Summer Tea Party (and a Tea Collection Giveaway x 4!)

This post is sponsored by Tea Collection, a longtime favorite company of our family.

We’re switching around some rooms in our house, putting the girls in a shared room and giving Dash his own. This is a perfect Give a Mouse a Cookie scenario, leading to all sorts of other projects from a little wallpaper to closet purging. Any time I go through the kids’ closets and trim things down to favorite, wearable pieces or pack up the clothes Lainey’s grown out to save for Nella, I always land on Tea Collection favorites–as soft and colorful as the day we got them.

We’ve been wearing Tea clothes since Lainey was very little, and while they certainly offer unique style and globally inspired patterns, I’m drawn to their classic staples–comfy day dresses, stripe tees that pair with everything, soft ribbed leggings. We have long sleeve black & white stripe tees for Lainey and Nella from two years ago that we’re still wearing. If only facial age cream companies could transfer what Tea’s figured out in terms of keeping their cotton looking brand spankin’ new!

(my favorite Tea pieces for the girls for this summer–currently on sale!:  Seaport Stripe Caftan Tee)
 photo TeaFaves2_zps9ee4cc40.jpg

I love nautical colors, stripes and polka dots, and Tea Collection nailed it in all departments with their current summer stock.
 photo TeaFaves_zps5163c2e7.jpg

Right now is a great time to shop Tea Collection–they’ve introduced their new line, inspired from travels to Germany, and they’re running their semi-annual sale (with additional markdowns) with summer favorites like Saltwater sandals nicely discounted.

Tea’s not new to the blog, but if you’re new to Tea, you can check out some of the things we love about Tea Collection including how their designs are inspired and ways they give back.

Tea Collection is offering four readers some beautiful Tea goods.

One reader will receive a $150 gift certificate to Tea Collection and three readers will be able to choose any three Tea Collection items that will be sent to them.

Giveaway winners will be randomly selected from comments on this post which will remain open to comments until Thursday, 9 p.m. EST. Winners will be announced in Friday’s blog post. Comments are moderated, so your comment will not appear right away. Please only comment once.

If you’re commenting, let’s make it interesting. Tell me, if you were to host a tea party, which three people from the past or present would you invite? 


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  1. Oprah, Kate Middleton and my mom!

  2. George Washington, Diana Gabaldon, and Oprah.

  3. Love Tea collection and this new line! Want it all!

  4. Three of my brothers who live far away now. I would just love to spend more time with them!

  5. If I were to host a tea party, I would invite my brother, sister-in-love and nephew! They currently live in Tunisia and I don’t get to see them very often. It would be nice to just hang out with my nephew (James) and catch up!

  6. Easy! My 3 daughters! :-)

  7. Hmm…a tea party for three – I’d choose my mother, sister, and Grandmother. A sweet time for family and ladies!

  8. We love Tea clothing for our 2 and a half year old daughter. Most of the outfits are hand-me-downs and they looked and feel new.

  9. I would invite my mom, sister, and niece :)

  10. Oh goodness, impossible question for the endlessness of the possibilities! So I’m going to have to stay simple and say my mom and my sisters…I live across the country from them and would give just about anything to have tea with all three of them again!

  11. Enter me! I would invite the Queen (so she could show us how to do proper tea), one of these ladies from Bravo’s Ladies of London to keep it interesting, and my grandma (she loves tea parties).

  12. I would invite Jesus bc He’s my favorite and too intriguing… And then my two best friends who live far away :)

  13. Three people… hmmm…. my grandmother, whom I was named after and lost too early & my mom & my sister. All my favorite people who I miss so much since moving to the West Coast.

  14. If I were to have a tea party I’d invite, from the present, my best friend who I don’t see nearly enough and, from the past, my dear sweet grandma and great aunt. They are gone now but I miss them daily. Whenever I have tea I think of those three.

    As for the Tea Collection, we love it here too. Everything wears so well and is so comfortable.

  15. I love Tea for my little one! I would invite Julia Child, Bill Murray, and Ellen Degeneres to the weirdest tea party ever.

  16. I adore Tea collection for the exact same reasons, their clothes look adorable and last forever. I also happen to love tea parties, especially with my two girls. If I could invite 3 people I’d ask my grandmother on my fathers side who passed away when I was a baby so I could give her a huge hug and tell her I love her, Sylvia Plath to make things interesting, and Julia Child for the food ofcourse!

  17. I would have a tea party with my grandfather who passed away, my 19 month old son who would love my grandfather and my 98 year old grandmother who would so love to see her sweetie again.

  18. We’ve only owned one piece of Tea Collection (splendid find at Good Will), but I loved the piece and have longed for more. If I could invite anyone, I would invite Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Maya Angelou.

  19. I didn’t know about this brand until you posted about it maybe last year or so and i am now hooked! It’s modern but not over the top. perfect for…all the time!

  20. If I had a tea party I would have my three granddaughters that live here in town attend. I’d love to have the one from out of state as well. The girls are 11, 8, 8, and 5. Perfect ages for the party and for the sweet clothes.

  21. Vivian Maier – (past) I would love to see life and Chicago through her eyes….

    Corey Booker- (present) to feel inspired and learn more about humanity… learn more about how I can continue to give back….

    My mother – (past and present) to learn, laugh and love…. and to have her for just one more day.

  22. Antoine De Saint-Exupéry, Amy Poehler and Andre the Giant. That would be an epic tea party.

  23. Hmmmmm. Good question: Hilary Clinton, Anne Boleyn and Rihanna.

  24. Love their stuff!! Pick me, please! :)

  25. Love Tea!

    A real tea party.. I’d invite Blake Shelton, Ellen and Ree Drummond. Would love to meet them all!

  26. First fell in love with TEA clothes in a tiny little shop…the cutest… in Sedona.
    i think i would invite princesses to a royal tea party….the beautiful Princess Diana, my two little princesses and if i could add a fourth…my grandmother. all of us wearing tiaras and drinking Lady Gray with milk. (my fav) xoxoxo

  27. I would invite

    Audrey Hepburn,
    Grace Kelly and Judy Garland

  28. If I could invite someone to a tea party, I’d invite Laura Ingalls Wilder so that my daughter could ask her all the questions she has about her life.

  29. I would love to host a tea party with my girls dressed in Tea (our favorite)!! The tea party would have to be girls like Anne Frank, Hellen Keller, and a little girl drom the present from a different background. All girls that my girls can look up to and learn from.

  30. 3 People are my grandma, my Dad, & my grandpa. I miss them all so much.

  31. My lovie could certainly use some nautical stripes and new Tea things!!

    I would invite: the queen of England (because it’s a tea, duh), my grandmother (my mom’s mom who passed when I was little, and my best friend Ty (who passed away 8 years ago this October but today is his birthday..and he loved tea :)) .

  32. I love buying their dresses for my nieces!

  33. Oh goodness-that is a tough question! I would say you-Kelle Hampton, Jen Hatmaker, and Elisabeth Eliot. Women I love to read and think would be incredible to converse with while sipping tea.

  34. I would invite my sisters. I know they are not celebrities or famous but I don’t get to see them very often and they are the most important to me. I would probably also let my girls come along. :)

  35. Which three people? Only three?! Wow. Okay. I’ve loved Jane Austen’s literature since I was fairly young. And you can’t beat the high-waist dresses and gloves, can you? I would probably invite my favorite musician (Emily Bear); I’ve already met her but she’s really sweet and is really good for conversation. And I’d probably invite Frances Hodgson Burnett because she taught me that “all girls are princesses.”

