To a Cleaner New Year (and a Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by Endust.

For the past several years, we’ve taken a little family vacation together over New Year’s. We leave the tree in all its sparkly splendor and get out of dodge, starting the new year off away from all the tasks and stresses of everyday life.

This year, we chose to stay home though, trading poolside drinks and sunrise beach walks for home tidying and organization projects, and I couldn’t be happier with our choice. It’s been a nice therapeutic new year cleanse–decluttering corners, scrubbing bathtubs and feathering the nest where we make most of our memories.

 photo print 45_zpsnccov8v0.jpg

And while I’ve never been known as a neat freak and enthusiastically celebrate the whole idea of “your kids are only little once–learn to love the mess,” the older I get, the more I realize the less I’m able to control. Life gets more complex, little worries grow into big worries, and events on the calendar seem to multiply, despite our attempts to simplify. I find myself grounded more and more in our home, and the challenge of keeping this space calm, welcoming and cozy is one that–believe it or not–brings me joy a lot more than it used to.

I make room for setbacks, and I’ve never had a problem prioritizing family fun over a clean house; but I am finding a much better balance because I’m enjoying cleaning more (gasp!). I’ve got backup too as several friends have commented, “Dude, your house is, like…clean. What happened to you?”

A few things that work for me that I’m taking into the new year:

Invest in the Nest. 
This year, we made a few changes to rooms that needed some love in our house. They weren’t huge changes but enough to revive some neglected spaces, update them and make them rooms we love to be in. The added bonus? It’s so much easier to keep them clean! My bedroom is one of those spaces, and it feels like a little haven now–light and relaxing–so I’m much more motivated to keep it clean, dust picture frames, water plants, mop the floor, make the bed, etc.

 photo print 35_zpsgaxxh9xf.jpg

For Everything You Bring Into Your Home, Something Has to Leave.
My dad’s always told me that the hose leading out of your house should be the same size (or bigger!) as the hose coming in. In other words, if you’re adding new clothes to your kids’ closet or buying new bath towels or splurging on new sheets–unless you’re getting rid of things (donating bags of clothes, throwing out those pilled out scratchy sheets, cutting up the old towels for garage rags)–your house will eventually have too much stuff to keep in order. Making a regular practice of sweeping through the house collecting things we don’t need or use and bagging them up to donate has cleared up so much space in my brain and made the job of keeping our house clean so much easier.

Put it Away Now for Less Stress Later.
It’s a simple thought that’s finally beginning to occur naturally–put it away now. The hairdryer after I use it. The pajamas I slip out of to take a shower. The glue and glitter from the impromptu craft I just had to do an hour before picking up the kids from school. I know too well the stress that comes at witching hour, and looking out at heaps of messes I left out makes it so much worse.

Make Cleaning a Ritual.
This one’s my favorite. I’m a ritual girl at heart and feel that everything is better when you breathe a little purpose into it–even cleaning. So instead of viewing cleaning as “that dreaded thing I have to do,” I try to make it special. Light candles. Put on a good cleaning playlist. Fill the sink with hot soapy water. Diffuse some smell-good oils. Get in the groove of scrubbing, wiping, mopping, dusting, and really feel the satisfaction of noticeable results. Look at those shiny floors! And those counters! I did that!

 photo print 37_zps0opzagdm.jpg

Involve Kids.
Are my kids the only ones obsessed with feather dusters? I swear, they think cleaning is a game when I let them loose with a duster. Dash is my most passionate cleaner. He wants a job. He will wipe counters, mop floors, scrub the stove until every last crust of spilled pot remnants are gone. It’s easy to think that I can’t really do a good job cleaning with the kids running around erasing everything I do, but when I give them jobs and let them help, it’s surprising how quickly things get done (and how much fun we have doing it!).

 photo print 43_zpskjlccwog.jpg

Stock the Cabinets with Good Cleaning Products.
This one’s a no-brainer. Want to send more snail mail this year? Stock your desk with pretty stationery and stamps so you’re inclined to do it. The same goes for keeping things clean. Want to do a better job at keeping your cherished space clean and cozy? Stock your cleaning cabinet with good products that will inspire you to clean.

 photo print 32_zpsecmi347w.jpg

Our cleaning cabinet is stocked with Endust products for the new year, from their dusting and cleaning spray (keeps allergens and dust out of your home and CLEANS–not just dusts–away oil based stains like fingerprints, residue and smudges) to their stainless steel and wood floor sprays (super easy spray and wipe).

 photo print 34_zps2fcsjigy.jpg

Endust is made of a silicone free formula that leaves a natural shine without build-up. And you can use it anywhere–furniture, cabinets, counters, window sills–even car dashboards.

