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Enjoying: Family Friday

One of my favorite things about January through April is that it’s very cold up north. That means our northern friends and family are looking for a break from the cold. And when you’re looking for a break from the cold, your family in–say, Southwest Florida–is lookin’ pretty good. So our house expands this quarter, and we love it. We’ve had my cousin from Virginia, my nieces last week, my grandma this week and my mom next month.

Dash is strangely very interested in eye color right now, and before anyone arrives he has one and only one question: “What color are her eyes?”

“I think they’re brown.”

“Like mine?”

“Yes, like yours.”

“But what color are Sydney’s eyes?”

“They’re brown too,”

“Like mine?”

“Yes, like yours.”

This goes on for every eye color of everyone we’ve ever known until one of us is crying–me because I can’t take it anymore or him because I didn’t answer like he wanted me to.

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When family is visiting, we like to show them the best our little corner of the world has to offer which means we reignite our love for our sands, our palms and the thrill of the hunt for the perfect conch shell.

With that said, we’ve been enjoying:

Rooms with a view.

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Turf games.

 photo print 16_zpsij8uxi9q.jpg

Bare feet on a dock.

 photo print 18_zpsr9coumto.jpg

Little Cousins admiration for Big Cousins.

 photo print 21_zpswm1veq8o.jpg

 photo print 23_zps8zswndba.jpg

Finally settling down after the removal of The Sliver of 2017. #neverforget

 photo print 4_zps6cunt1j4.jpg

Open Air Handstand Studio.

 photo print 25_zpsj9sjitm1.jpg

When she tries to suppress a smile but can’t.

 photo print 27_zpsrwnqxvwl.jpg

Watching these two take over an island.

 photo print 5_zpsdfwmverv.jpg

(caught holding hands…moms notice things like this and take stealthy pictures while acting cool so as not to draw attention to it…carry on)

 photo print 28_zpsk9adkmo9.jpg

Riding a trolley and listening to my dad dramatically perform, “Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley…” for all to hear. Because Judy Garland.

 photo print 29_zpsaqqbvcrs.jpg

Braving the waterfall.

 photo print 30_zps8qvdq38a.jpg

Street art.
In a neatly groomed, tightly-permitted town of new buildings that rarely veer from the typical Naples color palette and architecture, any burst of unexpected funky art or color-outside-the-lines expression is worthy of applause. Mind you, this art is temporary and probably had to go through six rounds of permits and board approval, but I’ll take it. In other words, Banksy? Are you out there? Can you hear me? We need you.

 photo print 32_zpslxbmqkxm.jpg

I love that some of our local artists got to let loose though, and we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

 photo print 12_zpsqpcdf3tc.jpg

 photo print 37_zpsybbo1334.jpg

 photo print 38_zps4hoit55r.jpg

 photo print 39_zpsk21ptor2.jpg

 photo print 40_zpsgzaaxxue.jpg

 photo print 42_zpssci2lrgr.jpg

 photo print 43_zpsvczkj1wb.jpg

Oh nothing, just bikini shopping.

 photo print 44_zpsyzg8vlg4.jpg

“These people are boring.”

 photo print 46_zpsb248mdjr.jpg

“Sooooo boring.”

 photo print 45_zpsg3kwaf2e.jpg

That kid on the right, there? I had a car seat for her in my old Escort wagon because she was practically half mine when I was in college.

 photo print 47_zpskjja8zwx.jpg

 photo print 15_zpsrvo2ilha.jpg

Happy Thursday, friends.

 photo print 7_zpsorw7vknc.jpg

Have some fun this weekend.

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  1. Katie McIntyre says:


    My parents live in Naples. Where is that island you’re exploring? It’s a must when we visit next. Thank you!


  2. We live in a temperate climate too and try to get friends to visit during the winter months. This time, though, we’re trekking up north to spend a few weeks with family. So looking forward to my kiddos reconnecting with cousins!

  3. Kathryn McIntyre says:

    Hi Kelle,
    My parents live in Naples. When I am down next with my little ones we need to try that island from the photo above of Dash and Nella…where is that? Definitely not our usual trip to Lowermilk.

  4. 1. can we talk about teen style? I’m pretty sure I had that same wolf shirt many moons ago. I love how things come back “in.”

    2. Big cousin, little cousin love is my fave. I have 3 nieces that are now the same age as I was when I met my now husband and my kids are the ages when I first met them. Seeing the relationship develop and being in a type of looking glass is amazing. Love.

  5. Love that you say slivers! My Grama used to call them that and I had forgotten about it :)

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