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A Tale of Two Shoes

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It is no secret that the fate of our little family was almost ruined by a pair of shoes–sandals, to be exact–closed-toe fisherman sandals that looked like something Jesus would wear, except Brett was wearing them on a date in 2004 when everything was still being analyzed as possible red flags to boot him from the “guys I could be with” status.

“He’s super nice,” I told Heidi after one of our first dates, “and so good with his kids. But there is this one thing,” I admitted, “…I hate his shoes.”

“Oooooh, that’s a tough one,” she replied. “What, were they, like, double velcro old man tennis shoes?”

“God, no–not that bad,” I answered. “They’re just–I don’t know–really Jesus-y. Like woven lattice sandal things that had a buckle and covered his toes.”

“Totally overlookable,” she assured, “Go on another date. We can fix the sandals situation.”

Curtain fades.

Act 2, thirteen years later. Let’s talk about “overlookable” for a moment.

Scene: Our bathroom. Crusty old toothpaste is glued to Brett’s sink where my straightener and hair dryer are resting, despite the fact he continually reminds me that I have my own sink. Tangled cords dangle from the counter top, makeup is strewn everywhere, and an empty bottle of hairspray sits next to the soap dispenser. I’m wearing my favorite granny nightgown, and my hair is pulled back in a headband so that my charcoal mask doesn’t get in my bangs. “CAN SOMEONE GET ME A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER?!” I yell, except I’m wearing my retainer so it sounds more like, “SHAN SHUM ONE SHKET ME A ROLL OF CHOILET PAPER?!” There’s nothing but shreds left on the cardboard roll…again.

Brett walks in wearing the t-shirt the neighbors got him for a joke–the one that says “My Favorite People Call Me GRANDPA”–and a pair of boxers he’s had for four years. He throws me a roll of toilet paper but reminds me that I might want to clean the seat first because Dash used it last. He flosses his teeth before he exits…stage right.

And I was worried about a pair of bad sandals once.

This is our life. And we love it. Here’s the thing though. Shoes are still important. In fact, when we’re buried in scattered toys and spending Friday nights singing along to the Moana soundtrack in the car while we schlep kids to friends’ houses for sleepovers, it’s little things like good shoes and hip sunglasses and occasionally switching the station to 80’s rock that keep us from feeling entirely overlooked. We’ve evolved as a family over the years as have our priorities, and while that may mean I’m not so shallow as to throw a date with a great guy out the window over his shoes, it doesn’t mean I have to completely abandon style and my love of good footwear.

 photo born 19_zpsfcqtvnix.jpg

We find what makes us feel good, both in and out of our roles as “Mom” and “Dad,” and our friends at Born Shoes always have something that fits us both, in style and comfort.

 photo born 20_zpstaazgc4n.jpg
(Brett’s wearing Born Allan loafers; I’m wearing their Tegal sandals.)

 photo blog 1_zpskfncqi2e.jpg

As always, Born doesn’t make you pay a comfort price for style. They know parents spend enough time sacrificing comfort getting kicked in the face from kids in the family bed, bending over to pick up stray Shopkins and lugging tricycles home on walks where their kids abandoned what they promised they’d ride the whole way…they’ll at least keep your feet comfortable while you’re in the trenches.

 photo born 10_zpsw3eduial.jpg

The Jesus sandals might be gone, but miracles of biblical proportions happen in our home every day–like this morning, when I turned around an almost ruined day from a ponytail that was supposed to be “HIGH high” and only ended up “kinda high.” Hallelujah, glory be. As for the mess in between the miracles? Totally overlookable.

I’m so happy I overlooked his sandals thirteen years ago.

Thank you to Born Shoes for adding style and comfort to our beautiful mess.


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  1. OMGGGGG this might be my favorite post of yours ever~ and there have been sooo many great ones!!! hehe

  2. I get this on so many levels, having married my 20 year older husband 😊 We have an 11 year old together and so often he is called grandpa. He takes it with a grain of salt and proudly says that’s my girl. Love this post

    • I also married a 20 year older man, and he gets called grandpa quite often too with our 3 year old and 6 month old. Im to the point of finding it funny… hopefully he will soon as well. :)

  3. I’m dying because I almost didn’t go on a second date with my husband because of his horrifically ugly feet 😂
    Luckily, I moved past that and we have two beautiful daughters together (who incidentally both have their father’s feet).

  4. That is beautiful!!!! And the flossing before exiting…..hilarious. That one’s gonna make me laugh for a long time.

    We all think we have secrets, but once we’re being real, we find out we all do the same stupid shit.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Love xo

  6. Cute story and your red sandals are cute too.

  7. Can we talk for a moment about

    1-that denim….jumper is it? I mean, the shoes-mother may I, but the romper-heaven help me

    and B-those arms……holla

  8. Those Jesus sandals were so bad though, weren’t they? Oh my goodness. Bad. Bad. Bad!
    He did good with these shoes though! So nice. I love that he is a great dad. What is better than that? I can’t think of a thing! Oh, and he is a good flosser? You won the jackpot, Kelle. I hope you can work on your pony tail height this afternoon before the kids get home from school. Step up your ponytail game, please.

  9. I can’t stop laughing at this. We are definitely related, as we have he dual sinks, makeup strewn everywhere in spite of all my organizers and I always use Tims sink. He even asked me if I wanted to switch sinks, as in permanently. I agreed. And now my myriad of makeup brushes and concealers are in his sink? Maybe it’s a gene we inhered from a distant relative on Lovernas side. We sooo share it!😊

    • TRACE! We switched sinks too after Brett suggested it, and I ended up going over to his sink STILL. Oh, Loverna. :O)xo

  10. Shelley Donohue says:

    This is hilarious. I almost didn’t continue a relationship with my now husband of 23 mostly happy years because of a denim jacket with a fur collar that he wore. Almost a deal breaker. I later found out his mom sent it to him and it was the only warm jacket he had.

  11. hilarious. I’m glad I’m not the only grown woman in a retainer. My husband asks me, are you going to ever stop wearing that? But I remember my 16-yr-old self getting my braces off and asking my orthodontist, “do I have to still wear this when I’m old and married?” and he said yes, so here I am 20 years later still wearing it to bed :) and glad you could overlook the shoes, I also had to overlook the fact my husband has a pair of heelies, no he didn’t wear them on the first date, but he did wear them once. It was pretty funny when he almost fell too 😉

  12. Stacie Casey says:

    I just ran across your blog and noticed a face I know. I organized finally read your blog back in 2010 about Your daughters birth story. So raw, beautifully written. I was pregnant with my first child at the time. I was terrified. being a young bride and now going to be a new mama. All of my fears were eased reading about your unexpected birth story. How your love grew even when your expected outcome didn’t come. I see you have a new little one too! Congratulations! Your family is beautiful. I think of your original blog post often and I’m thrilled that I’ve come across it once again!

  13. Tripletmom says:

    This made me laugh on many levels but really got me on the hollering for toilet paper with your retainer in. The part that got me is “Shan Shum” because my name is Shannon (Shan) and my maiden name is Shum…..too funny!

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