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20 Ways to Celebrate Fall Right Now

As Fall’s Official Ambassador, I figured it was my duty to bring a list of ways to celebrate fall to the blog. Write about what makes you come alive, right? I had so much fun putting this together, I swear it feels chillier all of a sudden. Get your cozies on. Here are 20 ways to celebrate the deliciousness of right now.

1. Bake a Batch of Pumpkin Bread
Baking a batch of pumpkin bread initiates our fall like the bell opens the stock exchange. We use this recipe, and it turns out perfect every time. It makes two loaves. Keep one for yourself and walk the other one to a neighbor’s house or wrap it up for a teacher. The official rule is you’re not allowed to keep both loaves. Take it from Jesus–your loaves will multiply if you give some away.

 photo print 25_zpsdq3jieac.jpg

 photo print 24_zpsqppcw1gq.jpg

2. Make Wassail
It’s one of my favorite things to make this season. Not only is it delicious, but it makes your entire house smell like fall–it even trumps the cinnamon broom. I usually pour half a gallon of apple cider in a big pot and then just start adding things–at least a cup of orange juice, a few tablespoons of brown sugar, lots of cinnamon and cloves (both ground gloves and whole ones to float), allspice, a tiny bit of ginger and nutmeg, some orange peel and orange slices to float. You can’t really mess it up so just throw stuff in there. Simmer for a long time. Serve in this mug, a fall necessity, and top it off with some whiskey or bourbon if you wish. And if cussing amuses you, I suggest you do a reading of the poem that goes along with the mug–out loud–with beautiful inflection around your fireplace on a Friday night while you’re sipping that wassail. If f-bombs make you cringe, perhaps you substitute the live reading with a song performance. May I suggest Here We Come A-Wassailing?

3. Buy a Hat

 photo print 42_zpsg1biholb.jpg

Normally, I would completely support any and all advice given by Kathleen Kelly. I mean, she’s practically THE mouthpiece of Fall Goodness. I do, however, believe she was a bit off on her take on hats. The butterfly who went to Bloomingdales “to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake as almost all hats are?” Kathleen! How dare you. Heads want in on the fall accessory action too. So buy a hat this fall and wear it with a cozy sweater. I love this wine colored fedora–only $12 from Forever 21. And a matching one for little girls from Vindie Baby here.

4. Wear Tights
If we’re talking fall “food groups” here, sweater knits are your basic carbohydrate group followed by jeans & leggings, boots, hats, tights and then topping off the sweets tip with trends such as shearling and fringe (easy on the sweets). But tights? Load up. I’d wear them every day if it wasn’t so hot here. Some tights favorites:

 photo tights_zpsnnp1a6u4.jpg

1. Forever 21. A double pack of these are $10 and you get basic black and a fun fall color. Surprisingly for the price, these are good quality thick tights–I have several pairs. I make sure my tights are matte–I think any type of sheen is unflattering.
2. Super fun for Halloween, these cat tights are only $8, and your kids will think you’re the bees knees. Or cat’s knees which is literally what they are.
3. The black-on-black polka dots keep these from looking too clowny. 
4. What more screams fall than caramel sweater tights?
5. Worth the money, these Spanx tights suck in, pull up and pair dreamily with dresses and shortie boots.

5. Indulge in Sugared Donuts
I miss cider mills and apple orchards something fierce this time of year, especially for the hot sugared donuts. I recreate them by buying grocery store cake donuts. And then I microwave them, roll them in sugar and make up shit like, “Hot fresh donuts! I just made them! Come and get them before they’re gone!” They all come running. I can’t wait to hear them retell precious memories someday: “Remember when Mom used to make those amazing donuts every fall?”

 photo print 4_zpsiwqxv0tq.jpg

 photo print 5_zps0xiirrep.jpg

6. Begin the Last Quarter Movie Fest
There’s just too much ground to cover to wait until after Thanksgiving–sooooo many cozy night movies that are begging for you to get your butt on that couch with a blanket. You’ve got less than three months–start now. These are my favorite cozy feel-good movies, chocked full of autumn scenes, fall wardrobes, cute coffee shops, cozy apartments, great food scenes, deep thoughts and overall fall deliciousness. I never tire of these movies.

