A Day at the Park

I’ve always looked at “going to the park” as a rite of passage for mommyhood, and when I’m there pushing my own baby in the swing–not my neice, not a kid I’m babysitting–I feel proud, like I’m holding my newborn again, being pushed in the wheelchair out the hospital door, a trail of congratulatory flowers and cards behind me. I don’t know what it is about the park, but it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy about having a baby. Yesterday was no exception especially considering every mother in that park was, I’m sure, looking at my baby wistfully wishing theirs was as cute and contended as mine. Sorry, Ladies. I’ve got the golden ticket. She’s mine.
My Top 5 Happies from the park yesterday?
5. The way her belly laughs made everyone smile when the swing went up and down.
4. The way she held on to the net and looked at the bigger kids with that little “See, I’m big too” look on her face.
3. The way the swing hugs her little diapered butt just right now without a blanket to support her.
2. The way she looks at someplace she wants to go–the slide, the swing, the tire–and then looks at me, perfectly communicating what she wants without saying a word.
1. The way the world and all its stresses completely melted away, and all that was left on a Tuesday afternoon was a happy mommy, a happy baby, and a perfect day at the park.


Oh my Gosh! I think it worked! Enjoy! Click the play button twice if it doesn’t play right away! All this time I tried to post videos, I just wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to load! And, I was blaming it on my computer. Sorry…USER error! More to come for sure!