  36. It’s so hard to pick 3 people out of all the individuals from history and alive today to meet or spend time with. I guess I won’t hurt my brain over it, and I’ll just invite Biz and Thereasa from the podcast one bad mother so I can vent about being pregnant and uncomfortable, and Mike Birbligia- ’cause that guy is funny.

  37. If I were to host a tea party, I’d love to invite: Eleanor Roosevelt, Corrie Ten Boom, and Hillary Clinton. I can imagine the brilliant and inspiring conversation we’d enjoy for hours!

  38. From Ashley-

    My granddaddy- raised my mom and us like we were his even though we were “steps”, wish he could have met my kids.

    One of the founding fathers- not sure which, I would just love their perspective on how their words are interpreted today!

    Alan Rickman- just to hear him talk! Maybe he could read Harry Potter out loud to us while we drank tea!

  39. The three people I would like to have tea with? First my dad, who died during my engagement. The second person would be my husband’s late father, who never got to meet my dad. The third person? Who cares? If my dad and my husband’s dad were sitting with me drinking tea, I doubt I would even be looking at the third person!

  40. I LOVE Tea Collection! Found them from you and Kristen Howerton, so well done, Tea, for choosing good bloggers to sponsor. I have spent many dollars with you thanks to these two ladies!
    I would love to have a tea party with: Oprah (who I actually was in the same room with and I literally petted her as she walked by) and my two sweet nieces, Megan and Clara.

  41. I have tea with my grandparents.

  42. If I could have tea with three, I’d pick my baby boy who left us too soon, my grandpa, and my husband <3

  43. Would loves to try out tea.

  44. Hmmm… Can it be a fictional person? I kind of want to have tea with Mary Poppins :) Also, I’d add Maya Angelou and my grandmother

  45. My three amazing children.

  46. I have a couple of their dresses that I’ve picked up at consignment shops and adore. I can always pick them out in the sea of clothes because of their truly stylish colors.

  47. Fingers crossed!

    I would invite Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery and my mother. My mom lives far away and I only see her once a year. Sitting down with authors she introduced me to would be a dream come true.

  48. Anderson Cooper, Jeff Probst, Kelly Ripa

  49. I would only want to have tea with one other person…my dad. He passed away when I was 22 and I would love to just sit and have tea with him one last time.

  50. I love Tea Collection! And I would love to have tea with Jane Austen, my grandma, and my best friend from high school.

  51. My dear, sweet grandma, Judy Blume, and Hillary Clinton. It’d be quite a party!

  52. I have been wanting to buy some items from the Tea Collection! I’d love to have tea with Queen Elizabeth I, the Beatles and Michelle Obama.

  53. Love Tea! I’d like to have a party with my two little buddies.

  54. Gary Larson, C.S. Lewis, and Audrey Hepburn.

  55. Oh La La – what a tea party! I would choose my beloved Grandma A who resides in the Heavens, along with my little men. Who would need some time with Grandma to learn all about life.

  56. I loved reading whom people would invite. Mine would be my mother in law who never knew my daughters and my two daughters (but if you need all from the past I’ll say my grandmothers, too).

  57. I would invite Oprah, Tina Fey, & Taylor Swift!

  58. Oh, we love Tea Collection around here. I don’t know why I bother to buy anything else, to be honest.

    If I could invite three people to a tea party, I’d invite my late Nana for whom my daughter is named after and whose china we have, my five-year-old daughter, and ??? I have two sisters, so I can’t choose one of them :) So probably my niece who is only 15 days younger than my daughter. We would use my Nana’s beautiful china and have a lovely time.

  59. Easy. My mom, dad and grandma. I miss them everyday.

  60. A tea party, eh? I would say my grandmother (who died from lupus waaaay before I was born – back when my dad was only 17), Ann Voskamp, & my dear friend Stefanie who moved to New York last year.

  61. Barack Obama, George H. Bush and John F. Kennedy

  62. I would invite my husband who passed away in 2003 even though he hates tea, Nikos Kazantzakis and Ann Frank. For the first time in my life I’d be speechless and spellbound listening to their stories.

  63. Tea party…a couple friends from college I think. They love tea parties and all things pride and prejudice.

  64. Laura Ingalls, Anne of green gable, and Princess Diane. Love Tea and your blog!

  65. My favorite Aunt, My Pop who I miss very much and my Memaw who lives in CA and I miss her a lot too.

  66. If I could invite three people to a tea party… easy… my father who died when I was 6, my mother so I could watch both of them still so in love, and my daughter (20 months) so she could me her Papaw. I wish I could bring my hubby too!! ;O)

  67. Michelle Duggar, hands down. :)

  68. We love tea collection! A tea party with my three best friends from college would be a fun reunion!

  69. Oh, please, can I have 4? I would invite my 4 grandparents. I got to know them all (to some degree) as a child but would love to get to know them as an adult!

  70. If I were to have a tea party, to begin, I would invite Elizabeth II, Queen of the Known World (only this realm because she can’t ride a dragon to Westeros). She’s been attending tea parties for the better part of 85 years, so she’d keep it proper and probably has sweet finger sandwich hook-ups. Second, I would invite Alanis Morissette because she’s a perfect Canadian nugget of feminism, loud, bold feelings, and I want to know if she would indeed go down on someone in a theatre. Finally, I would invite Paget Brewster because I am a goofy fan and she serves as an inspiration for me. She also does a mean Audrey Hepburn impression. Honourary mentions to Bruce Springsteen (from the ’70’s; that man had quite the bootymeat), Maya Angelou (oh, her beautiful words), and Cheryl Strayed (READ HER BOOKS IMMEDIATELY. YESTERDAY, EVEN!).

    Thank you regardless of the outcome, and all the best to you and your beautiful, fashionable family!

  71. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and my friend Meredith. No tea would be had, but the laughs would be epic.

  72. I would invite my brother who passed at 33 years old 14 months ago, my Ammy (grandmother) who also passed and my mother who grieves everyday for my brother. My daughter would LOVE the clothes from Tea!!

  73. Oh, man, the pressure of having to choose three in a hypothetical scenario! Gosh…my grandma who passed away 2 yrs ago so she I can tell me all about heaven while Michelangelo draws/sculpts my portrait, annnddd….. Jimmy Fallon to make me laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing! Geez, that was hard.

  74. My great grandmother, my Granny and my mom. Perfect opportunity to learn more about my Irish heritage.

  75. Yay great giveaway!!!! If I had a tea party I would invite my grandmother who past away two years ago and ask her a million questions about her life. I would also invite a dear friend all the way in Australia. I would love to meet her in person! And last but not least John Lennon :)

  76. Johnny Depp, my grandmother who passed about 12 years ago and it’s a toss up between Ellen DeGeneres or JK Rowling

  77. Love, love, love Tea collection. The three people I would invite to a tea party would be my momma, her momma (my grandmother), and my momma’s momma as I was never able to meet these two amazing women. I thibk having four generations in one room would be really cool. Also to see where my momma and I get our manurisiems. Thank you for the opportunity to win the give away!!

  78. Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and Jesus

  79. The dowager countess on Dowton Abbey (otherwise known as Maggie Smith, but she’d have to come in costume and with her imperial air in place), my friend Mandy who is English by heritage but likes to shake things up, and my sister, Laurie, a PhD in Linguistics who loves the nuance of language almost as much as she loves the tradition of tea.

  80. Oh! My grandpa, so my partner could meet him; an old friend from high school that I’ve lost touch with and can’t track down with current technology; and my partner, because she’s amazing and I want both of the previously mentioned people to know her :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  81. Elvis, my husband and Bryan Cranston. It makes sense when I think about it lol!

