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Fall is the Gateway to Loving Your Home: So Long, Living Room Clutter!

Tracking PixelThis post is sponsored by Arhaus, makers of timeless beautiful things for your home.

We’ve been home a lot lately–entertaining out-to-dinner plans but choosing instead to stay in and loving it. Our neighbors have been over more than ever, our house is hitting some record highs for staying clean, and things feel especially homey around here. It helps that it’s September, and everything shifts toward gathering and making our home as cozy as it can be. As my brother explained the other day when we exchanged weekend home projects (“Restaining wood floors–you?” “Lighting candles, baking poptarts and painting the girls’ bedroom.”): “Fall is the gateway to loving your home.” And it is–a season shift toward staying in. Football and chili nights, apple spice candle mornings, dinners with friends, holiday planning and a louder invitation to enjoy our spaces, to make them cozy, beautiful and replenishing.

I’m always switching things up and making little changes to our home from moving furniture around to folding a new hand towel in the bathroom, and it all makes me so happy. But the main space in our home–our open living room–has presented some issues for a while now. It just hasn’t felt put together. I’m a make-do kind of girl and have made the best with what we’ve had and am so grateful we inherited some good hand-me-down furniture a while back, but it’s definitely seen its day now. And with some other issues–a constantly cluttered bookshelf with exposed cords, some busy prints and accessories to overcompensate for what I couldn’t fix, and a general “anything goes” decor plan, we just weren’t feeling the homey vibes for which we knew the room held potential.

 photo arhaus_zpsb86jy7wp.jpg

And though our room gets a lot of light with an entire wall of glass doors, the fact that you can see straight through can present more clutter and distract the eye.

So we needed a game plan to make our living room homey and create a put-together feel for fall. While we have a bucket list of big projects (wood floors, new fireplace wall/mantle, close off book shelf with cabinetry), we knew we could make the biggest impact for now with new furniture and a few creative fixes to our clutter problem.

1. We stained our coffee table, giving it a brand new look (and making some stains disappear!), and styled some curated accessories and books on top.
2. We simplified our wall prints.
3. I addressed my book hoarding issue and donated over 100 books, keeping only our favorites and the classics.
4. We painted the inside shelves under our T.V. black and housed the books in matching baskets–a huge difference (cords are hidden now!)
5. We changed the layout, making the sofas face each other and bringing everything closer to the center. 
6. And my favorite, new furniture from Arhaus

The result…

 photo arhaus 33_zpsbd83way5.jpg

It feels so. much. better–clean and cozy and a place where we actually love to sit now. In fact, every time we get the kids to sleep and sit down to enjoy the last bits of the evening here, we spend the first five minutes talking about how good it feels to love our space.

 photo print 34_zpsebpy3mwy.jpg

 photo arhaus 26_zpswduxeye4.jpg

As for choosing our sofas, I entertained a sectional but opted for two sofas for a few reasons: I love to change things up and a sectional would lock us in to one floor plan, I’ve always loved the classic look of two sofas facing each other and an important one–there wouldn’t be a good place for our Christmas tree with a sectional, and Lord knows Christmas is a deciding factor around here. We also wanted a gray color that would work with a range of colors if we wanted to change the look of the living room over time by switching out the rug, accessories and throw pillows. We have a lot of blues in here now, but we could add warm tones, change it up with some black and white pops or even go with more wild color. Either way, these sofas are made to last and are a traditional style that will extend beyond changing trends.

If you recall, we have Arhaus furniture on our lanai as well, and I can’t speak highly enough of the quality and durability. Our new Dune sofas for the living room are the same–solid and supportive with comfort that whispers “Sit down and stay a while.” Plus they’re made in America–handcrafted in North Carolina and constructed from natural hardwood, fibers and real down feathers.

Their Linwood linen collection of pillows and throws is beautiful–by far our favorite and comfiest pillows on the sofa.

 photo arhaus 12_zpsjp5bcsxg.jpg

 photo arhaus 25_zpsj5xjh7mx.jpg

 photo arhaus 7_zpsjqnalhvj.jpg

We’re waiting on our Clarence floor lamp to finish off the room, but so far, we are so happy with everything–it’s amazing how much some love into a space can bring so much joy. We’re sitting in this room so much more, holding coffee cups and kids on our lap in the morning, and steering dinner guests toward this room in the evenings. And movie night has a whole new meaning–these puppies feel like beds when you lie down on them.

 photo arhaus 18_zpscjlrowgc.jpg

 photo arhaus 22_zps9ebsgjnv.jpg

Because this room is so large and open and the first thing you see when you walk in, it sets the tone for our entire home. It now says “No!” to clutter and, this month, a resounding “YES!” to all things fall. Give me candles that smell like maple woods. A bowl of crisp Pink Lady apples. Wassail served to friends. Blankets draped around sleepy kids. Louis Armstrong crooning “When You’re Smiling,” and promises of the first fire in the fireplace later this year.

 photo arhaus 19_zpsorounncm.jpg

I can’t wait for the stories these sofas will tell someday.

 photo arhaus 2_zpsm6lp3gjb.jpg

 photo arhaus 23_zpstzedis7s.jpg

BONUS: These sofas prop up Nella’s tree pose perfectly–our final check of approval.

 photo arhaus 29_zpss3bf8oel.jpg

You want to know the best part? Our friends at Arhaus are giving away a $500 Arhaus gift card to one of our readers. Poke around their site for some wonderful home inspiration, and tell me–what’s your favorite thing in your home and why?

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And check out the Arhaus Warehouse Sale starting on Saturday, 9/10. You can save up to 60% during this great sale, and even more with their Gold Tag Treasures. Select inventory will be marked down for incredible savings. It’s a great way to get your home ready for fall.


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  1. Rebekah mclain says:

    How could the hearth not be my favorite place in my home!? The fireplace and mantle are the heart of the home to me! I decorate for holidays, birthdays and everyday around it. A warm fire in the fall and winter bring me more joy and excitement than I can contain! (My chalkboard wall is a close second 😉)

  2. I love the baskets to hide the clutter! I need to change out our cheapie fabric bins for something like that to elevate the look in our living room. Thanks for the inspiration, and an awesome giveaway! :)

  3. So beautiful. Nothing beats a clean and tidy house! I love our family collage walls. But would love a new couch! I’ll definitely have to check out their site!

  4. My favorite thing in my home isn’t a thing… it’s my sweet family that lives inside of it, but it sure makes it more cozy when it’s not cluttered. I love what you did, Kelle!! I have to say my favorite spot is our ever growing gallery wall of beach photos that reminds me of great times with my favorite people 😊

  5. Getting ready for fall but patiently awaiting my new house to be built and we need a new couch and lamps and who knows what else!! Would love this gift card :)



  7. Your living room turned out beautifully!

    My favorite space in my home is a toss up between the nursery (so peaceful) and our living room. I love the fireplace mantle and that I can change it up for every season. It just adds an extra level of cozy to our home throughout the year!

  8. Shaunna rohletter says:

    My favorite thing in our home is my daughters room. It is so fun and relaxing. Definitely a place for both our daughters to enjoy!

  9. I love the new look of your room. My favorite part of my house is my bed!

  10. I would love to re-do my living room as well! Or, my terrace. Love your new furniture!

  11. Casey Portman says:

    So we *just* purchased new couches…but I would love a rug to match! We have laminate flooring, so it feels so loud/hard in the living room. I would use the gift card for a beautiful soft rug for the kids to lay on!

  12. Casey liska says:

    I have been getting new pillow covers for the couch and making a family command center on a chalkboard wall. Fall makes me want to get the house in order for the cooler temps and holidays!

  13. I love the blue. So peaceful and calm.

  14. Kellie Caughorn says:

    The favorite part of my home is my front porch. Love to sit out at night and solve the worlds problems with my husband once the kids are tucked into bed!

  15. Wow, great room update! Love the two couch look!

  16. It’s looks beautiful, Kelle. I love the simplicity & warmth it exudes. I also love this time of year…even though it’s 90 degrees here today, I’m in the garage lugging out fall wreaths, autumn hued pillows & pretty much anything that says Fall. It’s September, dammit. School days, sweater weather, early darkness, cozy evenings inside, holidays approaching. I. LOVE. IT. ALL.

  17. Mandy Davis says:

    We have been updating our main level; laying wood floors and painting. Because I have been looking for chairs that’s where I looked first. I immediately fell in love with the tansy upholstered chair with the ivory sheepskin. So gorgeous!

  18. Kannan Sharp says:

    I would love to have the Eiffel Tower floor lamp- it would look lovely in my favorite room- the living room.

  19. Love Arhaus! I love your Dune sofas but right now I really want the Kensington pub table and stools!

  20. Mums on the porch and a fall wreath on the front door are my favorites this time of year.

  21. It looks fantastic!! They grey and blue together is fabulous and you’re so right on being able to add different color to it throughout the year. Nicely done!!

  22. We have a small collection of handmade pottery from Family and potters that have become friends. It is our little bit of practical art that we and use every day

  23. Would get 2 facing couches also!

  24. We are in the process of finishing our basement and I am patiently waiting to decorate it for fall! I think it will soon be our favorite place to hang out as a family.

  25. Looking forward to putting out Halloween decorations and crafting some new ones this year! They would look even better with a new sectional… :)

  26. My favorite items in my home are the ones that have been passed to me from my grandparents and parents. I like an eclectic, but clean, house.

  27. Gorgeous!! I’m looking for a new couch- thanks for the heads up!!

  28. Our gallery walls! :)

  29. My favorite thing about our home is our cozy living room with our pillows and space for reading.

  30. I love the changes you’ve made to your living room. It looks so relaxing! My favorite thing about my home is how tiny it is. Only 900 square feet! But, it is easy to clean, easy to decorate, forces me to keep the clutter to a minimum and keeps my kids close (literally and soulfully). I’m always checking out pictures and that’s what drew me to your blog, so I checked out the art at Arhaus. I liked the Pajaro prints!

