Enjoying: Summer

It’s official: Happy Summer, Friends.

Just a cheerful dose of summery things here today.

Enjoying lately…

Father’s Day Triple Berry Pie
My mom’s pie crust recipe and whatever berries we had in the refrigerator (strawberries, blueberries and the last picked over raspberries) with a cup of sugar and a tablespoon or so of flour added. And then I always dust the top of the crust with a motherload of sugar because a heavy sugar-dusted crust is my favorite thing about a pie.

 photo print 23_zpscu2evn8y.jpg

Little Brother Shenanigans
Sitting on faces and so forth.

 photo print 26_zpsv5tr2vdf.jpg

Dock Picnics

 photo print 17_zpsvucp25qx.jpg

Summer Treats

 photo print 3_zps9kg0bmdp.jpg

Ice cream sandwiches will forever be my favorite ice cream truck treat, but the kids are sold on red dye.

 photo print 7_zpszpb6ru5w.jpg

 photo print 9_zps1xqqmast.jpg

 photo print 8_zpsmumw9sjj.jpg

Larry the Frog
I know, I know. We always go back to Larry with the names, and I’m sorry about that. But look at him. Totally a Larry.

 photo print 20_zpsxcgccwf2.jpg

 photo print 21_zpsi5u3dp4q.jpg

Sand Dollar Season

The gulf feels like bath water this time of year, and if we’re lucky to have sand bars at sunset, they’re often covered with sand dollars and sea stars. The kids will collect several, bring them in for pictures and oohs and ahhs and take them back to release them.

 photo print 11_zpsyunqyut3.jpg

The Father’s Day Gift Huddle
We made the mini hardbound book from Pinhole Press, and it turned out beautiful.

 photo print 30_zpshzdaiigt.jpg

 photo 2_zpsd3w3feue.jpg

Water, Water, Water.
Our morning all-call texts for summer fun with friends always follows with ideas that involve water–it’s too hot for anything else. We rotate pool, beach, splash pad. Pool, beach splash pad.

 photo print 24_zpswjtpuig6.jpg

 photo print 25_zpsgrkugirl.jpg

 photo print 28_zpsu6afkhxg.jpg

His Little Voice
He doesn’t like to mispronounce things and quickly fixes the way he says things once he figures it out, so I’m hanging on to all the little boy talk and precious mispronunciations for as long as I can. Currently loving “Here comes the Jerbage Truck!”

 photo print 29_zps6ukcianh.jpg

 photo print 18_zpsyiuorjle.jpg

 photo print 15_zps05a2yvzy.jpg

Dinosaurs Walks

 photo print 14_zpstybdcfv4.jpg

 photo print 11_zpsvcknpzzv.jpg

And as you head out in the water for family fun this summer, here’s a photography post from last summer: 48 Creative Ways to Capture Water Fun.

 photo print 5_zpsak2jgqe3.jpg


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  1. Amazing photos, as usual! Enjoy your summer!!!

  2. You’re so inspirational! Taking my kids to the splash pad now!

  3. Each picture I kept saying “yes, that is summer!”

  4. Janice H says:

    My favorite kid talk was my son’s “ament dozer” (cement mixer). It was a sad, sad day when he got it right. 😉

  5. My seven-year-old daughter still says “breffix” for ‘breakfast’ and I just quietly smile inside every time instead of correcting her. I feel you.

  6. I did the same thing with my youngest…savoring all the wrong ways she said things. She’s 10 now, and we still fondly recall some of the hilarious things she said.

  7. Loved the “Sitting on faces and so forth”!

  8. Always SO in love with your pictures and the way you portray your lovely family <3

  9. What a beautiful tribute to summer. We’re finally enjoying our summer days here in Wisconsin. Soaking up every bit we can before September is here and the hot and humid turns to cool and breezy.

  10. This is beautiful! What an incredible depiction of your life. Your days look beautiful and full of joy. Thank you for sharing!

    Love the girlies bathing suits btw!


  11. “Mom, I for to got to get my blankie”. My very favorite three year old saying.

  12. Heather says:

    I love the summer all call texts. Great idea so everyone is included! Super idea! 👍🏻

  13. My oldest son pronounced elephant: El-PA-font for the longest time, I was SO sad when he said it the correct way. My youngest son who is 5 still calls chick-fil-a: Fick-shil-a and I refuse to correct him.

  14. Allison says:

    My son loved ‘keputch’ on his ‘crap dinner’.

  15. Love summer! Your pictures capture it perfectly. Both of my boys mispronounced “gorilla” at one time, but in different ways. One was “grill-a” and the other “galilla”. Now that they’re 7 and 5, we laugh about it- and sometimes they mispronounce the word just for fun! :)

  16. Is lainey a saint? Who smiles when her little brother is sitting on her head?! She’s a champion!

  17. Last week over the phone I asked my grandson, age 5, what he was doing. “I’m swapping flies Nana, with the fly swapper.”


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