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Spring Trends Shoe Challenge

Tracking PixelThis post is Born Again. And by that, I mean it’s sponsored by our friends at Børn Shoes.

If you’ve been putzing around Target aisles in your free time lately (that’s how everyone handles free time, right?), you’ll know spring is in full force. Like Peeps have taken over the world and pastels are running for president (and possibly could win in this race). This pleases me to no end for a multitude of reasons, but I’ll shave them down to three. A): Cadbury eggs. B): Babies in Easter dresses. C): Spring fashion.

We’re going to go with C on this post because I’d need more than one post to take on Cadbury eggs.

Spring brings all these feelings of newness for me. I want to change things up, rearrange furniture, try new things, and that extends into what I’m wearing. This spring, I’ve pulled a few new looks by switching up some things I already had in my closet with a couple new pieces.  So I’m jumping on the flare jeans trend, swishing in some flowy dresses, and tweaking the sophisticated pencil skirt into a more casual look. The big question is…what shoes do I wear with these?

My friends at Børn Shoes always take care of this question perfectly, providing an impressive selection of styles for the new season. Their edge? Comfort! Comfort, comfort, comfort so that you don’t have to hobble around chasing the kids, sacrificing well-being for looks.

Flare Jeans

My flares were the biggest challenge for shoes. I like flare jeans when they’re really long and worn with some height, but not all heels are comfortable enough to run errands and do the mom thing all day. Solution? Børn Fatema sandals. 

 photo blog 1_zpsv755qr0l.jpg

The perfect heel height for flares with no uncomfortable hobble! They’re soft and supportive with a peep-toe to show off your spring pedicure.

 photo blog 3_zpszz5g3eah.jpg

And I love that they have a little retro vibe that pairs perfectly with flares. Now play The Doors and get me a lava lamp.

 photo blog 2_zpsr8icb4iz.jpg

Spring Shoe Challenge #2: Flowy dress.
Did you know flowy isn’t even a real word? I find this despicable.

So my flowy dress challenge is that all my sandals felt like they were taking over the outfit–clunky and standoutish (standoutish isn’t a real word either, by the way) when my dress was light and airy. I needed something light and simple that would blend well with the dress instead of compete with it. Voila! Børn Stephane. I love how simple these sandals are, making them versatile for just about any and everything you’d wear in warm weather–shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts. Heck, you would wear them naked around the house and forget you had them on.

 photo blog 8_zpsrycf8v2p.jpg

Pretty metallic finish too…

 photo blog 9_zps2edv6wen.jpg

Finally, my favorite challenge–Make a Pencil Skirt Casual.

I have this great high-waisted pencil skirt with a fun flap/slit detail, and it’s been sitting in my closet for a month. I wanted to wear it more casual than out to dinner with heels, so I paired it with my favorite Led Zeppelin tee, but needed the perfect spring shoe to finish the look.

Børn’s Marcia gladiator sandals pulled this look together perfectly, and I love it. Plus, they are ultra comfy, and I’m totally taking them on spring break.

 photo blog 5_zps5sssdmas.jpg

 photo blog 4_zpsnahiert8.jpg

I love the gold burnished buckles–three for good luck.

 photo blog 6_zpshs16wcc0.jpg

This is where I’m reenacting Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids: “Its a great color, its a great length, it’s fun, you can twirl, you can… you can move in them, you can spread your legs apart.”

 photo blog 7_zpsii3slnnn.jpg

So basically, I can move on with my life because the great spring mystery of “what shoe to wear with this” is solved!

And the best part? Our friends at Børn have been amazing supporters of anything we do for Down syndrome awareness. They’re the first to say, “How can we help?” and this month, they’re helping our #3-21 pledge once again.

ADDENDUM: Giveaway closed now…but please keep reading and donate *shoeless* if you can ;o)

Børn has generously offered a free pair of Børn shoes (ARV $100-$200 each) to the first five (5) readers who donate $50 or more to Ruby’s Rainbow 3-21 pledge–helping to provide college scholarships to adults with Down syndrome.

Click here to donate. Then e-mail a screenshot of your completed donation to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net  with BORN SHOES in the subject line. I’ll be watching e-mail like a hawk, and as soon as I have 5, I’ll hop on here and add an addendum that the giveaway has been closed (but, of course–keep giving ;o) ADDENDUM: GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Thank you again to Børn for supporting our mission. And, okay–for keeping us comfortable, cute and happy. It all matters.


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  1. Want. Them. All. 😻

  2. Great choices!! I would wear them all; I’m patiently awaiting the day I can pack the boots away with confidence.

  3. So, I’m in LOVE with the fact that flare jeans are cool again and I don’t have to just wear skinny jeans with everything forever again. That being said, last time that I wore bootcut jeans I paired them with with Dr. Martens and plaid button downs in high school in Kansas. So I don’t know how to be a cool girl in pants like these.
    But these… sandals… oh my God they look so perfect and glorious and I want em.

  4. You look cute in them all.

  5. Born should be very pleased with you. I just went and bought them there fatemas. I wish all sponsored partnerships were as well done as yours. Or not because maybe then I would be suckered into buying all those damn skinny teas trying to take over Instagram….

  6. Love those metallic sandals!

  7. Always so much fun reading your blog! So refreshing!!! I have to ask a silly question … What floors are your wooden floors in these pics! Swoon! We r floor shopping and yours caught my eye! The best I have seen!!! Thanks so much!

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