  82. My Grandmother whom I never met (she passed when my Mom was only 7), My Mom, and maybe Oprah!

  83. My grandma Bonnie was my biggest advocate when I decided to marry my beautiful husband. I knew what she most wanted in all the world was to see me have a baby. She died one year before my son, Dylan, was born, He just turned one, and with every pink rose or windy afternoon I think of her and how much she would have loved my son. And I tear up thinking how much I would have liked sharing being a mom with her. I have so many questions for her I never thought I would have. I would invite her, my grandpa (her husband) who died when I was just 6 months old, and my other Nana who died just in time to hear I was pregnant. I wish they could have met my beautiful son and shared being a mom with me.

  84. I would invite Oprah because, well, she’s amazing. I would then invite my best friend Sara because no party is complete without her. Lastly, I would invite my Gramma because man I miss her.

  85. How fun! I would invite my sister and best girlfriends to a tea party. These women inspire me, support me, challenge me, comfort me and keep me going. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them!
    Thank you for a fun giveaway!

  86. I would look e to have tea with my 3 grandmas. My biological maternal grandmother who I never got to meet, my maternal grandma who was the sweetest itty bitty thing, and my paternal grandma who I did not appreciate as much as I should have when I was young. Now that I have kids, I don’t know how she raised 5 boys and a girl and I KNOW she would have great stories that I’m now old enough to value.

  87. My grandma, grandpa, and my kids(I know that’s four)…I wish my grandparents could have met my kids.

  88. Maya Angelou, Mark Twain and Oprah of course

  89. If I were hosting a tea party I’d have my grandparents and my son so that they could meet each other. He looks at their pictures and knows about them, but I’d love to see them love each other, if just for a day.

  90. Kelle Hampton
    Kelly Cach
    Valerie Schatz

  91. Hmmm, probably Maya Angelou, Ellen, and Queen Elizabeth I. :)

  92. Love, love, love Tea Collection for my 6 and 2 year old girls! Such great quality and so beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

    A tea party with my grandparents would be wonderful! I know that you requested three people, but I never knew my grandfathers and I would just love to see them with my grandmothers…holding hands and telling stories…so sweet, I imagine. Oh, or one with my mom and her parents and one with my dad and his…geez, the possibilities are endless! xx

  93. Love this giveaway! I would invite my grandma ( who recently passed away), my sister and my mom to my tea party!

  94. I love these clothes. Too cute!
    To a tea party I would invite my two girls and my mom.

  95. Good question! I would pick my 2 SILs (both who live far away from me) and Sophia from OITNB!

  96. Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, and Ellen. Promises to be a hilarious time.

  97. I’d invite my kids of course, and my beautiful mom who passed away before she could meet her grandchildren. What an amazing afternoon that would be.

  98. LOVE Tea clothing for my kiddos! I would invite my grandma, who taught me the importance of sitting down with loved ones to talk and drink tea, my mom and my daughter. That would be a special tea party! :)

  99. I would invite Joan Didion, Rita Hayworth, and Sargent Shriver.

  100. A boy tea party! My son’s namesakes: my grandpa & my husband’s grandpa, neither of whom I got to meet. And my dad.

  101. Hmmm… Maya Rudolph, Judy Garland, and Rainbow Rowell (have you read any of her stuff?)

  102. Hands down: Bob Marley, Jimmy Fallon and my girl crush Angelina Jolie 😉

  103. I would love to have a tea party with my grandma, (she passed away last September) and my baby girl that was born in January. So my grandma could meet my little girl

  104. What fun! I have never purchased from Tea Collection, but always love the items you highlight here on the blog – and of course, always love how your three children are dressed!

    If I were to host a tea party, I would invite Kate Middleton (gotta have a Brit at a proper tea party, right?), Robert Frost, and my grandmother – who passed away in 2005 – and whom I wish I could have back for just one more day to ask all the questions I never had a chance or thought to ask before she was taken from us.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  105. My mom who died 10 years ago and use to take my now 22 year old to Ritz for tea, Mother Theresa who I met when I lived in India but was too young to appreciate who she was, and Audrey Hepburn (who would have enjoyed both of the others)

  106. I love me some Tea! Let’s see, I would invite Laura Ingalls for my daughter, Jordy Nelson for my son (he’s a Packer’s fan), and Billy Crystal for me. I like people who make me laugh :)

  107. My mom, my grandma, and my best friend!

  108. My husband and our two kids. But our 50-years-in-the-future selves.

    Oh no! I just realized I’ve left out future children. It sounded so good when I thought of it, though…

    LOVE Tea.

  109. Abe Lincoln, Billy Graham, and my grandpa!

  110. Julia Child, Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks!

  111. Lucy Maud Montgomery (wrote my favorite book series– Anne of Green Gables), My Lucy (that’s my daughter, she’s my favorite tea party companion in the present and always is good company), My maternal Grandpa (i miss him)

    Love tea! cool giveaway!

  112. I would invite my mother-in-law, my mom, and my sister. And we love Tea clothes – they are so cute and hold up really well.

  113. Easy peasy…I’d invite my dearly missed grandmother and my two girls. Nothing would make me happier than for them to get to meet and know the amazing woman who I miss every day!

  114. I would invite the Grandpa and Grandma that died before I was born and who I never got to meet. I’ve heard such wonderful stories about them all of my life.

  115. Love love Tea Collection. The leggings are the best quality. My dream tea party would be with Janis Joplin, Drew Barrymore and my best friend.

  116. Michelle Duggar, Angelina Jolie and Jesus. 😉

  117. My grandma who lives in heaven now, my cousin Sara, and my great-grandma Leda who I never met but wish I had.

  118. Sue Bryce, Audrey Hepburn, and my sister Bitsy

  119. I would invite Laura Ingalls Wilder, Princess Diana, and m grandma. :-)

  120. I would invite my mom, my sister and my daughter.

  121. Walt Disney, Lucille Ball, and Stan Lee. Hopefully they would all get along.

  122. Love this! I would invite Ellen, Kate Middleton and Britney Spears…would be interesting :)

  123. Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, and Henry VIII–a family reunion.

  124. Hm, probably Elisabeth Eliot, Amy Carmichael and Gladys Alyward

  125. My grandmother and my sisters.

  126. I’d love to invite my Grandmother (from heaven), my mother, and my little girl! It would be a wonderful tea party with four generations!!!

  127. Steve Erwin, Charlotte Bronte and my dad.

  128. ooh this is fun! My tea party invites are: Heath Ledger, June Carter Cash and Taylor Swift haha so random!

  129. I would invite Sherry Petersik (from Young House Love), Katie Bower (from Bower Power), and you, Kelle! My 3 favorite bloggers. I’m not one who fantasizes about meeting famous people, but I just admire the real-ness that you 3 ladies share and would love to talk to you all!

  130. Oh, man, tough question! The Queen, since tea just screams England, and we might as well do it right! Funny timing on this.. just a couple days ago I decided that all my nieces/nephews baby gifts will be Tea clothing from here on! This would give a good start :)

  131. You (I love the way you think!)
    Anne Morrow Lindberg (Did I spell her name right?)
    Lucille Ball

  132. My grandmothers…sure do miss them. And my son, so they could meet. Though I think, in the terrible-twos-come-early, he might be a less than genteel tea party guest!

  133. My mom, my childhood best friend, and Lucille Ball.

  134. My Grandma, my Great Grandma and my Daddy; it would be a great tea party.

  135. I would invite my best friend from college, my mom, and my mil!

  136. For my tea party I would invite my two beautiful grandmothers who have passed, one very recently. Neither one were able to meet my little daughter and it brings tears to my eyes to think how in love with her they would be.

