Happy Happy Friday!

I hereby proclaim this week to be a lazy blog week. It’s spring break, I had the 24-hour flu this week and poor Dash has a fat lip (courtesy of kitchen tile, thank you) and a full-time security team to keep him off all climbable objects. For the record, everything is a climbable object.

After a long week, I’m pretending I’m inside this picture, preferably the guy behind the first statue because he looks like he’s having more fun.

 photo print12_zps3ae41a99.jpg

Some moments from our staycation spring break at Naples Botanical Gardens this week:

 photo print11_zpsc579aae4.jpg

 photo print14_zps5ecc2371.jpg

 photo print19_zps4e74bfe5.jpg

 photo print17_zps438059d1.jpg

 photo print13_zps25a8ec07.jpg

 photo blog1_zps3ac75f24.jpg

 photo print7_zpsacd89785.jpg

 photo print21_zps823daaf3.jpg

 photo print6_zps0d312fcb.jpg

Regular posting to follow come Monday.

In the meantime, I’m over at BabyZone this week, sharing a favorite story from when we bought our stroller with How Buying a Stroller Made My Husband Sexy

…and over at eHow talking about how friendships have changed since our dinner & dancing days: Maintaining Friendships After Kids

Happy Friday, Friends!


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  1. I sprained my ankle last week (jumping on a trampoline with my 4-year-old) so I’ve been sitting a LOT and checking your blog!

    Here’s to lazy, laid-back weeks and healing for all of us with fat lips and hurt feet!

  2. I hope you are feeling much better. Aren’t boys crazy in the jumping off and climbing on?? So much different than girls :) weekend blessings to you and yours! Heather

  3. I absolutely LOVE Lainey’s dress and hat! And those yellow sandals, oh my gosh! Girl’s got style, and I’m jealous! I need that outfit in grown up size for sure. :)

  4. gorgeous photos! glad to know you didn’t go to Africa without letting us know 😉 I had a long week too. hoping to recoup this weekend!

  5. I have a hard time looking at kids/babies and deciding which parent they look like. But dang, if Lainey doesn’t look exactly like you in that left-hand photo! I don’t know if it is just the pose, her style, or her face shape, but there is no denying that child is yours! :)

  6. Have a great weekend Kelle :-)

  7. Wow,it sent! Fifth time lucky! As you can see the quality of my comments went down! :-)

  8. I love your “grown out” bangs! And, of course, your sunshine! :)

  9. You’re such a great story teller!! Enjoyed reading your piece on “How Buying a stroller Made My Husband Sexy” :)

  10. that picture of nella is gorgeous. loved the baby zone article as well :)

  11. I love you photos. Where do you get Nella’s barrette? I remembered you mentioned it in a previous post but when I searched the site I couldn’t find it.

  12. Aren’t the Botanical Gardens beautiful this time of year!! Loved the Lego exhibit. Beautiful pictures as usual.

  13. I am a new reader to your blog and I’m loving the stories and beautiful photographs. Looking forward to following.

  14. I think you’re my favorite person on this Earth. Is there a way to personally email you? I know I sound like a crazy lady but my cousin needs you in ways she doesn’t know yet.

  15. Kelle….
    The stomach flu is no fun!! We suffered from that during Christmas vacation, but I never caught it. Hope you are feeling better!! 😉

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