what you’ll need.

 photo craft1best_zpsd3ae1da4.jpg

Random FYI about what you’ll need:

* We found the foam marshmallows at Joann’s (in the aisle where all the foam stuff is…of course).
* For the felt, we used a textured gray, a stiff dark brown, and regular felt for the following: a graham-crackerish brown and three flame colors–red, goldenrod and yellow.
* You could probably find gray pebbles outside somewhere, but we found a bag of small pebbles at Joann’s. 
* We did find our sticks outside.
*  Not pictured: one large embroidery needle (with an eye big enough to thread fishing line).  The needle was using the bathroom while I took this picture.  Okay, I forgot to include it.

Okay.  Draw your glue gun.  Let’s go.

1.  Cut the cardboard into three shapes:  one circle for the base of your campfire and two matching squares for your s’more graham crackers.

 photo craft2_zpse3d678bb.jpg

2. Put the graham cracker squares aside. We’ll attack the campfire first. Using the circle campfire base as a guide, cut the gray felt into a matching circle that will be glued on top of the cardboard.

 photo craft3_zpse3bf0216.jpg

3. Dot some hot glue around cardboard circle and lay gray felt circle on top to cover it.

 photo craft4_zps8cdc8ba0.jpg

 photo craft5_zps1b7ad4b1.jpg

4. Now we’ll make a pebble edge around the campfire. Dot hot glue along the edge of the campfire circle and push pebbles in place as you glue.

 photo craft6_zps0181b394.jpg

 photo craft7_zps278453e7.jpg

5. Cut out your largest flame from the red felt.

 photo craft8_zps862a2e2f.jpg

6. Cut out two smaller flames from both the goldenrod and yellow felt (for front and back side). You should have one large red flame, two smaller goldenrod flames and 2 itty bitty yellow flames.

 photo craft9_zps010bb9cf.jpg

7. Layer goldenrod and yellow flames on each side of the red flame and glue in place.

 photo craft10_zps8dc07f65.jpg

8. Break up your sticks to make “logs” that will fit inside your campfire circle. Hot glue a log on either side of the base of the flame.

 photo craft11_zps20f11774.jpg

It should look like this when finished:

 photo craft12_zps37898df9.jpg

9. Dot glue generously in middle of campfire base and push flame with logs in place.

 photo craft13_zps24afd1cc.jpg

 photo craft14_zpsba31f03a.jpg

Once secure, you can layer and glue more sticks to add more logs.

10. Press a thin roasting stick into foam marshmallow. You may want to secure with hot glue.

 photo craft15_zpsd684946c.jpg

11. Thread embroidery needle with a length of fishing line and poke through flame. This will allow you to hang your roasting stick “invisibly” and also to create a loop for twine to be used for a hanger.

 photo craft16_zps16569c8f.jpg

12. Tie a knot with the fishing line about two inches up from the flame, place roasting stick above knot and tie another knot to secure roasting stick in place.

 photo craft17_zps5c2fb4d6.jpg

 photo craft18_zps968c5bfa.jpg

13. Leave a small length of fishing line above roasting stick and add a loop of twine and a bow to the top for hanging.

 photo craft19_zpsa1524e92.jpg

Cute, huh? I also took a lighter to the edge of the marshmallow to give it a roasted look, but I can’t guarantee the weird smell that emits from burning foam isn’t harmful to your health. Don’t inhale.

That was the hard ornament. The s’more? Easy, baby. Here we go.


1. Using your cardboard squares as a guide, cut along the graham-cracker-brown felt to match matching squares.

 photo craft26_zpsd6ba14dd.jpg

2. Dab each cardboard square with glue and cover with graham cracker felt.

 photo craft27_zpsb08232f9.jpg

 photo craft28_zps079776f5.jpg

3. Cut the dark brown stiff felt to make a chocolate square for the middle (I made two, one for each side of the marshmallow)

 photo craft29_zpse2c66180.jpg

4. Glue chocolate to inside of graham cracker square.

 photo craft31_zps5b121406.jpg

5. Dab glue to inside of chocolate/graham cracker where marshmallow puff ball will be placed.

 photo craft32_zpsbaf6aaa9.jpg

6. Add white puff ball marshmallow.

 photo craft33_zpsad1a15e4.jpg

7. Add more glue and sandwich marshmallow in between two graham cracker squares.

 photo craft34_zps259232ea.jpg

 photo craft35_zps66c6dc87.jpg

8. Optional: Detail top of graham cracker with a brown permanent marker.

 photo craft36_zps4bd31797.jpg

9. Hot glue a loop of twine to top of s’more for hanging.

 photo craft37_zps225a7f55.jpg

Now look at you, you Crafty Crafterson, you!  Put your glue gun back in your holster and pat yourself on the back.

