My Baby


I watched you play today….and I can’t believe you are mine. Everything about you amazes me–each pudgy finger, the curl of your perfect lips, the mess of lashes that bless your beautiful eyes…Baby, you are mine.

A Fresh Page


Apparently blogging is the new black, and it looks fabulous on everyone else, so I’m dying to try it. I’m SO inspired by the creativity of my favorite bloggers, and I’ve been wanting to do it simply because it looks like SO much fun and is such a creative challenge. It’s a blank canvas I can’t wait to paint on! It’s a new Hello Kitty diary complete with colored gel pens that I can’t wait to write in! It’s an empty scrapbook that is begging to be filled. It’s a thousand dollar shopping spree to Michaels! So, here it is…a blank page. My hands are shaking! I can’t wait to fill it… with the little things that make me happy. Beginning with… the wonderful inspiration of my ridiculously talented, creative, insightful sister whose blog is a tiny window (but a really pretty one with Shabby Chic curtains) into her life, one that I miss being a part of because I’m so far away. She got me started on this…check out her fabulousness at