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Enjoying: Morning is my favorite kind of day.

I promise Women Crush Wednesday is coming back. I have two game-changing inspiring women whose interviews I’m working on, but summer time is slow and June deadlines are forgiving. Most likely, I will be craving routine and schedules and sharpened pencils again come August, but right now I’m loving lazy mornings and extra coffee and kids who happen, at least for the time being, to be picking up on the Chill vibe. We’ve been making lots of things, even if said things don’t always turn out beautiful.

Exhibit A: Frozen Nutella and peanut butter-smothered bananas.

“Mom, these look like poop,” Lainey commented.

And I thought, Eureka! That’s my cookbook: Looks Like Poop. A place where all the deserving underrepresented delicious foods that happens to look like poop can come together and have their place in a cookbook. Things slathered in chocolate. Heaping piles of savory beans. Spicy sausages, bran cakes. And there’s no pressure for the food photographer. I mean, it’s supposed to look like shit. I’m smelling a best seller here with very little overhead cost.

 photo print 22_zpswz7ccekj.jpg

Think of the juxtaposition for the author bio: “Author of Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected and forthcoming Looks Like Poop.” A GREAT MANY THINGS, FOLKS. A GREAT MANY THINGS

Let’s change the subject, shall we?

Listening to The Milk Carton Kids with my first cup of coffee and the widest sliver of sunshine my office window will offer today, I’m feeling very enjoy-ish, so let’s roll this out. This past week, we’ve been enjoying:

A quick overnight trip to Epcot for Lainey to visit with a friend. We held hands a lot. And together surveyed the whole world replicated in 300 acres.

 photo print 19_zpsrd9wdtvh.jpg

Maybe it’s that forgiving summer time thing, maybe it’s the fact that we were standing amid large recreations of Moroccan souks and Italian villages, but she seemed so small…and I liked it.

 photo print 20_zpsfjixxtxq.jpg

 photo print 21_zpswxa69alt.jpg

Summer Playdates
What I love most about summer–all the yeses from friends in answers for impromptu adventure. I remember realizing right before Lainey went to kindergarten that these days would become fewer and further between–loading the car up in the middle of the day to meet friends for beach dates and lunch excursions and mini road trips, just because. We brought our Magna-Tiles and sat in a plaza courtyard next to the fountain, and the kids played marvelously.  I’ve mentioned Magna-Tiles on Instagram several times, but it seriously has become our most played with toy and spans across so many ages. The toddlers love it just as much as Lainey does. It’s a pricey toy but an investment well worth it. We have a friend who has had his set for five years, and the magnets are still strong as ever. It’s a great group toy to buy for a family or the perfect thing for grandparents to keep at their house, guaranteeing the “favorite place” award. And the easiest thing to clean up!

 photo print 24_zpszzipyloh.jpg

 photo print 25_zpsmimxozwz.jpg

Bad Blood
On repeat, all day every day, thanks to Nella. And you want to talk speech victories? When your kid picks up your iPhone, holds down the button and tells Siri to “Play Bad Blood”…and she does. Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes but twerking to Bad Blood does.

 photo print 33_zpsxsgpc59n.jpg

You can also bring Bad Blood to the beach. And play it in the car. From the front seat of the grocery cart. At restaurants. Basically, we’re looking to have speaker devices implanted in our skin so that Taylor Swift’s music can be part of us always. Our gift to Nella.

 photo print 33 2_zpszdl9skhr.jpg

 photo print 39_zpsxn9jqdtn.jpg

Unmade Beds in Sunlight
A good unmade bed in sunlight makes me think of Eric Zener’s sleep paintings. If you haven’t seen Eric Zener’s work, check it out.

 photo print 32_zpsgmj3b702.jpg

Nella and Dash’s Shared Closet
Their sameness is everywhere right now. Size, interests, clothes, enthusiasm. He was spinning around in a princess dress the other day with her.

 photo print 35_zpstck0vpnf.jpg

 photo print 36_zpsmccfob7r.jpg

Jungle Gym Beds
Lots of open slats, crossbars, railings…for the win.

 photo blog 1_zpselhf60k2.jpg

Beach Boardwalk Races

 photo print 28 2_zpsjmjlxyps.jpg

Summer Style

 photo print 42_zpsxcxdihyw.jpg

Lainey just looked at the picture below and said, “Morning is my favorite kind of day. I like how it looks in the morning.”

