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Kid Sneaker Round-Up

After waiting what seems like forever for Friday, I’m kicking this week to the curb and welcoming the weekend with open arms. And if we’re kicking anything, let’s do it wearing cute shoes. Fun Friday calls for favorite kid sneakers, and after three kids, many years of growing feet, and a slight shoe obsession, I feel slightly qualified to suggest these. In the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw, “Men I may not know, but shoes? Shoes I know.” When it comes to casual playtime sneakers for my kids, I love classic shoes that can be worn with dresses, shorts and jeans alike; anything that’s easy to slip on; and unexpected fun details like cute prints. These are favorites my kids have worn and loved, and several of these we’ve loved so much, we buy the same shoe in the next size up. I have a thing for red sneakers as well. I actually have to stop myself from only buying red sneakers. Gotta branch out from time to time. With no further ado…

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1. Ked’s Classic Sneaker. Red Keds are the IT shoe in our house. We’ve had them in just about every size from the teeniest tiniest pair they make, and I especially love the white rubber toe-kick on the infant and toddler sizes. These sneakers look adorable with dresses, take jeans to a new level and pair with sailor suits for perfection. Like wine, they get finer with age–the more scuffed and weathered, the better. They never go out of style, and if they ran for president, I’d totally vote for them.
2. Converse Creatures Sneaker. Dash and Nella each have a pair of these (alligator and zebra, respectively), and we get so many “Love those shoes!” comments. They have 3-D features and velcro open and shut for quick and easy removal. They’re the most character-filled sneakers for kids I’ve seen–sometimes I think they’re actually alive. Also available in shark, puppy, fish, bunny, toucan and more.
3. Camper Casual Sneaker, These comfy feet-huggers feature wide pre-tied elastic laces, so they slip on easily. I love the classic look and the contrast of canvas/laces/white toe-kick. They’re super durable, and I can’t wait for Nella to fit in Lainey’s old ones.
4. Keen Coronado. I searched for the perfect sneaker for Lainey’s first year of kindergarten like it was my job and found it in these adorable Keen Coronados that come in so many different colors and prints. We had little owls, but there are rockets and palm trees, flowers and sharks, polka dots and airplanes and more.
5. Vans Strawberry Slip-on. Craving spring? These strawberry slip-ons ooze happy weather vibes and add a sweet kick to any outfit. Our Vans passed the full-day-walking-around-Epcot comfort test, so WIN.
6. Toms Paseo. These are my favorite shoes for Dash right now and come in both low and over-the-ankle-styles. My favorite part? The hidden velcro that makes taking them on and off a cinch. They’re also available in several prints including buffalo check and stars and stripes.
7. Saucony Toddler Jazz. I love the retro look to these tennis shoes and the fact that they too have a secret velcro panel that makes them quick and easy choices for getting out the door.
8. Vans Banana Sneakers. Spring, spring, spring! The softest sweetest pink with a fun unexpected print. When in doubt, go with bananas.
9. See Kai Run Sneakers. I discovered See Kai Run when Lainey was a baby, and they are solid durable shoes that last. These sneakers are easy to slip on and off and come in several colors.
10. Adidas Samba. Everybody looks good in these timeless classics. Everybody. But of course, babies look cuter than everyone else in them.



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  1. I’m a big fan of See Kai Run. Love those shoes for little, growing feet!

  2. Might you be able to comment on the prices of these adorable shoes? At a quick glance they seem a bit pricey to new parent like myself.

    • Agreed!! I hate paying for shoes!! They grow out of them way too fast to spend too much on them, that and the babes are so hard on them!! Thanks!!

  3. yes please put the prices if you don’t mind, I hate paying too much for shoes that they are going to grow out of so fast!! That or wreck in just a few

  4. What a perfect little selection of shoes :)

  5. While I agree that I hate paying for shoes that my son will soon grow out of, I have found that with the cheaper shoes he was wearing through 2-3 pairs before going up a size. Now that I’ve bought him better quality and more expensive shoes they last until he outgrows them and I end up saving money in the long run.

  6. Kelle,

    This post is so timely, I was looking for sneakers for my toddler. Thanks a bunch! Also I had a question, where do you buy socks…especially with all the colors and long ones…I love them with the sneakers. And do you usually find them in sales or consignment or just buy them all new?

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