You’ve Got Mail
Little Women
Dan in Real Life
Dead Poet’s Society
When Harry Met Sally
While You Were Sleeping
Julie & Julia
Sleepless in Seattle
Stuck in Love
Bridget Jones Diary
Anne of Avonlea
The Holiday
The Family Stone

7. Decorate Trick-or-Treat Bags
My kids are farm animals for Halloween this year, so I ordered these super inexpensive trick-or-treat bags, glued some hay on them and painted farm animals. You could totally deck them out however you wanted.

 photo print 44_zpsdnjefps4.jpg

8. Find a Corn Maze
Google the closest one. Drive there even if it’s a hike. Take some friends. Get lost and then yell “Marco” and “Polo” really loud to find each other.

 photo print 45_zpshlcktblv.jpg

If you can’t find your way, there’s always the corn patrol. Thank God for the corn patrol, man.

 photo print 14_zpsobjz21fn.jpg

9. Go on a Nature Walk with the Kids

 photo blog2-44.jpg

Make a list of things you need to find–2 pinecones, a heart-shaped leaf, three acorns, a stick with a right angle, etc. and then set out on a hunt together. Bring nature treasures home and paint them, display them, illustrate them in journals. Even without our big weather shift here in Florida, we still find lots of fall treasures.

10. Decorate Pumpkins
Carve one, paint one, polka dot one, bedazzle one. Check out these awesome different ways to decorate a pumpkin.

 photo print31.jpg

11. Swap Family Photos for Spooktacular Ones

Switch out framed photos in your home for some monster representations of your family this month. Check out my friend This Little Miggy’s full tutorial on how to easily do this with Pic Monkey. I’m obsessed with these and want an entire family album dedicated to our monsterishness now. This Little Miggy is also a great resource for moms with kids with disabilities, by the way!
 photo fall 1_zpsufkuyszq.jpg

12. Think About Christmas Jammies
I know it’s still October, but you can at least think about them. Maybe search the Internet a little bit for early deals. I get my Christmas Jammy game on super early, and it makes me insanely happy to think about those jammies all tucked away, waiting for their debut. I’ll post some favorites a little later.

13. Make Soup and Chili

I’m headed to the grocery store in just a bit to pick up ingredients for tonight’s harvest soup, a new recipe my cousin sent me–beans and kielbasa and chicken broth, oh my. Fall weekends are for crockpot soups, chilis and chowders.

14. Rake Leaves and Jump in Them

You are never too old. It’s a Peter Pan-ish experience, in fact–like flying. Once you jump, this inner child comes alive.

 photo print14_zpsb67751c2.jpg


15. Save a Pressed Leaf in a Poetry Book.
Write the date you saved it and a few things about that day on the page.

 photo print38_zps5b766b2f.jpg

While you’re at it, here are a few favorite poems for fall. Read them out loud to your kids at bedtime, preferably from a book you checked out from the library–with weathered pages and a clear plastic cover on the binding that makes a good crinkle sound when you hold it. Turn off all the lights but the one on the nightstand. Pull the sheets up under their chins before you start reading. Use your softest, calmest voice but put feeling into it.

Start with William Blake’s “To Autumn”. Then “The Autumn” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Read Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind”, then Keats’ “To Autumn”. Try “October” by Edward Thomas and “III. Nature XXVIII. Autumn” by Emily Dickenson. I have Caroline Kennedy’s poetry book for children, A Family of Poems, and it has some sweet fall reads: “Thoughts” by Jacqueline Bouvier and “Something Told the Wild Geese” by Rachel Field. If you know of a superb one I missed, tell me in the comments. Just typing this has me all giddy about starting the poetry reading tonight.

