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Make It: Cozy Fall Campfire Night Light/Place Setting

So, the girls have fall parties in their classes tomorrow and, like usual, I wait until a couple days before to plan a craft. I knock it out of the ballpark once it’s done, but I never can seem to get it together in life except for ONE DAY BEFORE. Thankfully, I always share room mom duty with a more responsible mom who remembers to e-mail the parents and take money for donations and doesn’t forget that there’s a party around the corner. I love when I find a good Excel spreadsheet-loving mom to join powers with my glue gun and felt love. So, where were we? Back to the craft. I had picked up a bunch of LED tealight candles on clearance a while ago, thinking I’d throw together some fall candle holder project for the Thanksgiving table. But I ended up updating an old campfire ornament craft I did a few years ago instead–this time to make a fall bedroom night light, and I love how it turned out. We’re calling these Fall Campfire Night Lights…

 photo campfire 4_zpsy7btqk8i.jpg

Cozy, cozy, fall, fall, fall.

 photo campfire 3_zpsbyjdgts8.jpg

They also look really adorable as a place setting for a campy fall dinner or party.

 photo campfire 18_zpsnccts7yf.jpg

They run a little over $1 a piece to make.

Here’s what you need:

 photo campfire supplies_zpszhqqmrq7.jpg

We did packaged wood disks for the class, but for a little more you can get these wood slices for a more natural look.

A glue gun will dry faster, but Tacky Glue works just fine as well and is better for students.

Glue a ring of pebbles along the edge of the wood disk.

 photo campfire 8_zpsgqyuq4a1.jpg

Place the tea light in the middle for placement reference, but don’t glue down. You’ll need to keep it free so you can lift it to switch the light off and on.

 photo campfire 9_zpsuezn6q9w.jpg

Break sticks to size and layer around the tea light, making sure the tea light can freely be removed. Glue in place.

 photo campfire 10_zpshifcctbz.jpg

 photo campfire 11_zpsmnutbgx7.jpg

Glue a small white pom pom to the end of a thin stick to create your marshmallow roasting stick.

 photo campfire 12_zpsxdfe0sjb.jpg

Secure to the bottom of disk/another fire stick with glue.

 photo campfire 13_zpsub91ol46.jpg

Cut four “flames” out of the tissue paper–two red, two orange. Glue to the edge of the tea light.

 photo campfire 6_zpspyyq7tcf.jpg

Turn tea light on and add flame to fire. Voila!

 photo campfire 15_zpsw655cycj.jpg

When you want to turn your fire off, just lift tea light and flip the switch.

 photo campfire 14_zps9era3qns.jpg

Add to a bedroom night stand for a cozy glow.

 photo campfire 5_zpstwjnqls4.jpg

Or plan a campy dinner, give every plate their own campfire place setting, and turn down the lights to see a collective cozy flicker.

 photo campfire 16_zpseomua895.jpg

Everything’s better in miniature!

 photo campfire 18_zpsnccts7yf.jpg

Now here’s hoping we get some cool weather this weekend for more real fires and marshmallow roasting.


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  1. Every day at work, I check your blog for new posts. Every time I see that there’s a new one, I look forward to saving it for a part of the day where I’ll need a break. I love your writing and your beautiful pictures. You are so talented, and so lovely. xoxo

    • Me too! I’m busy in NY with 5 kiddos, and I love saving the posts for that one quiet moment :)

    • I do the same thing! I look forward to reading you blog at work on my lunch! I love you use every opportunity to snap your Michigan Leaves! lol

  2. How cute!

  3. Such a geeeeeenius you are! Thanks for sharing your creative juices with us. -Bree

  4. Where’d you get the plaid plates?? Love this look!

  5. I love your posts – they bring such enjoyment and warmth. I too am a holiday addict!! I hope you do a post on your halloween party! I am in awe of your creativity in everything. hugs of thanks for bringing this to our hearts and homes.

  6. I LOVE this craft it’s the cutest! Thanks for sharing! You may have mentioned it before but where did you get the national park sign with Dash’s name on it?

  7. carol anderson says:

    Would you consider your next book to be a craft/event planning/seasonal decorating book, please? You have shared so many great ideas over the years!

  8. What a fantastic idea!!!

  9. If you only knew how many crafts/costume/decorating ideas I have “stolen” from you I would be put away for life! Love this project.

  10. These campfires are enchanting!

    Also, thank you for recommending such outstanding children’s books. I have a grandson on the way and look forward to sharing my love of good children’s literature with him! Yesterday I received “In November” and it is already one of my all-time favorites. The text is beautifully poetic and the illustrations are lovely!

  11. Just an fyi: our school has three parties each year and collects a “classroom party fee” at the beginning of the school year to cover the cost of all the parties as well as a teacher gift at Christmas and teacher appreciation week. The room parents are in charge of dividing the money. As a parent of four, this makes me very happy as I pay once and am done.

  12. I love, love, love the Black/Red plates! What a wonderful craft idea! I think I just might try this with my daughter Karley. I wonder if they sell timer tealights? A lot of the flameless candles come with 3 settings: Off/On/Timer. That would be awesome to not have to turn them off and on each night. Keep the gorgeous pictures and crafts coming.

  13. This is so clever! Any suggestions on where/how to add a name when using as a place setting?

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