  31. Out of all your previous giveaways, this once is my favorite. I’ve been following Arhaus on instagram and drooling over their products. My husband and I recently bought our first house after years of renting, and we are renovating room-by-room. Next up: living room! A $500 gift card would go a long way to make the space feel cozy and warm.

    Our favorite place in the house at the moment is our recently re-done dining room. My husband and I actually built the table together, which adds a special touch, and it looks gorgeous. A large, classy farm table stained a lovely espresso color. We’re having friends over soon to try it out and I can’t wait for memories to be made over a table that we made with our bare hands.

    Thank you!

  32. The Tangier 65″ upholstered tufted settee is my favorite, because it is beautiful, and the things I have are usually chosen for price and function first – why not choose beauty for once?!

  33. I just bought a new mattress, so my bed is definitely my favorite thing in my house!

  34. Sarah crUmrIne says:

    I’d love a new chair for my living room !

  35. Sarah Macon says:

    Wow! We are about to renovate our main living room and kitchen and would LOVE to win this towards our new couches!

  36. My favorite thing in my home is my bed. We just got a new king sized mattress and new linens and it is so amazing! And I am very excited to be pulling out my fall candles! Yum!

  37. The new couches look amazing! I love couches that face eachother. We need to upgrade ours asap so that gift card would be perfect!!

  38. I’ve been pulling out my fall decorations to make Texas feel a little more fallish. I also want to bake some fall cookies with my daughter. I’d love to get a new sofa from Arhaus. Our old set is a hand-me-down that has been fabulous, but I think something different could be fun.

  39. We are moving this week into our first house as a married couple. Can’t wait to start decorating!

  40. Looks so beautiful and serene!

  41. I’m working on new artwork for my living room – fall does feel like such a time for change!

  42. I think I’d look at new window panels/curtains from Arhaus to spruce things up for fall.

  43. Ally Henderson says:

    Yes to all of those things! Growing up, my parents didn’t leave much space for a cozy home. To each his own right? So when I moved out and started my own home, I knew that I wanted it to be a space of tranquility and peace. Something that I would want to return to day after day. My favorite things in my home are the personal touches- like the painting of La Grand Place in Brussels where my husband and I took our first international trip together, and the (not the best quality) Diana film prints I took at Versailles, and the candid photo from our wedding stuck in a thrift store frame, and my husbands grandfathers chess table that he made for 4H when he was only 15 years old. Those are the things that make it feel home and beckon me to my thrifted & reupholstered chair after a long day of work. Oh plus my cat totally makes the place feel instantly cozier 😉 Thanks for sharing your home– and enjoy your new sacred place :)

  44. Such a beautiful space!

  45. I love the new space! Looks so inviting! My favorite thing in my house is my dining room table. So many wonderful memories made around it.

  46. My favorite thing is my bookshelf that I built myself, out of heavy wood boards and bricks. It’s temporary, and easily moveable, since we are in the process of renovating an old farm house and hope to move out there next year. Our old one was falling apart and I LOVE my new one, because for the first time in 7 years, I have a space to put up decorations (like a nativity or christmas village!), but now I notice how shabby our couches are (bought before kids, and microfiber is not the best choice for kids, lol) so I would love to win this and throw out our old couches! :)

  47. I love the updated look of your living room! Our dining room currently serves as a playroom, but with only toys and no place to sit and use them. I would love to add a couch and chair so we have a little place to snuggle with my tiny loves!

  48. It’s such a toss up. We could use a new sofa but maybe just some accouterments to make our old sofa look new again!

    We are getting ready for fall here on the East Coast (after the heat wave) but getting the mums and pumpkins for the front steps and then the warm candles out, logs for the fireplace and storing all the camp art to make room for new fingerpaintings, leaf art, etc.

  49. Christine Linn says:

    Love the blue colors – black and white pillows would be fun too!

  50. I love the colors we picked! Warm and cheery.

  51. In the middle of decorating our formal dining and living. Love the nova coffee table, it’s the perfect size and doesn’t take up much space visually.

  52. The velvet quilts look dreamy!

  53. A cozy living room is a must. My husband and I have been traveling/in transition all summer and all we’ve been saying is “I can’t wait to sit on our couch in our living room.” There’s something about snuggling up on the couch in a cozy room that just makes me feel at home. Your living room is serving as inspiration as we get settled in our new home!

  54. Jessica Anderson says:

    Love all the blue!

  55. New end tables. Love your grey couches.

  56. Jacquelyn P says:

    I would purchase the zinc alloy round table top for the breakfast nook. We don’t sit down much at our current one because it’s too cumbersome. I’d love to have a table we’d use every day!

  57. Elizabeth Blaine says:

    Looks fantastic! And now you’ve made me NEED to go out and buy a fall candle!

  58. Jennifer Downs says:

    We are in desperate need of new lighting in our house! I am loving the James floor lamp – it would look just perfect in our family room!

  59. I’ve loved this store every since I can remember, something about it brings me great peace , maybe the fact that some good new furniture and decor brings pure happiness. I’d be honored to win, I’ve never been able to buy much from their but hey a girl can dream!

  60. I love the new space! Very relaxing!

  61. Our sofa is a futon….need I say more ?

  62. Lyndsi skiLes says:

    Love the gray couches! We just moved into our new house and we went with gray as well, so if we ever want to change up the accent colors, gray provides the perfect base for that.

  63. I love getting new fall pillows and throws for the couch! There always seems to be a little winter chill in the air in the living room!

  64. Would LOVE to put the money towards a new chair for my living room, which currently is very much just thrown together without much plan!! :-)

  65. My favorite thing is our new Cal King bed. Feels like I’m sleeping in a hotel every single night!

  66. We need new chairs in our family room!

  67. Love the “new” room! Our Arhaus wishlist would have a new dining table right at the top. We have a large family that loves meals together, board game nights, and un-announced drop-ins from aunts who bring their special versions of love and fun to our daughters. A new dining table to replace the generations-worn and rickety one would offer the perfect gathering spot.

  68. Gorgeous update to your room! I love decluttering too – it fuels inspiration and encourages gathering, not to mention all the good feelings when things are cozy in fall. (Hello soft sweaters. I hear you calling me from my drawers.) My favorite item is a hope chest that currently sits in our guest bedroom. My grandparents bought that chest in Arkansas back in the ’70s and saved it for a grandchild, and I was the lucky recipient in the early ’80s. It’s been back and forth to college with me and will always remain in my home until I pass it along to my daughter. Every time I open it, I think of Grandma and Grandpa Owen and remember sleepovers with them playing dominoes at the kitchen table while they cussed out the Atlanta Braves on the “teevee.” Sweet memories!

  69. Hello!! When we tweet about the giveaway, what site do we attach? I don’t see anything written about the giveaway on arhaus.com

    ~Thank you!!

  70. Favorite place hands-down is our bedroom….it’s our retreat at the end of a long day with work and kids. My husband and I always let out a resounding “ahhhh” as head hits the pillow!

  71. My fave thing in our home is a beautiful little sculpture of a woman sitting. She’s Zapotec but also very Zen and I love everything about her…the detail on her skirt, her perfectly formed earrings, her delicately braided hair. But most especially that she was made by a delightful sculptor who lives in the valley outside Oaxaca, who is blind. I often look at her and wonder, is she meditating? Is she dreaming? What is her story? I would love to admire her from a new sofa in our living room.

  72. I love the new look! It’s absolutely gorgeous! We’re currently sitting on some dated brown couches and those greey ones look like a breath of fresh air. I just mighg have to look into getting some!

  73. Love the new look! My favorite place is my bedroom. It’s cozy and clean and my bed whispers to me to climb in and relax. :)

  74. I would LOVE a new couch!!

  75. The room looks great!

  76. Love the Palmer nesting coffee table set. We need a new coffee table and think the nesting set could be helpful for kids games etc.

  77. I’m definitely in fall decluttering mode. Organizing the baby’s toys, cleaning out our closet, plowing through the pile of craft projects. Our master bedroom could use a little love, though. The only decorations we have are a few wedding pictures and the comforter is usually stained with baby barf. :) I’d love to do some shopping to make our bedroom more romantic and relaxing at the end of the day.

  78. I love the redo, right in the middle of doing our own, by simplifying the living room. I would get new end tables or coffee table to finish off our living room. I can’t wait to finish our living room, I think it is going to be my favorite room.

  79. We have neutral furniture (light beige) in the living room and I love to change up the look by switching out the throw pillows! Over the summer we had bright jewel tones, now I will be trading them out with fall colors.

  80. Hi there,
    My favorite thing in my house are my books! I have lots but really need new comfy chairs for curling up and reading. I have two daughters and only one not-so-comfy chair next to the bookcases (we have 4 of those and all over flowing) so a new chair has been on my wish list for a while.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    PS – I love your instagram and blog. Your gracious and spirited life is an inspiration.

  81. My favorite thing in my house is my dining room set. It is a cherry set from the early 1960’s that belonged to my grandparents. The whole extended family went to their house every Sunday morning for breakfast until I was in my mid twenties. It’s where we told all our stories and shared our news. Our new babies were introduced there and passed around the table. There were 12 grandchildren, many great grandchildren, and I am so grateful that I am the keeper of the table!

  82. My favorite thing in our home is our dining room table. My husband built it and I sanded and stained it. It was such a labor of love and we use it all the time. If only we could just custom-build everything we need for our house!

  83. I plan to paint my living room and try to take away the clutter of my daughters room!

  84. Oh my goodness..we could really use some new couches!

  85. I’m ready to retire our sectional. We have a cat and she has practically ruined it. I would love to have couches facing each other also. Just beautiful..

  86. Jacqueline tourville says:

    This is gorgeous furniture!

