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I thought I was acing it this morning when I lit my candle for my morning intentions and started the coffee pot, my Monday off on the right foot. But then I went to make lunches and realized my “I can stretch the groceries one more day” assumption yesterday was a poor choice. My mom can do it–transform flour, water and a spoonful of leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner into a gourmet chicken pot pie that feeds 20. I never inherited the Domestic Jesus gene though and haven’t quite figured out how to turn our “loaves and fishes” into school lunches. Stretching it one more day for me means I’m smearing dried-out cream cheese on random things I find in my pantry and calling it a sandwich. Or plucking as many half-withered grapes I can find off a dried-up cluster and willing them to perk up with some rinsing. Quite likely, this all ends up with opening the kids’ lunchboxes at the end of the day to find everything I packed still in place, untouched. “I didn’t like the hard roll,” Lainey will report, which I’m guessing she’s referring to the old clementine I found at the bottom of the vegetable drawer. Here’s the thing about “stretched it one more day” lunches. The day after always reaps the best lunches in the history of motherhood. Because the second after I drop the kids off at school on sad lunch days, I’m at the grocery store, filling my cart with Best Lunch Ever treats, promising to get a more consistent grocery shopping routine and become a better mother.

All that to say, it’s amazing how quickly you can go from having everything together to feeling like everything’s falling apart. In a matter of minutes, candles and intentions to shoddy lunches and sarcastic snap-backs: “I’m not the only one who’s in charge of grocery shopping, you know. You could pick up a few things too.” There is no limit to our do-overs in parenting though, and so far at 1:00 p.m. today, we’ve started our Monday six times. Outlook: Sunny. Pantry: Stocked.

Cushioning all our start-agains are the sweet small things. Lately, we’ve been enjoying…

Florida’s finest weather…
Lots of happy Florida snowbirds right now, basking in the best this state has to offer. When we’re missing family in the Midwest, these days are our bargaining power for getting them down for visits.

 photo print 9_zpsic4z33vn.jpg

 photo print 8_zpsrskme3w2.jpg

Salty dogs with my dad…
who’s officially retired and lives ten minutes away now.

 photo print 31_zpsqwgfcpsu.jpg

Pajama donut breakfast at the park, post sleepover.
Five kids, all who were up at 6 on a Sunday morning.

 photo print 33_zpsnpra7p18.jpg

 photo print 36_zpsekys3pdt.jpg

 photo print 34_zpsxgkxqqjr.jpg

 photo print 32_zpspqz8tsgi.jpg

Finding Nella wearing one of Lainey’s long dresses. Every day.

 photo print 67_zps8wgid1bf.jpg

A little space freshen-up, thanks to a can of yellow paint and some picture rearranging.
(Also I’m wondering how many days of quote switch-outs I have before I use up all my favorite You’ve Got Mail and Dead Poet’s Society quotes on our new letter board.)

 photo print 28_zpstnvfjeur.jpg

Snout Love.

 photo print 14_zpsf6db2uvo.jpg

 photo print 17_zps1p6pmz8f.jpg

Some afternoon yoga.

 photo print 11_zpshiix2oaa.jpg

Duck Duck Goose

 photo print 48_zps8n7z3smm.jpg

These #$&*ing skates.
He wants to wear them all the time–thinks they’re so funny. As if skates weren’t dangerous enough, try wearing them 5 sizes too big.

 photo print 42_zpsccyhwfye.jpg

 photo print 47_zpsmhz15mpe.jpg

 photo print 40_zpsivx3m0aq.jpg

Anyone else’s kid think it’s so funny to lick your face when you ask for a kiss?

 photo print 58_zps5c7jef6z.jpg

 photo print 59_zpsxfbvfdnk.jpg

 photo print 63_zpsbjec6jqb.jpg

A little pre-Valentine creative expression.

 photo print 54_zpsokkncnst.jpg

Happy New Week, friends. Feel free to start over when needed.

 photo print 2_zpsc24xr6sv.jpg
(several asked on Instagram: Moon Phase garland found here.)



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  1. Yup I needed to hear that today – straight up lost it on my kids this morning while trying to leave for school.
    My son will only wear his dinasour jammies and it’s almost a blizzard outside – double ugh.
    Starting over with a solo chinese food lunch out – then on to groceries :-)

  2. I never comment but have read your blog for years. Random event – I had the most awful dream about your family last night, to the point where I woke up crying. I am so happy to see your new post with happy smiling faces, as all should be. There was a time, Kelle, that I couldn’t read your blog. My life was not in a good place, and I just couldn’t stomach the positivity (never mind that’s when I needed it most). But I got myself back on track, drifted back to your blog, and now so look forward to your new posts. Thank you for the light you add to the world. May we all experience our lives on the backs of unicorns with butterflies and rainbows all around us.

