Sending Kirsta to College with Ruby’s Rainbow

I’m at the airport in Minneapolis about to board a flight after three of the most amazing days with Ruby’s Rainbow, following a family as they drop their daughter off to college. I’ve received so many messages asking if I could upload the Instagram stories on the blog so those who don’t have Instagram can see them.

So, here they are. Yesterday’s very special day in Instagram stories. My eyes are so puffy this morning. Be sure to check out the stories on Ruby’s Rainbow Instagram as well and stay tuned for more of this story.



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  1. Jodie Kingsbury says:

    OMG, I am bawling at my desk watching that video. You all are amazing. I so love your blog and read it all the time.

    Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI.


  2. That was beautiful!! Praying that Krista will have a wonderful time. It is already exciting. You did a great job with her room.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  3. Wow! You were in my neighborhood! I live about 10 minutes from Bethel. It’s a great university. She’ll love it there. Beautiful story and coverage.

  4. This week has been the most fun watching all of you Instagram posts! I loved watching your summer post in Michigan but these were moving. To know these kids get to live a life like this is amazing. I have a pregnant friend now with a possible DS daughter. I will be sharing your site with her soon. Thanks for being their voice!

  5. Beautiful story…crying…

    Love, from Wisconsin

  6. Had to hit pause b/c of all the tears! LOVE this!!

  7. Stacey T. says:

    Your instagram stories yesterday filled my heart with such JOY! I was crying on and off all day!! I went back and re-watched!! They are terrific and how awesome that these kids are all going to college!!!!

  8. What a awesome day! It would be cool to have the parents of the RR recipients talk about all they went through-from infancy, speech, PT/OT, interventions and then choosing the path for their child. Also, a follow up after the first year. Congrats to all heading to their colleges this fall.

  9. This was amazing! I was following along in stories all day and even cried a tear or two! Thanks for taking us along! Best wishes to Kirsta!!!!

  10. Shelley Donohue says:

    That was beautiful!

  11. Amanda Rhoades says:

    That’s my college! I’m going to Bethel for my BSN in Nursing! WHOO HOO Bethel & Kirsta!

  12. All the feels!!! So beautiful!!!

  13. Oh my goodness–that first leaving at college is so hard for everyone–I sobbed when we got back to our hotel room when we left our firstborn. Thanks for sharing this story!

  14. Kelle, Thank you for this beautiful post! Finally – a charity we can feel great about supporting! I can picture your family sending Nella to college one day and it brings tears to my eyes. God bless you for always doing “the next right thing.” I have followed you for years and I believe you have truly found your calling! Best wishes to Kirsta and thank you for introducing the world to this life changing program. You are truly one of God’s best! Sending you love from Woodburn, Oregon.❤️

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