  87. It all looks so beautiful! Fall candles were delivered yesterday. My house smells amazing, now time to start a painting project on my half bath and then move on to the Living Room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  88. I would LOVE a cozy makeover in my house! Love the new look!

  89. My favorite thing in my house is my pictures and art work from my kids! However, We are in desperate need of new couches and dining room table!!

  90. I love those gray sofas! Such an awesome neutral !

  91. Your new space is beautiful, Kelle. My favorite colors! Your home looks so inviting and warm. Well, since I just had a new baby, I could use a new chair to nurse my girl in or a new chest of drawers for all her cute little clothes. Thanks for sharing what you do in this space. It’s always inspiring. :) xo

  92. We just bought a new home-our first together! I’m loving greys right now, and those couches would look beautiful in our family room. I’ve been a long-time blog reader, and love all the home updates-your style is inspiring.

  93. I see you ditched the sectional, but it’s what I think my living room needs. A small one, like this: Landsbury 99″ Upholstered Two Piece Sectional in Vessel Ink. With this chair! Bingham 30″ Upholstered Chair in Double Pewter. And… these pillows – Sheepskin 14″ Square Pillow

  94. We need a sofa or loveseat that matches the other pieces for our room to feel pulled together!

  95. My favorite part of my house is our built-in bookshelves in our family room!

  96. Michele Tye says:

    I’m totally due for a new couch. We painted the walls a soft gray color last year now we need to update the furniture. Love your space and what you’ve done with it.

  97. Gorgeous room, and still practical! I’m still tweaking our living space – we moved in to our house a year ago, and I’m still working through all the details. I really need a cozy rug and a great statement piece for over the fireplace. And there’s no such thing as too many pillows. :)

  98. Kristy marshall says:

    Love the new look! My favorite room in my house has Arhaus furniture, the living room. It’s so modern but Classic at the same time! Enjoy your new space, it’s gorgeous!

  99. My favorite thing in my home is my built-in bookshelves in our play room. It took a water heater malfunction and full out flood for us to finally re-do the old, faux wood paneling and well-worn carpet, but now we have a much more appealing room, and the best of all, custom cabinetry to contain my book obsession (including Bloom!).

  100. Bonnie frieden says:

    I love the rugs! Where did you get them?

  101. Favorite thing in our home . . . . a new mattress that we got this summer.
    The room looks lovely.

  102. Betsey gill says:

    The transformation is truly amazing! It looks like a whole different room!

  103. Crystal Kupper says:

    We are getting ready to move from Europe to New Jersey, and so I can’t wait to start with a clean slate! New furniture, here we come! Thanks for the inspiration.

  104. Sabrey murphy says:

    Kagiso hand knotted rug!!! Love!!!

  105. Love the room! I am a fellow lover of all things cozy. Love the conversation area you’ve created and painting the shelves black is ingenious!

    I would love to purchase a rug for our living room from Arhaus. We have a lot of their furniture and their aesthetic is exactly what we’re trying to achieve in our home.

    So ready for all of the smells and feels of Fall!

  106. Love the look. So fresh and inviting! I have my eye on the Butler Tufted 47″ upholstered ottoman. Beautiful and practical with the storage trays underneath!

  107. My favorite place in my house is the bar in the kitchen because that’s were we gather the most to eat or just talk. But most of my house could be freshened up so I could apens this gift card about 100 different ways 😃

  108. Looks awesome!! Would love some new furniture since my cat has did a number on ours with its claws 😁

  109. Stacy Monaghan says:

    I’m trying my hardest to declutter also, hoping to get there soon!

  110. The living room is my favorite place but with a newly mobile one year old, it’s definitely showing signs of needing an update. Too many cords and books for those chubby hands to grab!

  111. April Abernathy says:

    Cheers to fall cleaning (I don’t know why people get to hyped about “spring cleaning” – we personally go all out in the fall to prep for Back to School and holidays!) We spent the entire labor day weekend purging, painting and organizing – recreating some cozy spaces for my girls in their rooms and welcoming my latest favorite into our living room – my great grandfathers rocking chair – the Linwood Natural Linen Throw would be PERFECT to toss over the back and snuggle in with a good book!

  112. I love the colors! Those couches are perfect to change the tone to each season with different pillows. I always change my pillows out for fall!

  113. Julie williams says:

    I would love to buy a new rug.

  114. So cute! My favorite part about my home is our paint colors. Our furniture might be from craigslist and our house a little too small, but seeing the soft greens, blues and whites of our walls never fails to relax me and make me feel at home.

  115. Kelly Reisinger says:

    Kelle the living room is just beautiful!!!

  116. I love your style! I would love to replace our “temporary” sofa that has now lived in our house for three years! A refresh is just what we could use for the new season.

  117. Wanting the ST LUCIA QUEEN IRON BED IN RUST for my guest bedroom! :)

  118. I definitely could use a new couch to help complete my fall look. I’ve been repainting and rearranging pictures on the walls. Also swapping out some pictures and prints with more seasonal themed always helps….plus fall scented candles or incense, of course!

  119. Christine Aughenbaugh says:

    I love my kids rooms actually. My son is 5, and growing into the “boy” stage of superheros and sports, so it’s been fun to update his room. My daughter is 3, and every bit the girly girl. We’re re-finishing an antique desk for her room to turn into a little vanity, complete with tufted stool, for Christmas! And we just found out that we’re expecting baby #3 in the spring, so I get to do a nursery again, which I’m thrilled about!

  120. I love the Landsbury Sectional!

  121. My favorite place? Our soon to be finished master bedroom! After three years of Baby Girl sharing our room, a new addition gives her and us new spaces!

  122. Megan Antoine says:

    Love the desks they have – any would be beautiful in my office!

  123. My favorite thing in my house is the memories….captured in the photographs on my walls.

  124. The room looks great, nice job!

  125. Love the Dune sofas. Simple, clean lines and beautiful.

  126. Katie mcintyre says:

    The crib that now sleeps our child precious baby!

  127. My daughter is in the market for a gray sofa. She would love the ones you chose! Thanks for the chance.

  128. Love the new space. Big style but minimalist approach. Bravo!

  129. Beautiful! I would love these same exact couches for my sweet family to make memories on. Ours are old and make the house feel drab, but we can’t afford new couches for awhile. Kid expenses!!! Reorganzing, painting, and repurposing what’s in our home is my jam! You’ve inspired me to move my living room around so we can enjoy it again.

  130. Sarah Wilson says:

    This is the first time I have checked out the Arhaus website and all I can say is WOW! I have been searching for quite a while for the perfect “big girl bed” for our youngest daughter~ she’s a little bit shabby chic and lot bold, boisterous and beautiful….I immediately fell in love with the St Lucia Bed in Red for her, it’s literally everything I have been been searching for and would most certainly be what I purchased if I won the gift certificate. There were several other pieces that I felt inspired by, I really love that it’s a US based furniture company not too far from home. Most of the pieces are designed and made by individuals who obviously share a lot of my same taste…..Thanks so much for introducing me to Arhaus!

  131. Everything looks great!!!

  132. I love these sofas! We’re in the process of buying our first home and need to acquire actual furniture at some point. I love your sofas so much they might actually be the first thing I’d get. (I dream of the perfect gray sofa… this looks like it!)

  133. Love the look of your room. So cozy!

  134. Love the gray and blue look! In the market for 2 gray couches or a sectional for our new living room!! Also love this rug!!!!

  135. We are converting our 3-season room into real living space and need to furnish it!

  136. My hubby and I are both voracious readers, so good bookshelves are a must in our home.

  137. Oh my gosh, I can’t even explain how much I love those couches! They are exactly what I’ve been wanting. Modern yet super comfy looking, a simple color that would allow me to change out everything else (I can never settle on one style for long) and you say durable which is important as I have 3 crazy kids under 8!

  138. Kristin KudA says:

    I love the new couches!! And I adore Arhaus… Such a great mix between classic and eclectic.
    My favorite spot is a corner of the family room which houses a ridiculously over-sized wingback chair, which all Kudas know is only for this momma’s behind. I sit there in the morning next to an open window to listen to the outside wake up. It’s also next to the fireplace, and I turn that baby on as soon as there’s the smallest hint of chill in the air. It’s my quiet spot, and my kiddos know if I’m sitting there, that it’s not quite time to turn the volume on to full blast :)

  139. Oh fall – I wish we had a fireplace, we live where we’d use one for half the year. But when we build we will have two. Because is there anything more lux and romantic than one in the master bedroom? In the meantime I’m re-upholstering my craigslist sectional in red velvet (cause why not?) and the sheepskin rug Would be divine with it!

  140. It all looks great. I have been decorating for fall week and lighting lots of candles. Also made a pot of soup.

  141. Kimberly Shumaker says:

    The rocker in my kids room. I have rocked both my babies to sleep in it.

  142. My husband and I are expecting our first child in February and getting ready to move into a new home. Even more important to us than getting the nursery ready is creating a homey (my ultimate goal adjective for someone to use when describing our house) family room where we will spend our time together introducing our little one to family and friends. Every time I envision it, I think of the fireplace going and comfy couches to hold the village that will help us raise this baby. I’m so ready for this to be our new favorite space!

  143. The Palmer Executive Desk is so wonderful.

  144. Jennifer lynch says:

    Love my master bedroom

  145. Anna reynolds says:

    Love! Definitely a new couch!

  146. Oh my word! I’ve been looking for a sofa and those are perfect! I can just see them in my home with my Grandmothers sheepskin on the back! I would buy one of those in a heartbeat. I’m dying for a fireplace also, you are very fortunate to have one.

  147. Right now, living in Minnesota (the mosquito is our state bird!!), my favorite spot in our house is the three season porch. It lets me feel some of the summer/fall weather without those pests! It’s especially cozy at night when it’s dark outside and I just have some candle light to read by.

