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Kick-off to Summer! Summer Bucket List and Summer Anthems Playlist

It’s official. Summer has begun. We kicked it off yesterday with lots of honking and summer anthems blaring as we drove away from school car line (these window crayons came in handy to decorate a “School’s Out” summer theme all over our van windows), and kept it going at home with summer treats, outdoor fun and a kick-off beach party with what felt like half our school.

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(summer berry pie cupcakes, made with m&ms, from this amazing cupcake book I use a  lot)

Last night, watching all these little friends play in the water and scanning the beach to see crowds of parents talking about their summer plans…it all felt so special and celebratory, definitely of the memory-making moments category.

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I finished and hung our summer bucket list yesterday as well. We’ll roll it up and take it with us to Michigan at the end of the month (I used a roll of this easel paper I keep in my craft closet).

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2017’s Summer Bucket List up close:

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And finally, sharing our summer anthems playlist. We played them all day yesterday:

That LFO song though. Brings back all the 1999 memories of blaring it with the windows rolled down and my hair blowing in the wind, feeling like I was the coolest girl in the world. You know, in my teal Ford Escort station wagon with the duct tape-attached fender. Ah summer, you dawg.

One more word to the wise: Do NOT walk through Target’s summer entertaining aisles in the back of the store. Holy self-control, man. We’re talkin’ retro summer cups and trays, popsicle-shaped sidewalk chalk, rainbow stripe paper plates, bomp pop pool floats. HOLD ME BACK, MAN. HOLD ME BACK.


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  1. If you are in the East Lansing area this summer, you may want to try a slice of pie from the cutest pie shop, Sweetie-liscious Pies in Dewitt, MI. I don’t think you would be disappointed. Look them up!

    • Yes! I’ll be visiting my sister in E.L. Thank you, thank you! So many of my favorite gems we’ve visited while traveling have come from readers. I always love getting inside tips.

  2. We have that Bomb Pop float. It is as epic and fabulous as you might imagine. We have the large pineapple too, but the Bomb Pop brings out all the feels in the adults. Go get it, you won’t regret it.

    • I mean, it made me happy just walking by it in the aisle. I can’t imagine the smiles it would bring lying on it…in a lake…in Michigan…in summer. End of story.

  3. Tiffany says:

    You are my hero. For real. You are REAL. Your words are pure magic. Your many creative talents radiate from your soul – and you use them to give your children an unforgettable, enchanted childhood, while also reminding all of us to ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS. Totally #WINNING at motherhood. LOVE <3

  4. I love that your bucket list is made of moments, rather than events.

  5. Amy albert says:

    I won’t share with my girls that your girls are out for the summer as they 15 more days here in Maine!!!!! I guess this gives me time to start our summer bucket list!!!!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Our favorite summer floaties: Unicorn, donut, and pretzel. Found for $5 this year at Michael’s. Unicorn is the must have of the bunch!

  7. Oh my gosh, LFO. I am going to dig out my old CD right now.

  8. I love this post so much and love that you included the play list! I’m totally getting some of those crayons! How fun!

  9. Yay for Summer! We have another 6 weeks left of the school term here in the UK. Love your ideas, I am planning a Slow Living Summer Bucket list for our family this summer holidays. Those cupcakes look delicious, will take a look at that cookbook

  10. Phyllis V Bergenholtz says:

    I love your adorable summer list and the first photo. I know what you mean about all the cool summer things out for entertaining.

  11. I love this, I love how your flare, always. Love the summer bucket list filled with dreamy moments and so much variety.

    best cucumber salad – like seriously amazing…

    • Ahh! This cucumber salad! Thank you! Totally making this. Looks so summery and fresh and delicious.

  12. LOVE summer! Each winter my husband and I talk about moving to a smaller place, a condo maybe, with no yard work and less house to repair and maintain. But then summer comes and we sit out in the backyard, drinking iced tea, enjoying the summer breezes and our granddaughter playing on the jungle gym and we think, “Nah!!” :)

  13. Saving your list for when my toddler is a bit older! Have you ever taken your kids to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI? They would absolutely love it, it was my favorite as a kid.

  14. I love your bucket list….I’m thinking of making one for me and my family this summer. Thanks for the idea.

  15. please, explain how to do frozen hot chocolate!!

    wish you an incredible summer

  16. Courtney says:

    Last summer or the year before you shared a book list for lainey (maybe from Florida library?) it was one of the best lists I’ve seen. Wondering if that source has a new list for this summer.

  17. Love the playlist! Try “You’re my Summertime” Sarah Marince. My go to feel good summer song.

  18. Love this! Do you have a printable version of this list?

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