Big Canoe

Yesterday was back to school for our county, and let me put it this way. Since I came home from vacation, I’ve cut out sweets and carbs and drinking because LORD, did I ever eat, drink and be merry for the past month and a half. And I came home strong, dedicated, knocking out my new goals like a boss. We were in control. We were egg whitin’ and kale’in our mornings, and it felt so good. But then yesterday came. And I broke open a bottle of wine at 5:30. And then my damn neighbor walked over with a CHOCOLATE CAKE, and now my kitchen counter holds the remnants of the Massacre of Healthy Ambition 2016.

You know what I love about life? Do overs. So we stumbled. 2 steps back and 15 steps forward. If Britney Spears recovered from 2007, I can move forward from yesterday’s surrender. And before I go forth with gusto into all the good things that August and September may hold for this place, let me pause just a little for the solitude and family time the last week of summer delivered.

We spent our last week together as a family with Brett’s parents in Jasper, Georgia at Big Canoe which is this unbelievably gorgeous mountain community that offers everything from hiking trails to a full inflatable playground on the lake.

 photo print 7_zpspyh4eeyp.jpg

We slowed down, did little but loved a lot–sipped coffee in morning huddles that didn’t break up for getting ready routines until we thought about what we were going to do for lunch, watched the Olympics together at night, cooked, read books on the back porch, took walks, swam, forgot about everything but the present. And it was wonderful.

 photo print 8_zpsdey3xlrf.jpg

 photo print 10_zps0bqcdlis.jpg

And look. I found a fall prequel on a walk to the lake. Heck yeah, I tucked them away in the last chapter of the book I’m reading.

 photo print 40_zpszfn7bhnu.jpg

That there on the left is a water slide built into the rocks.

 photo print 41_zpsloohdtgb.jpg

As always, more than views and lakes and entertainment, what I love most about these trips are my people. Watching my kids climb up on their grandpa’s lap, hearing him ask them questions and listening to their responses…makes me so happy.

 photo print 14_zpsbngimi1u.jpg

Every good summer should have a corn shucking fest.

 photo print 15_zpsf90apvir.jpg

 photo print 16_zpsnb7jq2l5.jpg

 photo print 17_zpsfonuoaht.jpg

The pontoons Big Canoe rents are all electric, keeping the lake volume at its magical peaceful place.

 photo print 20_zps18nrkjav.jpg

 photo print 21_zpscz0utlra.jpg

 photo print 25_zpscelj5xn3.jpg

 photo print 27_zpsuztajz25.jpg

 photo print 22_zpsrvxypivi.jpg

 photo print 31_zpsoduodqtd.jpg

Add red canoes to 14,000 Things to Be Happy About.

 photo print 32_zpsy8su8ctu.jpg

Add sassafras to 14,000 Things to Be Happy About.

 photo print 26_zps74i2sawu.jpg

…and any cabin named “The Shack.”

 photo print 18_zps2doh0knq.jpg

Flying kids…

 photo print 6_zpspk4dmr8v.jpg

 photo print 5_zps1lcypruu.jpg

 photo print 3_zps4mnuu55z.jpg

…lunch with a view…

 photo print 33_zpsxfjecc1n.jpg

 photo print 35_zpsyq9uzaoz.jpg

 photo print 37_zpsqfyn0aef.jpg

…and most definitely the possibility tomorrow holds.

I have a chocolate cake mess to clean up. Happy Tuesday!

 photo print 39_zpsevbld5ct.jpg


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  1. That place looks fun, yet relaxing. Kewel inflatables.

    Love all the photos.

  2. This lake looks like so much fun! What great memories. As for that chocolate cake, that sounds delish!!!!

  3. Heather Kulaga says:

    I’m so glad you got to end your summer this way!! Ahhhh, renewing :)

  4. margaux garapolo says:

    ohhhh! which cabin did you rent at big canoe? i’m already researching for next summer’s vacation, and that community looks perfect!

    • I would also like to know this!
      Thank you!

    • We stayed in a house that belonged to some friends of my in-laws. But I did a run up by these houses in the “Treetops” section and was smitten! Round two-story houses up in the trees–like tree houses! Totally investigate it, you won’t be disappointed!

  5. That looks heavenly. So much fun! But what I really want to know is was it 5:30 a.m. or p.m. when you opened the wine?

  6. Oh my goodness! We were just there the other weekend. It is amazing. Gorgeous, things to do, yet so relaxing. I wonder if we were there the same weekend!

    Nicole | http://www.bynicolegeorge.com

  7. Delle Griffin says:

    Big Canoe is a wonderful place.
    I lived there full time for nearly 10 years.

  8. Is this a place you can rent/stay at? My girls would lose their minds for this next summer!

  9. The place can definitely cause nostalgia to me! Breathtaking and captivating. You have a beautiful family.

  10. Looks like a lovely, peaceful place.

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