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Do You Remember Your Childhood Family Couch? (and a $1000 Couch Credit Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by Interior Define.

I swear I remember my nursery. I doubt I really remember it, but I’ve been told enough stories about it–that it had yellow carpet, that it was a tiny wallpapered room, that my dad would sometimes sleep on the floor while I napped–that in my mind, I can visualize exactly what it looked like. As we moved from city to city and house to house, my memories of our houses and rooms become a little clearer, but it’s the things that filled it that I remember most–the pictures on the wall, the treasures my grandparents passed on from their mission trips, the afghans and quilts that warmed up all the corners, and the furniture. I never forget a couch. The happiest of my childhood memories were accompanied by Old Rusty, the brick-colored velvet couch where I slept on my dad’s chest as a newborn and years later curled up on Saturday mornings to watch Shirt Tales and Get Along Gang. Old Rusty’s chair partner was Professor Plum, a stately Queen Anne’s chair covered in a bold floral pattern with browns and golds and a hint of blue. Professor Plum made it all the way through my college years, taking up a reading corner in my room at my dad’s house. Then there was Plaid Patsy, the blue plaid country couch in my mom’s living room, surrounded by wall art of wooden hearts, old photographs and twin taper candles–connected at the wicks–dangling from carved oak shelves with pegs.

 photo interior define 3_zps3z1alzui.jpg

Thank God we’ve moved on in furniture design. Although I’d take Old Rusty back. He was timeless.

When I moved to Florida and started real life on my own, I bought a condo. My first priority in furnishing it was finding a couch with character–not so much blue plaid country cabin character but more “Look at me! I’m on my own! I’m a working woman!” I wanted a red couch. I envisioned cool city loft kind of red couch, but there weren’t that many choices, so I ended up with brownish-reddish-biggish grandma’s house kind of red couch. But still. It was new, and it was red.

Fast forward 13 years later. THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES! I just discovered Interior Define which is changing the way people shop for furniture, beginning with sofas and sectionals. They offer customized furniture at an exceptional price point (generally 30-40% less than comparable retailers) by maintaining an online presence that cuts out all the retail markups, and following a made-to-order service model. What does that mean for you? You get to choose everything–size, configuration, material, cushion fill and legs on almost every design they offer. Most pieces are available in 40-60 fabric options  with complimentary swatches available.

 photo print 79_zpsjoqalrwr.jpg


 photo interior define 2_zpsshwnjbah.jpg

I’ve curated a list of my favorite Interior Define products (feeling yellows, blues and grays, I guess) here.

 photo interior define_zpskmfogzbs.jpg

If you’re in the market for furniture, Interior Define is offering $100 off any order over $1000 with code ETST100 upon checkout. (Discount ends 8/31/17)

And…they’re giving away a $1000 online credit to Interior Define for one lucky reader to shop for the couch or chair of their choice (I mean, that blue velvet one!).

How to enter:
1) Visit Interior Define here.
2) Join their e-mail list.
3) Pick your favorite Interior Define product.
4) Comment back on this post with the link to the piece you’d buy with the credit if you won!

Giveaway is open to continental US readers only, entrants must register their e-mail address, and credit must be used toward a chair or couch purchase. Giveaway will be closed on 5/11 (EXTENDED to 5/13) and winner will be randomly selected from the comment section, e-mailed by I Heart Organizing, and announced on I Heart Organizing’s site. Credit must be used in a single purchase and by 8/31/17. Any returns will be refunded store credit minus any applicable restocking fee. Good luck!

Also, do you name your furniture? I feel like couches are practically members of the family. They need names. “Kids, let’s go sit on Larry and read a book.”


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  1. Lacey barnes says:
  2. I would love the Caitlin chair. I just purchased my first home, I am so proud. I am seriously lacking some furniture though. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. Kimberly says:

    So many choices but I think I like this one best

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Oh, and our couch is so old and well-loved, we call it Pappy.

  4. Jenna Smith says:

    As much as I would love a new sofa for my living room – I think I would pick a new sleeper sofa for our new condo in Florida! This one looks amazing —>

  5. The Oliver Reversible Chaise for sure! I’d want it in either Basin or Plow. Be still my heart!! My husband and I are still rocking hideous free couches we were given when we got married. They are large, overstuffed and hard to get out of. New couches would be amazing!

