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Summer 3 Ways with Born

This post is sponsored  Børn Shoes. This is their second time being featured on the blog, so that makes this post Born Again.

At the turn of every new season, my brain creates a series of inspiration boards. I see hay bales, nubby sweaters and steamy cups of apple cider in the fall; ice skates, buffalo plaid and prickly pine boughs in winter; and floral bouquets, gauzy white tees and lace curtains in the spring. Mind you, when seasons arrive, those dreamy inspiration boards are weathered a bit by reality. The hay bales I drew in my head are shedding straw all over my front entrance, kids are crying over the itchy nubby sweaters, cider got spilled, ice skates don’t fit and the gauzy white tee goes to the recycle bag because the cherry juice stains won’t come out. But a girl can still dream, especially when the inspiration boards in my imagination never fail to make me happy.

Style stories always make their way to my seasonal inspiration boards and often times, to real life too. I figure, it’s one bit of happy I can control. So Dash missed his nap, the Florida humidity killed the “spring breeze,” there’s not a wildflower in sight and my lace curtains are smeared with peanut butter, but I’ll be darned, I’m showing up for spring in a cute floral dress and some dreamy pink sandals. Keep hope alive!

Where were we? Summer! My mental inspiration boards are brimming with summer happies right now–sparklers glowing from the driveway on hot nights, watermelon slices in small sticky hands, red-checked picnic blankets, corn-on-the-cob and bright-colored flip-flops found left in the grass. Lord knows there will be messes to clean up, kids to console and summer camps that don’t last long enough, but the dog days of summer aren’t so doggy when we do a little something to make ourselves feel good, and a bit of summer style is a great place to start.

I’m diving into my summer style inspiration boards with the help of Børn Shoes who perfectly marry summer style with practical mom needs. These three summer looks each include fashionable yet comfortable shoes by Børn, known for their premium hand-sewn leathers, flexible soles and ultra cushioning.

Summer Look 1-Farmer’s Market.


 photo Farmers Market_zpsfkqu4uqr.jpg

Brought to life…
(these Kaira slides are heaven. Classic polished style, comfortable, quick and easy to slip on–to the beach, to the market, to the backyard.)

 photo blog 2_zps0hoz3d0h.jpg


Summer Look 2-Summer Barbecue.

 photo Summer Barbecue_zpsipw6w25g.jpg

Brought to life…
I have a thing for red shoes and have been looking for the perfect red flat for a long time. These Julianne ballet flats are beautiful–simple, super comfortable (the soft-as-butter leather!) and work great as a cute pop of color with everything from a flouncy skirt to classic jeans with rolled cuffs.

 photo blog 3_zpsehhoh2kp.jpg


Summer Look 3-Sunday Brunch.

 photo Sunday Brunch_zpsfxx61zaj.jpg

Brought to life…
These Brinley sandals are so pretty with the sweetest feminine details–a delicate ankle strap and a tiny wedge heel.

 photo blog 1_zpscuvplpn8.jpg

And you bet, somewhere on those summer style inspiration boards is a sailor suit and a little boy fulfilling the last slip of sailor suit-able time before the window closes and he scoffs at the mere suggestion of jon jons and flap collars. Keep hope alive.

Thanks, Børn Shoes, for making our summer look good, and for secretly tucking all that comfort into such pretty shoes.


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  1. Love the outfits! Have to ask, did you pick your outfits & then make the illustrations (and HOW??) or vice versa?!

    • Ha. I made the illustrations knowing what I had in my closet. :o) And the best clothes drawing inspiration? The book 20 Ways to Draw a Dress. Love it. Makes drawing so easy!

  2. LOVE!!

  3. I was pretty psyched when my friend asked me if I wanted a pair of Born sandals pretty much identical to the first ones you have pictured there. They hurt her feet, but they don’t hurt mine! Good thing too, because I would never spend that much on footwear otherwise. Would you?

    • If I know I’m going to have a pair of shoes I love for a long time, it’s a good investment! Glad you got a free pair of sandals you love out of it though!

  4. Katherine says:

    I love your little drawing posts Kelle. Couloured pencils are so delicious. Could I put in a vote/request for a fun drawing resources for littles and not-so-littles post? xx PS – Dash’s little red jeans!!! toooo cute

  5. Megan R. says:

    Given that I have issues with my heel / ankle / sesamoid / you name it….I HAVE to have shoes that are comfortable and functional. But, who wants to wear ugly comfortable shoes? Not me! So happy that Born is around to provide comfort and function! They are my go-to flats! I certainly will add more of them to my wardrobe as I can! Cute stuff!

  6. Christina k says:

    Those red flats WILL be mine! Love them!

  7. Love the illustrations. :) and the sandals are super cute. I was looking into Born with your last post sponsored by them…a quite tempting investment and I am sick of cheap sandals that I love but can only use for a season or 2. I may have to succumb.

  8. I want that red cooler soooo bad!

  9. I love Born! And your illustrations are so darling, they’re just so happy.

  10. stacy perrou says:

    Those shoes!!! Such envy & so in need of two new summery shoes that I am going to immediately order the Julianne flats & the Brinley strappies … the reviews are all over the place … can you confirm whether or not they run true to size? Since they don’t run 1/2 sizes, did you go up or down? P.S. your illustrations absolutely kill me. In high school, I would draw out all the outfits I hoped to buy for the new school year, including shoes, socks, headbands, etc., in my private journal.

    • Hi Stacy!
      I wear a 9, and I got a 9 for both–they fit perfectly. I’ve noticed sometimes with ballet flats that have a little bit of stretch–they might run small, but the Julianne flats–at least for me–fit perfect. Same with the Brinley.

  11. Where are the overalls from?

  12. Darlene Hovey says:

    Love all those outfits!

  13. Where did you find your absolutely adorable, too cute-must purchase sun hat? I have a beach vacation coming up, and my pale skin would thank me if I offered some shade. :) Thanks Kelle!

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