 photo craft25_zpsb5e1210e.jpg

I’m hoping that wasn’t confusing.

In case it was, I’m throwing in an extra gift. Hilarious stocking suggestions from Sponsor Blue Q. I’ve been on the Erase Your Past Gum for three months now, and you guys. It’s all good.

 photo blueq_zps86213f84.jpg

All the above found on


This week, I thought about all the lessons we teach our kids every day without even knowing it–all those things we say to our babies and toddlers like “Be Careful” and “Mama’s always here.” They’re big life lessons. And there are some important ones I want my kids to know. So I’m sharing What I Want My Kids to Know over at BabyZone this week.  I loved writing this one.

And I’m at All Parenting talking about Narrowing My Kids’ Choices (I give too many sometimes, and it causes frustration for all!)

Good night!  Hope you have some fun planned this weekend.


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  1. Well, Nice Dreams Rhymes with Ice Creams. Nothing to do with s’mores and campfires, but heck- these are dreams talkin’.

    (What a weird comment)

    I like your crafty Ornies, I do.
    And I like You.

    Also, Nella and Dash Duo are just… Well, duh. They’re the cutest.

  2. Absolutely adorable!! Such a creative idea…Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. So fun! May need to get crafty!

  4. These are great!! I especially love the campfire! I bet Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across the globe will be making those next year (and maybe this year if there’s time before term ends).

  5. Adore! So cute! Love, love, love!

  6. I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Your post and photos were all delightful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family ~ FlowerLady

  7. So cute! And I agree about Costco being just a playground.

  8. Love these ornaments! Would be fun to do when I have my camping theme in my classroom! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute cute, ornament is fun! But I’m LOVING the kids clothes and cute smiles in the photo. Love your taste in clothing- especially Dash’s baby shoes! Happy Holdays!

  10. You’re so creative and patient and have lots of energy to do it all! I would have given up at the thought of just using the glue gun lol. Nella’s pure joy at riding in the cart and Dash’s white Stride Rite’s are so darn cute!

  11. Great ornaments Kelly!!! Love reading your blog.
    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  12. These are wonderful. Thank you!

  13. These are so adorable…. Y’all did an awesome job..

  14. Just read your post on BabyZone and one of your lessons made me think of this necklace that my friend Beki makes:
    Just thought you might like it. :)

  15. I’m strangely hungry right now. 😉 That campfire is genius. Love it when crafty Kelle comes out.

  16. That picture in the shopping cart is one of my ALL TIME favorite pics!!!! There is SO much to LOVE about it. Perfect and sweet! :)

    What a creative ornament idea!

  17. Love those ornaments, will be trying to be as crafty as you are. Thanks,

  18. I LOVE the top picture of your kids!

  19. The ornaments are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing I might have to whip out my glue gun:)

  20. That first picture is THE best!

  21. Absolutely love those ornaments — too cute. Just like your kiddos! :)

  22. OH SNAP!! These ornaments are incredibly cute!! Thanks so much for the DIY too.

  23. I’ve been lurking here for a strangely long time. I’ve read Nella’s birth story at least five times during two pregnancies and cried every time. I wanted to let you know that I thought of you, strangers, a month ago when my beautiful girl was diagnosed with Autism. I felt those feelings and had those thoughts: panic, fear, saddness. It was intense and overwhelming. But I was comforted by you. And being able to watch your happiness unfold on your blog. So, thank you. You make it look so easy.

  24. I just received my order from BlueQ and the freebies were almost as good as the stuff I ordered. What fun our stockings will be this year! Thanks for the tip!

  25. I just got your book,Bloom, as a Christmas present from my husband. So super excited to read it!!!!! :)

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