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Enjoying: One Painted Hand

Over a year ago, I regressed back to a bad childhood habit–biting my nails–but strangely, only my right hand. I justify my habit with the fact that it’s only a halfway relapse and don’t consider myself a true nail biter because my left hand is still groomed with nails that are perfectly filed and shellacked with a nice shiny clear coat to compensate for the jagged cuticles and fingertip skin show on the right. This counterbalance pops up in other areas of my life as well–like my clean kitchen with the shiny counters and the candles and the diffused lemon oil to distract you from my office, the current designated room for hiding laundry baskets and mail piles and random objects that can’t seem to find their place in our home. I’ve always been a self-deprecating compliment deflector, armed and ready to show you my failing side lest that clean kitchen tip the scales toward a too put together image (“That’s because everything’s hidden in the junk drawers!”). But right now, perhaps simply for self preservation when things are inevitably going to be imbalanced, I’m trying to look at the left hands in my life.  The kitchen I take time to keep clean, the hours we spend reading with our kids, the french braid I nailed the other morning, the fact that I stacked the lunch boxes on their designated shelf and haven’t had to go searching for them for the past five mornings in a row. It is a given that there’s always an untidy corner, a place we could be doing better. But look! That left hand, man. It looks good.

I haven’t done an Enjoying post in a while, and it’s funny–Brett and I were talking the other day about how we used to do so much more with the kids before school schedules and how much we miss those moments. I don’t pick up my camera as much as I used to, and sometimes it feels like the small things I love so much get lost in a sea of responsibilities. When I finally made time to go through some photos I had been saving from the past couple weeks, I was reminded of how much love and creativity and color and light and small beautiful moments are still there. Look at that left hand, man.

Lately enjoying…

Taking time to color something. On paper…

 photo print 12_zpsizzw9yd6.jpg

Or cement…

 photo print 4_zpslex6qwvn.jpg

…and my own stash of “mama’s chalk”

 photo print 25_zpsuuyeujj2.jpg

Bravery for new tasks. He wants to learn how to skate so bad. He falls every time but never fails to put those skates back on and try again.

 photo print 5_zpssl9xind5.jpg

A house for Latte.

 photo print 17_zps08l6eyk5.jpg

Afternoon walks to the lake like we used to do.

 photo print 21_zpscukgyewd.jpg

 photo print 24_zpsuaxt8onl.jpg

George the dinosaur who accompanied us everywhere we went for one full day, then flew away.

 photo print 27_zpsfiheyzal.jpg

 photo print 30_zpsx9o52tgg.jpg

Our repeated failure with picking strawberries in Florida (picked over, got nothing, still had fun).

 photo print 34_zpsoyqo0eqe.jpg

 photo print 32_zpsdwts67es.jpg

Dirty feet as measures of how much fun you’ve had on a weekend.

 photo print 35_zpsgnp1etsq.jpg

His weirdness that makes him awesome.

 photo print 40_zpsw34qhb8k.jpg

When they play games and don’t throw the pieces everywhere.

 photo print 38_zpsmaea9ri7.jpg

Morning light.

 photo print 42_zpswame5wsq.jpg

 photo print 44_zpsqjxkig7a.jpg

 photo print 45_zps0ordxdch.jpg

New drama in Barbieland. Apparently, Paquel was mean to Kiki this week, but then they worked it out because they went to Target where Paquel bought Kiki some goldfish crackers and Nutella. But then they had a sleepover where Dash pulled Paquel’s leg off, and things got real bad. She’s recovering after a reattachment though so, I’m sure they’ll be back at Target soon. Whew. It’s a like our own live soap opera.

 photo print 46_zpsociwdjn5.jpg

When he’s not pulling legs off Barbies…

 photo print 50_zpssvc6vhtw.jpg

Breakfast on the run.

 photo print 51_zps59znuehl.jpg

Catching lizards (and yes, letting them go).

 photo print 55_zpsftmptun9.jpg

Going through her Valentine box with her friend from school.

 photo print 58_zpsavrgzehg.jpg

Getting as many beach days in as we can before Florida turns hot and humid soon.

 photo print 56_zps06s83z2u.jpg

And an afternoon spent alone with my three at Botanical Gardens.

 photo print 64_zpslliu50qh.jpg

 photo print 68_zpsm9qg4fip.jpg

 photo print 66_zpsxwz6virm.jpg

 photo print 71_zpsrf1m3bbe.jpg

 photo print 69_zpsnzjln93j.jpg

 photo print 72_zpshdng2oc8.jpg

Nella pushed Lainey into a rocky pond at the end of our trip, and it was NOT PRETTY.

But we’re focusing on the left hand with the painted nails.

 photo print 1_zpsyawltwfl.jpg


We are off to Colorado today for some family fun. Happy almost weekending.


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  1. Ahh, everyone is so beautiful. And, big! Thank you for sharing pics.

  2. I can’t get enough of your images! I love how wash photo you capture tells a story. What camera and lens do you use?

  3. Info on Nella’s scooter? Looks like a perfect match for one of my girls…❤️Thanks

  4. Is that TWO Lainey’s in the strawberry picking picture?!?! Either way, she’s as cute as always :)

  5. Love the left hand analogy! I’ve only been biting my right hand nails too but will appreciate the left! Thanks for sharing! Been finding it hard to pick up the camera too with their school schedules!!

  6. You drew Lady and the Tramp in your driveway with chalk?!?

    Respect, girl. I’m lucky if I can manage a smiley face. What talent you have!

  7. Oh I love a good enjoying things post! I haven’t caught up with your blog in a while (or any blogs) and it’s such a joy to come back and see your lovely photos and snippets of your family life. Enjoy your trip x

  8. Please, please, please, fit Dash’s helmet so it will actually protect his head if he fell and hit his head!! It is slid way back on his head in the picture, exposing The front of his skull to possible damage. If you are going to put a helmet on your child, ensure that it’s fitted properly to actually protect them!

  9. I can’t believe how TALL Dash is! He’s like a real little human man. Also, that photo of Nella on the blanket next to the lake is like something out of a fairy tale. She is stunning.

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