  148. Our great room (living room/kitchen) is my favorite room and where we spend the most time. But I would love a new bed to replace our creaky box spring & swap meet headboard!

  149. My kids’ rooms are my favorite spaces. I allow myself to be so much more daring and bold in those rooms when it comes to decorating – and I take so much joy in finding things that really capture their sweet spirits. Now – if I could only convince myself to let the rest of my house have more personality!

  150. My rocking chair. We purchased it when i was expecting my 2nd and now I’m rocking my 6th (and last) in it. I love all of the memories in this chair.

  151. Melissa Clemons says:

    I love your new look Kelle, your style here is very welcoming. Thank you for always being an inspiration.

  152. My favorite place in our home is our bed and mattress. My husband and I struggled sharing a full-size bed for almost 5 years, so upgrading to a really nice queen size mattress and upholstered bed has felt so luxurious!

  153. shElby walker says:

    So beautiful. Nothing beats a clean and tidy house! But would love a new couch! I’ll definitely have to check out their site!

  154. Our kitchen is the center of our home and our family! I’m always cooking or baking, my husband works at our breakfast nook, and of course our toddler is always looking for a treat or chance to stir the brownie batter. I have a gorgeous collection of vintage New England china from my great-grandmother that I’d love to display in a hutch that fits how elegant it is!

  155. I pretty much live for fall! We live in an apartment so my options are limited but I always enjoy bringing out some fall things and doing some fall cleaning.

  156. Eliza Gibson says:

    I am loving the beeswax candles I recently made and have been frequently lighting. Turns out they are pretty easy to make and you can use lots of different containers – my favorite are little glass jars. So cute!

  157. Our fireplace is my favorite. It brings such warmth to the room. I also love two sofas facing each other. It feels formal yet comfy.

  158. I desperately need new living room furniture! Help!

  159. We are currently house hunting after a really tough year, so I am feeling grateful in knowing that we will soon have our own space. New furniture to put in that space would be absolutely amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  160. My favorite thing in our house right now is our new bed and mattress. We got a really soft comfy mattress. I’ve been sleeping better than ever these last few weeks. Your new living room is beautiful. Gives me some ideas for our space. Thanks for sharing.

  161. Brittany D says:

    The living room looks great! Sophisticated, inviting and still kid-friendly. Isn’t it amazing to see the dramatic improvement that a little de-cluttering can make?

  162. My favorite thing in my home is probably my piano.

  163. Sharon Germany says:

    The favorite thing in my house is my glider and ottoman that I received as a gift from my sisters and best friend at my first baby shower in 2008. I’ve spent countless hours in it rocking my kids to sleep. It has gone through so many sleepless nights, sicknesses, cleanings, 3 moves, and two very rambunctious children who thought it was a playground toy and it is still functional. Its a bit creaky and could probably use some new cushions but I wouldn’t trade it for anything…too many beautiful memories in that chair.

  164. Love this! My dog & toddler-friendly decor could always use a little spruce up! I’m eyeing the baskets, ottomans, and benches.

  165. Love the rugs!

  166. Fave thing now? The granite dining table my husband made. It’s survived a million craft projects & burned dinners & spilled cups of milk (and wine!), and still looks beautiful. However, I’m dying for a chesterfield sofa to cuddle up on, across from our huge stacked stone fireplace. Maybe with a lucky gift card?

  167. Gather every candle in the house, turn on the You’ve Got Mail soundtrack ( the patron saint of fall) and hopefully get yourself some new furniture because of this giveaway….FALL IS HEEEEERRRREEEE

  168. My kitchen is my fav place of our home. I’m there 90% of my day it seems.:)
    I adore the grey and blue theme in your room… My fav.:)
    Thx so much for the contest!

  169. I love our bed! We bought it when we got married, four posters, crisp white sheets, and memory foam mattress…it’s just the best.

  170. I love the blue and grey combo! It looks amazing!!!

  171. Those sofas are gorgeous, room looks great!

  172. Stephanie schwartz says:

    My favorite thing in our home is our entryway.

  173. Marina Schmitt says:

    Sharing an apartment with a sweet girl right now, and I just moved in so it doesn’t quite feel like home yet, but honestly, I love my mattress! First new mattress in over a decade. I also crazy treasure all the snapshots of my friends. It’s a wonderful daily reminder of all the people who love me.

  174. Laura Wambold says:

    I would love to buy a new couch as ours has seen better days! :) I love fall and love putting out decorative wreaths, candles and candy corn. :)

  175. I love doing small remodel jobs in my house! Today I am having my kitchen and utility room painted!! And my kitchen is being painted grey, actually Ever Classic by Pratt and Lambert! 😉

  176. My favorite thing is our new half bathroom. While we can live with only one, it is so nice to have!

  177. Meghan Forbes says:

    My favourite thing is my gallery wall. When I got divorced, I stayed in the house but felt it had too many difficult/old memories of the way my life used to be. So I decided to take charge and fill a blank white wall with photographs and things I love – now when I look at the wall I see bright colourful things that make me happy (the elephant shaped chalkboard from when I was a kid, colourful postcards my brother has sent my kids, metal initials for me and the kids etc) and it is all my style. My kids love to look at it too and see the photos of themselves as babies, me as a kid, and even their grandparents (oe even great-grandparents) when they were younger. It’s our family wall – meant to remind us that even though some things changed, we always have a large community of people that love. My daughter has now asked for one in her bedroom!

  178. Your living room looks AMAZING. I think I was most shocked after you painted the inside of the cabinets black. It made such a difference! I love my fireplace. There’s nothing cozier than a fire on a Michigan winter night!

  179. Well, it’s not really IN my house, but our new fire pit brought the most wonderful sort of magic – it draws both my high school senior away from her homework and my high school freshman away from the solitude of his room to sit and talk with me and my husband. The best money I’ve spent in a long time!

  180. Aimee Ralto says:

    I absolutely love our new couch – a big sectional large enough for our growing family! All we need now is the perfect ottoman to finish off our cozy living room.

  181. ingrid lapp says:

    We are building a garage with a guest house above it. Every cent would go towards making it a beautiful space for those that we love.

  182. I love the “shrine” in my living room displaying a few pieces of art, some photos, and momentos from all of my most favorite things in life. It’s something I’ve tweaked and perfected over the past few months and greets me every time I come home.

  183. My favorite thing in my home is our sectional couch. It was custom made for our room and it is so comfy. Love curling up on it with a good book!

  184. Michelle P. says:

    Beautiful! Love your style.

  185. The mirror, too? good shape for a powder room!

  186. Christy mckinney says:

    My favorite room in our home is our living room – the one with no TV. It is so peaceful. Despite that, the couches have seen better days thanks to two kids and a dog, so that would be the first thing I would look to purchase. I love the grey couches that you chose!

  187. I love the grout lines in my kitchen. That’s right I love the grout. I work so hard to keep it clean and light beige (no small feat with a husband, and two kids). I am just happy to see if remain the right light color…I beam with such pride over my grout. Serious, I’m proud!

  188. My favourite thing in my home is a lamp with a pretty coloured glass shade that my husband bought for me. We saw it in a shop and decided it was too expensive even though I loved it. My husband went back to the store a few days later and bought it for me as a surprise! It was such a sweet gesture and I still smile every time I look at it.,

  189. Andrea L Ramey says:

    Those couches! I would order those in a heartbeat!

  190. Abigail goedecke says:

    I love the changes you did. We have been in our new house a year this fall and in finally ready to hang pictures and make our house a home. We have an ugly brown sofa that has seen better days so I’d love to win to be able to replace that

  191. Kelly Severs says:

    I live in a tiny 650-sq-ft apartment and those couches cost about what I make a month — ha! But I love my place, and I especially adore the gigantic green plush carpet that takes up most of my living room. I love squeezing my toes in it, and how it matches so nicely with the green outside my windows.

  192. My favorite area would probably be in the nursery. So many great hours spent in the rocking chair.

  193. My favorite things about our OLD house is the original woodwork and hard wood floors.

  194. Laura Boboth says:

    Oh man, my kitchen is my absolute favorite. But, you know, we’ve been in the market for sofas for awhile now – this is exactly what we’re looking for!

  195. I would love to have a new pair of nightstands from there. They had several ones I liked. I love changing out brights for more earth tones in the fall.

  196. I just bought a bunch of new plants to make my house feel more homey for the fall. it has already made a difference!

  197. Love the new sofas! I’m in the market for a new one, and these look great!

  198. My favorite item in my home? Our bed. It’s the place I go after a long day of raising kids!

  199. Marnie morgan says:

    Fabulous makeover! Love my bookshelves filled with well-loved books, family photos and vintage American Art pottery.

  200. I love our couch – it’s a big, custom sectional that encourages cuddling. Love it.

  201. I love our den – it has painted wood paneling, a white washed brick fireplace, beams on the ceiling & built-ins flanking our sliding door to the deck. We actually have our Arhaus couch & chair/ottoman in there & it’s SUCH a cozy room! I can’t wait until we have our Christmas tree up this year & can enjoy cocoa by the fire :) I definitely want some more Arhaus sofa’s for our living room!

  202. I love how u painted the bookshelves black inside…brilliant! I dream of replacing our 2 couches, also facing each other. We bought poor quality and it feels like we are sitting on the floor instead of furniture. Cushions and springs simply didn’t last. Would buy the exact couches u have! All the heart eyes! My fav thing in my house is a real wood, 7foot bookshelf. I found it at the back of a resale store marked down because it was so ugly no one could see past the poor paint job and broken doors. Lucky me that it spoke to me and has been in our living room looking handsome in black!

  203. Fireplace mantle is my go-to for sprucing up our home on a small budget! I’m really into candles too… They can totally set the mood for your home!

