And the Oscar Goes to…Pajama Glama 2014

We happily welcome Great American Cookies to Enjoying the Small Things.  They provided the delicious goodies for this year’s Pajama Glama Oscar and are sponsoring this post. 

I don’t get into Superbowl parties, I couldn’t really keep up with the Olympics this year, I haven’t seen one episode of House of Cards yet, but the Oscars?  Oh, I do the Oscars–celebrating the golden glutes of that svelte little man with a pajama party for nine years now. (2012 Pajama Glama and 2013 when Dash was my itty bitty Oscar date)

 photo print28_zps0c720c05.jpg

It started years ago with me and Heidi, both kidless and starry-eyed for Hollywood glamour, and over the years gradually grew into something more mom-ish.  We sit in our pajamas; throw some costume jewelry on for kicks; eat comfort food; root for the two movies we actually had time to watch this year; make lists of the ones we need to see; point out good hair, good hemlines, good Botox, good speeches and let the little girls have fun with us where they can.  Click-clack shoes, rhinestones and adorable misspelled lists of the best dresses: “sparcley silver” and “long blue” (Oh, Lupita, Lupita! You so win!).

Our Oscar spread this year:
Great American Cookies has a NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s ® that became the star of our dessert table.  I admit I had three (we cut them into dainty halves), and I’d like to thank the Academy for their inspiration.  The brownies are super chewy and chocolaty, and the tiny M&M’s ® are the perfect topping–not too big or crunchy, but just right.  Plus, they’re pretty.  I mean, who doesn’t love a rainbow brownie?

 photo print26_zps41f9c4b2.jpg

 photo blog1_zpsa022e166.jpg

We kept it simple–popcorn and itty bitty milk glasses to complement the sweets.

 photo print6_zpsfaa17d50.jpg

The little girls were most definitely happy.

 photo print11_zpse0bef6fe.jpg

 photo print14_zps97a30e86.jpg

The rest of the party followed suit for a star-studded evening:

 photo IMG_7457_zpsfc69683a.jpg

 photo print22_zps9cd8c4a7.jpg

 photo print19_zpsbe6c086d.jpg

 photo print16_zpsb1f73500.jpg

 photo print24_zps45ba79fa.jpg

We were honored to have a pregnant Will Ferrell at our party.  His baby ‘gonna be so cute.

 photo print17_zps2b8df76a.jpg

 photo print15_zpsa27932ac.jpg

 photo blog2_zps9963946c.jpg

Now to break down the show:

I love everything she does.  I like that, unlike many other comedians, she’s never mean or disparaging to people for the sake of comedy.  I loved the pizza she ordered and the we’re-just-regular-folks kind of feeling she brings to the Oscars while still respecting the art and glamour of the tradition.  And I liked her sparkly tux.

Best Dressed
5. Charlize Theron:  Classic and beautiful.
4. Jennifer Lawrence:  Red siren. Loved that little structured peplum thing on the hips. Love that she tripped and fell again this year because I’m a tripper and a faller, and she pulls it off so gracefully and brings a refreshing realness to the Oscars.  She bridges the gap between beautiful women walking the red carpet and moms sitting in their pajamas watching the red carpet.  And she does it so good.
3. Kerry Washington:  Pregnant women win.  Always.  It’s the rule.  A glowing, flowing wonderful representation of motherhood in all its beauty at the Academy Awards.
2. Amy Adams: My friends said “too simple,” but I loved her dress.  I thought she looked regal and confident, and I loved the structured details of the dress against its simplicity.  Love that she skipped a necklace and a bunch of arm candy for some simple dangle earrings.
1. Lupita Nyong’o  It was fresh, it was flowy, it was ethereal, it was sexy.  Her dress was like cotton candy but sophisticated.  The pleats, the color, the sexy V neckline.  Holy, holy.  

3.  Matthew McConaughey:  Probably scripted and memorized to boot but still heartfelt and delivered so well.  Loved his recognition of God and heroes.
2.  Jared Leto:  The way he thanked his mama and all her hard work in being a single mama and teaching her boys to “be creative, work hard and do something special.”  Boys who love their mamas for the win.
1.  Lupita Nyong’o: Her smile. Her poetic words.  The way she could barely breathe while she spoke.  And I loved: “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”  And then she swished away in her cotton candy dress.

At one point in the show, Ellen grabbed a bunch of stars and took a selfie.  She posted it to Twitter and made a note in the show that she wanted to break the record for most retweeted photo in 24 hours.  It happened with over 2.7 million retweets today.

“God, that’s kind of sad,” I said last night.  “We’re so celebrity-obsessed, national disasters and inspirational stories can’t compete with a photo of a bunch of stars at an award show.”  Maybe that’s true, but I decided to put High Horse back in the stable and take Silver Lining out for a ride.  There is something about the movies and Hollywood that draws us in and captivates us.  Movies helped keep dreams alive during the Great Depression and continue to provide a safe escape for so many people who are hurting today.  And many of this year’s nominated films hold important stories–things to make you think.  I’m glad we have movies and only hope big stars can use their influence to make good things happen in the world.  Ellen’s doing mighty fine with that.

With that said, my post-Oscar must-see list:  Dallas Buyers Club (like, this week), 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle.  And Her for the second time because I loved it that much.

