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Everything You Need to Know About Apples

Hear ye, hear ye. It’s September 18th which means we are officially T-minus-five days away from the first day of fall, but everyone knows “officially” means a hill of beans to me when it comes to unfurling seasonal freak flags. That said, if I was one of those cute little old ladies who prided herself on her complete Lillian Vernon lawn flag collection (dream goals), my turkey one would have been displayed, like, yesterday.

Every good language needs a proper alphabet, and since I speak fluent fall…well, here you have it: Apples, Boots, Cable knit, Deer, Elm tree, Firewood, Gourd, Hay bale, Irish cream, Jammies, K–. Sorry, I got stuck at K.

As Julie Andrews, the mother of all things, sang “Let’s Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” That brings us to APPLES, today’s Friday Faves.

Did you know there are over 7,500 different varieties of apples in the world? I miss a good Michigan apple, eaten straight from the tree in the fall. We don’t have the greatest selection of apples in our grocery stores here, but I do love the Pink Lady and Honeycrisp ones for eating and Braeburn, Gala and Granny Smith for pies.

 photo apple 8_zps6cmh5qya.jpg

Nella’s taking a liking to them lately and doesn’t even mind the peel.

 photo apple 6_zps4gago8j6.jpg

And yes, food and sustenance–all good things. But let’s get to the fun stuff. The application of apples in other important areas.

Some current apple favorites:

 photo apples_zpsnpuz3hy9.jpg


1. DUNS Sweden is one of my new favorite kid brands. Their quirky prints make such a great statement. I love this long sleeve apple tee. I’m usually turned off by international shipping costs, but DUNS shipping is affordable and arrives quickly. We’ve ordered from them twice (and their products wash and wear beautifully).

2. My heart beats wildly for all things miniature. Check out this adorable softie toy apple pie from Haba–filled with plush apples and layered with a lattice dough top.

3. How cute is this girl’s apple print knit dress from Pumpkin Patch. You can layer it over a long sleeve tee (black and white stripe is never wrong) or throw a cardigan over it for cooler weather. Or we’d bust it out as is down here in Florida and call it a crisp fall day.

4. Sweet Mary Mayberry, these pajamas. Fall heart exploded. Love.

5. Lessons of generosity and a love of nature are paired with beautiful illustrations in this sweet Johnny Appleseed children’s book, a great read to kick off fall.

6. If you don’t know cut-paper artist Nikki McClure, get to know her through this simple word book for kids that follows the life of an apple from seed to fruit.

7. Bring Me Some Apples and I’ll Make You a PieThrough beautiful watercolor illustrations, this book tells the story of Edna Lewis whose passion for farm-to-table food and pure ingredients set her apart in the world of chefs. Includes folk rhymes, songs and kid-friendly recipes.

8. Give me all the cool prints! This women’s apple skirt from Boden is killing it with that unexpected blue, and it’s ON SALE!

9. This eco-friendly wood apple tree toy looks cute taking up space on a shelf, but it’s also a fun preschool counting game. The little apples are magnets and pull off/stick on the tree.

10. This simple knit baby beanie from Eozy on Amazon is all your baby needs to make a fall statement. Pair with white onesie and cute moccs for oooos and aahhhs.

11. I love this wooden apple lacing toy–great for coordination and fine motor skills (and all those mamas looking for good O.T. toys!)

12. These Target apple rain boots are for the mamas. Wear them to the orchard over skinny jeans, frolic in a puddle after a fall storm–hell, I don’t care what you do in them. But APPLES! ON BOOTS! WINNING!

13. And how fun are these Apple Organic Leggings from Little Bow and Arrow on Etsy? I want them in my size! Can you imagine a big black and white stripe sweater with these and some black pointy-toe flats?

Happy Friday. Pick delicious things this weekend.

 photo apple 1_zpsxwshukuy.jpg


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  1. Hi Kelle, I am always so inspired by your posts!!!! I live in New England so apples and Apple picking and all things fall are a pretty big deal around here! I thought of a k for you…kindling!! That’s the stuff we use to get a roaring fire in our fire place :)

  2. We went to an honest-to-goodness orchard a few falls ago, back when my husband was just my boyfriend, our baby was nothing but the proverbial twinkle in my eye and it seemed like all things great and beautiful were just on the horizon. (They were.) That was my long-winded way of saying that apples — and fall! — have a special place in my heart, and this post made me so happy. :)

  3. “L” is for leaves that will be changing colors very soon!🍁🍂

  4. Nothing beats the SweeTango apple up here in Minnesota. Hybrid of a honeycrisp and zestar. AH-MAY-ZING.

  5. “M” is for mock-turtleneck. Obviously :)

  6. um, hello…K is for Kelle, the queen of all things Fall. :)

  7. K is for Kisses & Kicking up leaves :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. K is for “Knitting” – or “Knitwear,” if you’re a consumer and not also a producer.

  9. I am too pregnant right now (baby MONDAY! Whoot!) to attempt apple picking but I’m hoping they aren’t all gone by mid-October. I’m thinking high school senior photos in an orchard….

  10. You should check out another Swedish brand, Mini Rodini. They make really awesome kids clothes, stripes and grandfather shirts mixed with mouse patterned pajamas, rain jackets with penguin prints and dresses with peacocks! Very different from Duns’ stuff, and of course I just know you through your blog, but I think you’d really like their stuff! :-)

  11. Now I’m craving apples. I just sent my husband to the store…because we don’t have an orchard near us 😉

  12. Try the ambrosia apples when you see them. I’m up in Orlando and we usually get them around now. Holy apple awesomeness!

  13. K is for the kitchen in which you’ll cook your apple pies! And kisses from your adoring family. 😀

    I grew up in Michigan–I sure would like to do some apple picking right about now!

    It’s wonderful how we can delight in such small goodness, like a fresh-picked apple.

  14. Try using the Honeycrisp apple to make an apple crisp…I did it last year for a gathering and got so many compliments I felt a bit like Julia Child!!

  15. We have that Pumpkin Patch dress. It is even cuter on!! I love anything with apples.

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