  204. I am a serial snuggler with blankets, so my favorite item in my home are the quilts my mom and grandma made. I usually have a few hanging up, and a few scattered on couches waiting to be wrapped up in.

  205. Love your new living room! My favorite thing in my home is either my bookcases full of my favorites or the fireplace mantle, which I have such fun decorating each season. :) And if I won I’d look into a rug or couch for our living room, which is in sore need of a makeover!

  206. I love the update! I’m hoping it will inspire me to declutter my own house! I would love the sofas since ours are quite battered from having 4 young children, however, I’m in love with the giant mirror I saw on the Arhaus Instagram account!!!

  207. That looks awesome! I now have living room envy. I’m in desperate need of a new sofa and loveseat.

  208. New furniture makes all the difference! Lovely.

  209. My favorite place in the home is the kitchen that opens to the lounge room, it’s the hub where everything happens….I’m sure to always here a giggle from my kids while they play there or hear about their day at school. I’d love to get a coffee table for the loungeroom as we haven’t found one we love yet and are in serious need of one with some storage to keep away clutter.

  210. Lisa showalter says:

    My favorite would be the antique possum belly island in our kitchen. That’s the room where I spend most of my time. It’s the center of activity, baking, family gatherings and all things cozy.☕️🍷
    Thanks for the giveaway offer!
    Love your blog and have followed it for years! ❤️

  211. I’m making handmade paper wreaths to get ready for fall! Think fall colored paper leaves strung around a tree branch type wreath. And candles. Of course fall fragrance candles!

  212. Sara Kahler says:

    Love this! Getting the apt ready for fall with pumpkin latte candles, leaf garlands and signs! Going buy mini pumpkins for the windows soon!

  213. I love our 7 ft painting we brought back from Taiwan. The frame may have not made it, but looking at it brings back such a wonderful time in our lives.

  214. I’ve poured over Arhaus’ website and stores for years! Love their furniture. Especially their beautiful floor lamps!!

  215. LOVE what you’ve done with your living room. Yeaaaaa….fall, apples, football, candles again!

  216. Your new living room is beautiful! De-cluttering is a necessity around here and you have given me the inspiration to get on it.

    I would absolutely buy a couch from Arhaus. My loft is the least put together room of our home and desperately needs a makeover.

  217. Jane Rodgers says:

    I love my family room. We spend a lot of time in it. It makes me happy. I do need a new sofa though. Love what you did with your room!

  218. I love my fireplace!!

  219. I love my wall of windows in my living room but we need some new furniture for the room!

  220. The family room – the place where our family can be together, be comfortable, and make memories.

  221. I love the transformation!! And blue is my favourite colour so the decor makes me smile!

  222. We close on our new home at the end of this month and I can’t wait to make it ours!

  223. We moved into our house five months ago and I can’t wait to do some real decorating. I did an in-home daycare for seven years so it always had to be safe for little ones and not much personality really got to show through. Since stopping, we have been able to move the furniture around a bit and now I can actually enjoy seeing our fireplace. This fall it will be put to good use and hopefully become our family hotspot.

  224. Ever since my girls were born, I’ve really gotten into seasonal decorations on our mantel and bannister. It’s an extra chore to take out and put away every couple of months, but summer is birthday season so our mantle was crammed with baby photos on cake stands and now I’m just waiting for the first crisp, cool day in St. Louis so I can bust out the pumpkin collection.

  225. I love my fireplace wall and mantel. It’s beyond cozy and I love styling it for different holidays. I also love all the mid century vibes of my house – it’s so very Brady Bunch in the best way. I feel like you would get that :)

  226. I love my front door! It was made specifically for our home. It opens up to our house and lets friends and family in! Through it walks those I love and allows me the joy of inviting others to be a part of our lives. It says welcome to our little world!

  227. Skyler KEnnemur says:

    Loving your new living room furniture!! Fall always seems like a good time to make changes and welcome in new beginnings!

  228. An amazing change!!! My favorite thing in our house is a painting that used to hang in my grandfather’s kitchen. Needs to be reframed but he passed it along to me specifically and it has a blonde woman standing in the center of it and it’s so one-of-a-kind. I’ve taken it to every apartment and home I’ve had in my adult life (even with the battered frame which, truth be told, I will probably never change).

  229. So simple and beautiful

  230. I need shelves and also a writing desk so that is what I would do if I won a certificate… Arhaus furniture is beautiful and well-made – I have several pieces (my bed, couch, the most comfortable leather chair and ottoman that I ever sat in and a coffee table and a huge wrought iron mirror) … every time I add a piece from Arhous to my collection, I get so many compliments from my guests and most importantly, it makes me love hanging out in my space.

  231. I would love to do a bedroom update.

  232. Love Arhaus and love Fall, too. It would be fun decorating for Fall with a new Arhaus coffee. Table!

  233. I love that you chose an almost neutral color scheme and can add pops of color as the mood strikes. It looks so classy and cozy all together! :)

  234. I get so excited to read your blog in the fall because you make me feel ok about letting my fall freak flag fly!

    We are in the process of trying to sell our current home and find one to fit our growing family. Literally, the children won’t stop growing at a rapid rate. Two adults, a middle school-aged boy, and a 9 year old girl can no longer comfortably share one bathroom.

    There are new spaces to decorate on our horizon! And you better believe they will be adorned with some sort of gourd, pumpkin, or acorn embellishment. 🍂🍁🌻🎃
    P.S. There are not enough fall emojis.

  235. Susan richardson says:

    Love your room and Arhaus. I would love a chaise lounge to spruce up my bedroom!

  236. Ready for Fall too…sweaters, boots, fires in the fireplace, hayrides, pumpkin carving, spiced cider. Thanks for inspiring me!

  237. I love our family room- it’s cozy but light and open to the playroom.

  238. My favorite part is my kitchen! Ultimate gathering place. :)

  239. Joanne Rodriguez says:

    I’m thinking of warm colors and comfy furniture. A cozy reading chair would be great! Love the Portsmouth chair!

  240. My favorite thing is my three year olds bed… So many snuggles, book readings, early morning chats and laughs have taken place. It’s where i sneak in late at night when he is still and peaceful for one last look at my precious crazy boy and steal a kiss.

  241. It came together so well!!

  242. I’d love a new dining room table!

  243. My favorite thing are the shelves on my living room wall. I loved them the second I walked into the house and I still love them 13 years later.

  244. My favorite thing is probably our bed. My husband and I work weird hours and the end result is that my sleep schedule is often broken into 3-4 hour naps scattered whenever I can. I really love crawling into our big comfy king-size bed, especially when I’ve put on clean sheets, and finally relaxing and falling asleep.

  245. Probably either the glider in the nursery (I wish I had another in the living room!) or the mountain mural we painted in there. It’s going to be extra hard to move away someday.

  246. Kimberly anne says:

    I just discovered Arhaus from your post. I am completely blown away by their stuff! Love the Dunes sofa and also their lighting is spectacular. I think it would take a lot of browsing to pick something, but a task worth doing for sure! Whoever is blessed to receive the gift card will be pleased. Your living room looks great and thanks for the post.

  247. Love your living room!! We are moving from a 1 bedroom into a 3 and have so little furniture the walls echo! Lol. Hoping I can win the gift card!!

  248. Elaine C. B. says:

    We have a gallery wall of family prints, Venetian masks, and homemade artwork. It makes me so happy to look at it.

  249. Just love the dune sofa!

  250. Caitlin restivo says:

    Your living room is looking stunning. You will definitely enjoy some good living in that room. Also, I love how you seamlessly worked in a sponsored post as if it were any other!

  251. I would buy my daughter some bedroom furniture for her 1st college apartment. she took the hodgepodge that collected in our house and to put $500 towards new furniture for her would be a blessing.

  252. Cindy daniel says:

    My favorite thing about our home is that it’s pretty open. The kitchen is totally open to the 2-story den, so I never feel “stuck” in the kitchen while I’m working there.

  253. Lisa mccracke n says:

    Your living room looks wonderful! I love the colors and they set up. And painting the inside of the bookshelves black…genius! The favorite spot in my home is our sectional. We’ve noticed that since we got it, it really brings our little family of three together at night. We can all sit on it together and have good conversation. It’s been a game-changer in our family room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  254. I’m ready to hang up my fall wreaths and use my pumpkin candles!

  255. Susan meyer says:

    Those sofas are beautiful! For fall, my focus is on deep cleaning from our summer craziness. Now that the kids are back in school, it’s a time to get organized. I work from a home office and I am looking forward to clearing out folders, organizing cabinets and generally decluttering to clear physical and mental space. We did a first round this summer and would love to do one more round to prepare for the holidays which we are hosting this year. I also want to repaint a few rooms in our house. Lots to do and little time to do it! Your room is inspiring. We have a few small items from Arhaus in our home and adore them.

  256. My favorite thing in my house, after my family, is a family piece I inherited last Christmas. It is a cupboard given to me by my great aunt. It was her parents and before that it belonged to her great aunt. We think it is probably between 150-200 years old.

  257. wow! That looks amazing! right now I have a couple of pieces of furniture I love, and many that I don’t – I need to rearrange to showcase the good stuff. Clutter is EVERYWHERE in our house, we are in a very “why do we have this” place right now.

  258. Tee Roberts says:

    Getting my home ready for fall first comes with the excitement that I feel on that first day I can open my windows and let all of the days of summer out of the house. The smell of a fall spiced candle, a light shower, cool breeze, and a good soup simmering on the stove make my heart skip lots of beats. The throws on the back of the couch will be changed to autumn colors and cloths, instead of lemons in a bowl there’ll be pinecones and nuts. It is still in the mid nineties where I’m at – but I know fall’s a comin’ baby and I can’t wait.

  259. Jacqueline says:

    Gosh, my favorite part of my house (especially in the fall) is my kitchen! So many good memories & food memories there! Though if I won the giftcard I would use it on one of their gorgeous prints as I’m looking to redecorate our guest room to make it more welcoming and homey!