  137. The options are endless… but Tina Fey for laughs, Joan of Arc for some girl power, and Mother Teresa in hopes some of her goodness would rub off on me :)

  138. I would have to say first I would invite my Great Aunt Joan (who had passed). She was from an different era and knew how to appreciate a tea party. The other two people would be my mom and dad. They live quite far away and its some times more than a year passes before we can see each other. We are due for a get together…

  139. Love Tea Collection!
    My Tea Party would include my mom and two daughters!.

  140. My grandma who passed two years ago, my husband’s grandpa who passed before he was born, and my hubby!

  141. Eli Wallach, mindy kaling, vera wang

  142. Sisters, sisters, sisters. Of course, I’ve got four, so I might have to sneak in one extra invite, but so lucky to have them. Next to my husband and kids, my favorite people ever.

  143. Cher, Madonna and Michael Jackson, cause he’s bad! and you know it!

  144. I would invite my mother and my daughters, Brooklyn (10) and Emerson Lily (6).

  145. My grandmother, my great grandmother and my daughter. Thinking of being with the three of them gives me goosebumps, what in wouldn’t give!

  146. Oh, we could so rock some Tea Collection basics in this house! I’m thinking those cute stripey t-shirts would work well as hand-me-downs from sister to brother :)

    If I were hosting a tea party, I’d invite Gail Carriger (author of the Parasol Protectorate series), Jillian Venters (author of Gothic Charm School) and Jane Austen :) Three lovely tea-loving ladies who would have EXTREMELY interesting conversation!

  147. My Mom and my friends Sue and Marilyn.

  148. I would invite Gregory of Nazianzus, Emmelia (his best friend’s mom), and Jesus. What can I say–I’m finishing a dissertation that deals with ancient Christian marriage! It would be a tea party where they could answer my questions in person!

  149. My grandmother and my daughter, because I would have loved for them to have met before my gramma died. And then I was going to say Hillary Clinton, but it seems unfair not to include my mom in this grouping, so, sorry Hillary!

  150. I would invite my daughter who has yet to attend a tea party, my grandmother in law who was a spunky, hilarious, spirited and mildly inappropriate lady, and Kate Middleton so she could teach us how to properly have tea. (Plus I think she’s just adorable!)

  151. I would invite my Mom, my husband’s dear, weet Grandma Connie who passed away two weeks ago, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  152. I would love to host a real tea party! I’ve never done that. I’d invite my grandma, my mom and my sister. We’re never in the same place at the same time. I hope I win some fun Tea Collection goodies!!

  153. Love Tea collection for my daughter!!! I would invite my grandmother(that passed before I was born), Jessica alba and john Mayer and his guitar!!!!

  154. Love Tea! I’d invite my grandma, for sure. I miss her and want to talk to her more. I’ve been trying to think of a few others, but really, I’d rather just pick my mama and my sisters. If I couldn’t squeeze a fourth, they’d have to flip coins or duke it out for the spot. There’s no one I’d rather have at my tea party!

  155. My mother, daughter and grandmother.

  156. I would love to have tea with Sarah of Nurshable, Nici of Dig, and Alanis Morrisette. Oh, I would soak soak soak up every drop of wisdom I could from these amazing women!

  157. A tea for three… Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and my 4 year old daughter…. three individuals who have had major and amazing impacts on my life!!

  158. My mom who makes me tea every time I’m with her and my 2 daughter’s (3 and 6) who adore tea parties! Love their line of clothes!!!

  159. So fun! I’d love to invite my grandma so she could have met my daughter, and my grandpa so I could meet him. Then perhaps Jesus, because that would be cool 😉

  160. My best friend, Jane Addams, and Elisabeth Elliot

  161. rowing up we did something called scary and fancy tea party’s. They were always fancy, but the scary part…not so much. Usually sugar skeleton bones were had. I’d invite my two sisters and three brothers. . . can’t keep it at only three or it might get really scary

  162. I would invite Andrew Jackson, Oprah and Paula Deen. These are the three that I would invite. – shaunie at twitter.com/sandyhills25

  163. Oh! What a great giveaway! My nieces sure would look cute in their clothes!

    I would invite Oprah, Joss Whedon, and my grandmother Nanny, who died when I was 7 and is my most favorite person in the whole world.

  164. I would have a tea party with my grandmas and mom. :)

  165. I would love to have a tea party with you Kelle, I bet conversations with you are super entertaining! Then I would invite my grandmother who has passed, and if I could fast-forward my daughter from her current 18 month age to an 18 year old I’d love to include her and to see the woman she will become.

  166. I would invite all my favorite girlfriends and make it fancy. It would be a blast!

  167. I would choose my dad because he’s been gone for almost 8 years now and I’d love to hear his voice again. And the other two would be my two kids, because they didn’t get a chance to meet their grandpa and I know they would love him and his jokes and visa versa.

  168. What a fun idea! I would invite- my Grandma who I’m named for but whom I never got to meet, Pope John Paul 2 and King Tut!

  169. MY beautiful mama and 2 daughters make a perfect tea party!

  170. I would invite my sister, my daughter and my son, the three most entertains people I know.

  171. I love Tea! What a great giveaway.

  172. I would invite Esther and Ruth from Biblical times and my mom!

  173. That would have to be Kurt Cobain, Martin Luther King Jr, and Ab Lincoln. I’m working on my Masters in History and I admire all of them.

    And if my girls attended the tea party with me, I’d love to share it with them.

  174. I would invite my mom and my two brothers in heaven just so we could all be together again for a while!

    We also love tea collection. It’s becoming an addiction….their stuff is all so cute!

  175. Corrie ten Boom, C.S. Lewis and Louis Zamperini.

  176. I have to invite four: my three children, and my mom, who died when my eldest was one month old. She would be so amazed, amused, and proud of my brood.

  177. I would invite my Grandmother (she is my bestie) my Mom and my Grandmas mom. I have always wished I had the chance to know my Mothers, Grandmother. That would be the most perfect Tea Party for sure.

  178. hmmm, i would have a tea party with my two younger sisters and my mama. i live 2000 miles away from all of them and miss them so much! :-)

  179. LOVE Tea collection!
    If I had a tea party, I would invite my grandma, grandpa and my husband’s grandpa- 3 people who left this earth before I got to meet them!

  180. Princess Diana, Anne Frank and my sister. {And I just placed my first ever order with Tea. A few new T’s for my girls to take on our trip to the East Coast in a week!} :) Happy Summer!

  181. I love Tea clothes. They are so soft and last through multiple children very nicely.
    I would invite both my grandmothers because I never knew them, my mom and if I could do a fourth I would also include my sister. My mom lost her mother when she was 5 years old so I would love for my mom to get to know her and while doing so I would get to know her. My other grandmother passed when I was one so I would love to meet her also.


  182. I would invite my two little girls, Olive and Gillian, and my best friend who we now live 3,000 miles away from. I know I could invite ANYONE…but these three are the most fun people I know!

  183. Well, since I so desperately needed to talk tonight (and cry my heart out) to fellow mamas who would truly get where my sobs come from, I’d say You, Patti Rice, and Laura Luyt. Those would be from my real life. But if I was to dream a little, without the sobs, I’d choose Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, and Caroline Ingalls ;).

  184. Emily Dickinson, Darwin, and Stephen Colbert.

    Samke23 at gmail dot com

  185. I share your love of Tea clothing! It’s gorgeous and lasts amazingly well. I would invite just two to my tea party – my two best cousins. We used to spend holidays together all the time, but haven’t been together in way too long!

  186. So, tea party, I think British, so…tom hiddleston, Benedict cumberbatch! and martin freeman. That counts, right? I’d just want to listen to them banter.

