Giving her a bath is quite delicious because: 1) She has loved water since she was a widdle newbie, and seeing her love something makes me happy. 2) She has a cute widdle bootie and 3) Her lashes are extra delish when they’re all drippy

On Sleeping in Her Crib

It hasn’t happened. I found out there’s something more beautiful than holding her hand while she sleeps in the bassinet next to us…holding her hand while she sleeps in the bed between us. And, I think I’ve been beating myself up over it because I feel like I’d be scorned by other people for having a family bed. I’m over those other people. We’re both so at peace with her being in our bed and we all sleep so beautifully all night. It’s like a little closed circuit…one, two, three little bodies snuggled up next to each other just turns on that little lightbulb. It’s not to say we won’t put her in the crib tomorrow. But, for now we enjoy her little body nestled right between us. Our Lainey Sandwich.

Cheers to…

A New Year. A new planner that I’ll forget to write in. A new calendar hanging in the laundry room that will still say “January” in July.
The film reels in my mind are reviewing this past year…my favorite year ever. Most Delicious Moments of 2007?
Dancing like no one was watching one year ago at the Hyatt at 12:01 a.m. Signing my name on the receipt of our nursery furniture. Feeling my heart in my chest as our helicopter soared over the Grand Canyon. Enjoying a champagne toast with Brett and my mother and father-in-law after we landed inside the Grand Canyon. Looking at Las Vegas from the 43rd story roof-top bar above The Hotel. Finishing the Nursery. Feeling like I was beautiful every single day because I had a big pregnant belly. Seeing my baby dance on the ultrasound screen at every doctor appointment. Feeling her kick. Walking into Room 10 at the birthing center and seeing a baby cart…that was going to be used for my baby. Feeling the stadol as it was injected into my i.v. I need a new line for the next part…
Meeting her. Being handed my soul. In my arms. Hearing her cry. Watching her daddy’s tears stream down his cheeks as he smiled at her. Hearing her song in the background. Watching my friends cry as they held her. Looking into her eyes and realizing she knew my voice. Feeling like my heart was holding more happiness than is humanly possible. Being pushed in a wheelchair up to my room while I held her.
Taking her to the beach with my sister for the first time. Taking her for a walk in the stroller around the neighborhood for the first time. Watching our family meet her. Eating Swedish pancakes in Rockford with our family. Breakfasts with friends. Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s house in Michigan. Waking up on a rainy Saturday morning with her in our bed. Her first Christmas. Our Hot Cocoa Wagon ride. Going to sleep last night knowing we’re blessed, knowing it’s only going to get better, and knowing that I’m exactly where I want to be right here, right now.
Happy New Year!