  260. Carla Steinbring says:

    Love the update! Favorite thing in my house? The family canvas prints we’ve collected over the years.

  261. Give me alllll the gray furniture. Love the new look of your living room!

  262. LoRI HUNTER says:

    Love the couches!!

  263. MARIANNE powers says:

    Something about the light in fall just brings out the need to freshen and clean. My favorite thing in my house is a beautiful tree branch mounted on my wall. We have very tall ceilings and we asked the former owner if she would leave it when we bought the house. It inspires us to bring nature inside during each season.

  264. My favorite thing in my home is our Master Bathroom. Not only is it a retreat, but it allows me to NOT share a bathroom with the 11 and 9 year old boys I created.

  265. We are also in the market for a new couch. Hoped to make do until the kids were a bit older,but it’s getting a little extreme

  266. I would love to put the gift card towards the purchase of the Club 48″ leather tufted ottoman.


  268. Joyce Haight says:

    The sunroom gives me a window to the changing seasons; watching the trees change daily, knowing that snow will not be far behind.

  269. my favorite home item is my essential oil diffuser :)

  270. Love the new look and LOVE your blog!

  271. Amber Eskew says:

    I need the Teal Ming Cabinet to go under our TV. We got out first new couch a year and a half ago and are still not done putting the living back together. The gallery wall behind the sofa took me 6 months of indecision alone. I may never find the perfect rug.

  272. Those couches look SO heavenly. I’m learning to embrace the idea of less is more when it comes to feeling peaceful in my own home. Letting go of my “maybe I’ll have a garage sale” piles and instead donating those piles just feels GOOD.

  273. Erin walter says:

    Favorite thing? That’s a tough one, but right now it’s the new bunk beds my little guys share! Too cute to lie in bed with them each night before bed (bottom bunk, of course)!

  274. We NEED a new couch!

  275. Good to know that I’m not the only person who factors in Christmas decorating when choosing/arranging furniture the other 10.5 months of the year!

  276. We have a huge, west facing bay window that shows off the sunsets over our northern Maine lake perfectly. Plus, afternoon sun in the cold, long winters – it’s a win-win!

  277. maybe a cute little twin bed for my baby about to graduate out of his crib

  278. Have been working hard to purge and remove all the clutter in our home to make it more relaxing for all of us!

  279. LOVE that grey color. I can’t wait to see how the lamps look in the room!

  280. My current favorite thing in my home is our dining room table. I HATED our table, but we couldn’t afford to replace it right now. So I decided to redo it. I painted the bottom ivory and the top is now stained a dark walnut. All of a sudden I LOVE by dining room, but it’s in the same space as my living room, which makes my couch I hate look even worse. :) So I could definitely use some help so I could replace that too!

  281. I love their table lamps and really need a couple!

  282. Looks great! The colors and furniture go nicely in your home. Very inviting!

  283. Meg Webster says:

    My favorite part about our home is the kitchen. It has an open layout that is inviting and brings everyone together. Also our kitchen table is gorgeous, especially with a bouquet of sunflowers on it, so that’s a plus too.

  284. Painting the shelves black made such a huge difference! Love love love everything!

  285. Your room looks A-mazing. I love it. My favorite thing about our home is my curtains. I have these curtains in my front room that still make me happy every time I look at them.

  286. What a wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everyone entered!

  287. I actually love our front porch the best and am just waiting for nice, cool fall weather to sit out there more!

  288. My husband and I have been slowly decorating our living room and have been looking for a floor lamp we love forever. Arhous has SO many great options that I love, like the Aubrey floor lamp!

  289. Oh my, such a lovely space! I absolutely love how you switched it up!

  290. Melanie reilly says:

    I love the baskets to hide the toys/things that don’t necessarily have it’s own place to belong! I also love the couch. It just looks clean and comfortable.

  291. Melissa Pierce says:

    We just moved into a new house, ok, its been 2 months, but I’m still unpacking boxes. We’re planning and designing and then redesigning all the things. My favorite thing in this house has got to be the fireplace. it needs to be redone and isn’t our style at all but we turn it on every night and find ourselves leaning against the mantle talking about the day or our upcoming plans. It’s serving as our coming together spot and I couldn’t be happier.

  292. I love the felix tufted headboard!

    (And your idea of painting the insides of the built-ins black – genius!)

  293. We have a long rectangular living room, so all of our furniture seems to be at one end near the fireplace. That leaves this weird long wall at the other end. We recently bought a piano from a neighbor and it’s just what the space needed. Now the room feels more balanced and purposeful, plus we have a piano!

  294. My favorite thing in my home is the coffee pot. Seriously, that thing is the only reason I find sanity some days.

    As far as my HOME, the best part is our sun room. Sure, it leaks in a few spots and the flooring is a disaster, but on a beautiful day we can open all those windows and feel like we are outside without the bugs eating us up. And, it’s fun to dream about what that room could be!

  295. My favorite part of our home is the yet unfilled nursery! We just moved into my parents’ home while they try new adventures, and that means we’ll be able to bring our first little love, due in February, to the same home that I was brought home to! The nursery is calm and warm and cozy already, but we will keep adding to it!

  296. My favorite thing about our house is my sewing room/guest room. I junked the stuff and went minimal and I love it. The focus of the room is the sunlight streaming in. It takes all of five minutes to clean. Now to have the guts to do the same in the rest of the house.

  297. My favorite spot? Our upstairs! Here’s why: three years ago we renovated our attic space, and turned it into an open master bedroom–and had two skylights installed in the sloped ceiling. Between family camp-outs on the floor, and lounging on pillows reading a good book, the view of the sky, and stars at night, makes this space really special to us, and serves as both a cozy and relaxing space (as well as giving us more space and privacy in our home). We love it!

  298. The modular office furniture in the off white finish is the stuff of bibliophile dreams. I would feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast if we had that in our office. They have ladders! How would I ever stop singing on that ladder while waving a book in the air??

  299. I love the antiques I inherited from my grandmother, but would love a new sofa to make the room cozy and comfortable.

  300. Favorite thing in my house? Dining room table that my step dad built
    What I would buy? Awesome chairs to go around the table : )

  301. What I wouldn’t give for a new couch! Your space looks awesome!

  302. Lovely room! I’d love to get some new end/ accent tables for our family room. :)

  303. Beautiful room!

  304. Love the clean sleek look of your redone living room! What I’ve never had the courage to buy… cowhide pillows!

  305. I love Arhaus! My husband has been coveting the Alex chair for many years.

  306. I am getting out my Fall decor soon! I need some more though. I need couches too!

  307. Our home is a haven! It’s where we let our hair down and feel safe.

  308. Natalie Arhets says:

    Love the new decor. It looks amazing.

    I love your blog too. You have a darling family.

  309. Your house looks fantastic! I’d buy a new living room rug!

  310. I would love to update my living room as well with a new sofa and chair and entertainment centre. I love having a fall mantle to usher in fall.

  311. Erin Pierce says:

    I love our sunroom that doubles for my office/lounge space… Because who doesn’t love some extra sunlight?!

  312. First – brilliant painting the inside of the bookcases black! Fall is my favorite season! I would love to purchase the Kensinton bar wood dining room table.

  313. Angela Koonce says:

    Our home was severely damaged by a hailstorm in April. We are slowly working to get it back together. We need to redo all of our flooring. The first place will be our living room. It’s the first room you see when you walk into our home and where the kids love to play. We need new everything for that room since there is still glass in our sofas from our windows being blown in by the hail! So new living room furniture is a top priority. :-)

  314. I haven’t started getting my house ready for fall yet but I think I may pull all the Pumpkin decorations out of the attic soon.

  315. Rachael Telford says:

    I’d probably blow it all on pillows. Silly as it sounds, my hand made covers and the ones that came with the couches are looking kind of sad. Thanks to you and Arhaus for the chance!

  316. Catherine Hanlon says:

    By Far, the kitchen & kitchen table is my most favorite place in my home–it is where my family gathers!

  317. I would buy a new floor lamp for my living room.

  318. Oh man… I would love a new couch! New lamps! We spend so. Much. Time. In our living room… And cozy is always my goal…. I just don’t know how to get there! For fall, I put out pumpkins, candles, cinnamon brooms. You name it. My kids love it.,,, they love that it signals fall is on its way, and thus Christmas! Lol! The Christmas tree placement also kind of dictates the way our furniture is arranged!

  319. The room looks beautiful!

  320. Rebecca Blaho says:

    What a great give-a-way! I would use it to either buy a new sofa for my livingroom at my new (to me) house or a huge ottoman for my family room!

  321. Erin Saunders says:

    That Devereaux Tufted Bed – I’m dying! So gorgeous.

    I’m adding fall to my home with some small touches here and there – switching from spring/summer florals to more plaid and knits in deeper colors. Seasons change strangely here in Colorado – not at all and then all at once. We go from 80s to 60s overnight sometimes – and then back again, so frequently I end up drinking cider with the AC on, or going on a summer road trip with a jacket in the backseat, just in case.

  322. My favorite thing in my house is my Mexican tiled fireplace hearth. It isn’t perfect but it is beautiful and we tiled it ourselves.

  323. My fave part of my house is my newly renovated kitchen! 15 years in the making…yes, I waited FIFTEEN YEARS for a new kitchen. Worth it!

  324. i would love some new lamps. what a great site they have!

  325. Getting ready for fall with homemade apple sauce using apples from last year’s crop. Sadly, our tree this year didn’t yield a single apple. Last year I had more than I knew what to do with and am so glad I froze as many as I did!

  326. Jennifer Flanigan says:

    Looks great! Arhaus furniture looks great. The Beckett cabinet would help with *my* book obsession…

  327. Katie L Emery says:

    Kelle, your eye for design is so good. I love this new look and I like how you incorporated fun, Floridian prints, too. You go, girl!

