The Easter of Low Standards

We’ve resorted to our low standard celebration this Easter. It goes like this: You know why this was an amazing Easter? Because we are breathing. We are alive, and we are going to let that fact have a lot of merit right now.

We’ve been in varied stages of The Flu Cocoon which is a lot like the horror movie The Fog except we get to keep breathing. Remember, WE’RE ALIVE! BEST EASTER EVER!

I have considered taking care of sick children one of those rites of passage in motherhood and one that can present itself to be quite beautiful actually–rocking warm little bodies, sweeping hair off hot foreheads, tucking covers, perfecting chicken soup recipes, feeling a surge of satisfaction from the call to nurture. But the other night when both Brett and I fell asleep with fevers and chills and awoke to the same fevers and chills plus two more kids with it, crying “Moooooooommmm!”? I did not feel a surge of satisfaction. I passed a kid to Brett–I don’t even remember which one–and bid him God Speed. “Here, you take this one. I’ll take the other one. Whoever survives until morning wins life.”

Turns out, we both won life, another thing to celebrate this Easter.

We had big plans for Easter–a giant spread of food planned, people coming over–all the Easter things. And I’m holiday girl! I live for this stuff.

But it just didn’t work out this year, and it was all we could do to take care of us. So we canceled all our plans and focused on breathing and staying alive. And you know what? I kind of liked it. Once in a while, it’s nice to be forced to step back and just do nothing.

Turns out we still did a few things. Quietly, slowly, and under the influence of Motrin.

Our eggs got dyed (made some speckled eggs from Martha Stewart Magazine–eggs tossed in a cup of lentils and food dye).

 photo print 8_zpsdpmyqj9c.jpg

 photo print 9_zps8h7yi75x.jpg

And the bunny still came. Also, word is the bunny got smart this year and ordered eggs pre-filled with tiny toys like puzzle erasers and tattoos. Praise be for shortcuts when you need them.

 photo print 17_zpsyldq8u2y.jpg

 photo print 15_zpsgumgtxdi.jpg

 photo print 16_zpsofrk1s69.jpg

 photo print 19_zps2qk2sd5r.jpg

 photo print 18_zpsrey2n6qx.jpg

 photo print 25_zpsxpy2umb2.jpg

 photo print 27_zps5cloyefo.jpg

 photo print 12_zpsqtpdfgts.jpg

 photo print 13_zpsbh3mlz0p.jpg

 photo print 21_zpstj0c3ecb.jpg

 photo print 20_zpszaem1hgm.jpg

 photo print 22_zpslcq7lpgm.jpg

These tiny Calico Critters pups? Obsessed. All of us.

 photo print 23_zpsqlitoe3u.jpg

I was actually feeding one with a bottle yesterday without realizing Brett was watching me.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What? I’m feeding a bottle to a tiny plastic dog wearing a diaper, what is it look like I’m doing?”

 photo print 14_zpsaibcrrcf.jpg

The kids tried on their Easter outfits at various times throughout the week, but mostly we just hung out in our pajamas yesterday. But look! For the record…BOWTIE. You’re welcome.

 photo print 10_zps5kx1t6ur.jpg

 photo blog 1_zpsfy01drwt.jpg

The cake that didn’t get eaten, but it’s okay because WE’RE BREATHING.

 photo print 11_zpsdndrsymy.jpg

I did get through Season 2, Episode 12 of Parenthood after marathon sick watching and cannot begin to understand why I wasn’t watching it when it was on. My obsession with the Braverman family is so for real, I dream about them and count down the hours for the kids to go to sleep so I can keep watching.

And for once, I’m actually glad it’s Monday. New week, fresh start. Disinfecting the house and kickin’ last week in the shins.

 photo easter 2_zpsjp7idisv.jpg
Fatema sandals, from my fave spring picks and a continued partnership with Børn Shoes.

Hoping you all had a great weekend and a happy Easter.


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  1. I still mourn the Braverman’s…

  2. Elaine Hurley says:

    I hear ya Kelle! We were knocked out by the flu too on St. Patrick’s week which is kinda a big deal here in Ireland. No parades for us so we made our own. It was such a laugh…the Barbies on the toy tractors being the highlight! My 5 year old said she wants to do the same next year instead of going to the parade. Low expectations are the best…looks like you all had a lovely Easter after all. Happy Easter. Love your posts. x

  3. Just the fact that you dyed Easter eggs and took beautiful pictures means you did more than we did! We’ve been dealing with a lot too though. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. The Bravermans are why I decided we needed try to have another kid. Our village wasn’t big enough with just two boys. So, we tried and tried to add a third to our brood….and ended up with identical twin girls. So, Bravermans, family of 6, here we are!

  5. I was the same about the Bravemans… Just finished series & would give my left kidney (is that even thing?) to get another season.

  6. Love your post. So true about sick kids, but when you are sick too it is a whole different mindset – survival.

    Love Lainey’s dress, where is it from?

  7. I was the same way with Parenthood! just watched it last year, and couldn’t believe I waited so long! Those Bravermans….. they’re wonderfully amazing.

  8. Braverman-4-ever. Just wait…. You will die a small death when you finally finish it.

  9. Ahhhhh Parenthood. We just named our new dog Crosby….love love love the Bravermans!

  10. stefanie says:

    I miss the Bravermans so much – it’s like they were all wiped out by an asteroid and I can’t take it. I cried buckets throughout the show (which I only finished watching a few months ago). I binge-watched all six seasons in less than six months.