  3. Jessica kiehn says:

    Yes yes yes yes and YES. I feel so normal now. One day I’m like the coolest, best mom ever with everything perfect and the next day we make it by the skin of our teeth! It’s this “little ones” season, man!

  4. That’s awesome your Dad is so close now. :)

  5. My Nate loves to wear his big sis’s skates, so I finally bought him his own. They’re his size with much loved Paw Patrol characters on them and he’s worn them once. I guess there’s no appeal like sibling admiration.

  6. Hi! I know you’ve done a pajama post before but was curious if you could share where you got Nella & Dash’s one piece pajamas….every one piece I find have the covered feet & my kids refuse to wear those! Thanks in advance & happy Monday!

    • Hi Laura,
      Both of the Union suits here are Hatley (hatley.com), and yes! We love them because with no feet, they last so much longer through quick growth years. Hanna Andersson also makes union suits without feet if you’re looking. Both brands, great quality and cotton that lasts! Hope that helps.

  7. I love the pic of you and Nella where she is looking at you sideways beneath her heart glasses. Also, yes, my kid loves to lick me whenever possible!

  8. Do over attitude wise for me at least 65 times today. Thanks for the great photos to end a day well.

  9. Do over attitude wise for me at least 65 times today.
    Wait. Did you say your dad now lives 10 minutes from you? SO.GOOD.

    Thanks for the great photos to end a day well.

  10. Licking… gahhhh my mom used to do that and my daughter does it. GAG LOL

  11. What a funny and refreshing read! I almost woke up my husband (who’s sleeping soundly beside me) twice just now with my obnoxious outbursts of laughter! I could relate to EVERYTHING you wrote. And those skates nearly did me in! So happy I stumbled upon your blog…I WILL be back for more, TRUST! Instant fan! 👍🏾😂😊

  12. “I don’t like the hard roll…” made me laugh out loud when I read the next part!! Love it. Thanks for making me feel a little more normal :)

  13. Yep, my kids lick me instead of kiss me. They also fart on me all the time on purpose.

  14. I LOVE that your dad is only 10 minutes away. My dad died before my grandchildren were born and as much as they are loved and cherished by my mom and me – I wish my daddy could have known them. Your blog today reminded me why I talked my boys into buying lunch because like you – although my mom can take a little bowl of stuff out of the fridge and make stir fry It just doesn’t work for me. May today be full of joy

  15. Love your blog, love your light, love your photos! Please, though, get Dash a helmet to wear with those skates. So important! One bad fall and well…..you know. Helmets!

  16. I never thought about hitting “redo” on a Monday before…it’s genius! And much needed many times.

    I always try to stretch the groceries another day too, luckily my kids don’t go to school yet and don’t need a bag lunch, which means we often find ourselves having pancakes for lunch.


  17. My 3 1/2 year old grandson licks us all, especially his baby brother, and thinks it’s hilarious! Little freaks unite!

  18. Kelle! Please please pleeeease share with us your beauty regime. And you must have one, right, because you look so fab! Do you do masks, peels, laser? Moisturizer? For those of us approaching 40 and seeing the whole aging thing happening, we’re always looking for tips and tricks!

  19. I was seriously laughing out loud Kelle!!!
    I too am a loyal reader who never usually comments but thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gift of being able to put into words of how life can be.
    I love you lady! I love how you capture the most abstract and delicate and deep emotions and notions and just LIFE and my hear just pours out.
    Some days your blog is just what I need to gain perspective and encouragement and to have a laugh or a cry or to kindle that spark.

    Your amazing and I too have had days where my eclectic lunch tactics have failed and my kids bring back the whole lunch cause it failed. lol

    Sincerely your Canadian friend
    Sarah from Alberta, Canada

  20. I’ve been there many times. At least we’re not alone.

    And yes, I get licked. Often.

  21. I know I am late to this party but….

    this. says. it. all……. “All that to say, it’s amazing how quickly you can go from having everything together to feeling like everything’s falling apart. In a matter of minutes, candles and intentions to shoddy lunches and sarcastic snap-backs: “I’m not the only one who’s in charge of grocery shopping, you know. You could pick up a few things too.” <—- I'm only 4 months into this motherhood stuff but this is how we are rolling these days. Thanks for speaking to me today!

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