  187. If I were to have a tea-party I’d invite my sweet Grandpa who I miss so so very much, my father-in-law, who died when I was just 7 weeks pregnant with our only child and Angelina Jolie because I think her and I would be good pals if we knew each other.

  188. Sherbit, 3 people. Hmmmm. Probably my besties Liz, Zoe and Kirsty. If they were famous I would just sit there dumbfounded and unable to talk to them 😉

  189. My tea party attendees would include Joan of Arc, Emma Goldman and Vandana Shiva. There’d be dancing, visions, swordplay, conviction and laughter aplenty!

  190. I would love a tea party with Jesus Christ, my dear Grandma Helen from Heaven and the best lady in the world- my mom. Love

  191. What a great idea! It would definitely be my mother and two grandmothers, all who have passed away. Now that I’m a mom of four, I’d love to have their advice, support, and encouragement.

  192. My mom who lives 12 hours away, my grandmother who passed away 8 years ago and maybe julia Roberts because I just adore her!

  193. I am dull, I would invite my three best friends from az who I hardly use anymore!
    That would be enough for me!

  194. What pressure to choose! I would choose my best friend, my mom, and Rainbow Rowell (loving her books at the moment).

  195. Wow, we love Tea! Actual cute boy’s clothes!

    Though question, since I just started writing an hour away from my kids I’d have to say them. I leave when they’re on bed and come home just in time to kiss them sweet dreams. I’d love a tea party to hear all about their days.

  196. My husband, my dear friend Elaine, and Jesus

  197. I would invite my grandmothers and my husband’s grandmother to a tea party. I miss those women so much.
    Thanks for the chance to win great clothes for my granddaughters!

  198. I love tea collection my daughters and my grandma would be invited if I hosted a tea party!

  199. Oh, that’s easy. I’d invite my daughter, Celia, who died two years ago, shortly before her fifth birthday. And I’d invite her younger brothers, Tuck and Tollie. It’d be a dream come true for the three of them to get a chance to know each other.

  200. Fun! My girls are at the perfect age for a tea party. So aside from them, I would invite my brother (he passed away 21 years ago). I would also invite my Grandma because she was awesome and had the best laugh. And my Mom because I can’t think of a better reunion than my mom with her son and her mom.

  201. I would invite my sister, my mom and my aunt(my mother’s sister).These are the ladies i love the most!!!

  202. My grandmom because I miss her, my other grandmom because I never met her and my mom.

  203. I would invite my 3 BFFs! Life has been busy these days so I could really use a belly-laughing girls night out.

  204. I would invite my grandfather that passed away when I was 2 years old, my future child (I hope to have one day), and myself in 20 years so I can see if this whole vet school thing works out 😉

  205. I would bring my mother and both grandmothers back for a long visit. (Amazing how many things I wish I knew–that I never asked about.)
    PS. Such cute clothes!

  206. I would invite my Grandma Joyce and my two beautiful kiddos. She passed away before they were born and I would love to introduce them!

  207. Cute clothes! I would like to have tea with the Mad Hatter, Amelia Bedelia, and Shrek!

  208. LOve tea collection, LOVE Kelle!

  209. I would invite some friends from highschool (boarding school) who are now spread all over the world. It would make for a great little reunion!!

  210. My grandma and grandpa who used to share tea and stories with me before they both passed away as well as my mom.

  211. If would invite Ellen, Marilyn Monroe and my daughter.

  212. Dear goodness. I have no idea. I think I’d go boring and invite some friends who have moved away…Elizabeth, Liz, and Rachel. It’d be fun to get those ladies together.

  213. Oh how I love Tea Collection items! Would love to be able to have some of our own! At my tea party I would invite my Meme, who passed away 13 years ago, my Mom and my Grandma. Happy Thursday!

  214. I would invite three friends! I don’t see them much and mostly it’s with kids…
    Love the Tea collection. I hope they ship to the Netherlands!

  215. Three friends! I see them to little and when we do it’s mostly with kids…
    I like the Tea collection! And I like durable clothes that can be passed down to siblings!

  216. Great blog and would love a chance to win!! :) Thanks for the opportunity.

    If I were to have a tea party I would invite my Grandmom (who keeps a tea tray on her bed each day), an elderly neighbor who I grew up across the street from, Jo, (who just so happened to give me a tea set my parents brought her back from Bermuda years earlier for my HS grad present) and my mother who I adore and live too far from these days.

  217. I’d invite my two little girls and my grandmother who passed away 14 year ago. It’d be a sight that would bring tears to my eyes.

    PS. I LOVE Tea brand clothing!

  218. Oooh…I would pick Jesus, my mom and her mom who has passed away.

  219. Ellen Degeneres, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey

  220. I would invite my mother, my daughter, and my grandmother who recently passed away.

  221. At my tea party I would invite my Grandfather, I knew him as a child knows their Grandpa but I missed out on knowing him as an adult, learning from him and hearing his stories. Next, I would invite my sister because she is a hoot! She is the person who includes everyone, brings a smile to your face and is the only person I know who can fit 48 hours into 24! Finally, I would invite you. I would love to learn more about your story, your daily life and I would want you as my friend and in my corner. Happy Thursday!

  222. This busy woman would like a tea party with me, myself and I :)

  223. My deceased mother because i really miss her, brad pitt for some eye candy, and margaret mitchell.

  224. My Aunt Rachel, my Grandpa, my Mom.

  225. I would invite my three girlfriends. :) We don’t get to see each other nearly enough!

  226. Decisions, decisions. I would invite my grandmother, my daughter, and my mom. :)

  227. I would invite Jackie Kennedy, Mother Theresa, and My grandmother – all passed on but all left some sort of legacy or impact on the world around me.

  228. My daughter, my mom and my sister…my 3 favorite ladies!

  229. My great aunt, who was always the life of the party; Elvis; and Robert Heinlein.

  230. Love Tea! I’d invite both of my grandmothers and my aunt.

  231. A tea party for me would not be complete
    Without my three beloved sisters!

  232. Love tea collection!

  233. i would invite ryan gosling (eye candy), liam hemsworth (more eye candy), and jennifer lawrence (funny and real).

  234. I would invite my Mom (she passed away 4 years ago), daughter (she would love to dress up for the party!), and sister (who lives too far away and I don’t get to see very often).

  235. My late Paw-Paw, Bill Cosby, and Kourtney Kardashian. Now THAT would be a memorable tea party!

  236. My mum’s mum, my dad’s dad, and my (currently 4 year old) daughter when she’s in her teens or twenties.

  237. My mom, my grandma, and my daughter. I would love for the eldest to meet the youngest :)

  238. My initial reaction was
    Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth the First, people who have always interested and inspired me

    The more I think about it,
    How cool would it be to have a tea party with my Childhood self, around age 8, then myself at 21 and again from the future, say age 50. (I am currently 29) To get insight and experiance from myself would be an amazing thing

  239. My mom, my Nana, and my daughter. We’re 4 generations of women but as close as can be!

  240. Jane Austen, My Grandmother, Corrie Ten Boom. Thanks for the opportunity.
    mombenson (at) comcast (dot) com

  241. Hmm so hard to choose but I would pick Jane Austen to keep it proper, Emma Stone because she is super funny, and my sister Lauren because she is my best friend and the life of any party.

  242. I would invite my Papa and Granny to have a party with me and my son. He was only a year old when my Granny passed away and oh, how she loved him and would love to see him now that he is 4. We would sit outside at their picnic table underneath the maple tree. It would be awesome.

  243. Daniels:

    Day Lewis

    What a crazy tea party that would be!

