New Year, Round 2

New Year, Round 2. My game piece (the yellow one) is on the board now, and it’s moving! It’s having a dance party with the green piece and the blue piece and the red piece, and they are all celebrating getting off the start square together.

Brett and I made some family goals together last night–goals that are important but perhaps not as important as making them together were, a reminder of “this is where we always want to go.” Togetherness, productivity, health, creative satisfaction. I do love the energy that comes with clean slates–spring cleaning, first day of school, January, mornings. Refocus, redirect, strike up the band, let’s go. I may have eaten arugula twice yesterday, invited a highly organized friend to come help me tackle a couple of things this weekend and started a new chapter book with my kids. I’m feeling it now. Onward.

With that said…beach, beach.
We took a short trip to Treasure Island in St. Petersburg for the new year—the same place we visited last year at the same time. I like that it has Island in the name, even though it’s accessible by every road imaginable and separated from the “mainland” by maybe a fifty foot bridge. We walk everywhere we go when we’re there—which is really nowhere, but this year I ventured out in the dark one night and pushed a double stroller packed with groceries right down the touristy strip from the store back to our hotel. Got a few chuckles and “nice baby!” calls. My gallon of milk was very offended.

Thankful to spend the last bits of 2014 with family and friends and ring in the new year together, surrounded by the beauty of nature and a beach horizon that reminds us there’s a vast world of opportunities, landscapes and ideas to explore in the future.

Some trip vignettes that make me smile…

 photo print15_zpsacc56202.jpg

Dash spit a cracker out on the beach one morning, and the seagulls came flying in like the locust plague. The kids thought it was hilarious, and from then on we had to watch them carefully as they were eager to throw food and lure them in at any opportunity. Hotel guests much appreciated, of course.

 photo print16_zpsee0ace8d.jpg

 photo print17_zpsb5017e6e.jpg

 photo print19_zps7e92166a.jpg

 photo print20_zps4bfd1298.jpg

Factory-made sparkler.

 photo print56_zpsc49afdbf.jpg

Earth’s sparkler.

 photo print64_zps49805b38.jpg

People-made sparkler.

 photo print63_zpsbe2f9af5.jpg

 photo print59_zps0b5a3f26.jpg

 photo print6_zpsba79dfff.jpg

 photo print51_zpsbc677c54.jpg

 photo print49_zps8f789259.jpg

 photo print48_zps27763925.jpg

 photo print45_zpse2dd84c9.jpg

 photo print44_zpsa84061c7.jpg

 photo print43_zpsc44361c0.jpg

 photo print42_zps6283b339.jpg

 photo print40_zps7e36ee21.jpg

 photo print39_zpse301d538.jpg

 photo print37_zpseff3ef7c.jpg

 photo print36_zpsc440c6f3.jpg

Dash has perfected the art of sand throwing. He’s really good at it. A+, for sure.

 photo print34_zpsf5a5d711.jpg

 photo print32_zps9588bbeb.jpg

 photo print31_zpsd29d3d20.jpg

 photo print30_zpsc21f526f.jpg

 photo print28_zpsd11fc6c4.jpg

 photo print25_zps4ff30233.jpg

 photo print24_zps4fbf32fe.jpg

Not a shark. ;o)

 photo print7_zps0e956c6e.jpg

My friend Dede who wears black dresses and pearls and looks like a pink sunset silhouette pretty much every moment of every day. Whenever I walk into her house–even to steal an egg–I come home inspired to clean, light candles and invest in good perfume. And she inspires in a way that feels good and motivating, not in the “I feel like I suck” kind of way. An art, I tell you.

 photo print8_zps84e39156.jpg

So here we are. See that horizon ahead? It’s so full of color.

 photo print9_zpsea7c1570.jpg


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  1. Lots of love in these pics! Happy New Year!

  2. so much yes.

  3. 2014 was such an awful year for my family, my side and my husband’s side. New Year’s Eve my husband and I made a list of all the major things that made 2014 so difficult for us and those we love. We came up with 33 biggies. Five minutes to midnight, we burned the list in a little handmade foil cauldron. We gathered outside the front door and watched the list burn on the porch, along with our two adult sons. It gave us a sense of closure and hope and promise for the new year. Here’s hoping 2015 is a kinder, gentler year to everyone!

  4. Happy New Year Kelle! Cheers to your new goals, to your beautiful family and for your constant inspiration in our lives.

  5. Gorgeous shots of your family! Happy New Year <3

  6. Oh the memories I have at The Biltmore. I rang in many birthdays during my college years there!

  7. Wonderful pictures, as always!

  8. I love Poop at the beach :-)

  9. Loved this! The beach always inspires me. It’s the place I love most on earth.

  10. Hold up! Was Poop wearing clothes? She’s really pulling her life together. Good for her.

  11. It’s 5am here in Australia, I’m alone with my computer and coffee, while my family still sleep. This post came up in my feed as soon as I logged in, and boy it could not have come at a better time. Thank you for yet again your inspiration, outlook and positive energy Kelle. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. May 2015 be brilliant and full.
    Claire x

  12. What amazing photos, as always. I love seeing pictures of where other people live.
    Your winter must be very mild indeed for you guys to be standing in the water in your bathing suits!

  13. Love this!

  14. ok…I just have to say that I hate you and love you in equal amounts… you get THE most incredible photos of your darling family- I was just kidding of course- I only love you- and love you for sharing your talent with all of us!
    You photography skills are epic! xo

  15. Great moments to start the new year! Makes me want a trip to the beach and a friend like Dede all at the same time!

  16. Some great pictures. Ella in her princess dress is precious. Dash is getting so tall. Love that big sister is loving that role.

  17. Your “not a shark” had me laughing. Ellie would be SO disappointed!

  18. Dash in his sweater, cap, and saltwaters..oh my goodness, perfection!! Your pictures make me long for the Lake Michigan beaches close to us!

  19. I live through your beach/flordia winters! Right now, its barely 0f with a windchill of -30f! We are on our 3rd snow day, with only 1 school day since winter break! Kids are feeling house bound, as am I! I long to live in Florida one day! I love your beach pictures!

  20. Stunning photos as always. :)

    Happy New Year.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  21. You are one of those “good and motivating” people to me and I don’t even know you. I come here and take in a deep breath, and all the hard and fuzzy things in my life suddenly calm. I feel inspired to be a better mom, to receive and give more love, to teach my daughter to receive and give more love, to go the extra mile to make someone feel special… So, thank you for that.

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