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Wildflower Fascinators

Make Wildflower Crowns is always on our summer bucket list, but we’re pumping it up this year, taking inspiration from British royalty and turning our wildflower crowns into fascinators. Actually, we have a fancy tea planned in Michigan this summer and I was looking for hats for the girls and decided we’d make fascinators instead. I still wanted a soft and summery feel, so we went the wildflower route–silk because real ones wouldn’t make it in our suitcase.

 photo print 9 text_zpsqksagshb.jpg

They were super easy to make. Bigger kids could probably make them on their own (calls for a glue gun), and littler kids can at least assist in the designing phase.

 photo print 12_zpsdj9mzsnb.jpg

Materials needed:

 photo print 2 with text_zpsomcl3bfb.jpg

Cut a piece of mesh tulle (which will stick out or hang over fascinator depending on the look you want) to desired length. Fold a few pleats into it and hot glue into place on stiff felt circle, leaving plenty of tulle to hang off the edge.

 photo print 4_zpslvv3l5hu.jpg

Design floral arrangement, overlaying leaves and flowers and hot gluing into place as you work.

 photo print 5_zpsxngztcs4.jpg

I handled the hot glue gun, but Lainey enjoyed creating the layout of her fascinator and telling me where to glue.

 photo print 6_zpsjtfplpmc.jpg

Try headband on and play around with where to place the felt circle to achieve desired look. When you have it how you like it, hot glue felt circle onto headband. The circle adheres better and stays put on thicker headbands.

 photo print 7_zpsi3iic263.jpg

Now look in the mirror and smile, dahling.

 photo print 8_zpst6s5ribz.jpg
Her my-dad’s-trying-to-make-me-laugh-but-I’m-not-going-to face.

Fancy, fancy.

 photo print 1_zpssclsykbi.jpg

I wanted to make a natural fascinator, so I went foraging around our yard and found some greenery and a few flowers from bushes that turned into a fun one with a bit of a Carmen Miranda twist. It would be cute with a white dress for a tropical party. Or, better yet, to walk around the house, sip lemonade and feel fabulous.

 photo print 11_zpswj4lcfbl.jpg

Real flowers are a little heavier and I wanted to weave the stems in before hot gluing, so I used a canvas circle (found in needlepoint/crosstitch aisles of craft stores) cut to 3.5 inches.

 photo print 13_zpsmybl3ybk.jpg

I poked a few flowers in to create a base (you may need to cut open the canvas grid in a few places for larger stems).

 photo print 14_zpsk81lql5f.jpg

And then filled in the rest with the hot glue gun to secure everything…

 photo print 15_zpsmycd3qkl.jpg

…clipped all the stems off the back, and glued a felt backing before securing to headband.

 photo print 16_zpsh0v3t8oy.jpg

Now we’ll have to make tea and twirl. Twist my arm.

 photo print 18_zpsvm1lqdqi.jpg


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  1. Laura ducommun says:

    You are an incredible mother and so very talented. Love to read your blog !!

  2. I wonder if my 4 little grandsns would let me?

    So pretty.. all of you and all the flowers.

  3. HA! I am in love, my mom, sister and SIL and I have a tea party at least once every two months. We take turns planning them and picking the theme. These are so happening!

  4. Love love this idea. Must try it with my granddaughters! Thank you!!

  5. I don’t do hats. Never have liked ’em on myself, mainly because they don’t sit well on top of my upswept hairdo. But a headband fascinator…now THAT is a definite possibility for the next ladies’ tea. Very clever idea.

  6. These are all so gorgeous! My sisters and I would have loved doing this kind of thing when we were little. I may try this out with my niece next time we visit with her! :)

  7. cassidy says:

    what camera do you use to capture these beautiful pictures? can’t seem to get over the fact how amazing all your pictures seem to turn out!!

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