One more tip…Invite People Over. Host some gatherings this year. Friends, family, neighbors, a dinner, a brunch, a movie night. Sharing our home with loved ones every now and then makes us happy and inspires us to keep things welcoming.

Get your home ready for the New Year with Endust! Endust is giving 1 lucky reader a prize package of Endust products and a $75 VISA gift card. To enter visit Endust and come back and comment on this blog post with how you plan to use Endust while cleaning in 2017! Entrants must follow/like Endust on Facebook HERE.

Mess doesn’t stand a chance in 2017. That is until Dash dumps a box of cereal later today.

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  1. I already use Endust when cleaning our house, but didn’t realize they had a stainless steel cleaner. There is no bigger obstacle in my house than our finger-print covered stainless appliances! I’ll check that out, for sure. :)

  2. Janean Hall says:

    I am all for anything that makes my least favorite chore, dusting, easier! If Endust can do that, I’m all for it!

  3. Wendy Turner says:

    I plan on trying Endust again and using it to clean my 225 slot antique mail sorter and all the treasures it holds!

  4. I will use endust to wipe away these kids fingerprints all over the kitchen!

  5. I’d love to use endust in my hardwoods. I haven’t found anything that doesn’t leave a weird residue! Plus it would definitely make the chore a little easier since it’s in a can.

  6. Cleaning my wood table spotless.

  7. Kristal Timmerman says:

    I can’t wait to use Endust to get my home clean and ready to take on this new year!! Thank you for such a generous giveaway opportunity!!

  8. Love the Endust Dusters! Us them all over the house.

  9. ooooh that stainless steel cleaner! That speaks my language. Our appliances ALWAYS have little finger smudges on them!! Can’t wait to try it!

  10. Brenda White says:

    I plan on using Endust this year as I have in the past by throughly cleaning one room every day or so that way it’s not overwhelming. Endust makes it easy because it’s such a good product and works very well.

  11. Betty Brownng says:

    I use Endust to keep me from dusting everything twice. It keeps the dust from swirling around the air and landing right back on what you just cleaned. It helps to cut down on the pollens also.

  12. I need endust to clean my floors!

  13. Oh my house so needs me to win this giveaway! 😄

  14. noreen zarmbinski says:

    My mom used Endust, so I used it as a kid when it was my chore to dust! I still use it today. I spray it on my dust mop for my hardwood floors, but I see they have a specific product for hardwood floors that I NEED TO TRY!!!! Happy cleaning!! :-)

  15. I have never heard of Endust, but I would totally use the stainless steel cleaner.

  16. I’m on a journey to minimize our home before our (hopeful) move to Florida! I am. Not the worlds best housekeeper, and part of it could be that I don’t have cleaning supplies I love!

  17. Laurie Bailey says:

    My plan in 2017 is to continue to use Endust Stainless steel cleaner!

  18. We plan to wipe away all the messes our cats and toddler create while they make memories together 😁

  19. I’m expecting, so I see a lot of cleaning in my future!

  20. Floors. Three under three and embracing the mess and being a fun mom and alllll that equals horrific floors. Endust, help.

  21. I would use Endust on our hardwood floors.

  22. I’ve never heard of Endust before. We have two little girls and just added a new foster baby to our home. We do a lot of running to visitations and doctors for our littlest one and to and from school activities for our girlies… all the coming and going leaves our house quite disheveled. We’ve also got caseworkers and CASA popping in on us, so the clean freak flag flies when it has too! Looks like a great giveaway, thanks for introducing us!

  23. If Endust will take away this crazy dust we have in Las Vegas, if buy it for life!!!

  24. Definitely want to try the wood floor cleaner! I have been on the hunt for a good product for the floors.. :)

  25. Endust is great for all my stainless steel kitchen appliances.

  26. Definitely going to start using Endust products to keep my new guest room nice and clean for lots of visitors this year!

  27. Stephanie Allen says:

    Would love to try the Endust for my wood floors

  28. I’d like to try their wood floor cleaner…didn’t know they had one! Thanks!

  29. Becky Pulley says:

    glad to see you are letting Dash learn how to clean – he will need it in years to come and your DIL will love you for it. I did not know there was a stainless steel cleaner – will have to check it out
    My preacher always said what your dad did and if he bought a shirt – a shirt had to go. I do some of that but my mom just doesn’t agree with it

  30. I love how well it helps dust my house. It cleans way better than regular cleaning spray. Would love to win!!!

  31. As always love your blogs. Im all about the decluttering and sending out the old, problem is my husband thinks all things should be saved haha. Question tho totally unrelated, I love both of your tops your wearing and would love to know where to get :)

  32. Definitely would use to clean these hardwofloors… House full of them 😊

  33. I feel like I could dust multiple times a day and still have dust. I need some Ebdust in my life!

  34. Elizabeth Blaine says:

    The stainless steel grubby fingerprint cleaner would get a lot of use!

