A Helping of Dessert

Baby Piggies make me crazy. I’m so obsessed, I take pictures of them all the time as if those ten little toes change every day. I’m always amazed that those are the same little footies that kicked me when she was in my tummy! Seriously though, are they not scrumptiously delish?

And, look what my little Pie-Pie is doing! Yes, that’s a full-out crawl position! Our little take-her-time shmookins (yes, I said shmookins) is doing things exactly when the books say she will now! She’s movin’ and groovin’! I added the smile pic to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yummy Baby!

Flower Child

P.S. I had to add…the ones where she’s smiling so big? It’s ‘cuz she’s lookin’ at her daddy. Sweet, sweet Daddy always puts sparkles in Baby Gookee’s eyes!

Cameras and Overalls

I don’t have to have a “Mini-me,” but I do love when I find things for me in miniature so that she can have one too. Hence the I-just-had-to-buy-it feeling that overcame me yesterday when I found this plush camera. It’s pink and green, has a little velcro lense cap and even makes a little shutter sound when you push the button. So cute!
And, let me just say…babies in overalls? So stinkin’ cute!