Make Dinosaur Snot

We’re headed into another birthday party this weekend–this time with a dinosaur theme. The kids are making dinosaur snot at the party because we love disgusting things, and I figured I’d make it a separate post so you too can make disgusting things with your kids (they’ll love your forever!).

You’ll need Borax (found in laundry detergent aisle), green food coloring, Elmer’s glue (4 oz. bottle per child) and water.

 photo print 13_zpsqqsxx95x.jpg

To streamline it for a table of several little ones making this at the same time, we’re using 2 large paper bowls per child and we’re pre-measuring the Borax and putting it in plastic snack containers (the ones people use for Jello shots ;o)–one per child. The finished slime will go in these 8 oz. clear plastic jars with this label* (I uploaded it so you can print it).

 photo print 14_zpsym0nvpns.jpg

In one bowl, mix contents of 4 oz. glue bottle with 1/2 cup water. Add green food coloring. Stir. (I pre-added food coloring–about 8 drops–to bowl of water so that Dash didn’t make a mess with the food coloring)

 photo print 16_zpskodt1fto.jpg

In the other bowl, mix 1 tsp. Borax with 1 cup water. Stir until Borax is dissolved.

 photo print 25_zpsm3gwy7fq.jpg

Pour Borax mixture into glue mixture and watch the slime magic begin.

 photo print 26_zpsanr73vh9.jpg

Mix slime with spoon and don’t worry if there’s a lot of water left over. Let kids get their hands in there and mix it well with their hands until it’s a good slimey consistency, and then pour off all the excess water. The slime will get smoother and easier to work with the more you play with it.

 photo print 27_zpsbp8pj2vq.jpg

 photo print 20_zpsualtjgsw.jpg

When it’s nice and smooth, transfer to 8 oz. jar with label.

 photo print 12_zpsoie3aa6m.jpg

My kids’ favorite thing to do with it? Hide it in their hands, pretend to sneeze–ACHOOOOOO!–and then pull it away from their nose.

It’s the perfect mix of super cute and a-little-bit-disgusting that makes for a great take away favor for a dinosaur party. Dash is looking forward to his this weekend.

 photo print 15_zpsitecz8r3.jpg

*Note: for the Printable Dino Snot labels, you can print it on a sheet of Avery shipping labels, 2 to a page (Avery #18126), and cut out 6 from the page, no problem.

Happy Monday, carry on.


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  1. We love making this, although we call it “Swamp Gunk.” Another fun thing to do is roll it out into a disc, place a straw in the middle so the end of the straw is off the edge, fold over one part of the swamp gunk and seal the edges, then blow through the straw creating a huge bubble. Kids think it is great and we’ve had bubbles much larger than their heads!

  2. JAmie Cooper says:

    I did a dinosaur party for my boys a few years ago, we had a pile of sand delivered to the house and set up a dinosaur dig. I boiled and cleaned rib bones and hid them in the sand as well as some other treasures, the kids had a blast uncovering the bones and cleaning them off with brushes and other tools. Have fun this weekend!

    • Love the boiling rib bone idea! I have some plastic dinosaur bones but I’ll have to see if the butcher at our grocery has any bones back there. Thank you!

  3. shinny Elizabeth joy says:

    I really love this DINOSAUR SNOT….It is really a helpful tip for all mothers to try something different for their children..and children will definitely love this creative art. It is easy for all to try it with the pictures…I am sure it will would be a age appropriate functional learning for all children…and I am pretty sure the kids will enjoy this……….

  4. What a great party activity!! I remember making a version of this as a child. While my son is getting older, I think he would still enjoy it for now. I’ll have to pick up some Borax!!

  5. We love this at home too. But for an added treat, we use glitter glue to make it sparkly (for the princesses :)

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