Now, for some goodies for you.  Great American Cookies provided such wonderful treats for our party, and they’re extending their generosity to our readers.  In addition to their NEW! Fudge Brownie made with M&M’s ®, Great American Cookies offers an extensive lineup of delicious cookies, Cookie Cakes, brownies and other treats (Lainey’s classmates bring in their cookie cakes for birthday treats a lot, and they’re a huge hit).  One reader will receive a $50 gift certificate from Great American Cookies.  Just leave a comment with some of your Oscar favorites from last night or a great party tradition you’ve created on your own, and one comment will be selected and announced in Wednesday’s post.  Comments will be closed Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. EST.  

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More of Great American Cookies at their Facebook page, on Twitter and on Instagram.

Thank you Great American Cookies for partnering with us, and thank you readers for supporting the sponsors that help support this blog and our family.

Finishing pulling some images together from this past weekend. I can’t wait to share more about our time in Syracuse.

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  1. I loved Lupita’s dress. It was classy and had a hint of Cinderella to it, especially the headband. I also loved Amy Adams, but I love Amy Adams as a rule. And I was a “retweeter” because it was a fun and genuine photo.

  2. Oooh we watched Dallas Buyers Club during a rainy afternoon yesterday. SO.GOOD. the rest are still on my list. love your parties, lady!

  3. Loved Jared Leto’s speech. I have always been a Jordan Catalano (sp?) fan. So glad Lupita won! With three little ones under 6, the only nominated movie I had seen was Frozen and the whole house was happy it won. The were lots of beautiful dresses this year too!

  4. I’ve always loved the name Lupita– now I really LOVE it! What a gorgeous speech… Our party tradition is to make a dish that represents cuisine from each of the noms for best picture. We all fill out a pretty basic ballot for the larger awards and the winner from the room takes home a little prize. :)

  5. Love Ellen always and Lupita was a Queen!

  6. Honest? I was a total oscar fail. But I rocked Ellie’s party the day before!

  7. I LOVED Pink’s performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I’m a sucker for Wizard of Oz and she nailed every note. Also, Bill Murray’s quick mention of Harold Ramis was pretty awesome.

  8. I loved that Ellen hosted! She is by far my favorite host~

  9. I’ve only entered about three giveaways EVER and this one just called my name!!!! Cookies! Yes please! Ellen, hands down is the best part about watching the oscars. Love her! She makes me laugh!!!

  10. Best dressed Women: JLaw, Lupita, Sandra
    Best Dress Men: Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey

  11. The brownies look sooo yummy! In a couple weeks I am hosting my very first make-your-own pizza party. I am providing dough, cheese, and sauce. Everyone is bringing their favorite topping! I am so excited and love to start party traditions :) Your parties are always so cute!

  12. I have not only always wanted to be “at” the Oscars; I’ve wanted to be “on” the Oscars since I was about 15. That’s almost 40 years!! Needless to say, I’m relatively talent-less and pretty certain I won’t be asked to co-host anytime soon. Darn! June Squibb, the 84 year old nominee, did give me some hope, tho. Never say never! Loved Ellen and all the beautiful dresses. Did miss George Clooney, however. Where was that boy? :) Loved your little Oscar celebration! You’re so creative!

  13. Lupita Nyong’o’s speech and her in general blew me away. She is simply stunning and was so poetic in her speech. It brought tears to my eyes.

  14. Love the dresses and the next day armchair commentary, esp “Fashion Police” best and worst dresses.

  15. My husband and I were on a cleaning and organizing kick last night after being snowed in for the day so we chose to record and watch it tonight. I can’t stop reading about everything today though but it will still be fun to watch tonight! And I can’t wait to watch Ellen! She’s my fav!!

  16. Loved Pink’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  17. Pink and her rendition of the timeless “somewhere over the rainbow” truly moved me to tears. A very special moment, indeed.

  18. I was glad I didn’t get invited to some Oscars party this year. I might’ve gone since I wasn’t working for the first Sunday in years, and it lasted SOOO LATE!

    I missed the first half of the show, but I loved Pink’s performance and her killer red dress.

    And I thought Matthew McConaughey’s speech, while a little hokey, was nice. I’m not a big fan of people who have thank their agent, their hairdresser, their bagboy at the grocery store.

  19. I love watching the E preshow with Guiliana Rancic. I love the photo catchphrase she plays with Kelly O and the other cohosts.
    I love Ellen’s sparkley suit and Lupita gown. I watched last night in the company of my two sisters and older brother. What a crew!

  20. I have not yet seen 12 Years A Slave, but seeing Lupita win and hearing her speech moved me to tears. Cannot wait to watch all these award winning movies to see what I’ve been missing!

  21. Always love Ellen! And what could make the Oscars better than Ellen? Um… Nothing!!

  22. Oscar Favs 2014…
    1) Sally Fields seems to never age…she was mesmerizing!
    2) Giuliana Rancic looked radiant on the red carpet while holding her sparkling black umbrella!
    3) Pink rocked her “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” performance!

  23. I loved the prerecorded speech that Angelina Jolie gave for her humanitarian award. And when they panned on her, Brad kissed her. Sweet.