  6. Skye Lee says:

    Inwould get the Grey couch in Evening.


  7. Mindy m says:
  8. Heather Boyd says:

    Oh I’m loving this deep blue couch… ours is looking a little wore out

  9. I would love this. I am still bummed I left my fave couch ever when I moved cross country :(

    PS: I joined the mailing list under a different email address…I like all my mailing lists to go to a different account (

  10. I’ve been loving the Sloan and the Ms Chesterfield!

  11. Oh I’d get the chesterfield. So pretty.

  12. Krista says:

    Maxwell in the Ocean fabric. I want a navy blue couch!

  13. I’d get one of the Sloan sectionals (so pretty) and I would challenge myself to chose a color other than gray (for a change.)

  14. Taylor says:

    The Harper Sofa!

    Or a new chair… tough decision. We need both! Beautiful products! :)

  15. Would so want this for my boys’ gameroom!

  16. Christina says:

    I would choose the Caitlin fabric sofa in a rich navy color. Gorgeous!!

  17. I’d get the Caitlyn Accent chair–thanks for the giveaway, Kelle!

  18. Harper Zielonko says:

    I…I think Sloan and I belong together. We just didn’t know it before, but now, now I’m sure.

  19. Frances L Fry says:

    Make that 2 of the blue velvet chairs. Please.

  20. Heather says:

    Hello gorgeous! I would probably die a little if I won! I’ve been following your blog for a few years and am truly inspired by you. Your book shows beautiful, raw, real feelings.

  21. How did you know I am looking for a new red small sofa?!?!?!?!

  22. Harmony Kiernan says:
  23. Lauren Ray says:
  24. Man, I love that Ms. Chesterfield. Hard to hate tufting that pretty!

  25. Christina says:
  26. Oviver. Simple and clean. And just the right size for my cozy living room.


    I’d love a sectional and the opportunity to have more seating in my living room! So many fabric options that it’d be hard to choose!!

  28. The Henry Chaise for my bedroom! Beautiful!!

  29. The Kelley (no irony intended) would be perfect to replace my sagging worn out college IKEA couch.

  30. sloan, in gray!


  32. Jessica says:

    The Caitlin in sapphire mod velvet and brass round legs. HEART EYES.

  33. Lauren says:

    My husband(!!) and I got married about 6 months ago and just closed on our first house. We’ve been living with hand-me-down furniture in our first-after-college apartment, and we’re so excited to buy our own “grown up” stuff. We were already looking at Interior Define, so this giveaway is coming at just the right time! We’d probably go with the Sloan Leather option:

    Fingers crossed!

  34. Kathleen says:

    an Ainsley sectional in gray!


    This one for sure…but what a moral dilemma- I SWORE we wouldn’t get a new couch till our kids moved out… I guess I’d make an exception 😉

  36. I would go for the Caitlin accent chair, probably in the Oxford Blue velvet – LOVE!

  37. Leigh Ann Fibbe says:

    Who doesn’t want a big old velvet chair in a color called “narwhal”. Yes please.

  38. Kristin says:

    The Owens fabric sofa with a chaise + sapphire mod velvet + oiled walnut legs = amazingness!

  39. Jackie says:

    I love the Jasper – SO COZY!!

  40. Therese says:
  41. Kathy Drachowski says:

    I love the Rose Accent Chair! I live in a smaller house and need something to replace my 10 year old glider (that I used to nurse by son…it has done me well all these years) that has gone from room to room and now resides in my living room in my house! This chair is perfect! Thanks for this post! Your style rocks! :)

  42. Amy Redden says:

    I like Alice! And Sapphire, too!

  44. laurie says:
  45. Elizabeth Blaine says:
  46. … is always a good thing.

  47. So many goodies! Love the Jasper in Oxford blue… looks amazingly comfortable.

    Also, I remember every couch we had growing up too…

  48. Ashley says:
  49. Pretty sure I’d go with the Maxwell. It is gorgeous!

  50. Rose r says:
  51. Currently shopping for a sectional right now and I’ve got my eye on the Caitlin:

  52. Tiffany hunter says:
  53. OOOO!!! I am in the market for a sleeper sofa as we speak! My MIL is coming to visit and will need a place to lay her head. I’m digging the Sloan sleeper (and love the Ferris Bueller reference there) in the color narwhal because, NARWHALS!!

