Peekaboo, I Love You

I love mornings. I love the beginning of what I know is going to be a really good day. I love hearing those first wake-up sounds on the monitor and running in to get my first “fill” of her…after an 8 hour sleep, my tank is on empty. I love seeing how happy the first sight of me makes her. I love the way she smells after her bath–all sweet and buttermilky. I love picking out what she’s going to wear and finding the perfect lacy socks to go with it. I love watching her lift up her crib bumper to play peek-a-boo with Daddy. I love having enough “I love’s” to make this list go on forever but stopping because I’ll save some for tomorrow.

More from Plumb’s “Me”…this lyric makes me smile: “I wash your face to make room for all the kisses of tomorrow.”


I wouldn’t trade your love for all the candy in this great big world.
I feel so crazy blessed and oh so lucky…
To be the place you go
When you need to feel safe,
When you need a kiss…
it’s Me.

“Me” by Plumb

I listened to this song last night in her bedroom while we rocked in the big white rocking chair, her pudgy little legs dangling off my lap. I cannot listen to that song without tears literally streaming like a river down my cheeks. Someone unlocked my heart, stole my exact thoughts, put them to music and called the song “Me.”

Listen to a snippet (click on “Me”) of it here:

Sweet Morsels for Hungry Eyes

Alas, we are alive and well…just really, really busy. I’ve had 5 days of Photoshop training, and I’m so excited with all that I’ve learned, but my brain is still chewing up its food right now. The world of photo editing is amazing… AMAZING! So, we’re back to the real world for now, and before I practice what I’ve learned, here’s some sweet baby pics to fill in the gaps. Plus, I got my favorite lense back from the lense hospital today after TWELVE WEEKS!!! Creative juices are dying to let loose, but I have a busy week ahead…next week, we’ll experiment!

Three things I love about these pictures:

1) Hello…that’s a BARRETTE in her hair because, um…she HAS hair!!!!

2) Babies in tights! (Rennie…you can expect these same heart-ful treasures in your mailbox soon! We gots a widdle pair for you too!)

3) Ribbon makes a delicious baby belt!