2017 Holiday Bucket List

2017 Holiday Bucket List

Hear ye, hear ye. I know it’s only November 8, but Thanksgiving is officially two weeks away and you know how I suffer from PDHE.

I’m trying to keep it together…

 photo print 27_zpsz9wobhdj.jpg

But, you know how things go…

 photo print 28_zpshsbsmnia.jpg

For the record, did you see all those pumpkins? So many pumpkins! Let’s focus on the harvest pumpkins, okay?

We’ve officially finished everything on our Fall Bucket List (first time we’ve ever crossed them all off, but we had fun simple things, so it was easy), so we are ready to start our holiday bucket list soon. I shared one I was working on on Instagram Stories, and so many of you said you wanted it, so here you are. Here’s a link to the printable you can download and print at home if you wish. We start ours in late November because one month can’t have all the fun, and we like to get a little head start on planning a few things so we don’t feel rushed in December.
2017 Holiday Bucket List

So consider this simple prep. Good stuff is coming.


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  1. Definitely printing this! Thank you! I also wanted to ask about your mantle. Do you plan to post a tutorial? I’d love more details. We have a concrete mantle that we’ve wanted to bulk out with wood, but I didn’t think it would work to surround it with separate pieces like you did. I thought we’d have to rip out the old one and use a solid beam. But I love the look of yours!

  2. Laura ortiz says:

    Thank you Kelle for what I considered a Christmas gift! it will be fun to do this with my kids.

  3. Please share where you found your mantle decor. Love the look and hope to recreate something similar. Cheers!

    • Ditto. I’d love to hear more about your mantle decor. Do you use real garland? How do you attach it (that might seem like a silly question, but it’s sincere). I love that you share these things so early because it gives me time to plan our own activities and decorations. If you waited until December to share these things it might feel too late. Now I have time to plan, so thank you!

  4. Thank you! This makes me happy today :)

  5. This is a great list……holiday doesn’t seem fitting, though, it falls short…Too sad that you can’t use the correct and right word for your bucket list. Christmas. I hope you and the kids get to fulfill you Christmas bucket list!!

    • There are other holidays in December besides Christmas..Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,Las Posadas, Diwali, Chinese New Year…. I guess only christians can enjoy roasting marshmallows & wearing red plaid..

      LOVE the bucket! Printed out my own & forwarded it to my mom & sister!
      Thanks Kelle!

  6. We had our first snow yesterday, so it really does feel like Christmas time! Love the bucket list and love the birch candles on your mantle.

  7. Because I’m older than you, I’m going to give you a heads up on a trilogy of books to read. Susan Branch’s “A Fine Romance, The Fairytale Girl” and “Martha’s Vineyard – Isle of Dreams.” She does all her own handwriting, photos and artwork. Her stories are her own. More about living life than a real story. She includes lots of recipes and quotes, and makes references to lots of music. She has a lot of other books, too. I discovered her a little over a year ago. She has some Christmas books, too. I wish I had discovered her earlier than I did!

  8. You are my favorite! Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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