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Did you read yesterday’s post about the 3-21 Pledge?  If you didn’t, stop. Do not pass go, do not read any further. Go catch up and then come back.

We raised over $53,000 so far for Ruby’s Rainbow, thanks to your generosity and the incredible support you gave in sharing the story. If you don’t have an extra $21 to give, that’s okay. You can still support the 3-21 mission by sharing Zach and Ali’s story and asking others to make the Ruby’s Rainbow pledge. We still have until 3/21 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Celebration Day, so share away!

Liz and I texted all day yesterday, into the night, giddy with excitement over your support.

And I’m so happy to share these four business friends who have committed to supporting Ruby’s Rainbow with us.

My beautiful friend Nici who’s also a writer, mama, maker and lover of good is donating $3.21 to Ruby’s Rainbow for every purchase in her shop for the month of March. Shop Geo hand-cuts and stitches wares and wears to your unique specifications and has a whole shop full of clothing, accessories and homewares. Click the photo below to see more of her shop.

 photo rubys 1_zpsh284gxyo.png

My friend Melody (who I happened to finally meet in person the night before our college tour with Zach and Ali) offers handmade goodies from knit cowls to mother nest jewelry, a favorite of many. Melody is giving 15% of all of today’s shop sales to Ruby’s Rainbow. Click the photo below to shop.

 photo rubys3_zpsgryz4go0.jpg

My friend Kaili right here in Naples makes the most gorgeous tutus for kids and babies. Lainey and Nella wore them at our friend Kaity’s wedding last year, and they looked like little mountain angels.
Kaili’s donating $1 from every tutu she sells from here on out to Ruby’s Rainbow. Check out Tutu Cute Baby by clicking on the photo below.

 photo wedding1_zps802e31be.jpg

Finally, our friends at Born Shoes wanted to help. “We’ll give away shoes!” they said. “Will that work?”

And I thought, when does giving away shoes ever NOT work? Yes, yes! We love Born Shoes!

So, here’s how this one goes. The first five people who donate $50 or more today to the 3-21 Pledge and e-mail a screen shot of their completed donation to (subject line: Born for 3-21) will receive one pair of ANY shoes on Born Shoes site. *Note: The giveaway has been filled now. Thank you!
 photo rubys2_zpsiq4teftn.jpg

I love what we’re doing together. Thank you, thank you! The world is full of so much good.


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  1. Hope spills from your article like a tidal wave as well . . . thank you for writing and sharing!

  2. I hadn’t checked in on your blog in awhile, just choose to visit today and am so happy I did, if only to be able to support such a great cause as Ruby’s Rainbow. And I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that matches my donations, so two for one today!

  3. Just saw this news story and thought of you. Congrats on the response you have received. Way to go!!!!

  4. This is awesome. I now teach students with autism, but have also taught those with down syndrome. I made my pledge, I hope other teachers will step up and pledge too.

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