Me too.

 photo print 28_zps5qyqgiyb.jpg


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  1. Cathleen schmainda says:

    Well then…. It’s apparent you’re my sarcasm life partner Kelle. I thought I was horrible (and I am!). But this was amazing! I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more! And even better: I read from the toilet! Ha! Have a wonderful Day!!!

  2. Kelly Maloney says:

    I would so totally buy “Looks Like Poop” My babies are grown, no grandbabies to spoil yet, but I teach Kindergarten and it would be a huge hit! To be honest I think my husband would love it to!

  3. This is so sweet. I’ve loved watching your kiddos grow up. I’d have to agree with her, morning IS my favorite kind of day 😉

  4. Oh my gracious you’ve had me belly laughing this morning! Thanks for that!

  5. Love this!! Adorable photos. :)

  6. I have “Everyone Poops”, “Walter the Farting Dog” and “The Gas We Pass” so yea, I’m all in for “Looks Like Poop” cookbook. Where do I sign up? Thanks for recognizing potty humor is not just for 10 year old boys and husbands. Have a stellar day!

  7. christine black says:

    you’ve hit the trifecta with those kids! ALL of them DOLLS! I wish we were friends and neighbors! ps Im from Michigan..(downriver, Lincoln Park)
    Huge Hugs to you & Yours ~xo~

  8. It looks like summer is off to the perfect start. We still have one week left until school is out and then it’s all about the lake, docks, and late night fires. I like the idea of the banana popsicles, they’re about my speed for making in the kitchen.

  9. Jessica says:

    If you name your cookbook “Poop” Barbie Poop will have to be on the cover in an apron!!!!

  10. Kimberly says:

    I once spent hours preparing a lesson plan for a summer reading tutoring program. We read How to Eat Fried Worms, then did a following directions project that involved a recipe for edible worms (peanut butter & powdered sugar worms rolled in a cocoa & sugar “dirt” mixture). My 2 young male students had the best time making their worms. When we met their parents at the end of class time they said, “Look, mom! We made turds!!!” Feel free to include that one in your cook book…

  11. I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your information.
    This article has truly peaked my interest.
    I’m going to book mark your website and keep checking for new information about once per week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

  12. I am laughing out loud from my couch about your cookbook idea…I’m all about it! Count me in to order a copy 😉

    I found your blog recently and am excited to keep following along! Thanks for making me laugh on a random Wednesday night!

  13. We have a large collection of magna tiles and magformers. Both are great, but the magformers come in many unique shapes and can make really cool stuff. We have building contests that are a blast.

  14. Oh my gosh! Loving these beach pics and sad I’m too pregnant to pull off a beach road trip this summer…. Two more school days here (NO JOKE) but enjoying my morning with Ellie before work.

  15. Absolutely hysterical!

  16. jennifer says:

    Another “poop” recipe for your cookbook. I made homemade butterfinger bars out of melted peanut butter and candy corn dipped in chocolate around Halloween. Turns out, according to my husband and children, they looked just like poop! They are still talking about my homemade poop.

  17. I would TOTALLY buy your forthcoming book! LOL

  18. And to the “looks like poop” book, I submit hummus. I’ve never plated hummus when that thought didn’t occur to me :)

  19. Google “Cat Box Cake” or “Kitty Litter Cake”. You can use store bought cake and frosting. You’ll need warmed up Tootsie Rolls. Can you see where this is headed? Or ending?

  20. Nella’s beachy hair. Oh. My. Goodness!

  21. Jennifer says:

    “Beach Boardwalk Races” = BEST PICTURE EVER OF YOUR GIRLS!!! Thank you for always giving such a positive perspective to this life we have!

  22. the pic of Nella and Lainey having boardwalk races is absolutely perfect! So sweet!! And adorable suits to boot! Where are they from?

  23. I love the Bad Blood mention.. I secretly like that song too. I get it Nella! The song is catchy… A poop book would fit right into our household since we have a couple of kids books regarding gas and poop. I can’t wait for your book to come out! :) ( please make sure to have a lot of pictures for us to smile and giggle over… I digress..) Beautiful pictures on this post too. Happy weekend!

  24. Of course, I now see all of the poopy foods around me. We need a gallery, somewhere where these photos can live. So far, I have chocolate molasses cookie dough, and homemade mocha chip brownie ice cream.. bonus for the homemade chocolate chunks that fall onto the floor and get stepped on. Seriously.. #foodorpoop?

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