  24. I’m with you – I LOVED Amy Adams’ dress, and Jennifer Lawrence is always a winner in my book.

  25. Penelope Cruze is one of my favorite actresses and I thought she looked great even though she was torn part for wearing her dress today! I thought she looked beautiful as always but I guess they think her dress had too much cloth, not me sometimes more is perfect not less is the best and this was the one time for me! Have started a little Oscar party with my grandbabies but always in the afternoon!
    Love all your party decorations!

  26. Idina Menzel rocked it!

  27. I love Ellen and I thought she did a great job at hosting last night. Her jokes were fresh and didn’t seem like she had to put a ton of thought in to them. All of the stars were gorgeous, but I loved Lupita’s dress! It had a simple feel to it, but it was still gorgeous!

  28. As a mother to three boys, I loved how Jared Leto acknowledged his mother in his speech.

  29. Is there anyone on the planet more gorgeous than Amy Adams?

  30. I read your post today while shaking my head up and down and mentally saying “YES” to EVERYTHING LISTED!

    Lupita stole the show and I had no idea that Liza is Judy Garland’s oldest daughter! Where have I been?

    Kerry Washington looked stunning and Jennifer Lawrence continues to crack me up everytime I see her. It’s refreshing to see someone, especially a young hollywood starlet, who isn’t molded into the cookie cutter form.

    Get on DBC! I was sobbing at the end. Jared Leto and the makeup crews speech both had me in tears. I was a young child in the 80’s and my how things have changed for patients since then.

  31. Lupita was flawless and Bette Midler? Grab the tissues.

  32. Such a great party planner you are!! I love Ellen – she just cracks me up every time I watch her! Like you, I enjoy her humor that doesn’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings in order to be funny. Happy Monday, Kelle! Thanks for always letting “us” be a part of your world!!

  33. The Will Ferrel picture cracked me up! What a funny idea!

  34. My girls and I LOVED Frozen so our favorite part was Idina Menzel signing “Let it Go” together!

  35. I love how the rain stopped just before the red carpet started! I also love your blog, and cookies. :)

  36. ooh my favorite was Frozen! I just love that movie so much…and Idina Menzel can do no wrong.

  37. You took the words out of my mouth – your favorites were all my favorites! My good friend hosts an Oscar party each year where we moms bust out in the formalwear we’ve rummaged from garage sales, thrift stores and clearance racks!

  38. I enjoyed it all – and always love Ellen!

  39. Loving watching knowing I had a snow day on Monday!!

  40. I loved Bette Midler’s performance! My grandmother passed away a little over a week ago and one of my aunt’s played that song in her room hours before she became an angel. I had forgotten all about that moment until last night. The tears were flowing!

  41. When Brad Pitt said “pepperoni please” to the pizza guy.

  42. Ellen! Hysterical! Lupita was gorg. And Jenn Lawrence in red…amazing

  43. I kinda loved the speech for Let It Go–cutest husband-wife couple, sweet and funny and they sang and dedicated to their daughters. It’s the speech I remember most, weirdly enough!

  44. Loved the fashion and laughed at the John Travolta pronunciation flub. It was good fun all around!

  45. The night was Lupita’s. She embodied class.

  46. I loved Jared and Lupita’s speeches! I also added a bunch of movies to my must watch list!

  47. I loved Goldie Hawn’s dress the most! She looked so elegant, and it was so different and classy

  48. I loved Robert Lopez’ speech with his wife when he won for best score that rhymed. It was too funny.

  49. I love your Oscar Party! I usually make a habit to see a good number of the Oscar nominated films but the Olympics had me distracted this year! I found the movie “Her” really interesting and now must be sure to see “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and “12 Years a Slave.” I really enjoyed the Let It Go acceptance speach myself! (As well as Lupita’s of course).

    My own party tradition is around Halloween when I gather friends over to carve pumpkins! It isn’t the regular costume Halloween party but usually a week or so before so that people who are nostalgic for carving pumpkins can have fun with it and then have decor for Trick or Treaters!

  50. I caught the last hour or so of the Oscars and wish I could watch the first parts! I saw a good handful of the movies nominated and overall, wish American Hustle won more. I love Christian Bale. I think I need to see Her.

  51. Kelle, I read your blog quite often but your comment about being obsessed with celebrity struck me as a little odd.

    Yes, it’s true that we live in a society where “we’re so celebrity-obsessed, national disasters and inspirational stories can’t compete with a photo of a bunch of stars at an award show.”

    Many of the movies recognized by the Academy this year were stories of hope, inspiration, overcoming obstacles. The Oscars exist to pay tribute to the teams who brought these stories to life, to tell the stories of so many. It is perfectly acceptable to do something “fun” like take a selfie to see how many re-tweets it gets, in the name of good old fashioned fun. Millions of viewers tuned in last night – and we all came together, in this small seemingly insignificant way, to re-tweet a photo of the folks who told our stories and brought us joy. Did you feel that you “needed” to make the comment on here about the “sadness” of celebrity competing with “real stories” because you were preparing for a backlash of angry commenters who would possibly “attack” you for not mentioning it? It just seems like fuel for a fire that doesn’t even exist.

    Also – the irony of you commenting about society’s obsession with celebrities while you were hosting an Oscar party and commenting on the pretty dresses and glamor is a little silly, don’t you think?