  54. Carley Iannacone says:

    When I was a kid our couch had big orange flowers on it–for the longest time I just thought they were orange blobs!

  55. Jennifer Quinlan says:

    The maxwell 90″ in sapphire. dreamy!

  56. Jenny shelburn says:
  57. Becky Puls says:
  58. Suzanne says:

    Ainsley sectional.

  59. Hillary Martinez says:

    i’d just love to sink into that puppy :)

  60. Heya,

    I would get the sloan or the chesterfield. Both are gorgeous :)

  61. Lesley says:

    We need a sectional for our basement. So I love the Sloan

  62. csmith says:

    I would love to have a comfy old-fashioned chair like the maxwell,

    And I do remember our family couch. It was a heavy wood base with reversible cushions, brown leather on one side, a horrible burgundy floral print on the other. Whenever we had company my mom turned the cushions to the leather side to hide the fabric stains! It was terribly stiff and uncomfortable. I much preferred my grandma’s faux velvet couch with the country pond scene on it.

  63. Michele Dooley says:

    If I win I would choose this piece because it’s fun and not something I could afford to splurge on right now.


    Love this Sloan sectional! My childhood couch was a mustard yellow color and scratchy!

  65. Jessica says:

    I would love the Sloan sofa. We just bought a new home and have the perfect little reading nook for it!

  66. ANNEKA says:

    I’m loving the big sectional for our living room.

  67. Lu Washburn says:

    Oh, the Caitlin sofa looks so comfy cozy! Way better than the hideous brown and rust plaid sofa of my childhood with the wood accent…ack

  68. Kathleen says:
  69. Lauren chAcon says:

    And it comes in velvet?! Be still my I’m-a-new-homeowner-and-I’m-broke heart!

  70. So many beautiful choices. Would love this for our bedroom in panther:

  71. Yes I remember my childhood couches and they were like a multicolored grey with pills? built into the fabric! No joke! Dream couches!

    I would buy this:

  72. Shelby says:

    Love the Caitlin but it would be hard to decide.

  73. Steph b says:

    The Sloane chair in leather!

  74. Samantha Landay says:

    We need a new sectional! I love Caitlin or Oliver!

  75. After 12 moves in 10 years, I’ve finally found a place and a person to put down roots with. All those moves have left me living out a storage unit; so furniture, in a brave new color feels like a marvelous start to this new chapter! New beginning, new look!

  76. Heather says:
  77. Hands down the Maxwell sofa! So classic and grown up!

  78. Barbara says: Loving this Maxwell chair, possibly in velvet!?!

  79. Sarah griffith says:

    Love this sofa. Looks like the perfect place for a day of movie watching

  80. Ashley says:

    The rose sectional!

  81. Kristen says:

    It would be a hard choice! But I love that there is one named Harper because that’s my daughter’s name. It would definitely get her vote! 😊

  82. Lorin core says:

    I fell in love with a rug, and finally bought it. So I have a room with a rug and nothing else. Hoping this color would compliment it!

  83. Amber Eskew says:

    I like the maxwell slipcovered- that slip cover part is crucial. My current sofa is actually new-ish at only 2 years old (though already showing the wear of having kittens.) It replaced a couch known as “heavy green” that my parents got shortly after marrying and stayed in the family for over 40 years with only one re-upholstery job in the late 1980s to replace the black and white plaid with a green. This thing had a queen size sleeper inside and was true wood construction. Heavy was a very accurate name. The parents gave to me in college after having moved it plenty of times in their lives. I swear they were giddy with laughter when leaving knowing that was the last time. I still have such fond feelings for heavy green and how he is loved and used wherever he is now.

  84. Brandi says:

    Tough decision but the Walter in Earth would look great in my home. We would call it Walter because that’s a fantastic name for a sofa. Thanks for sharing this company with your readers.

  85. Holly corbett says:
  86. Kristen panosian says:

    I love the maxwell! I’d get it in mist with the oak feet. 😍😍😍😍😍

  87. Sara m. says:

    Caitlin in Rain, Seed, Earth, or Indigo – but probably Indigo :)

  88. Amy mcDougall says:

    I would buy the Henry Chaise if I won. It looks like a comfy piece that would look great in the new home we are buying in virginia. My 3 kids could snuggle on it :)

  89. on my! I am looking for a new couch and would love the Oliver!!