16. Order a Fancy Fall Drink.
And none of this “skim milk, hold the whipped cream” shit.

 photo print57_zps7108e529.jpg

17. Paint your Nails a Fall Shade

 photo print52_zpsdb045967.jpg

 photo nail polish_zpsfslludti.jpg

(In order of appearance): Sonia Kushak’s Dino-Mite is a fun pumpkin color. Essie’s In The Lobby is a deep cinnamon plum. When I get my nail-biting act together, I’m going straight for Essie’s Bordeaux which screams for some fireside wassail. I’ll vamp it up on the weekend with Honk If You Love OPI. But then Essie Cashmere Bathrobe will take the prize. And I have to admit, I don’t even love the color, but the name! I just want people to ask me what my nail polish color is so “Cashmere Bathrobe” can roll off my tongue.

18. Make Caramel Apples.

A great after school activity. Make caramel apple station with apples, sticks, melted caramel and a bunch of good stuff to roll them in–crushed pretzels, nuts, ice cream sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, mini chocolate chips.

 photo blog22-24.jpg

19. Make Fall Cupcakes

We made these edible leaf cupcakes early this year, and they’re super fun to serve.

 photo print 31_zpswbhcowf7.jpg

20. Gather Favorite Fall Photos
Dig through the photo archives and collect some favorite fall family memories. Print them out to display every fall. I keep a fall folder, and I go through it several times every year. It makes me so happy and grateful for these seasons.

 photo print83_zpsd47c4ca7.jpg

 photo print116_zps3c75162b.jpg

 photo print92_zps046d7291.jpg

 photo print16_zps81705859.jpg

Whew! That’s 20, and I could have added 20 more. Can I have the Fall Dork Award? I’ve earned it, haven’t I?
A cozy, cozy fall night to all of you. Light some candles.


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  1. Jaymie Charles says:

    Love the suggestions and your wonderful pics 😃😃😃

  2. Fall Dork Award – bestowed. Love your list! I get overly excited about every change of season, but fall is my absolute fave. I’d add Mary Oliver’s Fall Song to the poems and on that movie list – Love, Actually. Alright, I’m grabbing my knitting needles and a pumpkin beer and picking a movie for tonight! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love all of this! My inner Iowa farm girl is telling me to let you know it’s not hay it’s straw : ) same texture and both in bales but different color and purpose.

  4. I love this WHOLE LIST!!
    You’ve Got Mail is my favorite Fall movie. And we just watched Sleepless in Seattle the other day.
    I love that you made a list of ways to celebrate right now. Nothing too far reaching. Nothing that makes me say “nope!” Nothing that you really have to wait for. I love finding happiness in the now.

  5. Jill Palumbo says:

    You are so cute! I just love your posts!

  6. Awesome post, thanks for the ideas! I’ll be employing some non-carved pumpkins with my students. Just a note – the direct link to This Little Miggy’s photo tutorial isn’t working. (I was still able to find it without a problem, using the second link to the general site. Just thought you might want to know!)

  7. Amy albert says:

    Please share harvest soup recipe, sounds yum!!!! Leaves are turning fast here in Maine! The colors are beautiful. Love your list!!!

  8. Even though I’m much older than you…I knew we were kindred spirits. We have such similar tastes in movies,crafts, love of fall,etc. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us.

  9. You’ve left out the greatest autumnal poem of all, Rilke’s “Autumn.”

    The leaves are falling, falling as from far,
    As if far gardens in the skies were dying;
    They fall, and never seem to be denying.

    And in the night the earth, a heavy ball,
    Into a starless solitude must fall.
    We all are falling.

    My own hand no less
    Than all things else; behold, it is in all.
    Yet there is One who, utter gentleness,

    Holds all this falling in
    His hands to bless.

  10. Michelle lowe says:

    Oh Kelle, I SO wish I was in the same hemisphere and sharing the same seasons as you!!!!!!