  35. INEED to clean my baseboards. Badly! Help!

  36. my youngest is finally off to preschool this year, and it has given me so much more time to spend tidying up with an empty house.(though i do love incorporating help when all my kiddos are around!) with the new year, and my busy season of work behind me, i plan to stay on top of things as much as possible. and i have been looking for a new floor product!

  37. Would love to try all the endust goodies!!!!

  38. Sandy johnson says:

    Great ideas! Inviting someone over always calls for a big cleanup!

  39. Sharyn Engel says:

    WoW, to be honest, I’ve never used Endust but now I’d really love to try it! Great to know it doesn’t leave that greasy residue that most cleaning products do.
    Thanks for the great info!! 😊

  40. Jane Zomerlei says:

    I’m excited to clean my new house this year! I would love to use the endust hypoallergenic cleaners to help rid my house of allergens (especially with a pet!)

  41. I am gonna check out that hardwood floor cleaner! I looks convenient and if it keeps the little barefoot prints away a little longer that’ll be a bonus!!

  42. My husband will love ENDUST for our hardwood floors. I will definitely give it a try!

  43. I, too, am trying to maintain control over my cleaning, while not letting it control every free moment I have so I can enjoy my kids. I’d love to try Endust’s stainless steel cleaner–I’m always trying to wipe away those little fingerprint smudeges from my oven and fridge!

  44. Mackenzie says:

    I would love to try it on our wood floors!

  45. I don’t think I’ve ever used Endust products, but I’d love to try them! I could totally stand to upgrade my cleaning routines.

  46. I plan to use Endust to clean our stainless steel fridge and oven.

  47. The dusters are perfect for so many things (especially blinds!) and I love the wood floor cleaner.

  48. Your ‘put it away now’ comment reminded me of something Gretchen Rubin said in a podcast I once heard. It was along the lines of “If it takes less than a minute to do it, do it RIGHT THEN.” I think about that often when I see the one shoe in the middle of the living room or half a basket of clean laundry in the hallway. Less than a minute can actually be plenty of time to get stuff done!

  49. As a piano teacher I would like to use Endust to keep my piano looking glossy without ruining the wood. It’s my mother’s piano and I want to keep it looking good but all the wood cleaners I’ve tried haven’t worked out so well.

  50. Elaine C. B. says:

    We are moving at the end of March/early April. I’ve always used Endust for dusting and floors, but had no idea they have a stainless steel cleaner! That will be perfect for getting our stovetop back to pre-movein levels of cleanliness. All of the products will come in handy really, as not only do we have to clean our current home before we turn the keys back in, but I expect I will do a good pre-movein scrub of our new home as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Janet hausch says:

    Will continue to use several of their products but hoping to get kitchen done this year and add th stainless cleaner to my list :)

  52. My wood floors could definitely use some Endust love – and it certainly doesn’t hurt that I love anything citrus-scented!

  53. Wood floors, lord help me I have lots of them. I especially like endust furniture polish on
    my stainless steel fridge. No more fingerprints.

  54. I would love to try Endust! I’ve been looking for a great cleaning and dusting product! We bought a house in 2016 with a lot of wood open shelving and I have had a heck of a time finding something I liked to help me keep them dust free!!!

  55. I love love love the idea but of the spray wooden cleaner. No running back and forth to the sink with a broom, the idea its made specifically for hardwoods…. I can’t wait to o check it out!

  56. Never heard of Endust! However, I will have to check this out! We have hardwood floors throughout our whole house, and sound likes something I would like to give a try!
    Also, I love the Allergy/Asthma free dusting spray because my oldest has asthma!

  57. Melanie Huttner says:

    I’ll use endust on my wood table!

  58. I use NorWex products ~ no chemicals. :)

    • Everyone should try Norwex! All you really need are 2 cloths (Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth) and water! You can clean 90% of your house with just this! It is amazing!

  59. Wait, whaaattt? I had no idea they made a stainless cleaner. I would definitely try that product.

  60. Rhea wilcox says:

    I hope to get my kids more excited about helping me dust and clean with a great products like Endust. :)

  61. use endust now. I hate hate hate to dust!