  90. Nichole says:

    I’m leaning toward this one!

  91. so much to love! I am in dire need of a new chaise. I can’t decide between the

    sloan chaise:

    or the Henry chaise:

    I love how you can customize the legs, fabric and the depth too! :)

  92. I love Ms. Chesterfield! I would be tempted to go practical with Ocean or Mushroom but may not resist Arctic!

  93. Jen anne says:

    Dare to dream! I’d go with the Henry. Or the Caitlyn. Or maybe the Oliver. So many great options. Fingers crossed!

  94. Jackie says:

    I love this furniture line!! So many beautiful options, how would one choose!? I adore the Sloan, the Waters, the Oliver and the Rose. Rose has won my heart and almost all my sofas ( except one) have always been navy blue. And that is what I would probably go with in the Rose though I do like the Narwahl color too!


  96. pAM mODISHER says:

    So many choices! Love the Plow color fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Morgan says:

    The Sloan Chaise in slate would be perfect in our new master bedroom! All the furniture is beautiful and the prices are amazing.

  98. Ha, our couch groans when anyone sits on it! Love this one: (well, I love a lot of others too…)

  99. Christi A says:
  100. I think maybe this
    or maybe this

    It’s hard to choose! fun selections and I like picking the fabric and leg shape/color!

  101. I love the Rose apartment sofa! So many choices for color and fabric!
    It would be a dream to win!

  102. Booo for only being open to US residents. :( Would love to enter for some new furniture!

    Hello from Canada!

  103. I can’t decide on a color, but I love this one.

    My parents have had four couches in their nearly 55 years of marriage, not counting the French Provincial in the formal living room that never got used. Four! My favorite? The wood framed couch with separate black naugahyde (poor nauga, as my husband would quip) cushions that reversed to a red and white floral print!

  104. Katharine rancourt says:

    Our current couch is one of the memory books. It’s definitely time for a new one!

  105. I really like the Caitlin chair…I’m digging the Artic monochromatic plush fabric. It totally wouldn’t match ANYTHING in my house, but it’s so beautiful. If I won, I’d more likely go with the Narwhal so it would blend better…but that Artic bluey-tealy-greeny is soooooooo beautiful.

  106. Jess ipson says:

    Caitlin makes me swoon.

    Currently attempting to buy my first home, a new couch would be perfect.

  107. The Caitlin Sofa in Sapphire is pretty dreamy.

  108. Therese K says:
  109. Crystal says:

    The Rose chair is so simple and clean.

  110. bailey lorenzen says:

    love this big couch you can sleep a few people on! and the colors are beautiful!

  111. Ms. Chesterfield!!!

    Our couch is a shocking 18 years old. It still looks good but it’s getting ridiculous…

  112. TGUNNELl says:

    The fabric sofa with right chaise. In the ore fabric. 💙💙Although the caitlyn chair comes close second.

  113. I could spend hours configuring up furniture on this site! I remember my parents getting new couches when we were kids and they kept sheets over them for monthsssss to protect them from our wild ways. If I won the credit, I’d buy he Ms. Chesterfield sectional in (this part was the hardest, so many grey options) in the Heather grey.

  114. Kristen Mceacharn says:
  115. I’d choose either the chesterfield or the maxwell sofa, I think. In a nice rich, deep blue.

  116. Johanna says:

    These look great! We’re definitely in the market for a new couch and I’ve got my eye on this slipcovered one:

  117. Oh my word, I was going to say the Oliver but then I saw the Caitlin, and then……I saw the Maxwell!!! Maxwell all day everyday. Lol I’m on the lookout for a clean modern style but timeless couch and that would fit the bill perfectly.

  118. Vanessa says:

    Love this swivel chair!!
    I don’t name furniture, but cars are a different story!!

  119. Emily B. says:

    Tough choice! I think I’d go with the Maxwell Sofa…love the leg options. :)

  120. Tonia Fletcher says:

    My sofa is over 15 yrs old need a new one bad love the Sloan in earth or seed.

  121. I love the Maxwell Slipcovered!

  122. April Abernathy says:

    Love all of the choices – this chair is a fan favorite but I’d take ages deciding on the actual color –

  123. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity! This is the chair I would buy:

  124. Sarah Stewart says:

    I love that they have so many color choices so we have a better chance of getting something that matches, or at least compliments, or love seat.

