Outside Adventuring: Making Mini Gardens

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With the window of Florida’s Finest Weather soon to be closing and the sweaty thigh months creeping closer, I’m feeling obligated to enjoy outside adventures as much as possible right now. Plus, it’s spring, and while we don’t have major season changes here, I’m psychologically programmed to follow the course of Target Seasonal Aisles–that is, March equals cute gardening gloves, pastel M&Ms and flowery umbrellas.

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I want to plant things. Given that and the fact that my mom’s been staying with us (yay for Grandma time!), I’ve been looking for fun crafty adventurous things for us to do to fill up our memory-making-with-Grandma bucket list. And by the way, sitting on Grandma’s lap listening to stories could be the only thing checked off that list and we’d feel plenty fulfilled.

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This week, we checked our spring outside adventure off with grandma by making personalized fairy gardens. I found nice wide 10-inch terra cotta pots that were inexpensive, and we added dirt, a few succulents, pebbles and some garden treasures.

 photo mighty 14_zps0rcvtq1y.jpg

 photo mighty 1_zpsauk5o3dl.jpg

 photo mighty 4_zpsvv08px8h.jpg

Fairy garden trinkets from craft stores can add up, so we just picked out a few things and added some tiny toys (we love the Safari Toobs critters!). Dash made his garden a dinosaur garden, Nella made hers a haven for fairies, and Lainey made a critter park complete with a tiny vegetable garden and a picket fence.

 photo mighty 10_zpsh9btchzo.jpg

 photo mighty 9_zpsuetti1gi.jpg

 photo mighty 5_zpszrw3bp70.jpg

I loved this one because it required getting your hands dirty–always a plus for kids–and needed very little adult help. You can’t do anything wrong when arranging a dinosaur garden. Even if the succulents get trampled, you can blame it on the t-rex.

 photo mighty 11_zpssaajc6bq.jpg

 photo mighty 6_zpsnielsxls.jpg

 photo mighty 15_zpsx2jtbxcz.jpg

 photo mighty 19_zpsfunxlmae.jpg

The result? A happy window space in our dining area.

 photo mighty 17_zpswlo8c2yy.jpg

 photo mighty 16_zpscilbugdo.jpg

And those cute shirts Nella and Dash are wearing? Why, I thought you’d never ask.

 photo mighty 13_zpsslpedo6g.jpg

Three mamas got together with one simple goal–they wanted to create kids’ clothing that celebrated childhood. The mighty curiosity, fears, imagination and joys of being little in a big world. So they started Little & Mighty–sweet and simple clothing designs that celebrate adventure–digging in the dirt in spring, catching frogs and fireflies in summer, riding trikes outside for hours until Mom says it’s time to come in for a bath to wash the dirt away but keep the memories. And for the next 2 weeks, Little & Mighty is offering readers free shipping with coupon code HAMPTON. How cute and colorful your kiddos will look exploring their world in these.

 photo mighty 3_zpswb2pvqrs.jpg

Celebrating childhood…today and everyday. Happy Easter weekending, friends!


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  1. Amy albert says:

    Love this idea!!! Today school is cancelled here! Maine equals freezing rain and ice!!! When we thaw out, we will do this!!! Love that size flower pot!!!!! Please send warm sun our way!!!

  2. The level of adorable in these photos is off the charts! I LOVE the twist on the classic fairy garden. All you are missing is the world’s teeniest, tiniest garden gnomes to keep guard.

  3. Aww these are lovely I’m hoping to make a mini garden with my son over the Easter holidays. Some lovely ideas 😀 ps I was going to ask about the t-shirts but you answered it for me before I asked 😀

  4. OMG I love Nella’s and Dash’ shirts! Snails and frogs! Can you share where they’re from? And do they come in adult sizes?!

  5. Perfect timing! I was just looking for some cute t-shirts for my little fellow. Thanks!

  6. you lucky dogs!!! we live in CO where spring came for one day March 22, at a beautiful 70 degree day just to be rocked with unholy blizzard Wednesday, back to 70 degrees on Thursday and Friday we are welcoming more SNOW!!! Suck up the sunshine for me!!!!!!

  7. Jenny L. says:

    The kids are all so cute. Nella is starting to look so much like Lainey!

  8. This looks so fun!

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