Thank you for all of your insightful comments and e-mails on the Can’t Also Crisis post.  I nodded my head to so many of them.  Y’all, we’re not alone.

I love this E.B. White quote a reader left:  “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time.  Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”  Preach it, glory, mmm-hmmm, E.B.!

I wrote a lot some other places this week, so a just a few things that we’re enjoying:

Rainbow produce meets impish smile.

 photo print5_zpse128125d.jpg

Bears on bums.

 photo print_zps75f3b4c7.jpg

Little toes on messy floors.

 photo print11_zps7bc3b6f1.jpg
Lee Marie sailboat overalls


 photo print14_zps5fa1cd49.jpg

Sunset dips.

 photo print21_zpsc9e7b419.jpg

A strong stand-alone tulip. (“I am a lone reed.”)

 photo print24_zpse03598ba.jpg

And my favorite…Olympic memories relived.  I used to do it too–sit mesmerized by the women’s skating short program, don leotards and dress-up skirts to recreate triple axels and double toe loops in the living room arena, fashion medals out of yarn and felt (we used to use tin foil over cardboard circles), excitedly ask “What’s my score?” after twirling and gliding with socks on tile.  Kind of sad it’s over now.

 photo print30_zpsd9890120.jpg

And finally, I feel the world needs to know about the dried mangos I tried last week–I think I got the Sunsweet brand.  They’re lightly dusted with powdered sugar, and they’ll blow your mind.  I ate an entire bag, returned the following day for another bag and then called my sister and demanded she try them:  “I know I’ve told you to try stuff before, but this is different.  I’m serious, I’m going to ask you in a week if you tried them yet and if you say no, I’m gonna be pissed.” It’s not often I flip out over snacks. So there. Consider yourself informed.

This week…

I’m at BabyZone talking about what makes parenting hard for me and how I deal:  Facing My Six Hardest Parenting Challenges. Like balancing priorities, worrying, and letting go (on letting go: “I have a very loud tweet.  I have no doubt my little birds can hear me singing from the nest while they’re out soaring.”).

And, want to talk to your kids about Down syndrome but aren’t sure what to say?  I’m at eHow with: How to Talk to Your Kids About Special Needs.

Happy night, you beautifully complicated folks.


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  1. TULIPS! I cannot wait. I planted a tulip garden for cutting and sharing. Now to get rid of the snow…

  2. If you get the opportunity…have someone bring you the dried mangos from the Philippines…by far the best you will ever have. I LURV them.

  3. Heading out in the morning to get some Sunsweet dried mangos…

  4. Ok. So j love the bear on the bum. I also love the quite at the beginning. And I love her blowing bubbles and your daughter and dash by the pool. Beautiful inncocence.

  5. Super stoked about the dried mango snack prospect! Lovely images, as always :)

  6. I know you’ve told us a million times but where is Nellas barrette from?

  7. I absolutely love dried mango’s :) I only wish they didn’t have a ton of sugar in them or I would eat them everyday!

  8. Ohhh, Dash’s little red shoes, so classic! Can you share where they’re from?

  9. Where did you get Dash’s pants from? So cute!!!

  10. The picture of Lainey and Dash is one of my most favorites ever! Glad your week continues to be filled with moments to enjoy…as always. 😉

  11. Wonderful pics…again they have me longing for vacation. Hurry up summer….must get to Naples!!

  12. Great photos Kelle….tried to pick a favourite but found it too hard. Mind you Nellas impish grin does make me smile SO much!
    Have a happy Thursday :-)

  13. I ADORE dried mangos!

  14. I second the dried mango love! We have neighbors from the Philippines and whenever they go home they bring us back dried mangoes. They are the best I’ve ever had!! I am jealous of so many of your pictures…the gorgeous produce, the sunset dip…it feels like winter is never going to end this year…especially knowing we are up for 12-18 inches of snow Sunday into Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Are those tulips in baby food jars? I can’t wait for tulip season here. Luckily, in Chicago, it perfectly coincides with Mothers Day. :)

  16. When I see a blog post like the previous to this, I scroll down through, give it a glance and if it is a thoughtful, deep post about life…I come back to it. Chances are I am at work and I can’t give it the attention it deserves. But the line: “… I’ll teach you how to turn a stiletto heel into a Bible cover that doubles as a diaper bag and a drink flask” hit me right in the face! Say what?!? Oh man am I excited for Wednesday!! She’s brilliant! So this morning, with my cup of coffee, I sat down with my laptop. Quite honestly…I forgot about the long blog post, I want to see this amazing creation! After reading the post I thought…Hmmm, maybe she will do it tomorrow. Then I read the “Can’t Also” Crisis. Ohhh… I got it now!! But FYI: I bet the “Shark Tank” would LOVE your creation.