    I love your blog and will keep reading, but I was really shaking my head at the commentary here.

  52. My Oscar went to Jared Leto. Wooooo!!

  53. My favorite moment of the evening was Jared Leto’s speech, particularly when he thanked his mother. And how lovely is his mother??!!
    Lupita’s dress was heaven and Jennifer Garner’s silver fringe dress was beautiful too.
    You will love Dallas Buyer’s Club, their performances are incredible, so much you forget it is them.

  54. Ellen is the best host EVER! And I would love to get my hands on her tux jacket. I would wear it all day, every day!! :-)

  55. What is sad is the amount of money that goes into these shows that could be used for other/better things.
    I loved the selfie though, we all take them, why not break a record with one.

  56. My two favorites from last night: Lupita’s speech. Loved how genuine she was.
    Laughed when Ellen brought the pizza out, specifically the commentary while handing it out ““Who is your favorite movie star? They are all here.”

  57. Pregnant Will Ferrell is cracking me up!!

  58. @Cat
    Good thoughts. I find the Twitter stuff interesting considering where news has gone (Today show, for example covering more “what’s trending” in celebrity culture). But I’m a sucker for all of it too, and it was a cute picture. I ask myself these things in line with last week’s post–we are a great many things–and throw my contradictory feelings out there. Stuff that makes me think while I still participate in the very same culture habits that have me thinking. I think anything Ellen does is all in good fun though.

  59. @DonnaO June Squibb!! Yes!

  60. Cate!!!! “The world is round, people!!!”

  61. Even though I am not a very fashionable lady, I just love seeing all the dresses and jewelry and fanciness going on.

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  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. 1. Meryl Streep saying, “I’ve never tweeted before!”

    2. Lupita’s truly genuine speech. So glad she won.

    3. Celebrities actually EATING the pizza.


    Also, sorry for the multiple entries!

  65. I love Lupita’s dress and Ellen collecting money for the pizza, classic!

  66. Loved Jared Leto’s speech to kick of the night! And as always, Ellen was amazing!!

  67. I also adored Her and wish it would have gotten more recognition. I thought Joaquin Phoenix was just so genuine and flawed and lonely.

  68. We always have pizza & ice cream for the Oscars!


  69. Loved Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s speech for Best Song. It was completely bubbly, cute and quick!

  70. My son and his girlfriend brought over some Oscars (local burger place) and we watched the Oscars. A new family tradition is born!

    Love your blog, your stunning children, your wonderful stories. Don’t ever stop.

  71. I wasn’t able to watch the Oscars last night but I love how you shined a light on the importance of movies. So neat that they provided relief/hope during the Depression! P.S. Pajama Glama is the best name for a party. Ever.

  72. I loved that Ellen was great!! We loved watching Idina Menzel sing “Let it Go”..gave us chills!

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. I loved everything Ellen did. Mist fave, celebrities eating puzza!

  75. I also have seen like, none of the nominated films, but love to see the glamour and gowns. Agreed, Ellen ROCKS :)

  76. I loved Cate Blanchett’s speech because it highlighted that women are people too. She pointed out that women want to see movies about women (not just the sappy rom/com stuff) and that we actually work and have money to spend on movies. Welcome to the 21st century! Love that you do Oscar parties. I’m the only female in a house full of men. They wouldn’t dare sit still for something like that so I’m totally jealous! :-)

  77. I laughed out loud so many times while watching… ! Ellen was great! And I followed along on twitter and got a ton more laughs there. My fave: the Lopez couple and their speech after winning for Let it Go ?! Loved them!

  78. I didn’t watch last night…but thank you for the recap! I’m a sucker for football parties. That’s usually our fun tv watching party event.

  79. I didn’t watch last night…but thank you for the recap! I’m a sucker for football parties. That’s usually our fun tv watching party event.

  80. I didn’t watch any of the ceremony but enjoyed reading your version of events :-) And I can so picture the kids enjoying the fun and cookies!

  81. Oscars are all the rage here. We anticipate like we were headed to an actual seat at the big bash itself. It’s fun.
    All the usual faves~
    Ellen’s breath of fresh air approach to hosting.
    The cute boys with their Moms.
    The edge of your seat wait for who’s name is going to be announced…it’s all fun, I say.
    My favourites from your post~
    Dashel Hampton’s bow tie.
    The makeup job on Will Ferrel’s daughter
    The Neil Lane/Harry Winstonesque baubles
    And the Oscar goes to….


    Until next year…

  82. Hosted a Ballots and Bubbly party with Oscar Bingo, Prosecco with grapefruit juice and rosemary, and copied your idea for a pajamas and pearls party. Stayed up late analyzing dresses and speeches and had a slumber party because of a snow day Monday.

  83. I loved Lupita’s dress and speech!

  84. I have an Oscar sob story. I LOVE the oscars and watch until the bitter end every year. Sadly, we had to cancel our cable this year, and our antenna could not pick up ABC despite many attempts and loads of aluminum foil. It was particularly sad as hubby was even looking forward to it. He actually got a small part with J Law in Mockingjay and was looking forward to seeing her do something silly (which he was positive would happen after spending 5 days with her.) Sigh…off to Radio Shack we go for a power boost so that such disasters won’t happen next year. Here’s to the Oscars!