  244. I would invite my mom and sisters. I just moved across the country and miss them so much! A tea party would be perfect :)

  245. If I were having a tea party, I would host the most classy ladies in my most humble opinion. That certainly starts with Audrey Hepburn, then my Big Nana (great-grandmother…so much class) and finally Kate Middleton. And we would have tea. And it would be fabulous!

  246. MY favorite birthday memory was a formal tea party in dresses and homemade hair clips! As for a present-day tea party? My mom, my older half-sister, and Amelia Earhart!

  247. I would have to have four instead of three-my four grandparents. My last living grandparent recently passed away and all of them have been on my heart and mind even more than usual lately. So much I would love to say and ask them again!

  248. I’m planning to have a little girls’ tea party today for caroline, hattie, and adele. :)

  249. I would have both my grandmothers and my Great Aunt Lo. There are so many family stories that are getting lost and I regret not spending the time/paying the attention that I should have while I still could.

  250. My mom and my 2 daughters so they could get to know their grandmother better, she passed 2 years ago.

  251. Love this! I would want to have tea with my Gma & Gpa Williams and my Uncle Gus. All “passed on” before I was old enough to really know them.

  252. I would love to have tea with my 2 grandmothers and my 4 year old daughter.

  253. Oh, tea would be best with British company. So I would choose JK Rowling, Beatrix Potter and Lady Di!

  254. Wanda Sykes, Amy Phoeler, and Ellen!!! I love to laugh!

  255. Hmmm…..3 people: Benedict Cumberbatch (because yum! and he’s smart!), my bff who lives on the opposite coast, and my Mom who lives almost on the opposite coast :)

  256. Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy and Amelia Earhart

  257. My two grandmothers (one passed away when I was little) and my mom. :)

  258. My daughter Taylor, my Aunt Brenda who lives in Arizona and my best friend who lives in Washington!

  259. I would invite Winston Churchill, Meryl Streep, and Stephen Sondheim to my tea party.

  260. I’d love to have my two grandmothers and my daughter. The chance to show both of my grandmothers what I’ve accomplished since they’ve left and to introduce them to my daughters would be priceless!

  261. Waiting patient for my grand baby to be old enough for tea parties :-)

  262. I would invite my grandmother (who used to play tea party with me when I was little — she died about six years ago), my mom and my favorite book character growing up: Laura Ingalls Wilder! What an interesting afternoon that would make!

  263. Queen Elizabeth I, Emily Post, Martha Stewart. Just to see who’s idea of a proper tea was most correct.

  264. Both my grandmas and my almost 4-year old daughter. I am lucky that one of my grandmas is still living and has a loving relationship with my daughter. I’d love for her to have met my other wonderful grandma.

  265. I would have a tea party with my Grandmother, who would take me to the Ritz Carlton for high tea on my birthday each year until she passed away, my Aunt Darla who lives too far away, and my great-grandma who recently passed away. Three women I love and look up to and admire more than any other. The fun we would have and the things I would learn about being a wife and mom would be invaluable.

  266. Really love the quality of Tea clothes. I would invite my two grandmothers, who passed at different stages of my life, and my daughter, so we could all spend time together.

  267. My grandmothers and aunt! Love tea collection

  268. Since I now live on the opposite corner of the US from them (I moved to Florida and they are all still in Washington) I would just want to have a tea party with my mother, sister and niece!

  269. My nieces, my mom and my grandma.

  270. If I hosted a Tea party, I would invite my Irish grandmother whom I’ve never met, my 5 closest girlfriends and my grown daughters (future.) And if possible, Maya Angelo-I’ve been even more obsessed with her since her death.

  271. Florence Nightengale, Hilary Clinton & my grandma Pat

  272. My dear mother-in-law, who passed on in 2011 and was a 2nd mother to me. My mom, who has always given so much of herself to us. And my daughter, who I have learned to do the same for, through her example.


  273. Mother Teresa, St Therese of Lisieux, and my friend Karen!

  274. If I hosted a Tea party, I would invite my Irish grandmother whom I’ve never met, my 5 closest girlfriends and my grown daughters (future.) And if possible, Maya Angelo-I’ve been even more obsessed with her since her death.

  275. I would invite Julie Andrews (she would know how a real tea party should go), Amy Poehler (for obvious reasons), and Barbara Walters (I know she has some fascinating stories to tell.) Man, that question made me think a lot!

  276. I would invite my grandmother, who I miss terribly, my daughter (so my grandmotehr could meet her new namesake), and my mother to make it a 4 generation affair! And oh how I would love to be able to go on a little shopping spree for my baby girl!

  277. My late Granny, my mom, and my daughter. My granny never got me meet my daughter. I’d love to have 4 generations all together at a tea party. :)

  278. I would invite my best friends from high school, college, and law school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. Hi Kelle! For my tea party, I’d invite my late Grandma (she passed away when I was 12, and there’s so much I didn’t know to ask her about), your dad (I find him to be such a kind and loving person…I’d love to talk Jesus with him, because I have so many questions) and you (because I’ve enjoyed you and your honesty for years via your blog and would love to chat it up face to face). When can you come? :)

  280. I would invite my mother and grandmother, who both passed away when I was two. I’m sure there is so much that I could learn, even in a short time. And I would invite my dad…he deserves to see them too.

  281. What darling outfits. I of course would invite my grands for a special date since they love parties. Under the trees with vintage linens and the China set from my childhood would finish off.

  282. I would invite my great grandmother Ofelia, who I would love to meet, her daughter (my grandmother) Stella, and my mother.

  283. I would invite my mom, my Nana and my great-grandmother that I have never met. It would be 4 generations of women.

  284. My Grandma would be my first guest. She passed over a year ago from leukemia. She loved tea parties and had a collection of fine tea cups which I always admired. I would love to sit and tell her about how I am pregnant again and ask her all the personal questions I never did when she was living. I would also invite my Grandmother’s mother, my Nonny, who passed when I was 8. I would ask her to please teach me some Italian while we ate our favorite Italian cookies. The only words I know are rude, foods, and the word for a dishtowel. Three generations from Italy and most of the language is lost. For my final guest I would invite my cousin Missy who is becoming a beautiful woman and the only member of my Italian family who feels like she could be my sister. She would also love time with our Gram and a chance to meet our Nonny again.

  285. My three daughters who always love a little tea party!

  286. I would invite my mom, daughter, and son. We all love tea parties!:)

  287. I can only pick 3?! My grandmothers, both of which passed before I could remember them. I miss not knowing them. I’d have lots of question about their lives back then and would love to seek some parenting wisdom…and I’d invite my mom, we live on different continents, I miss her dearly, too.

  288. My tea party-Juliet Gordon Lowe-fonder of the Girl Scouts, Hilliary Clinton and of course HRH Queen Elizabeth!

  289. My two sisters and my mom! While we all live close, we’re so disconnected with physical, face-to-face interaction because we’re managing homes, full time jobs, kids, and summer sports. We miss each other.

  290. I love Tea Collection & tea parties (but not those political ones)! I would invite Amy Sedaris, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, and Kelle Hampton, of course!

  291. Abigail Adams, Queen Elizabeth, and Jennifer Lawrence. ‘Cause you know she would really shake it up.

  292. Such darling clothes! I guess if I could choose anyone both past and present to my tea party I would definitely choose my dad who passed way too young I would love for him to be able to meet his grandchildren, so I guess that would mean I would have to invite my kiddos too then:)
    If I were to invite people from the present I would choose a long time pen pal of mine from New York I have never met, Susan Branch, and the Pioneer woman.

  293. I would have loved for my grandfather and my husband to meet, and probably my brother….the conversation would be great!

  294. yes to TEA! love everything.