  328. Katie L Emery says:

    PS–I’d use the giftcard to purchase a new chair :)

  329. Stephanie S. says:

    What a cool transformation! I’d love to do something similar in my living room.

  330. I would love to get a new sofa. We need one in my living room badly.

  331. KrisTa Kangas says:

    I’m taking the cute little pumpkins my MIL made me out of twine out of storage.

  332. I love my little record player station…it houses our records and turntable, and I painted it a fun turquoise color. It makes me happy to look at it!

  333. My favorite thing about our house – the backyard!

  334. Love the new couches! And I’m soon excited for fall scents…mmm!

  335. carol clark says:

    id like to get a new chair to sit in to put my shoes on i hate getting on my bed unless im ready to lay down so i need a chair so i can do that in my bedroom

  336. What a fantastic room transformation. It is amazing what a little reorganization can do. I live in a very small house and making sure everything has its own place has made a big difference for us. Great work!

  337. Painted the kitchen all weekend and now shopping for pops of color and baskets to add!

  338. Hope Johnson says:

    My favorite thing in my house is my sleek dining table- walnut top- white metal rectangle legs- loft modern style! Vintage white metal chairs with it. Keeps the dining room open and airy .

  339. I love my bedroom because of the light that peeks through the blinds early in the morning and dances across the bed and the walls as the trees sway outside. It’s so familiar and comforting. :)

  340. I am loving your new couches! They are gorgeous!

  341. I love the new couches! We just moved into a new home and definitely have some decorating to do.

  342. I live in a small, city apartment but my favorite thing is my bedroom! I recently redecorated in light gray and buttery yellow and it’s so much easier to get up in the morning to a sunshiny room now!

  343. I love our gray and white rug that is the centerpiece of our living room. So comfy and inviting!

  344. My favorite part of my home is the kitchen table and it’s mismatched chairs. It’s certainly not pretty, but it’s where serious, and not-so-serious, discussions are held, major decisions are made, and some of the funniest stories are told. It’s the place where family and friends gather around to enjoy good company and even better food.

  345. Love the new look, Kelle. The pillows look amazingly soft and versatile- I need to get some new ones for the fall.

  346. I love the blue, so wonderful.

  347. I love love love decorating my giant chalkboard for fall!

  348. Your new room looks wonderful!!

    I love the warwick sofa myself. What a fun giveaway.

  349. I just moved into a new apartment so I can’t wait to decorate for fall with ALL THE PUMPKINS!!! :’)

  350. We made some changes in our living room this year and love it. We got rid of nice to look at but horribly uncomfortable furniture and replaced it with a sectional we love. Our whole family loves to crash there. We can’t wait to have our first fire of the season in our fireplace!

  351. I love the sofas, because they’re comfortable

  352. Our family room is my favorite spot in our house. It could use some de-cluttering, decoration and a bit more in the cozy seating department! I love the look of what you’ve done!

  353. Lisa Neumann says:

    I am loving those rugs! Just what I am looking for for our living room. The pillows are great too, I need to get some for my girls’ bedroom.

  354. I’m getting ready for fall by planning out some fall crafts and thinking about which fall plants I want to put in containers…
    I’ve also been talking about Halloween costumes with the kids which is kind of funny since we have more than a month till October 31…
    Looking forward to visiting local farms for their annual pumpkin patches and fall festivals..

  355. Everything looks great! My favorite thing about my house is the open layout. Perfect to keep an eye on the little ones running around.

  356. OMG! LOVE the Chorus Theory Media Console!! NEEEED!! :)

  357. We just moved into a “new to us” home so we are still trying to “feel like home” around here. We just pulled out the Leaves candles and Orange pillows- I think our family room is my favorite right now- it’s the only place that’s really “Done” so its where we all currently gather! thanks so much for offering this!

  358. Suzette Champion says:

    I would buy the ADELINE SERVER for my dining room!!

  359. Love the colors you chose! We are in dire need of a bedroom makeover. So happy to see the giveaway!

  360. In love with the look! I have a sofa from Arhaus and love it!

  361. We just purchased our first home a week from tomorrow! We have rooms that are empty but also full of all of the dreams we have for our new home! Right now, despite the fact that we don’t have funtiture for it yet, the wood deck is my favorite! I love to dream about drinking coffee on a cool evening and watching my son play!

  362. I’m getting ready for fall by cleaning up! I also think one of the best ways to prepare for fall is to bring out fall-scented candles.

  363. I’m not sure exactly what I’d choose (I still don’t know what direction I want to go in) but I’d choose some wall decor. I want to refresh the look of my living room.

  364. I’d like to purchase some new bedding with the gift card! I’m getting my house ready for Fall by putting up all the Fall decorations and I have the pumpkin scents filling the house! Thank you!

  365. I would love to win the Arhaus gift card to purchase the Tremont Wardrobe; or at least put towards the price. This is such a great deal price-wise and the beauty of REAL wood is outstanding! I need the height also; i am a tall person and I love the ability to organize and not bend all the time. I love this furniture!

  366. My favorite space is the living room with gas fireplace. It’s cozy.

  367. My favorite thing in our house is our kitchen. Least favorite is our dining room, so if I won, I would put it toward a dining room set

  368. Tara Darity says:

    I would love to get new items to start decorating for fall!

  369. Justin Sparks says:

    My daughter and I are starting over…a fresh new start…so I am in the business of replacing everything we have…Im getting my home ready for fall by out with the old in with the new!!!

  370. I LOVE the linen sofas too!

  371. Living room decor

  372. I would buy pillows, rugs and dinnerware. I moved to a condo last year and my living room area is just furniture but no decorations.

  373. I love my couch. It’s broken in just the way I like it.

  374. Garelyn Williams says:


  375. Elizabeth H. W. says:

    I’m looking for a great new rug for the living room!

  376. I would love to get a rug for our living room – right now we don’t have one, and with cool weather coming, the room will feel cold and unwelcoming. A rug would be the perfect fall addition. I love the Jaden rugs from Arhaus.

  377. Definitely a new lamp!

  378. My husband got a job which is requiring us to move across the country. I’ve literally gotten rid of everything because moving it was just going to be a nightmare… plus with 4 kids the furniture was just beat up. We’re moving to a snowy area from a very hot area so I cannot wait to have a fireplace. I would use the gift card to get décor since I no longer have any

  379. Soon I will be having the ducts in our house cleaned. With winter approaching that means no windows being opened and I want our home free of dust and allergens. I would love to spruce my living room up. We spend most of our time there and it needs a facelift!

  380. I am getting my house ready for Fall! I love Fall. I have been cleaning and getting my fall decorations out. I love my pumpkins and red, yellow and orange leaf wreath! :)

  381. Gwendolyn J says:

    Love all the looks I would get a new chair for my bedrooms

  382. Organizing.

  383. Amanda Patterson says:

    I would love to put it towards a new desk!

  384. I would use the money to buy a grey and blue rug to put in my living room. I just bought a new condo!

  385. I would love to use the gift card to furnish my mostly empty living room!

  386. i would like to purchase some new living room items

  387. Miguel Mendez says:

    Love the couch and table!

  388. James Doyle says:

    a fireplace? :)

  389. Jennifer M. says:


  390. Annalisa Linder says:

    I am getting the house ready for fall by adding autumnal floral arrangements and lotsof cozy throws and a fall-inspired wreath on the front door

  391. Your house is amazing!

  392. There is so much I’d love to get from this site, but we could definitely use one of the quilts or throw pillows.

  393. I want to buy a bed

  394. Your room is beautiful and so organized. It’s inspiring.

    I’d use the gift card towards a new sofa.

  395. I’m looking for a new couch right now in a deep red for that very same reason- fall is all about nesting and coziness and feeling like your home is a sanctuary. I love the new look in your living room!

  396. My favorite place is my corner recliner.

  397. Dwayne Berry says:

    I’d love a nice, big, comfortable couch.

  398. The fireplce is definitely a favourite! My kids and I love being comfy cosy around it.

  399. GENA VIGGIANI says:


  400. Michelle Coles says:

    I think I would choose 1 of the Pendant Lights! Very Nice!!

  401. Cathy Fenton says:

    I love the look under the TV set – the dark paint and baskets. Great idea and looks so much better. Good tip on using unifying colors as a way to declutter – for the eye.

  402. Great post! Love the couches and the new fall look!
    Favorite thing in my house is a big oil painting I painted for mine and my husband’s room. It’s an orange house against the Outerbanks’ (NC) sound waterway. Someone told me it looks like Edward Hopper’s house/landscape paintings. That was encouraging!

  403. I get ready for fall by the usual-adding pumpkins and leaves throughout, using pumpkin pie candles, and switching my pillows out for darker colored ones.

  404. I broke out the pumpkin candles this week! Coupled with the windows open to let in the chilly air at night and a warm, cozy blanket I am all set for fall!

  405. I am looking for a new coffee table!

  406. Sonya Morris says:

    I would love to get a chair for my living room!

  407. Karla M. Cyr says:

    I would like to get some new dinnerware for my kitchen table.

  408. Regine Karpel says:
  409. We need a new couch in a bad way. The one we have now was left by previous owners and no matter how much I clean it, it still smells like their dogs!

  410. We are in the process of reconstruction from the massive flood in Louisiana last month. We were not in a flood zone so no flood insurance. When you face circumstances like that you become so much more conscious of what you want your home to be like. After having our family of six living in a camper, I really want whatever we have to be simple and cozy. The loss of routine and sense of daily structure makes you very thankful for simplicity and function.

  411. Definitely the sofas. The linen. So soft. So beautiful. I want to lay in them. I want to sit in them. I want to feel them . But if my kids spilled milk on them i might cry.