    I’m basking in springtime wonders yet feel a urge to fall up my life!!! If only our freak flags aligned…

  11. LOVE all of these ideas! I’m already on a search for a great hat, and the nails are covered. Also, those movies- some of the best!

  12. Great Suggestions!
    I’m full on into fall. Decorations out, pumpkin candles burning and yes…..I’ve ordered our Christmas jammies.

  13. That movie list is EVERYTHING. All Hail Queen Nora Ephron!

  14. Love your suggestions. Fall always makes me smile. How was your harvest soup? Could you post the recipe?

  15. It’s post like this that make your blog one of my favorites. You give me great ideas, you inspire me, and you lift me up when I need to remember to enjoy those little things. I appreciate your blog. Thanks for all you do. Your efforts are truly helpful.

  16. Such a fun post! Your fall enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for sharing. Here are a few of my current favorite fall dorkouts: thrift shopping for plaids and flannels, Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet, for nails Sally Hansen Insta-dry in Cinna-snap if you’re in a rush — or Butter London in La Moss or Tramp Stamp if you’ve got time; salted caramel vodka and a splash of brandy in a huge pot of apple cider makes a killer hot toddy; red clogs; fall playlist full of folksy, mopey stuff like Sufjan Stevens; and pulling out the knitting basket.

  17. I love this fally post!!!!

  18. May I recommend a glaring omission from your movie list: “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” starring Don Knotts from the sixties – an oldie but goodie from my childhood that I shared with my family. It was tradition for the boys to come home from trick or treating with Pappa and we’d then all watch. They’re in their twenties now but still love the movie. And they still love carving pumpkins, so we make an evening of things still. Good list, BTW!

  19. Yes, you can have the Fall Dork Award. You should also have a pumpkin cream cheese muffin from Trader Joe’s if you get a chance this fall. Oh. my. goodness are they good. Not that I stuffed one in my mouth after pre-school drop-off or anything…

    I hope to try the pumpkin bread recipe this year and read a few of the poems you mentioned to my kids. I keep a basket of seasonal books in our sunroom that I switch out throughout the year. I am going to have to start slipping in some poems.

  20. Fall is the best!! And I’ve found my new favorite poem :)

  21. You really are the Wizard of Fall! Wish I could post the lovely picture I just took of my 4 year old son raking leaves with bright orange and yellow trees reflecting the sunlight in the background! Natures magic does her stuff here in IL!

  22. My favorite fall poem (though it’s more melancholy, not so much “kids bedtime reading”). It makes me feel things.

    Spring and Fall (by Gerard Manley Hopkins)

    To a young child

    Margaret, are you grieving
    Over Goldengrove unleaving?
    Leaves, like the things of man, you
    With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
    Ah! as the heart grows older
    It will come to such sights colder
    By and by, nor spare a sigh
    Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;
    And yet you will weep and know why.
    Now no matter, child, the name:
    Sorrow’s springs are the same.
    Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
    What héart héard of, ghóst guéssed:
    It is the blight man was born for,
    It is Margaret you mourn for.

  23. I love that you included “think about Christmas Jammie’s”. I have my kids’ all picked out and thought maybe I was a little crazy 😀

  24. Yes, please do a post on Christmas P.J.s soon…your kids always have the cutest ones!

  25. I just love your posts! This one makes my heart smile. I try to do all of this with my kids too! I’m getting ready to paint some pumpkins shortly! You are such a good momma.

  26. Love your posts! I have been through a thing or two in life, and yes, those simple things are the key. spice latte, a pair of good tights. nail polish for me and my girl.

  27. “After Apple-Picking” by Robert Frost. My favorite Fall poem.


  28. I love your enthusiasm! I’m totally getting my autumnal buns in gear and reading those poems, painting my nails, and making caramel apples. I have been waiting for cooler weather here in California (it’s been a brisk 90-something all week), before I made the caramel apples. But… I think I’m going for it. I need a better recipe for my caramel though, it slides right off no matter what (washing the apples, baking soda, refrigeration… Tasty failures lol).

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