  295. I would invite my two great-grandmothers (Sara and Elizabeth), my namesakes, who I never met. I would also invite my mother, who has always spoken so highly of them both.

  296. I would invite my grandma, my mom, and my little girl.

  297. oh! invites to my Tea Party: John Lennon, My great great grandma Jesse Winifred Reno who was apparently the classiest, most stylish lady in southern California in the 50s (my mom said she smelled amazing), and…. you? would you come to my tea party? 😉

  298. Maya Angelou, my Mamau, and my dad (who would love to see his mom)

  299. My daughter, Oprah and my grandmother who died 10 years ago, it would be awesome.

  300. We love our Tea hand me downs! Hmmm…for a tea party, I would invite Jane Goodall (an all-time favorite idol of mine), the lead singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (because I would want to hear what comes out of his mouth every second of the day. I image it all would be fascinating), and my grandfather (because I never met him before he died – although from stories I’ve heard, I’d be afraid he would try to flirt with Jane Goodall).

  301. Fun!! I’d invite my grandmother (whom I’m never met), Hillary Clinton, and either Kate Middleton or Tim McGraw. :)

  302. My Nana, my mom, and my daughter. Having those people at the same table would be amazing.

  303. The love Tea Collection! If I were to have a tea party, I would invite my father, my friend Mitzy, and the Pope.

  304. My Mom, my Daughter and my GrandFather

  305. I would invite my mom, who died in 2003, and my 3 and 5 year old daughters. My mom desperately wanted grandchildren but passed away before her four grandkids were born. My girls’ room is filled with bunny rabbits (paintings, ceramics, stuffed animals) that my mom collected.

  306. If I were to host a tea party, I would invite my grandmother (passed away 4 years ago), my daughter, and I’m not sure about the third person… maybe Oprah or Ellen

  307. I would like to invite my great grandmother, my grandmother who passed away when I was 6, and my daughter so she can meet them.

  308. I can’t wait to have tea partys with my daughter. I think I’d have to invite my grandma and my husbands grandma, both who have died and who our daughter is named after. I’d have to invite my daughter so they could meet her, but if I can sneak her in (the whole 2 and under free thing right?) I’d probaly also invite my grandpa. I’m boring, but I miss them so much.

  309. My daughter, my mom and my dad. My parents both died before I was 20 so my 19 year old daughter never meet them. Would love to see them together!! Particularly my dad as they are so much alike.
    Great question by the way!!!!

  310. My daughter because she is 4 and loves tea parties, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman.

  311. can i invite 4 people? I would invite all my grandparents that are no longer here today :(

  312. My husband and two kids!

  313. Would love to win this! I would invite my grandmother who passed away a few years ago, a dear friend who I met through the internet but have yet to meet in real life, and another who I haven’t seen in years.

  314. I would love to have a tea party with Cole Porter, Leonard Cohen, and Johnny Cash. I would love to see what the conversation would be.

  315. if i got to host a tea party, i would most definitely invite my granny (who loved tea and curly bacon), my mom (because she, my granny, and i had many tea parties), and an older friend, halie, who introduced me to tea at age two and let me put as many spoonfuls of sugar in my tea as i wanted!!!

  316. My grandmother who passed away last August, writer Matt Logelin (is that weird? yeah I think that’s weird), and my best friend Erica; I see her everyday but I’d still want her there. I’ve never actually been to a tea party…!

  317. I love the Tea brand, I’ve bought a few pieces for my niece and daughter along the way. For the tea party, my sister is living a few hours away now so I’d invite my sister, 6 year old niece, and my mom.

  318. My mom, my amazing aunt, and my grandmother. Three amazing women who inspire me daily!

  319. My mom, Ree Drummond and Mrs. Matthews

  320. That’s way too hard to figure out right now. Maybe my 2 grandmothers and my grandfather. I miss them.

  321. Tea party with Amelia Earhart, my Grandma (miss her so much!) and Bill Cosby.

  322. Oprah and Diane Sawyer because they have met many interesting people and the stories they must have! And also Mother Theresa because we all need to be humbled once in a while :)

  323. I would invite my mom, my best friend, and her mom. I am an only child and she only had a little brother so we have always been sisters to each other. Love Tea Collection clothes for my little cousins!

  324. Queen Elizabeth I, Katharine Hepburn, and Frida Kahlo.

  325. Probably Oprah, Hillary Clinton, and Sheryl Sandberg – a power tea party!

  326. Both of my grandmothers, so that I could sit down with them as a mom with my own family since they left this earth too soon, and my son, so he could meet them and know what wonderful women they were. <3

  327. The new line looks great!

    I would say Johnny Cash, my pastor, and my little girl (because everything is better when she is around!)

  328. I love tea collection! I woul invite my daughter, playing tea party is her favorite right now. I would also invite my mom and dad, who live 1,000 miles from us.

  329. I would invite my 5 year old daughter Julia, my mom Vicki & dad John (who both passed away 8 years ago) to have all 4 of us together for a tea party would make all my dreams come true!! If only it could happen. :)

  330. My mom and two sisters – I don’t see any of them enough!

  331. Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, and Olivia the pig.

  332. Elvis, John Lennon, and John F Kennedy.

  333. My mom, her mom, and my sister. Going to check out Tea Collection. I love clothes that hold up well!

  334. My grandpa, grannie (love and miss them every single day!), and my mom. Of course, my two girls would be there too!

  335. I’d invite my grandma, my mom and my daughter to create a reunion of four generations that did not happen in this life.

  336. I would invite my grandmother (who is 93 years young!), Audrey Hepburn, and Julie Andrews!

  337. I love the new collection!

    The three people I would invite would be my mother who I lost many years ago, Mother Teresa, and Marie Curie. Can you imagine the conversation?? #faithandscience

  338. I would love to have a tea party with my incredible grandmother who passed away in 1993 and my children who I wish she had the chance to meet!

  339. How delightful a “spot of tea” would be right now! (said with a British accent of course!) I would love to invite my maternal grandmother and great grandmother (both deceased) and my mom for tea. We would be able to catch up on the grandbabies and fantastic life happenings that have occured since they passed.

  340. Fun giveaway! I would invite Nora Ephron, Franklin Roosevelt and John Lennon.

  341. George Washington (seriously, his actions started the peaceful transfer of power between presidents, unprecedented in the world.) My great grandmother, whom i never met, who was a nurse during WWI, and of course, my three daughters (is it cheating to count them as one?)

  342. Hmmmm…Oprah, Stephen King, and Bob Harper.

  343. I would host my grandmothers and my mom!

  344. I’d invite Vincent Van Gogh, Jules Verne and Georgia O’Keefe.

  345. Tough question! How about Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, and my grandpa. :)

  346. Barack Obama
    Diana Gabaldon
    Ani Difranco

    What an awesome tea party it would be :)


  347. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Barbara Jordan, Jane Goodall

  348. Both of my grandmothers and my aunt

  349. My tea party would include my grandma, mom & son. Oh the joy!

  350. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maria Von Trapp, & my mother :)

  351. I would love to receive this giveaway! Three people I would invite to a tea party would be as follows: Laura Ingalls Wilder, President John F Kennedy, and Nelson Mandela.

    I think each of them helped in some form to bring breakthrough to people through love and equality. Whether it as teaching in a classroom or moderating our country or eradicating despair, they made people feel like…people. They all had characteristics and traits that could’ve been better or changed, but I’ve gained knowledge from the lives. I think their conversation would be a fun one to sit back and listen to for hours.

  352. My paternal grandparents (I never met them…) and my dad!

  353. I would invite my daughters (1.5 and 5.5) and my mom to a tea party. I would love to try tea’s cute clothes! We’ve never purchased anything from them before.

