Go Fourth…and Prosper

I’m realizing that the go-and-do-and-see part of our summer is all scheduled toward the end of summer, so we’ve subconsciously balanced it with some nice laid-back laziness (my early bedtime has earned me the nickname Grandma K)–hence June’s less frequent posts. In terms of the Fourth, that means less “Go big or go home” and more just “stay home.”

No worries. We accessorize it all up with some patriotic flair.

 photo print1_zps30375e41.jpg

 photo print2_zpsf1ae1fbb.jpg

Also. This just in. New sequel to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: If you give a kid a stick flag…he’s going to want to poke someone’s eye out with it.

Along with celebrating our ‘merican pride, we did summery fourthish things.

Watermelon? Check.

 photo print10_zps8c7a1332.jpg

Barbecue? Check.

 photo print12_zps079187f8.jpg

 photo print13_zps7c19e68d.jpg

Water, fireworks, friends? Check, check, check.

 photo print25_zpse52d002b.jpg

 photo print8_zpsf61809dd.jpg

 photo print15_zpse4b730a1.jpg

 photo print16_zps445d8cf1.jpg

(mister-sister shenanigans)
 photo print18_zpsc8179a73.jpg

 photo print19_zpsd2e10e9c.jpg

 photo print20_zpsedff1a28.jpg

 photo print21_zps2bbdd663.jpg

 photo print22_zps24d486b6.jpg

And this one got her baby fix. If the baby cries and you take him from her, there is hell to pay. Hell, I tell you.

 photo print6_zpsf912f54f.jpg

 photo print11_zpsb795d6bf.jpg

I’ve tended to lean towards “it’s worth it” when it comes to dragging the family out to make holiday memories–parades and fireworks shows, wagon trains and big crowds. I casually mentioned to Brett Friday morning though, “Want to hit the parade?”, and we both paused for all of three seconds before laughing. We kept going back and forth between thigh sweat/calming screaming babies after gun blasts/walking two miles from parking spot and staying in our pajamas/drinking coffee/watching the kids play from the comfort of our kitchen. Tough choice, I know. But, hello? Star spangled temporary tats. It’s almost like a parade, but without the thigh sweat.
We won.

 photo print4_zps8e07357a.jpg

Now for the new week. Giddy up, summer!


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  1. :) Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July!

  2. Oh my goodness. The outfits are stellar. We didn’t go to a parade either. The kids wanted to sleep in. Why not? It’s summer! : ) I hope you have a great one.

  3. Kelle….
    Picture number two of Dash. He is making a little Lainey facial expression!! Honestly? I had to do a double-take!! 😉
    Love you later, Raelyn

  4. Go the pyjamas and stay at home! We are in our winter holidays at the moment and doing lots of that. We’ve learnt the hard way too, participation is not always what its cracked up to be!

  5. Haha “thigh sweat”…that’s what kept us home too. But three days with the grandbaby and rest if the fam was heaven. Thankful for this life I lve.

  6. Kelle, I love watching you evolve as a parent just as I have. Right now my husband and I live in a single wide mobile home with our four children. We could up and move in a larger home but at this point, we prefer the “easy,” humble life we have. When you talked about the parade I thought of our life. You don’t always have to join the big parade to be a good parent. Much love, Jessie

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. Have a lovely, summery, week.

  8. We had a similar 4th. LOVE Lainey’s pink suit/romper where did you get it?

  9. Isn’t this week your trip to Rwanda??

  10. These photos are great! I love how baby obsessed Nella is–my four year old is the same way. :)

    You leave for Rwanda this week, right? I’m so excited for you.

  11. All the photos, as usual, are fabulous. Especially loved the one of Brett and Dash in the pool…what a wonderful daddy!

  12. Miss your big, wordy posts loaded with pictures…but that’s just me being selfish…lol. Enjoy your summer! BTW…that pic of baby Luke…so, so beautiful!!

  13. Looks like the right amount of…. Fourthing :)))

  14. Love this post! You write so beautifully, so originally, and so creatively. Your kids are adorable to boot! So glad you enjoyed.

  15. Seriously, check out my photos of Ellie at the parade. I’ve read your posts about it for years. So knowing FULL WELL my child would have the same response, I dragged my family there. We left early. She liked the horse. And the dog. She did not like: The guns. The loud music. The sweating. The crowds. Being dragged away from the beach.

  16. Sounds wonderful!

  17. Oh this makes me feel so much better! I have a 17 month old and am pregnant and really nothing sounded better than staying in and celebrating at the house. I was feeling like lamey lamerson mom. Good to know in reality it some times more enjoyable to just stay!

  18. The picture of Lainey smiling on the side of the pool is adorable! She looks so happy!
    I have been reading your blog from the very beginning for the past few months (on 2009 right now!). I’ve really been enjoying reading about all of your special times with her!

  19. I actually got up on Friday morning and made my little family go to the parade because “Kelle Hampton would tell me to seize the day!” Problem was we were an hour late. Next time we are staying home!! 😉

  20. The picture and caption of Nella holding the baby and having a baby fix reminded me of a story my mum told me about when I was a baby!

    Apparently I was about 4 months old, in the doctors waiting room and a woman and her mum came in and sat next to us. The woman had down Syndrome and was apparently very, very enthralled by me – after about 20 seconds she piped up to mum ‘so, can I hold her please?’ Mum said she laughed at her directness and plonked me on her knee. The woman was so happy, my mum enjoyed the break of having someone entertain me and the mother of the woman was apparently near tears, and couldn’t stop thanking my mum enough as her daughter loved babies so much, but not many people trusted her with them.

    Just a story that always makes me smile that I thought if share!

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