  17. lovely!

  18. I love this post! The pictures you take are always so beautiful.

  19. i never comment and always want to. when i was just in naples on the beach, i kept my eyes open for your lovely family to come trapsing towards me and then i was going to make some huge scene about being your biggest fan and terrifying the children with my enthusiam at the same time. anyhow today i must comment. these dried mangos are LIFE CHANGING and can be found at costco. trust me whom you’ve never met –

  20. Love, love. The pictures, the vibe, the serenity and life in these shots. <3

  21. I’ve been a long-time reader of your blog and have never commented before. For those of us looking into your world, it seems so beautiful and perfect (like most of our cyber lives through photography–I’m guilty myself). I look at Nella and I know her challenges, and you’ve shared how her future is becoming more “real” for you. I’m curious if you would ever share a video of what she’s like–how she interacts with her family, how she speaks, maybe some of her challenges? It would give people so much better understanding of what it’s like parenting a beautiful daughter in a beautiful world that is different from her.
    Just wondering.
    Thanks for sharing your journey, and for keeping it real. We all struggle with stuff, and I appreciate your bravery to be real.

  22. We love dried Mangoes in our house and though I haven’t tried the brand you recommended, might I suggest you try (fair trade) JavaBite Mangoes! They taste fantastic and even better they support a good cause…Indonesian farmers! The land where they live doesn’t have very good farming conditions and times were very hard; however, they have mangoes! Several missionaries from the United States helped the Indonesian people to build this business so they could make a living. There mission was to alleviate poverty and develop community. They appreciate any support they can get! We ordered a case of 50 bags near Christmas to hand out as gifts to spread awareness, but we love them so much we will be ordering another case to keep at home and snack on! They have a blog, an online store and a Facebook page. Please check them out…

    Also, I have no affiliation with them! Just really enjoy the product and am proud to rally support for them!

  23. Beautiful

  24. I tried the mangoes! They are delish.

  25. Beautiful pictures. Will try the dried mangos!

  26. Love the E.B. White quote :0)

  27. The actual E.B. White quote is “”I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” I know, ‘cuz it’s on my profile ; ) And I love it AND live it all ; )

  28. I am so with you on the dried mangoes!! Whatever brand costco stocks is my personal favorite- and I’ve tried a LOT of different brands. :) fFavorite snack by far!

  29. Hi Kelle! I’m a mango, avocado, lime and passionfruit farmer in Australia so I was very happy to see your excitement about dried mango!! Hehehehe – I would have to argue that our dried mango here in Mareeba, Far North Queensland, Australia is the best though :-)
    I blog (only new to the blogging world) at if anybody wants to check out a mango farm in operation! Love, love your blog!

  30. i just want to say…you ROCK!!!. you show people that there is a positive to be found in even the most negative are a special lady Kelle and you make so many people smile and feel happy.

  31. Can not wait for spring! Its still cold and grey here in Oklahoma.

  32. Ok I am intrigued by the dried mangos. Where did you get them? I’m in Georgia but grew up in Miami and I so miss those mangos.

  33. Your pictures always make me smile. Always. Thank you for sharing with us!

  34. Are the dried mangoes like $5.50 for a small bag for anyone else?? Sheesh.

  35. I’ve always been in awe of the way you effortlessly dress your girls in stripes and polkadots and how they look so great w/o looking frilly & purposeful.
    But my problem is, you have girls, I have boys…but no longer sister. Now that you have a boy (Hooray) I can be in awe. So where did you get those bear bottoms? I love them. They are so cute.

  36. I was going to ask the same thing. Where do you get your kids’ clothes, boys and girls? I have two girls and a baby boy and would love to know!

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