  85. Lupita’s dress was just the most perfect color! Ellen was a bit mean when she mocked Liza wasn’t she? Actually I’m still not sure if that was Liza?

  86. I didn’t watch any of it. I feel like I got to experience just by reading my friend’s facebook status updates. I like Ellen because she is kind. Kindness always takes the cake in my book : ).

    I don’t know who Lupita is or what her movie is, but I know that I would love her because of that wonderful line in her speech.

    I am glad you had a sparkle filled party night.

  87. BY FAR the best part of the night was before Jennidfer Lawrence tripped and fell, she actually shook her “under arm fat” at the photographers. It made me laugh and made me realize we all have lunch lady arm! :)

  88. A friend has a girls only Oscar night – kicks out the boys. I loved attending my first even though I could care less about the Oscars!

  89. I loved Lupita’s speech, Kerry Washington’s dress (she looked stunning) and P!nk’s performance. Idina also rocked it out!

  90. John Travolta’s butchering of the pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name, the Oscars selfie that has shown up in my fb feed about 400 times, and Jennifer Lawrence’s trip-and-fall on the red carpet, especially the way she laughed it off right away. :)

  91. Jared Leto has always been my secret crush. Ever since My So Called Life. I spent countless hours dreaming of him as a teenage girl. Loved his speech.

  92. oh, those look yummy! One of our party traditions is that I make each of my kids a felt birthday crown with felt appliques of things that remind me of their birth month- shamrocks or snowflakes, etc. and they wear it every year for their party (until they’re too old to want to, if and when that day comes- I have one turning ten this year and we haven’t come across not wanting to yet :) )

  93. I enjoyed watching Pink sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow in her ruby dress!!

  94. I loved Ellen and the pizza! Fun.

  95. My mom lives 7 hrs away, so my sister and I skyped her and watched the show as if she were here with us: commenting on the awesome outfits, laughing together at Ellen’s wonderful hosting job, and shedding a few tears during the touching speeches. It was like having her right here with us! A new tradition has begun :)

  96. LOVE Ellen! Fabulous choice to host! Like you said – never mean or hateful. She’s just hysterical, to me.

    Love your tradition of an Oscar party!

  97. I’ve only seen Dallas Buyers Club. Excellent movie, but be warned that there are a lot of “F” words in it. I mean a LOT, especially at the beginning.

  98. Ummm. I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen ANY of the nominated movies. But I love love love Ellen. She did such a phenomenal job.

  99. I loved Jared Leto’s speech about his mother. Lupita, Jennifer and Kerry were striking. Ellen was good except for the Liza comment. The pizza was a hoot. She makes the Oscars.
    I love your parties. They are so much fun to read about.
    Cat, whatever.

  100. Lover the classic elegance of all the gowns and tuxes. Having two ten year olds I loved Indel’s “Frozen” but was wondering why John Travolta couldn’t Rememberher name?? lol!!

  101. Loved Ellen and my those dresses.

  102. Loved Ellen and my those dresses.

  103. I love the decor and food. I am dying to have an Oscar party but our condo is super tiny! Looks like a great time. It is such an exciting event!
    Angela :)

  104. I completely agree with you about Lupita and Kerry. Both of them glowed! It was a fabulous Oscars. I didn’t see too many “worst dressed” either.. rare 😉

  105. I love that Ellen ordered pizza and passed it out, she’s so great!

  106. The Oscar selfie has raised millions of dollars for worthy causes. Millions! it was fun, yes, and much more than that, too. In our social media world full of navel-gazers and attention-seekers, Ellen is doing it right.

  107. I love watching the Oscars every year!! I get my jammies on and pour a glass of cabernet and sit back and enjoy the show. Love all the dresses and the excitement for all the people who have their trajectory changed in a single night. The first time winners are the best! They work so hard at their craft and when they win – their lives change forever. So exciting………

  108. ADELE NAZEEM. She was awesome. John Travolta, notsomuch.

  109. I’m confused about why you would judge Ellen for taking a selfie. You have the selfie down to a science.

    I mean that as a compliment.

  110. I loved the fact I could feel like a judge on ANTM, commenting on their closes, they way they posed, when they opened their mouths … 😉 and watching ellen tweet from stage (on twitter).

  111. Lupita!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Love ya girl, but… nobody takes more selfies than you and you’re criticizing Ellen for taking just one? I don’t get it.

  113. Also, I’m wondering why boxed brownies with mini-m&m’s needs an entire blog post commercial. I can buy a box of that at Walmart for a dollar like I always have. :/

  114. Thought Charlize looked beautiful….and can’t stop laughing at John Travolta’s absolute butchering of Idina Menzel’s name! 😉

  115. What a fun idea! The brownies look amazing… the masks are a bit creepy!

  116. 3. Lupita’s speech… genuine and poetic.
    2. Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath my Wings… reminds me of my dad. I miss him.
    1. Amen Matty. Amen. I knew I loved him for a reason.

  117. Two words: Jared Leto. His speech was complete perfection. The role he played was simply amazing. Dallas Buyers Club is hands-down one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I wept when I saw it. So moving. So powerful.