  62. I could use some floor cleaner. My kids are constantly making messes!

  63. I would love to Endust my whole house, but especially the antique furnitre we have that we are scared to clean.

  64. Angella an says:

    I need endure for all our blinds and bookshelves! And to get me motivated to dust!

  65. wendy greensspan says:

    dusting , dusting and even more dussting

  66. wendy greensspan says:

    dusting, dusting, and even more dusting

  67. Khristena says:

    I’ve never heard of Endust before! But it definitely looks like a product I need around my house. We accumulate dust like none other with two cats, two dogs and three humans! I checked out the website and I think I’ll be picking up the dusters…They’d be great for keeping the TV stand and all the electronics on the stand free of dust…it seems to congregate there…

  68. I plan to use endust to clean the grime and dust.

  69. I am going to pick up some Endust when I get supplies for my families First Annual National Hat Day party this Sunday, January 15! You’re right! — nothing says guests are coming over quite like a freshly scrubbed kitchen!

  70. My house need endust!

  71. I would try Endust to clean my floors and cabinets!!

  72. Kenneth Pereira says:

    I use Endust to keep me from dusting everything twice.

  73. Anita MacQuarrie says:

    I enjoy cleaning so much I that I also clean other people’s homes. It’s always fun to try new products {or new-to-me products} in an attempt to achieve a shinier shine. Welcome Endust! I need your help!

  74. I just checked out their site and I am going to pick up a bottle of the Hypo-Allergenic Dusting & Cleaning Spray. I like having a clean house without all the funky smells and chemicals!

  75. Courtney O says:

    I’ve always used Endust for dusting, but had no idea they made a wood floor cleaner! Going to buy some now!!

  76. Julie Lay says:

    by wood floors in the basement!

  77. we are moving to a new house, and so could use the stainless steel and wood floor endust cleaners for sure in 2017! and follow on FB under my name in email address. thnx!

  78. Michelle J. says:

    I plan on teaching my kids how to use it, so less work for me!

  79. That’s a lot of work for cleaning products, but I do have a funny story.

    I have this crazy thing that I must leave the house spotless for our dog sitters. I start every vacation exhausted because of this.

    Finally, I said enough. These are my friends, they know I’m a clean person, I’ll just leave the house reasonably clean and that is it. I was so proud of myself because I did NOT mop the kitchen floor.

    I went back in one more time before we left to fill my water bottle. What is that puddle dripping out from under the sink? Half a bottle of Murphy’s Oil Soap, tipped over and spilling gobs and gobs of thick super concentrated soap all over everything.

    About 20 rags later I had it cleaned up, the kitchen floor got mopped and my house smelled perfect for the dog sitters.

    I tried to be messy, I really did try!

  80. Oh Endust, how we need to be friends right now. I am itching to reveal a whole new shiny look with all your products.

  81. Kristen H says:

    I’ve spent a fortune on trying different products to make my hardwoods look nice, to no avail. That’s all I need, for them to just look nice! I don’t know why I’ve never tried Endust?

  82. I’ve never used Endust, but I’d love to try! I feel like all of our electronics make everything so much more dusty, and I’d like to use the multi-surface dusting & cleaning spray to make our house more clean instead of just wiping the dust so it goes somewhere else!

  83. Lisa Brown says:

    I already use Endust on furniture and ceiling fans; love the lemon scent and it works great.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  84. I will use Endust to clean my end tables, banisters and our dining room set.

  85. Elizabeth pergande says:

    I love using endust to help me stay on track with keeping the house clean.

  86. I would use the stainless steel cleaner on all my appliances!

  87. nicki joseph says:

    I need to use Endust on my wooden floors! Always cleaning them!

  88. Susan Christy says:

    Multi-Surface Dusting & Cleaning Spray would be a great help to keep my house dust free.

  89. My son is always getting our fridge dirty with handprints. I would use the stainless steel cleaner daily!!

  90. dianne hall says:

    I would use Endust cleaner on my floors!!

  91. I need some Endust! Haven’t tried it yet but that is definitely going to change.

  92. Love to use ends for the dusty winter.

  93. Kristin L Troska says:

    I would love to try the Endust Free at my Mother-In-Law’s house. She is so sensitive to smells and fragrances. This would be great to try!

  94. Jessica M says:

    My husband and I moved into our new apartment in January, 2016. We’ve been slowly adding furniture, etc. all of 2016 and are really happy with what we have now. Now I want the best way to keep it all clean and it seems like Endust will greatly help with that!

  95. I really need something for our wood floor and counter tops.

  96. But also, where is that red & white striped shirt from?!?!

  97. Streak free stainless steel is the dream. I really think endust would make it a reality 😉 Thanks for this!!

  98. Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for novice blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

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