Slough Your Stuff

Hellooooo! I’m back from my blog break which included this scene:

 photo home 2_zpsbf4zgu02.jpg

 photo spark 38_zpsodkjaxsj.jpg

And this one:

 photo spark 12_zpsjeqz4tax.jpg

 photo spark 45_zpspjttji3l.jpg

And this one:

 photo spark 29_zpsgmo2ey6q.jpg

 photo spark 41_zpsj5nouvkl.jpg

Claire Bidwell Smith and I hosted our second Spark Retreat which, since I’m typing this waiting for a clay face mask to set in, I’ll translate in beauty terms. At our retreats, we slough our stuff–emotionally exfoliate, if you will, through writing. And then we deep condition the parts of us that don’t always get a lot of attention–through connecting with other women and eating really nourishing food and yoga and meditation and lots of “me toos.” The result is everyone leaves with the reserves filled up–takes them home to their families and their jobs and most important, themselves. (We had a spot open up for our November 5-8 retreat. Email sparkretreats@gmail.com if you’re interested!)

Another result? I’m eating jicama sticks and drinking coconut water right now, deciding on how I’m going to mix the bean sprouts with the bok choy for dinner tonight. That is because our retreat chef not only cooked us the most wonderful meals but inspired us all with his passion for food and health and taking good care of ourselves. I love braiding new inspiration and things I learn into what already works for us which means I’ll still indulge in pizza and I will not feel awful when I reach for a box of macaroni. But I will aim for the good stuff, and I’ll have fun doing it.

Feels good to be home.

 photo home 1_zpsi6qdgelp.jpg

Also, tomorrow starts Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and we have a fun way for you to learn more about the hopes of families and opportunities for people with Down syndrome. While post secondary education is one path of many, it can be a powerful tool in bridging the gap between graduating high school and creating a fulfilling life in adulthood for people with Down syndrome. And, it’s a dream many parents assume they have to give up when they are given a diagnosis for their child. We want families to visualize the future they want, and to let those dreams guide their journey. Beginning tomorrow on Ruby’s Rainbow Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can follow the adventures of Ruby and Nella as they head to college. Candid on-campus moments, hilarious captions and fun facts about some of the amazing educational programs currently available to students with intellectual disabilities will be shared as well as perspective from other students, parents and volunteers.

These two have big dreams.

 photo ruby 3_zpso5rlqyfv.jpg

Follow them this month through #rubyandnellagotocollege hashtag.

And now I have no idea what to do with my bok choy. I have some Googling to do.

Happy day.


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  1. I can’t wait to follow Ruby and Nella!!

    I have a suggestion for the bok choy! THROW IT AWAY!! ha!

  2. This last pic.. I can’t even take the cuteness!!

  3. Holding hands is how we make it through life. Love that pic above – what sweet little souls. xo

  4. I wish I was closer and could go to such a retreat. My soul is in need of this very type of event. Thank you for writing and sharing your gift.

  5. My favorite recipe with Bok Choy: http://www.marthastewart.com/897967/stir-fried-chicken-bok-chicken

    Nella and Ruby are awesome!

  6. Allison D says:

    Nice to have you back! Chop your Bok choy up, saute in a bit of oil, add a touch of soy sauce, ginger and garlic. Serve with grilled chicken. Or toss it into stir fry, or chicken soup! One of my favorite vegetables.

  7. The retreat sounds absolutely amazing and rejuvenating! And the last picture melts my heart!

  8. Best ever bok choy right here! And I don’t get anything for promoting it. I used her garlic oil trick on everything now! :)


  9. Wow… This is so awesome and rejuvenating! I hope I can relax myself like you do. Life is too stress… Your photos all looks so nice… Thanks for the sharing and writing.

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