  118. Always love Ellen and was so so so glad to see Her won best original screenplay. LOVED that movie!

  119. Was shocked to see what happened to Kim Novak…what a beauty she was before all the surgery. Loved Ellen in her Glinda the Good Witch gown, Brad and Angie…ahhh the ultimate beautiful couple, loved the two tuxedo guys from the accounting firm with the results strutting down the red carpet but the icing on the cake is seeing Kelle’s red carpet…how utterly adorable! xo

  120. Your party looks like so much fun! I think my favorite dress was Olivia Wilde.

  121. So many speeches last night made me tear up starting with Jared Leto and on. Lupita’s speech was so heartfelt and I loved her comment that dreams are valid. I want my daughter to always think that and then I loved when Robert and Kristin Lopez accepted their Oscar for Let It Go and Kristin spoke about their daughters and how it was inspired by them and wanting them to never let shame or fear hold them back. It was an awesome Oscars last night.

  122. When my daughter (6) said, “Mom, why is Indiana Jones an old man?”.

  123. I agree with your top picks. Charlize Theron: stunning.

  124. A few years ago, after struggling with a Valentine’s day crowd when trying to go out, my husband and I offhandedly decided St Patricks Day was going to be our big “Celebrating Each-Utha’ Just Because We Wanna” holiday. It’s perfect because while many celebrate, it’s not so crazy and crowd heavy that we can still go out and enjoy. We look forward to St Patty’s like no other now. It’s OUR “To Us!!!” day each year. Just a coincidence our last name is Kelly. 😉

  125. Ohh that party looks so fun! I love that you included your little girls. May favorite part was the pizza. Seeing Brad Pitt eating pizza makes me feel like maybe I should be eating it more often…

  126. Kristen and Robert Lopez’s rhyming speech for their “Let it Go” win was adorable, and so something I would do given the chance.

  127. I have to admit my favorite moment of the night was the epic selfie ellen took. so hysterical. love your amazing blog as always! Your are so creative :)

  128. My favorite part of the Oscars was the mini-party I had with my best girls (sister and 10- and 12-year-old daughters). We had movie candy and nachos, filled out ballots of who we thought would win, and played a drinking turned eating game (“He thanked the Academy…eat!” “Ellen did something silly in the audience…eat!”). I can’t wait until next time!

  129. One word, Matthew McConaughey. Yep. :)A favorite for sure.

  130. I LOVED how Bill Murray was so moved by the singer from “20 feet from Stardom” that he started the standing ovation for her! So cool.

  131. We’re stationed in the UK and so didn’t see the show or any of the build-up. Which was perfectly fine with me — I’d rather read than watch the stories anyway! Still love a good brownie, though. :-)

  132. Ellen is always my favorite! Always!

  133. I dont comment often, but Kelle I hope Dash’s head is ok – in the photo of im it looks like there’s a huge chunk on the right missing! I hope he’s not having issues with it, I’m sure it’s just the angle or light or something benign.

  134. Ellen was fabulous, as usual. The best dressed list could go on and on and on, but I agree that Lupita looked amazing; that color was fabulous on her! Frozen is still on my “to watch” list, but I know my sister will take care of that for me… I already know the lyrics to half the songs in the movie because she won’t stop singing them!

  135. I didn’t get to see the show this year, but wanted to see “Let it Go” performed live… I bet it was powerful. :)

  136. Ellen = amazing. I love her.

    Jared Leto made me cry. I was a single mom to my oldest boy for the first 5 years of his life. High five to him and huge hugs to his mom!

  137. As much as I loved Lupita…I have to give best dressed to Kate Hudson. Timeless & Epic. It is def my favorite of all award season.
    There is something captivating about Jared Leto.
    Ellen just captures my heart. She has this ability to make me want to be a better me. I love that about her.

  138. Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, gorgeous!

  139. Your parties always look fun…but Hollywood obsessed I am not. In fact, probably the opposite. Ellen did sound like she did a great job and what a treat to hear she could do it and not have a potty mouth. Now, that is worth commending. I did not watch, I heard through a friend. We all have our vices though and hey, any excuse for a party is a okay for me.

  140. Loved Ellen (of course) and the musical performances were great!

  141. Loved Ellen (of course) and the musical performances were great!

  142. Loved Ellen (of course) and the musical performances were great!

  143. My favorite Oscar moment was Matthew McConaughey’s speech. I absolutely loved it.

  144. My favorite part of the evening was when Idina Menzel (or however John Travolta pronounced her name) sang “Let it Go”. I haven’t seen Frozen yet but after that performance I can’t wait to get to the theater.

  145. LOVED Ellen!!!!

  146. I loved, loved, loved P!nk’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I saw her in concert a few months ago and think she is such a cool “chick”. Agree about the beauty of Lupita Sunday night. And Ellen!

  147. Lupita. Her grace and poise. And of course, I always love watching Ellen.

  148. I too enjoyed Jlaw and her trip and grace and humor in handling such a real life moment.

  149. In addition to the things you already mentioned, I enjoyed the stars dancing with Pharrel.

  150. Ellen is the best- she makes the Oscars worth watching!

  151. I am ALWAYS the biggest fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She is gorgeous, real, and so down to earth.

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. I thought Ellen was a great host, loved the refreshing genuineness of lupita, Sandra bullock is one classy lady, loved poor Jennifer tripping again and her reaction, brad Pitt passing out paper plates…ha!, and once again mr. Mcconaughey delivers one of the best speeches–funny but poignant with a little southern charm thrown in. A very good night!