  412. Love the new couches!

  413. Fall comes early to Oregon. We’re already dragging out the boxes of Halloween and Autumn fun (books, costumes, decor, cookie cutters). And hot tea is being drunk by the gallon!

  414. Caren drink says:

    To get my house ready for fall, I’m pulling out our cozy blankies and bedsheets. I can’t wait for fireplace season!

  415. Kind of loving the whole Palmer collection, but especially the 2 drawer coffee table!

  416. I love your new room! The couches are a great color. I love how the Christmas tree decides everything-that’s how it is in my family too.

  417. My favorite thing in my home is my spacious living and dining room. it is very open and inviting, but I would love some new furniture as mine is second hand and its not really my style anymore.

  418. I love the landsbury sofa in theater champagne! It matches our 1950’s shabby chic house perfectly!

  419. My favorite time by far is a mid-century cabinet that I use to display my cameras and lenses.

  420. amy pugmire says:


  421. I would probably get some new bedding! The chandler set was my fav

  422. I love your new couches, and the grays with the navy and white is a perfect pairing! Having moved from northern Minnesota to southern Oregon a couple years ago, I too have adjusted my sails on the changing seasons, though we do get them, they come later with much milder winters. Love that I can come here for inspiration and a welcoming read, anytime. Happy fall, Kelle!

  423. Molly hampton says:

    My barn wood credenza because I don’t have to dust it.

  424. A new couch that can fit our entire family!

  425. The Amelia nightstand is soooo pretty. I’m having night stand envy.

  426. Breanna Davies says:

    I love some of the sectional couch sets they have.

  427. I would like to get a new recliner for our living room.

  428. Angela Mason says:

    I just moved into a 3 bedroom house. I have a lot of space and not much filling.I found quite a few items of interest. I can’t make up my mind right now. I do thank you kindly for the opportunity to win! Have a wonderful day!

  429. Cara Sutton says:

    Wow, thanks for the chance to win! I love your site!

  430. New bar stools!!!!

  431. Ashleigh Swope says:

    We would really love to get a new sofa, ours is 10 years old!

  432. Your home looks very warm and inviting! I love it! If I won I would love to get some new end tables for my living room that I’m slowly redesigning!

  433. I would buy a new end table to replace the 47 year old one we have now.

  434. christine burd says:

    I would like to purchase a coffee table for my living room

  435. The site shows some super soft throws I would love to get for fall. Snuggle up on those chilly days!

  436. Marsha Miller says:

    Would love a new sofa

  437. I’d like a new sofa/loveseat (living room furniture)

  438. James Stringham says:

    I would purchase a new sofa.

  439. I would love to use it towards something like the “SPENCER 48″ BOOKCASE WITH GLASS DOORS IN BROWN”.

    We have a corner that is only used once a year for the Christmas tree, I’d love to make it into a reading nook the rest of the year.

  440. christopher h says:

    i’d use the card to get a nice accent chair – maybe this one, Alexis Tufted Upholstered Dining Arm Chair in Elizabeth Charcoal and Black

  441. CHAIR.

  442. would love to redo my living room!

  443. I am eyeing that Tremont triple bookcase. Its gorgeous! Would be perfect in this empty wall I have.

  444. John Kraichely says:

    I would buy a coffee table

  445. I would like to get some lamps.

  446. Audra O'Hara says:

    I’m really liking their 40” twin root coffee table with the iron base. We haven’t decorated for fall yet. We have some cute whimsy decorations my daughter likes to place around the house every year.

  447. I would use it towards a nice comfy cool sofa.

  448. Big decision. So many lovely things but I’d choose an every day item. Something big yet practical. I’ve been shopping, comparing, testing for a month. Cannot risk a costly mistake. The certificate will go towards the cost of a new, mattress.

  449. So beautiful! I love the gray sofas, and how the little changes like painting the bookshelves made such a huge difference! Now I’m itching to cozy up my house too…

  450. William Howard says:

    I look the Look of this beautiful design


  452. Nicole Given says:

    We could put it towards the new couch we need to buy.

  453. Love this!!!

  454. Janet OBrien says:

    I would like to organize my bedroom with some baskets to be able to separate and hide items

  455. richelle bowers says:

    I would love to get a sectional

  456. Love the vibes of your new living room! Would love to add some living room staples to our living room to make our home more homey, newlywed life makes money tight!

  457. I love our entire house. It’s 48 years old and a bit beat up in places, but my husband and I worked really hard to be able to buy it, our first house. We’ve been here two years now and pretty much every day one of us will comment on how much we love our little house. My dad was in the military when I was growing up and we moved all the time. I look forward to spending many years in our home.

  458. My kitchen table is my favorite. We’re moving though and I could use a new rug and side tables.

  459. Rajee Pandi says:
  460. I would get a new dining room table. Ours has been ruined over the years.

  461. Teresa Cline says:


  462. Eric Rollins says:

    The Dune Sofa would fit in nicely in my living room.

  463. I would love to get a new couch!

    thank you so much!!

  464. I need a few things but I think I would get a coffee table or a sofa table! I am just cleaning and trying to declutter to get my house ready for the holidays coming up!~

  465. Jill Rivera says:

    I would purchase a rug for my high traffic area.

  466. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    We really need a new couch for the living room.

  467. We are loving celebrating fall with rich colors, hanging family pictures on the walls, and containing clutter in fun baskets of all shapes and sizes!

  468. I need a recliner desperately, so that I can remove the reclining LAWN CHAIR that we are using in the meantime!

  469. Great giveaway!

  470. We’re in desperate need of a living room makeover and would love some Arhaus furniture!

  471. Angie anderson says:

    I would love a new couch, ours is dented in from the 100lb labradoodle named Moose who likes to lounge on it !

  472. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! We have just sold our house and are in need of new furniture for our new home! I would most definitely be buying some new sofas!

  473. Our kitchen table. I love how it looks and it’s where our conversations take place.

  474. My favourite thing in my house is definitely my family, but we sure could use some new stuff in the furnishings department!

  475. My favorite thing in our house is our king size bed. It’s big enough and cozy enough that all 5 of our kids can cram into it early on Saturday mornings. What we need to redo in our house is our kitchen table. We moved into a smaller house several years ago to save money and the kitchen and dining area need to be updated. Our old dining room table is too bulky. We need something a little more sleek that can still fit our big family. Maybe something with a bench seat on at least one side.

  476. I am desperate to replace our kitchen table bought 15 years ago from a garage sale for $85. All but 2 chairs have fallen apart and we are using are rapidly deteriorating dining room chairs as a replacement.

  477. I love the fireplace wall in our new home–it is the same stone style as my parents’ living room growing up and brings me right back there.

  478. Need a new couch something fierce. love the gray!

  479. My mom loves Arhaus! If I won I would totally give this to her and be a shoo-in for the best daughter award :)

  480. I live for this room. Colors, layout, LOVE!

  481. Danielle Haskins says:

    I would love to use this gift card toward a new sofa for our living room. I love your updates! Your home is always so cozy.

  482. Love everything about it! Beautiful!

  483. I need a new desk and would love to get one from Arhaus.

  484. Your room looks so cozy and gorgeous!

  485. My favorite thing in my home is our antique oak ice chest that belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother. It’s a beautiful family heirloom that is so special to us!

  486. To get ready for fall, we are getting out all the cozy blankets to snuggle on the couch while we watch TV. :)

  487. My favorite part of our house is the living room…where we congregate, read books, play games and relax after a long day.

  488. With a potential move, a new piece of beautiful furniture that could help make things feel fun and exciting. An update for a new place could be just what I need.

  489. My favorite things in my home are the pictures hanging on the fridge and artwork taped to the windows, the photos of smiling faces and every friend or family member that walks through the door to share a moment with us.

  490. Gorgeous room! We Just moved to a new house and I am at a loss on how to make our family room this cozy for fall!!

  491. Your place looks fantastic! I only recently learned of Arhaus. I’d love a new table!

  492. Love the inspiration, ready to update our furniture

  493. I am in desperate need of dining chairs…we are currently using plastic folding ones.

  494. We are starting to decorate for Fall by sprucing up our mantel with spooky Halloween goodies! I have been looking for the perfect rustic farmhouse table and I love the look of the rustic trestle table!

  495. What a beautiful living room!!! I love the couches facing each other.

  496. Savannah hadden says:

    I am loving the Fresco King Quilt! It is Gorgeous!

  497. Sweaters, coffee stout and crunchy leaves!

  498. I am getting my house ready for fall, by getting all the pesky dirt and dust out of the nooks and crannies before it’s too cold to open the windows and get fresh air. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect decorative mirror and rustic decor for my bedroom.

  499. Yes! Great inspiration to declutter and simplify!

  500. My kitchen is my favorite part of my home. My couches could definitely use a makeover.

  501. I need some new pillows for my sofa. Maybe an area rug.

  502. Erin Greene says:

    Love Arhaus! I was just dreaming about a friends new couch from them!

  503. Kr sta farrell says:

    I would love your gray couches!!!!!!

  504. kelley powers says:

    I’m getting my house ready for fall by fall cleaning. I am also remodeling my kitchen and setting my basement up as a nice play area for the family.

  505. my favorite thing in our home is my “new-to-me” midcentury credenza.

  506. I love fall, even though here in California it’s still been in the 90’s this week (so ready for some cooler weather). My favorite item in my house would have to be the farmhouse dining table and benches my husband made. I definitely could use new couches or a coffee table to change up the living room and make it cozier.

  507. Leigh Catherine says:

    My favorite spot in the house is the master bed. It’s where all the magic of bedtime stories and family snuggles take place. I do love the idea of having a really nice space to retreat to with my sweetie after the bedtime routine is complete. A new couch or love seat would be lovely.

  508. My favorite are the built in bookshelves my hubby built for me!

  509. My favorite thing in my home is my family. Just like the song, Home is wherever I am with you.

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