Oh my Gosh! I think it worked! Enjoy! Click the play button twice if it doesn’t play right away! All this time I tried to post videos, I just wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to load! And, I was blaming it on my computer. Sorry…USER error! More to come for sure!

Three Outfits in One Day…

And that’s not counting the NFL jersey she wore for the Superbowl…or her jammies. You see, we started with the sailor outfit, took some pictures, and then I felt bad that the crisp cotton wasn’t as cozy as say, her new soft green Polo dress (thanks, Heidi)…so, we donned the dress (accessorized nicely by her pink floppy sunhat, thank you) for an outside stroll in her car. Of course, that made us a little “sweaty,” so naturally we had to resort to her cute little funky legwarmer/Chuck Taylor ensemble for a trip to the grocery store. It’s like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…” but more like “If you Give a Mommy a Girl…” Did I say I love having a girl? Mommy loves you, my little Dollybabe!