  154. Matthew’s speech was refreshing and a favorite of mine. I loved Emma Watson’s dress, different than all the rest.

  155. I got to see just about 3 minutes exactly when I thought maybe, just maybe, the wee one would cooperate. I think 3 minutes was just about enough, so my fave moment was when he conked out in my arms and I turned off the tv and breathed in the sweetness of a baby asleep in my arms. Sorry, Oscar… can’t compete!

  156. I love Ellen! She is so funny!!

  157. loved the selfie too!

  158. Man oh man I want to do an Pajama party immediately! How fun!!! I love that you include your kids. I have to say….Ellen stole the show. I love how down to earth she is.

  159. Holy 158 comments! You really know how to connect with your beautiful writing style. Kudos, girl! Loved this post and what a fun idea! Gonna have to do this next year! I too enjoyed Ellen. She’s a class act.

    Have a happy day!

  160. Those brownies… I WANT ONE. Okay, I want a box of them.

    My favorite dress was Lupita’s. It was flowy (but structured with those pleats) and youthful (but sexy with that super low cut). I absolutely loved it and really, she’s the reason it looked so stunning! My definite favorite and I was thrilled when she won.

    My favorite speech was Jared Leto’s. Heartfelt and genuine.

    As for Ellen… she rocks. I had to laugh when she poked her head in between Leo and Sandra! (Yeah, we’re on a first name basis… Ha!) And I can’t believe she ACTUALLY ordered pizza. Fabulous!

  161. OH!!! How could I forget to mention PINK?!?! How incredibly talented is that girl? Jaw-dropping voice and she looked gorgeous.

  162. I loved Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita, and Kerry Washington’s dresses. They were a wonderful breath of color in an Oscars that seemed to have a lot of black and white dresses. I also loved Benedict Cumberbatch popping up in photos everywhere.

  163. Sandra Bullock’s dress! She looked gorgeous.

    Lee Ann S.

  164. I don’t get into the Oscar’s much because, like you, I hardly have time to pack a lunch without interruption, let alone watch a movie. But I love the summary on Monday morning after the Oscar’s. Seeing all of those gowns and who won what is exciting. I love Jennifer Lawrence and that red dress.

  165. I loved “Happy”. The whole family was dancing, including my two year old who I let stay up to see it 😀

  166. I’ve never been excited about watching the Oscars until reading your post today! Now I’m super bummed that I missed the show – especially since I LOVE Ellen. She’s just plain old awesome. I’m definitely going to throw an Oscar party next year!!

  167. I loved the Oscars. Ellen is so wonderful. I enjoyed watching my 21 month old daughter rocking out to Pharrell Williams. Classic.

  168. Lupita’s blue dress and sparkly headband was amazing! Without a doubt she was the best dressed.

  169. I host an Oscar party every year (adults only, so we can let loose a little) and I thought Sunday’s show was one of the best in years! Ellen was so fun and real and I thought the pizza stunt was a blast. I think my favorite dress of the night was Cate Blanchette’s – so fancy and yet modest. And Lupita gave my favorite speech. Where did you get those little Oscars? I need them! :)

  170. I too LOVED the Oscars! I forget how much I love them until the night of and then I can’t stop talking about them for 3 weeks after. Thank you for your wonderful posts and this amazing, inspiring, heartfelt blog.

  171. We just returned from living in Nairobi, Kenya for 2 years. In Lupita’s speech I saw the faces of hundreds of little Kenyan girls waiting to get out of the slums, waiting for their own dreams to come true. Congratulations to a role model that many can be proud to look up to.

  172. My favorite part of the night was the performers. Idina Menzel…Pink…Bette…all fantastic!

  173. My favorite moment by far was Jared’s speech. I love that he honored his mom and it was so touching and so real. And then his brother went over and sat with her. I just loved it. I thought Matthew’s wife was just gorgeous!

  174. we didn’t watch (Sunday nights are early bedtime for the kids & walking dead night for momma lol) but my oldest & I watched the recaps on the entertainment shows last night & I loved listening to her critique the dresses!

  175. The only two movies I’ve seen are Dallas Buyers Club and Frozen – but loved them both. Dallas Buyers Club was “gritty” but I think it does important work. American Hustle is definitely on my “to watch” list!

  176. Kelle….
    Well!! I am, like, three posts behind in reading/commenting on this Blog!! Not surprising!! So, in an effort to avoid feeling overwhelmed, I will just start here!! 😉
    “It started years ago with me and Heidi, both kidless and starry-eyed for Hollywood glamour, and over the years gradually grew into something more mom-ish. “. Loving it, loving it!! ;-D
    Those Fudge M&M Brownies!! Be still, my chocolate addict’s heart!! 😉
    “We were honored to have a pregnant Will Ferrell at our party. His baby ‘gonna be so cute.”. Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
    “Ellen. I love everything she does. I like that, unlike many other comedians, she’s never mean or disparaging to people for the sake of comedy.”. I can’t but agree!! I was just telling that to Mom the other day!! Ellen is different from most comedians, and I love it!! 😉
    “Jennifer Lawrence: Love that she tripped and fell again this year because I’m a tripper and a faller, and she pulls it off so gracefully and brings a refreshing realness to the Oscars.”. Me too!! Although. In a Kindred Spirit sort of a way, I feel so bad for her!! ;-D
    “Jared Leto: The way he thanked his mama and all her hard work in being a single mama and teaching her boys to ‘be creative, work hard and do something special.’ Boys who love their mamas for the win.”. I’ve recently decided that I *like, like* Jared Leto!! I may have a thing for his long hair!! {Guilty. As. Charged.} Or, as I’ve always been attracted to crazy dudes, I may have a thing for his quirky, rough-around-the-edges personality!! {I repeat. Guilty. As. Charged.} Admittedly, I did not watch the Oscars, so I’ll be sure to find Jared Leto’s acceptance speech on YouTube!! 😉
    “There is something about the movies and Hollywood that draws us in and captivates us. Movies helped keep dreams alive during the Great Depression and continue to provide a safe escape for so many people who are hurting today.”. Mmmm…. I think I’m going to steal that!! ;-D

  177. I’m with you – I loved Amy Adams’ dress! So sophisticated! One of my fave moments of the night was when Ellen showed up in a Wizard of Oz costume dress :). I’m a sucker for silly humor like that!

  178. I loved when Ellen came out dressed like Glinda from Wizard of Oz! The sleeves were hilarious on their own! We have an Oscar party with ballots and food, and brownies every year and the winner gets a $25 gift certificate to the movies! Movies are transporting and inspiring!

  179. I loved Lupita’s dress-she is so beautiful!!

  180. I don’t usually like Pink’s music, but I loved her performance at the Oscars!

  181. When I throw a party I love to have a really fun looking snack table. It’s a party tradition at my house and guests are always curious as to what theme I’ll have.

  182. Leto’s speech, FTW.

  183. There were many great moments this year.. Jared Leto’s speech, Pink’s performance, the pizza guy, Ellen as Glinda, and Matt McConaughy’speech!
    Looks like you had a great time!! Those brownies look delish.

  184. was watching with my 86 year old mom because she loves to check out the clothes. I loved when Ellen ordered the pizza and then they showed the ones eating it leaning forward to as not mess up their clothes – I truly thought she was just joking about ordering. I also appreciate when they take the time to honor those who died last year

  185. I’m so obsessed with Lupita’s dress! It’s my new favorite color.

    Love you pajama party and totally want to do this with my friends next year!


  186. We have been hosting “game night” parties basically monthly since marrying in November! It is awesome to have dinner or snacks, and friends just hanging out laughing until 1 in the morning.

  187. LOVE your Oscar party! It’s the little things we do in life that make it that much sweeter! You have always (and continue) to inspire me to make these amazing memories! I didnt get to watch the Oscars (work and mamahood) but I have scoured the internet to see whos dress I liked best and of course the top moments! I agree, it was a great awards show this year with a good list of deserving winners! PS. I love Ellen too-how can you not? 😉

  188. My fave would be Bette singing during the tribute!!!!!

  189. Loved Idina Menzel’s graceful performance. Classy all the way!

  190. JARED LETO!!!

  191. I haven’t watched the Oscars in YEARS, but I watched this year with my 13 year old daughter (even letting her stay up late to finish on a school night!). It was fun having to explain who Jared Leto and Jim Carey were. She got excited about Ellen and the selfie, because she is of the generation of the selfie. And that is part of what made this Oscars so fun.

  192. I loved Pharrell’s “Happy,” especially the part where he boogied with Meryl!

  193. As a bald teen girl, I was incredibly inspired by the multitude of short haircuts sported by the women who compose the media that fills my adolescent world. In a world full of “beach curls” and hair-dye, it was ever-so refreshing to finally feel represented by a sliver of the celebrity world. :)

  194. I agree- Lupita was stunning- both dress and speech. What a wonderful example of how to be excellent! I think maybe next year we should do an Oscar’s party too- yours looks like so much fun!

  195. I have to say that Lupita’s dress was refreshing…like a dip in the ocean on a perfect day at the beach!

  196. I also loved Lupita’s dress.

    I loved her speech at the Essence awards a few nights before… amazing!!

  197. I loved lupitas dress! In the selfie I loved Julia Roberts crooked smile love love love her. And Ellen loved everything she did


  198. I didn’t get a chance to watch the Oscars but I loved J.Law’s red dress and I always Ellen. Might have to you tube some of the highlights!

  199. Can’t wait to see 12 Years a Slave but have to finish the book first.

  200. LOVED Ellen. She’s classy and so so funny.

    I watched Dallas Buyer’s Club the night before the Oscars. Stayed up till past midnight to watch it and I”m so happy I did. Very powerful movie!!

  201. Jordan Catalano grown up & lookin fiiiine. Jared Leto is truly a beautiful man.

  202. It was a great show indeed!!! The Oscars were nearly 4hrs long but the great thing is that it didn’t feel like that!!! Ellen made the show fun and I loved that it was so relaxed. The women are doing a great job hosting (Tina/Amy/Ellen). I agree w/you regarding your favs. Another one of my favs of the night was Lupita, Meryl, and Amy dancing along to Happy!!! Two thumbs way up!!! PS I’ll have to take pointers from your Oscar party!!! Looks like fun times!!!

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