SPC: [Blue, Week 4], Ink on My Fingers

I believe in writing letters–not e-mails, not texts–but hand-written letters.
I believe in fine stationery.
I believe in a good “muddy” gel pen with ink that slides onto paper like butter.
I believe in asking “Are there any cuter stamps than this?” at the post office.
I believe in searching for the perfect address label.
I believe in decorating the envelope with colored pencils.
I believe in “extra postage required.”
I believe in teaching children to write a proper “Thank You.”
I believe in “Love,” over “Best Regards,”
I believe in Ink on My Fingers.

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Things that make you go “Mmmmm”….

“Mmmmmmm….” as in “Mmmmmm….Yummy Baby!”

She loves Mommy’s piggies! Tries to eat them!
Two old ladies we’ve never met were standing behind me gushing… I think she knew they were gushing about her.
And the best for last:

Because We Can

Enjoying a sunny wagon ride in February…because we can.

Latte always likes to come along. Wild horses could not keep her away from the door the minute the word “walk” is mentioned. Usually, she sits in the basket below the stroller, but today she enjoyed a first class seat. That’s why she’s smiling.This one’s for you, Emma.
And Brett picked out a “beer cooly” that would match his shirt. He’s obsessed with coolies. Takes them to people’s houses and everything.Instead of the “figure 8″ route we usually take on our walks, we took the long route yesterday, visiting the back of our neighborhood and stopping at the lake to look for turtles. Latte only jumped out once to chase another dog. And, midway through our journey, I became entranced with a “porch” on a house. It had two big white wooden rocking chairs and a little table in between them, atop which rested a beautiful vase of pink tulips. I made Brett stop walking and look with me. “See that? That’s where I would sit with my sister and drink coffee.” Less enthused, he kept walking, but I had to stay for awhile, just standing there, looking at “my” porch. Oh, to have a porch.