It Doesn’t Get Any Better…

You know what’s a Wonderful Thing? The Dollar Section at Target.
You know what’s equally wonderful? Finding THIS in that dollar section:That’s right, folks. They’re animal crackers. But, not just any animal crackers. They’re Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Animal Crackers. As if animal crackers weren’t good enough, they’re even better. They’re the most miniscule animal crackers you’ve ever seen, but each miraculously still maintaining every bit of detail as its respective predecessor. Minis are delicious. And yes, I still save the cats for last, but in this case, they’re kittens. Oh, and they’re impossible for Baby to choke on.
I’m not enjoying the small things. I’m childishly amused by them.

SPC: [Blue, Week 4], Ink on My Fingers

I believe in writing letters–not e-mails, not texts–but hand-written letters.
I believe in fine stationery.
I believe in a good “muddy” gel pen with ink that slides onto paper like butter.
I believe in asking “Are there any cuter stamps than this?” at the post office.
I believe in searching for the perfect address label.
I believe in decorating the envelope with colored pencils.
I believe in “extra postage required.”
I believe in teaching children to write a proper “Thank You.”
I believe in “Love,” over “Best Regards,”
I believe in Ink on My Fingers.

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Things that make you go “Mmmmm”….

“Mmmmmmm….” as in “Mmmmmm….Yummy Baby!”

She loves Mommy’s piggies! Tries to eat them!
Two old ladies we’ve never met were standing behind me gushing… I think she knew they were gushing about her.
And the best for last: