Enjoying the Small Things: Scavenger Hunt

Enjoying posts are like little scavenger hunts. You grab a basket and set out on a walk to explore, gathering anything that strikes your eye as interesting or beautiful along the way. A pretty leaf? Put it in the basket. A heart-shaped rock? Put that in too. A blue feather, a Black-eyed Susan, a strip of paper-thin bark. You keep collecting as you walk, forgetting about the contents until you get home, tired and distracted by all the other things on the walk that begged for your attention. But then you deposit all your treasures on the kitchen table, taking time to examine each one. You turn the heart-shaped rock in your palm, study the veins of the pretty leaf and notice remarkable things that will make you a little more attentive for the next walk. Together, all those treasures tell a story–a story that would still exist without their collection and preservation, but one that exists a little longer with a second look at that kitchen table.

In our basket tonight…

Coffee and donuts on a rainy day

 photo blog5_zps5bade7c2.jpg

Umbrella heads on a rainy day

 photo blog7_zpsf7fb7fac.jpg

Wind-swept hair

 photo blog9_zpsb1f7f454.jpg

Boots and puddles

 photo blog11_zps67a40851.jpg

 photo blog16_zpsbd320fe2.jpg

A total Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers moment

 photo blog18_zpsf901e86b.jpg

 photo blog20_zps1ebd8ea8.jpg

Little hands that grab little feet
(a photo shoot for my talented friend’s business, Vintage Giggles)

 photo print9_zpsc37e79c7.jpg

When all three kids fit in my viewfinder…and stay there.

 photo blog212_zps39f58ec1.jpg

 photo blog23_zps23a46c1f.jpg

Baby sea turtles making their voyage

 photo blog22_zps7a347857.jpg

Happiness captured

 photo blog26_zps3818d70c.jpg

Sandy bottles

 photo blog27_zps161795ff.jpg

Crooked lil’ baby teeth

 photo blog1_zps2e70dd52.jpg

The boy and his cars

 photo blog2_zpsf4787e5e.jpg

 photo blog3_zpsc4cf9346.jpg

The boy and his pink cat 

 photo blog4_zps0c16327a.jpg

His Pentacostal pose….
Praise be, glory glory glory!

 photo blog_zps3ec49bc3.jpg

And a gnome shroom

 photo blog21_zps4f177c89.jpg

Scavenger hunts are why I started blogging.
And after several days of a fussy clingy baby, unending tasks and depleted patience, I find the basket dump exactly what I needed.

Sometimes, you have to go mining for perspective, panning through messiness and edginess to find it. And when you find it…diamonds are forever.

 photo blog29_zps143e6c45.jpg


Contributing at eHow this week, discussing saying “No!” to babies (we do it) with In Defense of No


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  1. Beautiful pics as always!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Needed this uplifting post :) thank for writing.

  4. Love the beach shots, especially the one of the sun shining through a yellow cotton skirt!
    I’ve also started blogging to celebrate the beautiful happy moments we collect, so we don’t forget how special each day can be!

  5. Beautifully written. Your “enjoying” posts are so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your talents and life.

  6. I love all three of them in the frame! And the Pentecostal pose! And the jumps! Ok, ok, I love them all . As always. Happy Monday night!

  7. Love this! Three cheers for a normal happy life and enjoying the small things!

  8. Thanks for sharing your basket treasures!! Amazing photos-I just adore how you capture moments…my fav was the puddle jumping buddies!! 😀

  9. Beautiful post! The pictures are so cute. I really appreciated the message!

  10. that basket of random goodness is a must. xo

  11. Beautiful scavenger hunt!:)

  12. Ciao Elle che meraviglia i tuoi post , i tuoi bimbi sono molto belli, buana giornata. Anto

    2.Ellie put my Caps Lock on.
    3. Nella’s hair – I LOVE IT!
    4. Ellie looked at the puddle pics and yelled “red on the boots!!” Which I take to mean, “Cute boots!”
    5. This made me smile on a day when the forecast calls for more freakin’ snow.

  14. Oh, such gorgeous photos. Especially Nella and Ivy in their Fred Astaire dance sequence. Yes, scavenger hunts are very handy in moments like those. Hope you’ve found a few surprise diamonds xx

  15. Puddle jumping is the best! My, how different your eyes look with your bangs falling back in the last picture. I like the look.

  16. As always, thank you for the beautiful words and pictures. Comparing photography to a scavenger hunt is a very interesting way to put it. Thanks for the perspective!

  17. Stopppp Nella’s hair and clothes are perfect!! I LOVE those pants and is that a long skirt??? Stripes all the way!

  18. Beautiful photos! Such a great reminder that there is such awe and beauty in everyday things. They are easy to overlook in the craziness of motherhood…thank you!

