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Make Your Own Spooktacular Halloween Centerpiece

It’s no secret my favorite time of year is the three month stretch beginning with October. I love the reflection that comes with the end of the year, the way we huddle with our families and gather with our friends a little more and, as a lover of all things holiday, I love the fact that there are three holidays–all of them grand–that inspire our decor, celebrations and family memories. I get a little more into Halloween every year–perhaps because my kids are growing and I want to drink up all these wonder-filled years as best I can. But also simply because I love it, and I’d like to think if I had no children, I’d still be pouring soup into cauldrons for Tuesday night dinner and hanging spider webs across the trees in our front yard because it brings me joy. That said, I’m having fun this year adding celebratory touches and going all out for my own family rather than reserving the special things for a party with more people.

Evidence A: Our Halloween Tablescape.

 photo halloween 13_zpsnwzcyb9j.jpg

 photo halloween 2_zpsmtg4ypui.jpg

I love creating festive tablescapes, and this one was not only so much fun to create but super inexpensive ($20), inspired by some bouquets of black and purple artificial flowers I picked up from The Dollar Tree. The kids think it’s the coolest thing ever, especially with the dry ice potion fog, but it still looks perfectly spooktacular without it.

 photo halloween 14_zpszm1nkpsj.jpg

Here’s what you need:

 photo halloween 32_zpsaros6l0r.jpg

We picked up two spooky trees from The Dollar Spot at Target ($3 each), but I imagine you could bundle some foraged sticks together for free. We used about 7 bouquets of flowers. We found the chemistry Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers at Michaels in the Halloween section (currently 50% off–$2.50 for a flask!) and filled them with some water dyed with food coloring. You can find floral foam at any craft store, and the creepy crawlies anywhere they sell Halloween decor (I think these are also from Dollar Tree).

1. Hot glue your creepy crawlies on flasks and votives.

 photo halloween 35_zpspc4xlr2r.jpg

 photo halloween 37_zpsuyxbpner.jpg

2. Slice Floral foam into 3-4 blocks (square or rectangular) depending on how long you want your centerpiece. Ours are about 5-6 in long, and we made four of them. Using wire cutters, cut bouquets down into individual stems and poke into floral foam blocks leaving one side clean (to set on table) but covering foam completely on all other sides.

 photo halloween 36_zpsy3qusrxp.jpg

3. Arrange flasks and spooky trees (one on each end) across middle of table and tuck floral blocks and votives in between.

 photo halloween 38_zpseol6zhpp.jpg

If using dry ice, drop a small piece (about the size of an ice cube) into each flask and beaker using tongs.

 photo halloween 24_zpszylypxwc.jpg

Our flasks bubbled and fogged for about 5 minutes, but if you put a bigger block of dry ice in them, they’ll go longer. Last year, our punch bubbled and fogged for about twenty minutes with a large chunk of dry ice, and then we added more when effects started fizzling out.

 photo halloween 28_zps9bbhkgt8.jpg

Add some creepy crawlies to your dinner plates…

 photo halloween 22_zpsr0p6dxer.jpg

And Voila! Dinner is served.

 photo halloween 17_zpskfobynjs.jpg

 photo halloween 15_zpsavtiq8dk.jpg

Need some inspiration for spooky Halloween-inspired recipes? Check out these ones from Delish.com or our spooky party last year (might I suggest Witch Guts & Vampire Hearts…aka black spaghetti and meatballs).

 photo halloween 31_zps0zumh5z4.jpg

We are looking forward to our Halloween party next weekend!

 photo halloween 21_zpsrcimgece.jpg


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  1. Loads of fun! Bright, colorful, inexpensive and easy! What’s not to love? Happy Halloween — it IS a wonderful time of year.

  2. It looks very cool! A few tips when dealing with dry ice, for anyone that is new to it… hot water + dry ice = a better fog effect! It is best to store dry ice in a cooler rather than in your freezer. If you have enough that it cools your freezer down enough, it could shut the freezer off completely which in a few days could lead to a major bummer of a mess! On the reverse side, it is invaluable if your power goes out and you need to keep things frozen! Have fun with it – science is super cool!

  3. I’m having trouble finding dry ice. Where do you get yours?
    Ps: I consider you an all-star for sharing your creative, festive, real life with us!

    • Khristena Sand says:

      My local Wal-Mart carries dry ice! It’s in the customer service area. Also, my local grocery store, but you have to ask for it :)

  4. Love that your ideas are not only SUPER creative, SUPER festive, but…SUPER inexpensive too!

  5. Oh noooo! Show us now! We are having a party next weekend, too, and I always love your ideas!! :))))

  6. Halloween time is awesome! I love the decoration, the whole misterious vibe… I don’t know what it is, but I love it. This is great inspiration for a centerpiece!

  7. I love the colors. It is not so expensive and the decors are kinda easy to find.

  8. Hi ! I love this! Totally doing it next year.. where is this beautiful table from ?
    I need!

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