When I was seven years old, my mom bought me a pair of lavendar double velcro tennis shoes. I wanted them so badly, and when she caved and let me have them–beautiful purple ones, not sensible white lace-ups like most practical mothers would purchase–I remember feeling loved. And as I held my feet up to admire them in the back seat on the way home that day, I remember smiling. “She must really love me. She got me purple tennis shoes.”

When Brett bought me my first piece of jewelry and waited with it behind his back as I stepped off the plane, home from my week-long trip to Michigan, I remember feeling it again. Loved. It was a heart necklace in white gold with little diamonds curled around the edges. Then I read the card and the sweet words that his lefty hand must have labored so hard to neatly write. I knew it then. “He must really love me. He got me a heart necklace.”

When I was reading books to her tonight, watching her pudgy fingers trace the pictures, her lash-laden eyes looking up at me seeking my recognition; her toothy grin reassuring me that my presence is all she needs; her arm resting subtly yet oh so deliberately on my knee to keep me close, I felt it…tears. They come often these days, brought on by the smallest of things. For years, I was confused about God and the portrayal of Him as someone to be feared. Someone who demanded perfection. Someone who I thought of only as scary. out of reach. so far above me. But, now I know. He’s right here. He gave me a gift so far valued above purple tennis shoes or diamond heart pendants. I know it now. “Wow. He must really love me. He gave me Everything.”

I don’t wear my spirituality on my sleeve so to speak, but it’s deep down inside and I find more and more that by enjoying the small things, it resonates more vividly, more profoundly and more beautifully in every area of my life.

Hope my Cubby-cub touches your heart tonight too!

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