  19. Beautiful post! And I giggled at the Pentacostal (sp?) pose…so funny!!!!

  20. i love the photos! especially the one with your girl jumping in the sunshine!how lovely! we need these reminders to show us that life is beautiful even when it’s messy.

  21. Love these shots — and the classic reminder to focus on and enjoy the small things, of course. :)

  22. I love the puddle jumping photos! And the one of Lainey looking like Supergirl on the beach. You capture great moments. Looking forward to your next post!

  23. Posts like this are why I started following. Beauty Full. Thank you for sharing with US.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Beautiful pictures, beautiful little ones. I really need to get some red boots.

  26. LOVE, your “enjoying” posts! My very favorite! What a perfect picture of Lainey jumping in the sunshine! And green grass and trees in the winter…oh, how I wish!!

  27. beautiful post! amazing photos!

  28. Love the pics of Nella puddle-jumping. She looks like she’d do it all day long, if you let her.

    I think Dash is practicing his stick-’em’-up pose … since Nella has him cornered with the bubble gun!

    Very cute.

  29. this is one of my favorite post ever Kelle…your pictures and your kiddos are just so beautiful….have a better day- with less edginess…(haha) we have a brand new puppy in the house- I understand the edgy!

  30. Loved the puddle jumping pictures and Nellas skirt in the bubble pic, I want one in my size.

  31. Kelle,

    The photos of the girls in the puddles are fantastic. I love your thoughts about blogging and seeking new perspective.

    I continue to admire your creative writing and I continue to see you as my mentor. Thank you.

    – Erin

  32. IS THAT IVY IN THE PUDDLES PICTURES?! Holy crappola how did she get to be so big?! Then again, Dash is already one but dayum!!! They’re all so dang big!

  33. IS THAT IVY IN THE PUDDLES PICTURES?! Holy crappola how did she get to be so big?! Then again, Dash is already one but dayum!!! They’re all so dang big!

  34. Great shots!

  35. So cute <3 I think you mean Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, if that’s a Singin’ in the Rain reference! One of my favorite movies. You and the kids should check it out! I loved it when I was little :)

  36. been looking for cute rain boots for my little lady. . . where did you find those?

  37. I love that you call it Pentecostal pose too! We also decided that one raised arm was “can I get a witness?” baby. :)

  38. That pic of you…whoa. Gorgeous momma.

  39. “His Pentacostal pose….Praise be, glory glory glory!”
    …while she points a bubble gun at him :)

  40. Hey Kelle, do you think Dash’s teething necklace helps him? I’ve been curious to hear from someone who has actually tried one,

  41. I have read your book and kept up with your blog for year and all i have to say is…your “babies” are getting TOO big..!!! Especially Nella! Slowwwwww down!

  42. splendid, splendid. it’s so true. so much gets lost in the nitty gritty of the day to day. it’s lovely to capture, collect and revisit joy.


  43. ps- beautiful captures

  44. Love=your post as always
    Love= your photos as always
    Love = that you are honest
    Love= that you have such a variety of topics
    Love= that you make me think more
    Love= that you allow me to be a follower

  45. Amen on perspective! Enjoying the small things are always easy, loving posts, which I adore. That pic of Lainey jumping in the sunlight against the beach – beautiful!
    Tejas love,

  46. Classic post. The little legs jumping in unison was just perfect.

  47. Little girls in rain boots never fail to make me smile!

  48. Kelle,
    Would it be creepy if I hung that pic of Pentecostal Dash and Nella in my house?? It made me LOL and I needed that. I love your photos–they brighten my day! Thanks!!

  49. You have such cute kiddos! I always see so much joy in them and in your heart through your blog posts.

  50. Kelle….
    I love, love, love your Enjoying the Small Things posts!! And I liked the scavenger hunt analogy!! 😉
    “His Pentecostal pose…. Praise be, glory, glory, glory!”. Coming from someone such as myself who actually grew up Pentecostal? Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D

  51. All I know is that I am in desperate need of black and white striped pants and red rain boots too! I’m on my own scavenger hunt…

  52. It was amazing to read you…Loved all pics over here….Mine fav is kids puddling and last one, you with both girls…lots of Love…

  53. I wait for and look forward to each blog. Thank you for all the wonderful pics of your beautiful family!

  54. So Awesome! I love this idea of the scavenger hunt for special moments experienced during a long week! I always find it amazing to find so many gems among the ordinary moments when you go looking for them! :)

  55. beautiful and energizing pics! I want to go to a Botanical Garden!

  56. Hello, MaryKay is Me and I’m in search of the old school wooden sole stride rite shoes, I read one of your post n u stated that you have searched everywhere. Would it do me any good to call the Stride Rite company? I’m in need of them for my grandson, they were popular with my kids back in the 80’s. I would love for my grandson to experience. Comment please

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