  354. I would invite my darling friend Carly Jo, she is seriously the most fun person to be around- and Jackie Kennedy Onassis– just for the fashion :)

  355. I’m actually going to go with past and future….
    Future: Our twins that will be born in January!!
    Past: My husband’s grandma Nola that I never met.

  356. I would love to buy some tea collection clothing for my girls. This giveaway would help.

  357. My mom, daughter, and great-grandmother.

  358. My girls and my Mom!

  359. Steve Jobs, Prince, and George Lucas. :)

  360. Oh how I do love Tea Collection. They have the CUTEST boy clothes.
    So, if I were to have a tea party today I would definitely invite my grandma Lela. She was such a truly wonderful woman. I would invite her and my two sons who she would’ve adored and who I am so bummed she never got to meet (and they never got to me her). If I could invite a 4th it would be the hubs, because they would’ve loved each other as well…but lately I find myself wishing that grandma and I could sit and chat about these two crazy boys I’m raising and she could tell me that I’m doing it right, even though often I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.

  361. I’d invite 3 girlfriends that live out of town…. it might turn into a wine and ice cream party!!

  362. I would pick my great grandmothers and my paternal grandmother.

  363. I love Tea Collection-my girls have quite a few of their dresses! My tea party guests would be both of my grandmothers, as well as one of my great-grandmothers (who lived until I was in college). None of my three daughters got to meet these women who have had such an impact on my life. How I would love a few hours to share their gracious, funny, godly hearts with my girls!

  364. Sean Johnson, Nadia Comaneci and Shannon Miller.
    Can you tell I’m at gymnastics practice with my 7 year old?

  365. I’ll switch it up a bit. I am currently pregnant with twins so I’d like to have tea with my two babies when they are each 30, and have my mom join us as well. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  366. Oh, that’s a good question! Hmm…I think I would invite my Grandmother Mary who passed 12 years ago, Mother Teresa and Barbara Walters because she can get anyone to talk!

  367. My best friend (who passed away); Noah from the Bible; and my daughter.

  368. If I could have 3 people to tea, I’d love to have tea with my uncle (he passed away before I was born), my great-grandmother, and my great-grandfather


  369. Hmm … I’d choose my grandparents who passed away before my daughter was born. I’d love for them to meet her!

  370. Love Tea!

    If I had a tea party, I’d invite my mom, my daughter, and my grandma.

  371. What a wonderful line of products!

    I would invite my daughter, my mom and my grandma. :)

  372. My dad (who passed away 10 years ago), my daughter and my son – so they could meet their grandpa.

  373. Oh, we love Tea Collection. I’ve already pinned some fave pieces to my daughters style board. My tea party would be author themed! JK Rowling, Madeline L’Engle, and LM Montgomery.

  374. I would invite my two grandmothers who have passed and my mom!

  375. grandparents!!! all of them. love your blog and outlook on life, kelle!

  376. Hellen Keller, Anne Sullivan, and My sweet Savannah Mae.

  377. I would have my nan and my 2 kids so they could meet.


  378. That is an easy one…my son, my husband, and my dad. I can think of a better date!

  379. I think I’d invite LM Montgomery, Susan B Anthony and my Great-Grandma Aamodt.

  380. My grandmother who past away before I was born, my grandmother who lives too far away and I don’t get to see often enough and my mom!

  381. I would invite my sister who lives in germany, my mom and my little guy who loves tea.


  382. I would host my two deceased grandmothers (who past away within 3 months of each other ) just a great way to say goodbye and Katy perry becuase why not!

  383. I love Tea! And also tea. And I would invite Julia Roberts, JK Rowling, and Kate Winslet.

  384. I have yet to try anything from Tea Collection, maybe now is the time.

    I never know what to say to answer the “who would you invite, anybody past or present”. But I want someone real, that I can relate to and have good conversation with. So I’m going to go with a blogger theme here, and I would have you, Kristin Howerton, and Beth Woolsey and it would be awesome.

  385. Ah hosting a tea party! That is what I did to celebrate my 18th birthday many years back :) high school girls in prom dresses…does not get much better than that! For a tea party today I would invite my husbands grandmother (who died before I met him) and my two great grandmothers…so many fun stories would come from that awesome collection of sassy women!

  386. I love Tea. My kids have been wearing it since they were babies. They are my coveted “pass down” pieces. When my kids finally outgrow them…I always hold on to this brand longer than anything else…I have this strange emotional connection to them. So soft and they just remind me of my babies as babies. When I do finally let them go…. I choose my recipients wisely…usually people I see often so I can see the clothes continue to be worn by littles.

  387. I would dearly love to meet my great grandmothers, Daisy and Maggie, and my mother’s mom Willie Mae. Just to talk for awhile over tea would be so awesome. Too bad that isn’t the prize!

  388. I have always wanted to meet Walt Disney. I would also love to meet Julia Child and Ina May Gaskin of The Farm. None of these people have anything in common but hey, I can invite whoever I want, right?? :)

  389. First choice would be my 3 young grand babies. However, it appears we are choosing adults. My grandmothers and my best friend from high school who have all passed away would be my family choice. Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Mother Theresa would be my “famous” choices.

  390. I would love to win! I would invite Julia Child, Ree Drummond and Ina Garten!

  391. My mom, my grandma from England and my grandma who died a few years ago. All about family!

  392. We love Tea Collection! If I had a tea party, I would invite my grandmother, who passed away when I was three months old, my 2-yr old daughter, and my mom.

  393. My 3 sweet, TEA loving daughters!!

  394. Tea party? Sweet. I’d invite Anna Kendrick, Robert Downey Jr, and Audrey Hepburn. Surely we’d never run out of conversations!

  395. What a great question! I would choose Mozart, Albert Einstein, and The Rock :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  396. What a great giveaway!

    I would invite my grandmother who just passed away last week. She had an AMAZING sense of style and would have loved a “tea” party. :)

    I’d also invite my sister who just had a baby and my friend Jessica who recently moved away. It would be grand.

  397. I’d invite my daughter, Jesus and my grandmother on my mom’s side that I never got to meet

  398. Maggie Smith + Staney Tucci + Sean Connery = Tea table of awesomeness!

  399. What an awesome giveaway! I love Tea Collection and I’m super excited about this 😀

  400. I’d invite my sister, Mom and grandmother. Fun!

  401. I would love to go three generations back and three forward and see what wonderful things we might find in common, my Great, Great Grandmother
    my Great Great grand daughter
    and maybe throw in the Dalai Lama because, well, that would just be amazing.

  402. My mom and my 2 sisters

  403. I would invite my mom, sister, and best friend, Jessica.

  404. I love the Tea Collection! Such great, high quality clothing. If I were to have a tea party, I would invite my maternal grandfather who passed away ten years ago, my sister, and my mom. My mom and sister live half way across the country from me, so I miss them all of the time.

  405. Lovely stuff! I would invite three of my close friends from college whom I’ve not seen in a while.

  406. Love these clothes – great for my granddaughter and grandson!

  407. Do they have to be real people? I choose Harry Potter, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the author Jodi Picoult.

  408. I’d invite my mother-in-law, her deceased mother whom I never had the pleasure of meeting, and Gianna Molla.

  409. So fun! A best friend each from high school, college, and medical school! Because that’d be one fun group.

  410. 1.) Anne Frank.
    2.) My grandmother the year my father was born (1942).
    3.) Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  411. I would invite my 3 kids (Liam, Fiona, and Nora) :)

  412. 1. Princess Diana
    2. Oprah
    3. Mother Teresa

    is it bad that i would add Jesus as an alternate? 😉

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