  125. Kathryn says:
  126. The Rose, Henry or Ms. Chesterfield. Astounding!

  127. DeStiny c says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! We’ve been hoping to add to our living room seating and these are lovely!

  128. Andrea says:
  129. In the process of buying our first home and I love the Harper, made for rainy day Netflix marathons! Between buying a house and planning a wedding, not much is left over for furniture to fill it :)


    I’m going to look more but at first glance I’d buy Oliver but in a different fabric:)

  131. Crystal says:

    Just a few months late on a sofa but, I’m still shopping for chairs!

    These are right up my alley, only, do I want to go with yellows or navy? I love them both so much…


  132. i love the Harper! That would look great in our living room. Our boys have truly worn our current one down. 😬

  133. Taryn B says:

    I love that you can change the length! My husband is 6’4″ so we’d love to get the longest one. I like the Maxwell in Rain. I forgot to get the link…

  134. Dianna Phelps says:

    I love that day Caitlin chair! It’s beautiful!

  136. Alisha says:
  137. Sherri Graber says:
  138. Kelsey says:

    How fun! I’m actually moving and in the market for a new chair. Loving the shape of this one:

  139. Rachel Dallaire says:
  140. Tierney says:
  141. Jess c. says:

    The Harper!!
    We just bought a new house and can’t quite find the right couch for the space!
    This might be it!

  142. Julie Lazanich says:

    love this. want to read stories in it all day long!

  143. The Oliver in linen is what dreams are made of!

    Just moved into our new home and are in desperate need of some furniture to fill it. Love all Interior Define’s sofas and chairs!

  144. Kristin a. says:

    I’m lovin’ the Maxwell in “plow” (w/ matching ottoman, of course!). Just looking at it makes me want to curl up and take a nap. Stylish and comfy – a great combination!

  145. shannon says:
    it’s the oliver for me!

  146. I love the simplicity of the sloan!

  147. The Henry in Coriander! My kids we just old enough it might be time to think about adult furniture :)


    Oh my oh my Oh. My.
    In love with Caitlin accent chair

  149. Tanya K says:
  150. Theresa B. says:
  151. Crawford

  152. Kelsey Quiring says:

    Sloan sofa with chaise!

  153. Thanks for the chance to win!I love all the Chesterfields, but I stayed with the basic.

  154. Rebecca says:

    Oh man, I would love a pair of Owens for my bedroom!

    Thanks for introducing us to Interior Define! I think I know where my next furniture may be coming from…

  155. Meghan says:

    I live in an A-Frame, so furniture is a fun hobby. The Ainsley apartment sofa has the low profile back we need to tuck in on the slanted wall, but long enough to actually stretch out and enjoy a TV show, propped up by a pillow.

  156. kimberly young says:

    i’d say the HENRY, cause i’ve always wanted a chaaaiisse :)

  157. I’m loving the Rose– those legs!

  158. Adriane says:

    I like the Sloan accent chair!

  159. Mariah says:

    We’re moving to a new apartment soon and will need a new couch – the Oliver sectional would look perfect in our new space!

  160. Owens chaise would probably be my choice…hard to decide though, so many beautiful options!

  161. Owens Chaise!

  162. Brenda Haines says:

    I would get the Maxwell apartment sofa in Evening. Thank you for the chance to win! The last sofa I bought was a dude.. ei the cushions do not come off and they are flat 3 years later. I am very disappointed.. to say the least! A new couch would be a lifesaver!

  163. Addie s says:
  164. Connor lucas says:

    Thank you to both you and Interior Define for hosting such a great giveaway! I would definitely choose the Rose sofa- and yes I name furniture as well (Rose is a perfect name in this case!)

  165. Wow, I had never heard of Interior Define and am so excited to have been introduced! I love the Ms. Chesterfield or the Rose.

  166. Laura H says:

    Perfect timing! My fiance and I are moving in a few weeks and will need a new couch—these look like the perfect balance for this phase in our life. Good quality, but still affordable! On first glance I love the sleek but comfy look of the sloan chaise. Thanks for the opportunity!


    The rose chair is absolutely beautiful. We’ve been searching for a chair for over a year! This site is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity!