  11. Mary hadican says:

    Broke my ankle in November, and watched Parenthood from start to finish when I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. I had watched it when it first came on, but stopped, so it was great getting back to it ( thanks Netflix). Love them! Feel better……

  12. So crazy, but we had a very similar Easter weekends. The flu all weekend! The only thing that made my weekend better than yours was that Saturday was my birthday. Not a good way to start my 36th year, but I, too, am glad it’s Monday. Here’s a new season and a brighter day.

  13. Hope your family feels better soon! Love that show and enjoy watching!

  14. Bella Dominick says:

    Loved the Braverman family !! It’s different seeing different cast members play diferent roles. ‘The Chase’ which is on tonight brings a different view of one of the main characters. Hope you get all the flu bugs out!

  15. Samantha says:

    Hope everyone gets well soon! Being sick is no fun, but looks like you made the best of it :).

  16. My friends and I were all obsessed with the Braverman Family. None of us watched the show while it was on air (I have no idea why not) but binged watched it at various speeds/levels a couple months ago.

    Since then, we’ve planned what we call The Wanna-Be Bravermans get togethers…where we all get our families together for a chaotic day of fun. Not as cool as the Braverman backyard (the table, the lights!!) but just as fun and good for our souls.

    Enjoy Parenthood, when it’s over you feel a sense of loss for the show!


  17. Oh my goodness, the Bravermans. I normally don’t cry while watching movies/tv, but I literally sobbed my way through the entire show! I’m now considering starting it a second time so I can pretend it isn’t over.

    On a separate note, those two pictures of Lainey and Nella in their Easter finery are absolutely precious. :)

  18. Danielle says:

    The nights I ask my husband if wants to watch an episode and he says no, I’m like WHAT?!? Crushed. I fantasized about early bedtime all day!

  19. My hubs and I LOVED Parenthood from the get go. And I think season 2’s Thanksgiving dinner episode was one of my favorites ever with the Braverman kids closing out the festivities with a little OPP…I mean…

    And for some reason I’ve seen the stomach bug/flu thing happen to a few people over Easter weekend, including my husband and I (mildly) for some reason. Weird. Did we all eat ham from the same farm?

  20. sheri slowey says:

    ah haaaaa – I am with you – #teambraverman – I didn’t watch it when it was on either but I have dark bags under my eyes to prove I watched many nights til 2 a.m. – I want to have a family dinner in the back yard – for real.

  21. I just started watching Parenthood while I get on the treadmill! I am literally on Episode 6 and also obsessed. Also I cry, big huge crying, every episode. It makes it a little tough to run while watching. But worth it.

  22. Our Easter was the same. It started last Tuesday with one kid going down with a stomach bug, followed two days later by a toddler with tonsillitis, and is still going on now when my eldest, the one with the stomach bug last week, woke me up this morning by declaring he had a sore throat. A trip to the doctors this morning confirmed he too has tonsillitis.. In between all this I got the stomach bug too! I cannot wait for a healthy household again!

  23. We had that flu. Two weeks (maybe more!) of the flu. Three ER trips. Then it turned into an ear infection, pneumonia, and bronchitis (three different people, fortunately). I may have pneumonia myself. Breathing is a completely valid goal!

    I boiled eggs and then left them out all night (oops) so we colored likely spoiled eggs and then hunted them outside in the sun and then threw them away so no one died of food poisoning. Goal of surviving Easter = MET. Congratulations to your family on surviving as well! : )

  24. We worked like crazy on Saturday making food & filling Easter eggs & the flu bug hit our family on Sunday, too!! So disappointing. :( I loved Parenthood so much! Still miss that show & it’s great cast. Such cute pictures of your kiddos in their Easter outfits!! Adorable!

  25. My husband and I were huge Parenthood fans. One of the best shows ever on television in our opinion. He and I both cried when the show ended. We felt like we were losing close friends. : ( They don’t make them like that much anymore. Enjoy!! BTW I’m happy you’re all feeling better. : )

    ~ Wendy

  26. I’m sorry you were sick, but this post made me feel better. We ALL were sick for Easter. It sucked. I can’t believe how much uneaten food we had in our fridge thanks to our dinner with family falling through. So much for the Easter outfits. At least the kids got to do an egg hunt before the stomach bug hit. Oh, and I love the Bravermans as if they are my own flesh and blood.

  27. wait- what? You can preorder eggs??? The easter bunny dropped the ball at our house this year. We had been in Florida until saturday night so well Sunday morning was a little hard. But after 18 years of easter bunnies I am ok. I realize my youngers sometimes get a bit ripped off but that’s they way it goes.

  28. I started watching Parenthood when I started a walking routine on the treadmill. I am now on season 4 and I swear it is the only reason I get up in the morning to get on the treadmill. Crying through many episodes also increases the challenge of the workout. I can’t believe I missed this incredible show when it originally aired.

  29. Liza chicon says:

    ok what show is this I haven’t heard of and why , where and when do I watch ? Hope you guys are better , loved ur eggs , the expression of the kids with their easter baskets and the easter outfits !! absolutely beautiful , those dresses ! that picture ,, stunning . I freaking love you , like I wish that when I go on my family vacations to Florida I can set up a playdate with you and the kids and meet your amazing family , reading your blog gives me life !!!!

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