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Easter Basket Goody Guide

Alright, confess. How many Peeps have you already eaten this year? Our first batch is currently “curing” on top of the refrigerator for proper crispness (open the packaging and dry them out). Meanwhile, we’re loving all the pastels and spring things that are popping up and looking forward to spring break and Easter fun. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays (who a I kidding, I love them all!) because I love the way it unfolds the new season–chicks and bunnies, new life, lighter colors, brighter sun, bluer skies.

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We love our Easter traditions, and I’ve already tucked away some treats for the baskets this year–to help the Easter Bunny out, of course. As always, Tiny Shit is my specialty, so I bring you a list of fun and pretty things for kids’ Easter baskets this year.


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1. Little Bunny On The Move. New books are perfect additions to Easter baskets, especially because they are valuable investments and will outlast the jelly beans and lip glosses and marshmallow Peeps. This book whispers “spring” with its sweet little bunny, and the gray scale illustrations are anything but boring–simply enchanting.

2. Decorate Your Own Rubber Duck. Kids will love decorating their own rubber ducky, and this gives them something creative to do after discovering their baskets and finding all the eggs.

3. Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck. Nothing says spring like the classic Peter Rabbit tales. These plush toys bring the characters to life and are the perfect size for Easter baskets.

4. Hop & Peep Kid Hair Products: Kid hair products formulated by the Easter Bunny in his burrow. Just pour your favorite kid products into travel size containers and add this printable label.

5. Calico Critters Baby PuppiesI’m not going to lie. I want to buy these for myself. I want to put them in my purse and pull them on bad days. Kids love puppies and tiny things. Put them together, and you have these adorable critters. And as if that adorableness could be topped, they threw in a teeny tiny baby bottle. Take it to the moon, why don’t you, Calico Critters!

6. Ice Cream Truck. Warmer weather and barefoot days are ahead…start dreaming with this adorable ice cream truck toy, a perfect addition to your child’s Matchbox car collection. 

7. Flying Wish Paper. Bring them to the table for Easter dinner, pass them around, let everyone make wishes and watch them float into the sky. An easy inexpensive addition to the Easter basket, one the kids will love!

8. Handmade Engraved Harmonicas. These gorgeous personalized harmonicas from Indie Bambino are less than $10 and wood-burned by hand. Great keepsakes that last long past Easter. Check out other products in their shop–they’re amazing!

9. Alex Chalk Pastels. The sidewalks are warming up and begging for some spring drawings. Up the ante on your kids’ sidewalk chalk with real pastels–so many vibrant colors! They last longer than regular sidewalk chalk but still wash off with water.

10. Unfinished Wood Eggs. Drop them in the basket just as they are and let your kids paint them or use Sharpie markers to decorate them later, or personalize them yourself for the baskets.

11. Plush BunnyMy kids got these bunnies in their baskets last year and loved them so much, they still play with them. Super soft, looks real–and yes, we’ve hooked a leash to their necks and dragged them around the neighborhood (throw it in the wash after). Don’t want to deal with the poop and hassle of a real bunny? This one won’t let you down!

12. Growing Pet Chicken. We’re obsessed with things that grow in water over here. Drop this egg in a glass of water and, over time, a chick will hatch from it like magic.

13. Meri Meri Dress Up Bunny Set. Simple and sweet, this set will transform your little to the cutest bunny on the block for Easter. Also, anything by Meri Meri is extraordinary. Make blueberry muffins for Easter breakfast and serve them with this beautiful Peter Rabbit cupcake kit, also by Meri Meri.

14. Bunny Ear Clip-on Barrettes. These brilliant little bunny ears clip in hair and stand up straight for a hint of Easter festivity.

15. Window Markers. Best thing you can give your kids? Permission to deface the windows. These window markers turn any window or sliding glass door into a large canvas and clean up easy.

16. Tortoiseshell Kid Sunglasses. I love tucking bits of sunshine and warm weather goodies into the Easter baskets–sand toys, flower seeds, new sunglasses. These stylish tortoiseshell glasses look just like Mom’s but are made for kids. 

17. Peppercorn Kids Accessories: Fabric Covered Ball Necklace or Bow Collar Necklace. We LOVE Peppercorn Kids accessories. My girls wear their head scarfs a lot in summer (they stay on!), and their knotted fabric necklaces take any outfit to new levels. And their felt bow necklace: WOW factor.

18. Wind-up Wooly Walker. This lamb is killin’ it. Watch the video of him walking across the table. Your kids will think he’s the coolest. 

19. Indoor Gardening Kit. Kick off spring with your kids with this eco-friendly gardening kit–everything you need to grow zinnia, basil or teddy bear sunflower including soil pods, seeds and even the little shovel.

20. Watercolor Postcards and Watercolor Field Sketch Kit I love Easter baskets filled with creative tools. Your budding artist will love designing his/her own postcards with this watercolor kit that includes a refillable water brush.

21. Fuzzy Bunny Slippers. What’s Easter without bunny slippers? These super soft Hatley slippers work for any season and can be found at bunnyslippers.com. Who knew there was an entire site dedicated to the art of bunny slippers?! Genius.

21. The Tale of Peter Rabbit Coloring Book and new crayons. Freshen up the coloring book collection with this spring-themed classic. Peter Rabbit makes everyone happy.

Happy Friday, little chicks.


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  1. And here I thought I was the only one who did that to peeps! I actually can’t stand fresh ones…but I do love a hard crunchy one!

  2. our grocery store sells PEEPS stuffed animal bunnies which are ridiculously cute… a very plush “flat” bunny in lavender, pink, or bright yellow. so freakin’ cute. at $6, i couldn’t resist! sorry i don’t have a picture…

  3. I had to go back and read the ‘Tiny Shit’ line again just to make sure I had read it correctly……. I did and I laughed out loud ! I happen to love Tiny Shot too….. so much so that I think it should be capitalized ! Thanks for the great blog.

  4. Dear Kelle, what is the brand of Nella’s bunny pajamas? Love them!

  5. Jill Anderson says:

    Awwww…makes me wish my kids were little again! I want a replay!

  6. So glad to know there is someone else in the world that enjoys stale Peeps!

  7. Robin T. Galt says:

    Cute ideas. #2 and #15 are my faves.

  8. ya’ll are all gross!!! who lets their PEEPS sit out??? GROSS! I actually already know about this ‘trick’ because my husband has been telling me this is ‘HIS’ secret for years….hahhaahha poor guy. I love your basket ideas!! The sunglasses, and summery things…I love..sneak some ‘mom approved’ sunscreen in there..maybe a cool swimsuit…i love it…that opened up a whole new slew of ideas for me!!!

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