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Things I like to talk about: Babies. Bucket Lists. Candles. The Creative Process. Friendship Stories. Family Stories. Books. Music. Cool People. Peter Pan Collars. Nail Polish Colors. Food.

Things I don’t like to talk about: Money.

In fact, my overall response to all things money–budgets, taxes, banks–for a long time has been this:

 photo print 69_zpsmwsrg2om.jpg

I don’t want to look. Just tell me if I can spend or not. For the record, this is a horrible way to approach everything. YOU HAVE TO LOOK.

One of my 2016 goals is to exercise my girl power and, together with Brett and his boy power, become more in control of how we think about, spend and save our money. We talk about the importance of awareness and responsibility in personal health, taking care of our bodies and raising our children; we can certainly extend that awareness and responsibility in our finances.

The funny thing is, on that list of things I like to talk about, I have bucket lists. We love to talk about trips we’ll take someday or things we want to do with our kids or house projects we dream of starting, but all of those things? They can’t happen without money.  And instead of throwing those dreams out into the universe and waiting for them to boomerang back to us (unlikely), we can grab the wheel and steer it much more efficiently if we become more specific in the HOW and WHEN behind those dreams.

Enter BUDGET. We’ve had very loose interpretations of it in the past, but we know we can do better at managing and saving our money, so we’re trying a new way of budgeting that is easily manageable and flexible. Less winging it and more MAKING IT HAPPEN.

A big help toward that goal? You Need a Budget, an app that allows you to have full control of your money and focuses on four basic rules that allow you to manage, save and change the way you spend. EVERY DOLLAR IS ASSIGNED A JOB.

The app syncs right to your bank account, and everything you spend from dinners out to that cute shirt you really want are tracked and categorized.

 photo print 71_zpsmfyexwhq.jpg

From someone who’s been intimidated by the word “budget” in the past (sounds like “DIET” and “RESTRICTION” and “NO FUN”), this is…dare I say…fun. Motivating and definitely satisfying in the sense that it feels powerful and smart to see where money is going and, in doing so, take charge of how it grows. And it’s flexible! You choose what’s important to you.

 photo print 68_zpsbxrdgr4k.jpg

The app creates a great visual that makes teaching your kids about money easy too.

 photo print 70_zpszzfgpdv0.jpg


YNAB just launched an all-new web based version with smart budgeting features that make it even easier to be the boss of your money including direct import, goals, age of money, and many more.

So maybe I still won’t be discussing savings bonds over coffee with friends next week. But I’ll at least be able to tell you how much that coffee costs and how much is left in our Eating Out budget with an easy touch of a screen. Girl Power!

Are you ready to take a new look at budgeting? YNAB is offering my readers 3 months free when you click this link.


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  1. Good post Kelle,
    Thinking this will help my daughter, do you know if you can you use this app in the UK??

  2. I have been hearing about YNAB a lot lately. And since I recently quit my job to focus on my writing, yes we DO NAB more than ever before!! Thank you for this. I’ll definitely give it the three month trial, at least.

  3. Hi. Wanted to let you know that the links appear to be broken or bad — it was blocked by Chrome as suspicious for me.

  4. We love YNAB, it’s like the envelope system, digitized!!! Our family has been using it for a couple of years now and it’s such a great tool!

  5. I actually spit out my coffee (that I’ve had to warm up 3 times now since attempting to drink it since 8am), when I read that you included peter pan collars as subjects you like to talk about.

    My husband and I started a budget for the first time 2 months ago and I can relate that it actually can be kinda fun. I feel so triumphant when I’ve come in under budget in a specific category each month.

    Never thought I’d get so jazzed about coming in $20 under budget at the grocery store but it’s kinda exciting!

  6. Cindy Pelletier says:

    I just put down your book, I had asked for it for Christmas, and I am blown away at how great of a read that was :) your an incredible writer and I hope you write another soon! As well, I am going to use this budgeting app, although I can’t seem to get it through this link :/ I will install it anyways as I have heard it mentioned before and I, too, HATE discussions on money, budget, investments and so forth and right now it is the only time my husband and I argue…. I hope this can help us :) ❤️

  7. I LOVE YNAB!!! So glad you’re giving it a try. I’ve been obsessed for about two years – it’s super effective for me. Easy, and fun.

  8. Hello Kelle!
    My name is Amanda – I’m the writer over at thebudgetblueprint.com. I am also an avid YNAB user! I have been using it for a year and shout praises from rooftops over YNAB. I highly encourage your readers to take advantage of the 3 month trial! What’s the worst that could happen? You’re not out any money – but you just MIGHT fall in love with YNAB. My hubby and I did!
    Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your post!

  9. I am skeptically intrigued.

    As always, you drive a hard bargain. The naysayer in me says… no fun! It sounds too much like a calorie tracker or a sleep tracker or a fit bit or something like that. Some things I’d rather not know.


    A budget? Well, my husband and I kind of have to pay attention to that. And I am not always good at it, which is unfortunate. What’s also unfortunate is that I am a stay-at-home-mom without a paycheck. The mom part is fantastic, but the pay sucks!

    I am hoping to start doing some freelance writing soon. Maybe MAKING a little money (mom-girl-power!) for the first time in over five years will gravitate me toward this app.

    Hmm. Thanks for the inspiration (writerly and not). :)

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