  168. D Smith says:

    I would absolutely love this sofa. I have been wanting a new sofa for about 10 years. Other necessary expenses seem to always pop up!

  169. I love the Owens chaise!

  170. I’m so indecisive right now I say the maxwell but could be swayed to get the Sloan sleeper. Eeekk!

  171. We are desperately needing a new couch, but I’m so hesitant to get one because I need something pretty, yet tough enough to withstand my wild kiddos! But that Ms. Chesterfield is just too perfect!!


    Jasper in Arctic, but then oh wait – cats…sigh, so Jasper in Ore…oooohhh…but then there is Oliver…

  173. Kristin says:

    How fun is this?! I would love the Ainsley sectional in Dove:

  174. Michele says:
  175. I love the Caitlin and the Rose. Honestly, I’ve had the Rose on my “Front Room” Pinterest board for months, but I think if I had to choose right this moment, I’d go with the Caitlin. That long bench cushion gets all the heart eyes from me.

  176. So hard to choose. Thanks for sharing!

  177. Jessica says:
  178. This chair!
    We need a comfy new chair in our family room and this looks perfect!

  179. tough call, but maybe this chair…. thanks for the opportunity!

  180. The Miles sofa is so chic! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  181. Elizabeth Highsmith says:

    The Caitlin in a blue sapphire or arctic!

  182. The Rose chair and sofa are so nicely designed…

  183. I’d get the – as long as I could afford :-)

  184. Jennifer A W says:

    I like the Caitlin accent chair. Can’t decide on a fabric though. :)

  185. Jennifer A W says:
  186. I would probably get one of the Olivers. Not sure which color though!

  187. Tiffany mustain says:

    That Harper couch 😍😍😍

  188. Ashley Haga says:

    Love this Maxwell chair. Perfect to curl up with a book while the kids nap!!! Mom time for the win.

  189. Felicia Salazar says:

    The corner sectional is beautiful and 66 color choices!!

  190. Amanda Bennett says:
  191. Breanna says:
  192. Meaghan says:

    I’d love a new couch!


    The “Miles” because slipcover! Aka I could potentially wash it but probably never would.

  194. LOVE the Maxwell! (And it doesn’t even have duct tape on it like our sofa!)

  195. I would totally pick the club chair with swivel base. I have lots of kids and they all love a good swivel chair – makes for good after dinner spinning.

  196. lauRen meurlin says:

    I would buy the Henry Chaise!

    It’s looks comfy and begs for someone with a good book and blanket to curl up in it!

  197. Heather stevens says:

    I like the Miles chair, the style would go great in my living room that has just one lonely couch!


    I am so in love with this chair for my office!!

  199. The Ms. Chesterfield in Oxford Blue. I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw it!

  200. Susan todd says:

    The Sloan would be perfect for my little family!

  201. e bouza says:

    the sloan chaise:)

    I love everything from this company!

  203. Melissa says:

    Love the look of the Asher. I’m already picturing the vibrant transformation that this couch would bring to my presently-dull and outdated family room.

  204. I love the Maxwell! The legs are great! Such a great couch, can’t wait to bring it home

  205. Sarah Keffer says:

    It would be super difficult to choose! Everything is gorgeous!


    Love the Kelley, (but without the y, obviously! ;)) which would go perfect in my new home!

  207. Oliver or Jasper : )

  208. Deborah T. says:

    I think I’d go with the Rose sofa – possibly in blue velvet, but more likely with the Coffee cloth. What a great way to get a custom sofa!

  209. Jill Bysegger says:

    The Rose in Sapphire would be amazing for the living room I’m slowly piecing together!

  210. Lisa P. says:
  211. I would buy the gorgeous Caitlin sofa in a grey velvet, so beautiful!

  212. We will be without a sofa in a month, so this would be wonderful! We have been “storing” our friend’s sofa, but now that she is moving to her own apartment, she is coming to get it! It’s a hard decision between the Rose and the Maxwell, but I think I would go with this one:

  213. I’m moving to Texas in August after finishing graduate school and am only taking my car and my pup… I’d LOVE to have a beautiful new couch when I get there — love the Owens sofa with chaise in mod velvet Elephant!!

  214. Love the Miles chairs 😍

  215. Really want the Jasper!

  216. the jasper chaise!

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