Gift Guide: For the Kids

I get way excited for these kid gift guides and spend a silly amount of time researching and finding the perfect stuff, but I think it’s because I love toys and kid books so very much. I still walk through baby doll aisles and sniff their heads and circle stuff my kid self would like when the toy catalogs come. Childhood is a magical place, and I’ll always let a part of my heart remain there, especially at Christmas. With no further ado, our (as in me and my kids who don’t know they’re getting some of this stuff) Christmas Picks for Kid Gifts this year:

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1. Hape Handyman Toolbox For my boy who loves to take apart/put things back together. This little toolbox transforms into a robot with a little ingenuity and keeps busy kids occupied for hours. That means you’ll get to finally finish that book!

2. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Lights. Lainey’s teetering between Toy World and Tween World, and this little speaker combines both. It’s no Bose but does the job and is little enough to take anywhere–play tunes in the bedroom, outside and even in the shower. Turn off the lights and enjoy the light show it plays to the music.

3. Djeco Bisous Bedtime Card Game. I love this little game so much. A 10-minute card game, perfect for a prebed ritual. Pull the tray out of the little box to reveal a small bed with a mattress and a boy or a girl lying awake in the bed. Then, you simply collect the cards–pillow, sheet, blanket, kisses, cuddles and tickles to put the little person to bed. As you put each card into the box, you repeat the action with your child.

4. Under the Nile Doll (with extra clothes). This Waldorf-style doll is great for a “first doll” gift. It’s slightly weighted, well-made, the perfect size for little ones and even comes with an extra outfit in the tiny cross-body bag.

5. Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set. Another great toy for busy kids of all ages, these little suction pieces connect to each other as well as tabletops, counters etc. and make building structures a super satisfying job.

6. Blockbeard’s Balance Boat This wood pirate ship comes with 18 different pieces that stack and balance on the boat if stacked appropriately.

7. Pancake Pile-Up Game I’m always looking for games that Dash and Nella can participate in and understand, and this one’s just the ticket. A fun relay game, this pancake pile-up challenges players to follow instructions on the “order” card and build their pancake stack before their opponent–but don’t drop the pancake off the spatula!

8. Janod Taxi Magnet Kit. Whenever my grandma friends ask suggestions for their grandkids, I always give them this one and MagnaTiles. We’ve been Janod lovers ever since I discovered them when Lainey was little, and this wooden taxi is one of my faves. Not only is it adorable, but it is another take-apart/put-together toy (Dash’s favorite), and with the built in magnets, snapping it back together is simple.

9.  Wreck This Journal Perfect for any little artist looking to scratch their creative itch. Artist Keri Smith provides simple creative prompts on every page that invite journalers to create art beyond the lines–adding photos and defacing them, collecting dead bugs, painting with coffee, etc. Once finished, this journal will become a great keepsake of your little artist’s creative process.

10. And Then Story Starters. I found this book at a store recently, and immediately snatched it up for Christmas. The beautiful “book binding” is actually a box which houses large beautiful cards, each presenting a captiving story starter. What comes after the “And then…” is entirely up to you and your kids. A great tool for self-expression and encourager for little free writers to tell it exactly like they imagine it.

11. Snuggle the Baby. If you saw this on my Instagram Stories the other day, you know how beautiful this book is. This interactive board book invites readers to play along and care for baby and includes a thick baby “doll” that can be diapered, fed and slipped into bed.

12. Melissa & Doug Diner Play Set. Got kids who love playing restaurant and kitchen but no space for a big play kitchen? This easily-stored little diner is perfect and includes everything you need to play diner–play food (flat, so easily put away), money, stove, menu, order pad, serving tray and more. A great gift to keep at the grandparent’s house as well.


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  1. You skipped the taxi (it should be #8…)

  2. I just got the baby book in the mail, after seeing your Instagram story about it. My daughter will LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Love the truck wrapping paper!

  4. Just ordered the story starters! Love your lists :)

  5. Any idea where to find the Bluetooth Speakers? The link to Amazon shows the product isn’t available, and I can’t seem to find any other options by Googling the company…

  6. I love this round up! That pancake game is just what I have been looking for! It’s hard to find games that my 2 year old can kind of understand, at least well enough to not just get frustrated with. Thanks for taking the time to find all these great suggestions!

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